June 23, 2024

STOCKHOLM | 48 HOUR TRAVEL GUIDE | 10 Yummiest Restaurants + Top 3 Bakeries for Fika!

Published May 18, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Bethany

Welcome to stockholm, a city with a foodie scene that will tantalize your taste buds! In this 48 hour travel guide, we'll show you the 10 yummiest restaurants, the top 3 bakeries for fika, and some other great places to eat in stockholm.

No trip to stockholm is complete without sampling some of the city's amazing food. From mouth-watering seafood to delicious Swedish pastries, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

If you're looking for a truly unique dining experience, be sure to check out one of stockholm's many Michelin-starred restaurants. Some of our favorites include Frantzén, Esperanto, and Oaxen Krog.

For those on a budget, there are plenty of great places to eat without breaking the bank. Street food is very popular in stockholm, and you'll find some of the best kebabs, falafel, and pizzas in the city.

If you're looking for a quick and easy snack, be sure to try a Swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon bun) or a kladdkaka (chocolate cake). These delicious treats are perfect for fika, a Swedish custom of enjoying a coffee break with friends or colleagues.

No matter what your budget or taste buds, you're sure to find some amazing food in stockholm. Bon appetit!

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welcome back

to another travel vlog

it's not even funny how sweaty i mean i

certainly am right now

nick's very stressed with work we're

literally already late we've got to go

to gatwick today so it's not like an

easy taxi to heathrow but we can get the

overgrounds to clap them and then to

catwick but it takes like an hour and 20


this bag is so heavy because we just

throw everything into it literally packs

in 20 minutes so anyway we will speak to

you when we hope to get to gatwick on



it's not our day today our bag was 29

kilos and they let 25 slide but so we

basically now got two of an s bags

with cheese in

that we're really happy because that is

such a great hack um by this lovely lady

that helped us rather than being like

competitive and being

absolutely 12 pounds






a little bit early and just collect our

baggage um

luggage honestly thank god we're at the

front of the plane because to get

through passport control you have to

have a confirmed address and the queue

was so long they were taking like such

long time it was basically like

what happens when you enter the united

states we went through pretty quickly

though we went through pretty quickly

but that's because we're saying miss

clara they're like fantastic hotel but

thank you very much


so cute

oh wow

it's nice

okay so quick tour with it properly in

daylight in the morning but it's

honestly huge i don't know if we've been

upgraded without realizing um

really gorgeous bed

yeah absolutely huge loads of hanging

space what's the bathroom like



i look awful


and there we go and apparently who was

it the person passport control said that

they do fantastic brunch here and we

have breakfast included so we will see


in the morning




hello and good morning

from stockholm

we have woken up this morning gone down

for breakfast at miss clara the hotel

we're staying and

it's delicious i mean swedish food is


so great and now we're walking to the

old town yes yeah specifically to

well you're gonna test me yeah i think

it's called

the turgon it's the

yeah exactly i think that's about right

all the colorful buildings um so we're

gonna go there and it's like very crisp

but sunny which is just the dream here

we go

and i'm gonna embarrass nick today by


these sunglasses it's like i think we're

wonkers out on the town today it's like

these or the lava um

bright orange willy wonka ones yeah


situation nick wants a photo

like this

go on then

next on the agenda

fit me stunning stunning

white long face legends

don't worry about nick he's just

catching some uh viral content

on his uh show me your iphone

my phone case he refuses a new one so

he's got chili peppers


cheers cheers

oh nice plastic

how's the taste

good after all very good

okay so we just had a really nice first

afro spritz of the trip which was

delicious not quite enough roll but

hopefully the second one will be better

and we're now on route somewhere and

here's wrong called rosendale's


burglary which is basically a bakery

that's almost like got like a greenhouse

cafe loads of fresh produce loaf

with seville oranges which is like

fluffy buns with almond paste i mean

taking there taking tape

take me there delightful it's about

it was a 55 minute walk from kind of

like the center of stockholm but it's

just been beautiful that we've been

walking down the river where there's

loads of boats for places for you to

drink and eat um crossing those bridges

there's just like water everywhere lots

of greenland and it's just glorious





okay so we've got vegan brownie with

probably some non-vegan cream and then

this which is like


red cabbage red cabbage cauliflower

loads of olive oil and then we've got a

larger each it's going to be the cutest


you'd not get this in the uk

we've just finished up

if you come to stockholm you have to go

there it was honestly

