May 29, 2023

Republicans Consider Plan To CUT Minority Groups From Leadership

Published May 18, 2023, 11:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

In an effort to gain more control, republicans in the house are considering a plan to remove minority groups from leadership positions. The proposed plan would give the republicans a majority in the house, and would allow them to pass their agenda more easily.

The plan has been met with criticism from democrats, who say that it would disenfranchise minority groups. However, republicans argue that the plan would simply give them a better chance to pass their agenda. They also argue that minority groups are not well-represented in the house, and that this plan would help to change that.

What do you think about this proposed plan? Do you think that it would be unfair to minority groups? Or do you think that it would help the republicans to better represent their constituency?

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The Republican Party is doing it out loud.

They are literally saying, we're ending diversity inside of the party.

We are eliminating groups for black people, for women, and a few others.

Let me take you to Kansas GOP, all right?

We're gonna go ahead and do this the right way, put them up.

Kansas Republicans are moving closer to kicking groups out

representing women, black people, Hispanic people.

We're talking about black Republicans, Hispanic Republicans,

they don't want them anymore.

They want them off of the state party's executive board,

a move that would consolidate all power of Kansas Republican Party,

the State Republican Party,

into the hands of the new hard right chairman, Mike Brown.

You're looking at Mike Brown.

The Kansas GOP's rules Committee advanced a proposal to change years-old

party bylaws in an effort to oust several special constituency groups,

along with the state and federally elected Republican officials from

the board who oversees party operations and budgetary decisions.

The changes, which will be formally voted on this summer,

would likely enhance the ability of the state GOP chairman, Mike Brown,

to reshape the entire party in his own image.

He is a far-right election denier.

So, what does the election denier need to do?

First, in order to maintain power,

he has to get rid of all of the reasonable people.

Who are the reasonable people?

Black people, Hispanic people, and women, okay?

Please understand, that's why he's trying to get rid of those groups,

they're reasonable.

There's more.

The chair of the Kansas Black Republican Council, all right?

He's the chairman, okay?

Michael Austin.

What did Michael say about this?

Michael called the proposed rule short sighted.

Short sighted?

Sir, he is racist, sir, he is racist.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

Brother, it is racist as hell.

Chairman also stated, we're deeply disappointed in the decision to eliminate

Black leadership representation from the Kansas GOP and trust that State

delegates reject this action and commit to unifying and strengthening the party.

Sir, they are absolutely going to do it with you talking like that.

Brother, you have no fight.

I'm not Republican, I'm not conservative, I probably disagree with 99.9%

of what you believe in, but damn it, at least act like you care or give a damn.

We're disappointed, short sighted.

They're not using those types of words with you.

Another leader named Ben Sauceda, okay?

Chair of the Kansas Republican National Hispanic Assembly,

said he'd been working in Republican politics for

26 years, since he was 13 years old, okay?

He said this, and I quote,

this is something that will set our party back dramatically.

Party that I worked to build was expansive, was growing,

was a party built on ideals that welcome people and

encouraged people, not one of fear and not one that is closed.

So you need to get the hell up out of there, sir.

I agree with you.

You need to get the hell up out of there, all right?

We had one brother on the show a couple of weeks ago, Black Republican, at one point,

elected member of city council, he switched parties.

Why? Because he said he was told he could not

advocate for black people in the Republican Party cuz they told him he

could not, but they wanted him to be chairman of the Republican Party.

Isn't that ironic?

All right, mr Mayor, I know you've seen this before.

What are your thoughts dear brother?

>> I'm over here laughing because that brother, like you said, had no fight.

He has no fight because everything his friends and family members tell him like,

you're crazy, you've been a Black Republican, how does it work?

They racist, and he said, no, they're not.

And now.

>> Right, that's it right there.

>> First of all, we see your platform that excludes black people,

the quality of life that black people need to live and thrive.

Now, you say out loud the thing that we already knew.

We don't care about these people.

And when the article said they trying to shape the party in his own image,

my God, talk about irony.

>> Irony. Get rid of everybody except for white men,

because that's, in his mind, what the Republican Party stands for.

And this black man, that black man standing there with that smile on his

face, lacking fight, he's lacking that fight because he has no foot to stand on.

And as my grandma said is, keep on living [LAUGH].

>> Yeah. >> Keep on living.

>> Listen, to both of the gentlemen, at some point,

you can regain your leadership back, you just may not be able to do it there.

But don't let them snatch the soul that you have to advocate for people.

If the methodology is no longer possible through the conservative channels,

I encourage you to find another home.


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