June 19, 2024

Jason Silva on Science, Adventure and Exploration | Brain Games

Published May 18, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

Jason Silva is a television personality, filmmaker, and public speaker. He is best known for his work with National Geographic, where he hosts and produces the popular brain games series. Jason is also an accomplished explorer, having traveled to over 100 countries and all 7 continents.

In his work, Jason explores the human condition and what it means to be alive. He is fascinated by the workings of the human mind and the power of the human spirit. Jason's work is often described as "inspiring" and "uplifting".

Jason's work has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Time Magazine, Forbes, and The Huffington Post. He has also been a guest on numerous radio and television shows, including The Today Show, CNN, and NPR.

Jason's latest project is a book called The adventure of I, which explores the power of the individual to change the world. The book was inspired by Jason's own life story and the stories of people he has met during his travels.

The adventure of I is an inspiring and uplifting book that will change the way you think about yourself and the world around you.

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what does it mean to explore what does

it mean to adventure Walker Percy wrote

the search is what anyone would

undertake if you were not sunk in the

everydayness of his own life to be aware

of the possibility of the search is to

be on to something not to be on to

something is to be in despair the search

you see is existential exploration

science and adventure is how we search

not just for answers but for better

questions it's how we rage against the

darkness how we battle against ignorance

make inroads against Dogma exploration

is how we map the world science is how

we come to understand an adventure is

how we come alive these are our tools

against meaninglessness adventure

science and exploration put men on the

moon built marvelous jetliners immersed

us in virtual realities and helps us

make sense of the world technological

marvels extend our imaginative

capacities and help us overcome all of

our limits

as the poet Yates wrote the world is

full of magic things patiently waiting

for our senses to grow sharp and growing

sharp where they have through the

scientific process we've expanded our

minds by building instruments such as

microscopes and telescopes that pierce

the micro and the macro in gorging our

perspectives and in doing so blasting

new tunnels between the mind and the

other we satiate our curiosities by

getting outside ourselves beside

ourselves creating cognitive appendages

new toolkits for the mind taking us to

spaces and places beyond mine world and

wonderment Adventure is about expanding

our minds the outer journey is the inner

journey we seek to expand the boundaries

of our humanists the repository of our

knowledge to become more

and is poet author marina Benjamin

Rhodes what the Space Age has been

seeking all along was not so much an

expansion of physical space as an

expansion of mind when we dream of space

she wrote we dream of transcendence we

dream of what we might become



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