so good so incredible the food delicious

you just take your tray and you go sit

wherever you want just like in this huge

garden absolutely epic so now we're

walking back which is about 55 minutes

working off those calories and next stop

is asian post office where we have a 4

15 booking we've got a double dinner

tonight because you can't pick it on a

sunday and you can't book it literally

even a month in advance and get a table

at any normal time so we're going there

at 4 15 and then tac which is this

rooftop bar at 9pm for our second dinner

also now the sun's gone in the

temperature has dropped drastically and

we're absolutely freezing but what i was

going to say is the asian post office

there's this cocktail they're renowned

for which is called the thai basil

cocktail it's like this luminous green

with coconut coconut

coconut foam on top

so watch the space because we will be

trying it


okay so we've just done about an hour

walk we're almost back at a hotel and

there's a really nice bakery looking

bakery called fabrique which is actually

on there the top ten bakeries in the top

game so we're gonna go ahead we're good

we're gonna go have a coffee

um and have a takeaway once take up the

hotel room we'll give you a little tour

in the daylight now and also very

exciting because just remember that

sweden is the home of oatmeal i both

love oatmeal so

it's good


get in there

crazy cat

nick was like i'm not gonna get the same

caffeine cake when i was like just you

wait because match there's a whole

nother level of energy

let's see

so we're back in our room and just want

to say something so we were super

confused because we

got and asked for books a standard

double which was supposed to be honestly

tiny but all we needed this room is

absolutely huge so much space absolutely


and we've been seeing like a few kind of

like extra buttons kind of things like

lower down on the walls like kind of

like assisted things and we've realized

now that we're in a disabled room which

is actually the best thing that could

have ever happened to us so without even

having an upgrade we've basically just

got a much bigger version of the room

for free a lot of room for activities

yeah which is perfect fantastic and it's

been literally like cartwheeling all



we're gonna chill now probably have a

look at some of our content edit that

get changed and go for dinner number one

okay super quick change of clothes

literally probably had like a relaxation

i could fall asleep in about 30 seconds

if i actually put my mind to it a little

wheel power nice little change of

clothes i'm wearing something really

strange i don't know why i put a fair

delay over like some sort of desktop

bazaar but anyway going to asian post

office so we'll see you there

thank you very much




okay next we have a blood orange which

is aperol mouthy gin with blood orange


just pure goodness

very masculine drink yeah good i'm not


a lot of chemicals in there is what i'd


okay and now

we've got some

pork steamed buns with apple applesauce

can we talk about this this is how the

camera opens every time we open the


this is what we see

we've got our third cocktail evening



yeah and now we've well we've got dinner


just under three hours which is fine

it's fine we're gonna go back we're

gonna sober up a bit yeah and then you

think we're gonna sleep i'm not gonna be

able to sleep with this much sugar in my

body let me tell you that i'm free right

now but can we just say

asian place obviously

oh my gosh it's so good the fact that we

could only get a 450 in booking but the

reality is that's the earliest you can

book and by the time we left us now it

was buzzing and it's only 6 p.m

yeah so yeah it was it was great the

service amazing super friendly like yeah

everything was great

biggest recommendation have the thai bad

ball cocktail

cocktails and the pork belly buns

i don't eat pork then i do but i do i

did today

okay this is what you call chaos

this is actually a classic behind the

scenes in our lives so what happened is

nick was like oh let's go to sleep

that's how it's nice all nap he then

what did you do did you ever not set the

alarm or did you just decide to sleep a

bit later

anyway it's now

right and it was 20 minutes he was like

oh what's the time 20 tonight our

reservation is at nine it's a 50 minute

walk away

no makeup on needed to have a shower

everything so not only have we got ready


10 minutes and yes i am prolonging us

going there because it's your fault and

you're all going red right now and i

don't care so it's gonna be in the slick

back look i literally have really nice

but bloodshot eyes

and we're gonna go now so yeah and also

i haven't pushed the table up by 15

minutes that is a fundamental detail

if it's working if it works yeah

nick was running around like a hell of a


there it

we're going to is place you are the

camera and then tap

is up at i think on the 13th floor so

hope hotel is where we almost stayed


um anyway we're going to attack


going up


okay so we've got some sushi

sakura noodles

and pea guacamole

and a

diet cake

okay now we've got the aubergine is that

miso glaze aubergine with cabbage and


some sort of dough from wild potatoes it

smells really good doesn't it

okay we just finished up at stockholm

brunch club it's so good it's so worth

the wait wait yeah

this is we almost outside and thank god

we didn't because when the sun goes in

it is so cold it was delicious but just

make sure you basically either get there

super early when it opens 8 30 or allow

yourself two hours about half an hour to

wait i'm gonna guess an hour and a half

when you get in there

but now we're off to cafe pascal because

sweden is known for fika the pastry and

that is supposed to be the best place to

get them so we're gonna go try it out

so so full but it's only eight minute

walk away so we're gonna go there now

i'm gonna have a coffee because this is

so cold we need




we just finished bathing in the sun

outside pascal which was glorious and

now we honestly i feel so sleepy and

sneezy because in the shade it is so

cold that we're just basically following

the sun we're walking back to our hotel

now to get a few layers on because

whilst it's warm now honestly it can be

so bitter and then we're gonna go to

this place it's got loads of gorgeous

pink blossoms

and then

i feel like maybe that's some sort of



that's something like this

we've actually changed their

reservations this evening so you'll see

where we go







i've got that in seven different colors

you're in charge of the maps


i stumble across this cute place called

calipi give it just give it a little

reveal i have given a little reveal here

we go again

take two

and guess what they have



yeah yeah made

thank you so much thanks man thank you

okay so that was great and our bartender

was a guy for david it was honestly you

know who we call sweet baby angel

earlier that was david and he's the

absolute dream i was wondering if he was

following us

and he's given us this list

oh viewers instagram if he's got any

questions later to ask him he's given a

list of all these places that we should

go and he's just the dream like

everybody's so

nice here i want to be swedish

they'd also both be absolutely beautiful



we just stumble across the place we're

actually going for dinner this evening

and what was that what's this good

decision good decision

yeah you actually didn't book that one


now i played you

where's you do you regret your purchases


i made nick get a shirt that he doesn't

really like but i love on him so


perfect yeah two tap waters please okay

we just stopped off for a slice of pizza

yeah we're so needed we've literally we

had a huge brunch don't get me wrong but


it's now what's the time five o'clock

and that's what we've eaten so had a bit

of pizza which was delicious and now

we're going to lisa's flower shop which

apparently is the 36th

best cocktail bar in all of the worlds

don't say my word for that take the 50

best cuts out list wow

yeah we will we've also just walked past

the other place that we were supposed to

go to dinner which is called

savannah brillo which looks like super

super chill

we're trying to find lucy's flower shop

for four minutes to get there until

we're charged

and can't find it yes we're literally

reading this right now a nondescript

doorway leads to an unattended flora

shop and then when you find the door

this hidden basement cocktail bunker of


i think we found it

yeah we found it


the best thing to be orange so that

would be easier


i you feeling hun

pretty drunk

no remember the strongest on the menu

okay just so anyone knows when they next


this is a great secret it's so good this

is the entrance

you would never know

but yeah seriously amazing the barman

amazing the drinks we had amazing had

three cocktails each i mean it's not

cheap it's probably the equivalent of

like 16 pounds each per cocktail

160 sets not juvenile but it's worth

every every penny like they have their

own vinegar so i had like a beetroot

vinegar and honey cocktail it was that

thick it was honestly

what happened

i think we're going to buy this

right see you at place


okay so nick just said this is how he

feels when he wakes up every day and

just like that we're in a rush again and

we're on our way to

brasserie astoria but this time we

didn't sleep yeah we didn't sleep we did

not sleep no we were just

i don't know i don't know what happened

anyway very very excited

so we will show you everything when we

get there


from one clown

to another

what do we have

here something shrimpy

shrimpy toast and then what was that

white asparagus

so you've been told this one's really

good what's this

linguini with balls and just for

truffles and then truffle pizza

and what's this

otherwise known as the domino's garlic


are you well




shopping again

obsessed with jeans


so that concludes our 72 hours

in stockholm we've had the most lovely

time this morning as you'll see we

haven't spoken to camera but we've just

been doing a bit of shopping

and eating drinking a lot of coffee

drinking and lots of coffee all matter

in my case and we're finishing up now

before we get a taxi by having some pika

which is kind of just like a swedish

attitude really like you basically have

something sweet so we've got some i

don't know what they are but it's a

swedish pastry

and then some matcha lattes freddie


yeah we've had the best time and our

next trip is going to be boston and new

york so

we will see you then




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