May 30, 2023

Superhero Play Doh DIY Creations Barbecue BBQ Cooking Grill Pretend Play!

Published May 18, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

superhero food is the best! And what better way to enjoy it than by making your own superhero play doh diy creations barbecue bbq cooking grill pretend play by Nat and Essie.

This is the perfect activity for a summer day, and it's so much fun to make your own superhero food! You can use any kind of play doh you like, and there are so many different ways to decorate it. I like to use the barbecue grill to cook my superhero food, because it gives it a nice smoky flavor.

If you're looking for a fun way to spend a summer day, then definitely try making your own superhero food! It's a great way to bond with your kids and have a lot of fun.

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sprinkles the bear

oh man i'm hungry

i hear you captain me too fighting bad

guys does make you hungry uh-uh looks

like our superheroes are starving no

worries guys this time around i will be

saving the day we are going to make them

yummy yummy food using this super

awesome barbecue playset

nice those look good

yeah let's get started

oh there's some more in there

we got three bags full of stuff

so first things first we have our grill

itself it's orange over here on the


and blue at the back

we have a handle that way we can carry

it around with us we also have our knobs

to turn the heat on off

um high

low medium

oh okay so there is the on and off

button right here

so that's on and that's off okay so i

guess we have to put batteries in here

yep we sure do but before we do all that

let's go ahead and put our stickers on

so let's just try to keep it in the

middle as much as we can


and done now how cool is that



and three

now let's open this up

so we have a surface on each side

it goes like that

we have our charcoal inside the grill

and we also have another space in here

for i guess some storage over here on

the cover we have some spots for our

grill accessories


our grilling spatula

we also have our tongs

there is our knife

we also got our grilling basket

we also have our lighter

this one goes right here

oh and a chopping board

we also have one

two three four blue plates

we have pink utensils

two and two four pink forks

two plus two

four pink knives

now what are these hmm

oh i know this becomes our seasoning


so that means we have to put our




here just like that

let's go ahead and put it over here on

this side and now for the final bag


we have our bottle of tomato ketchup

let's get our tomato ketchup sticker

goes right here

that goes in the corner

and no grilling wouldn't be complete

without our barbecue sauces

which are these

they go one on each side

oh wait

i think we also have covers so that's


and three

now we're ready to cook

supergirl captain america what would you

like to have hamburger sounds really

good right now yes please burger for me


let's go ahead and turn our grill on all

the way up high

oopsie it's still not on let's go ahead

and help it out with our lighter


here's our spatula


let's go ahead and grill our patties


give it a little press

now i think it's ready to be flipped



press it again

make sure it gets cooked

okay i think that's done

let's put it on the side

now time to toast our bread

time to use our tongs

to flip our buns

give them all a good press

and i think we're good

so let's get our burger patty

it goes right here

all right

how about some lettuce

ketchup please

tomato ketchup for supergirl

how about you captain america

no thank you

all done

this is for supergirl

hmm it's delicious

and for captain america

nice this totally saves the day thanks


how about a grilled chicken for me

me too

also a corn on the side

got it

let's start off with our chicken


let's not forget to season it

and put some barbecue sauce

time to flip it


season again

and sauce

okay i think that's them


that looks good

let's go ahead and grill our corn next


turn it once in a while


and i think it's done too


here's our food for our hungry



you're the grill master i also have some

hot dogs who would like to have one hot

dog that will be me

and me

perfect let's turn our grill on again

and this time we are going to use our

grill basket

so all we have to do is put our hot dogs


just like that

and put it on the grill

now you might be wondering why we're

doing this

well this basket actually prevents the

hot dog from like slipping um through

the cracks of your grill

that way it doesn't go straight to your

charcoal or wood


i think it's all done

let's turn this off

and inside our hot dogs go

ketchup anyone


all done


whoa this hot dog is

while our superheroes are busy eating

let's get busy opening superhero toy


let's get started with our justice

league easter capsule so we can get

flash batman superman wonder woman

okay um green lantern and we can even

get joker uh oh and other villains

ready set go

so we have our card this is lex luthor

so is that who we got oh yes it is


lex is wearing this green and blue suit

and as you know he is not the biggest

fan of superman next let's get our

spider-man mystery minis blind box with

all these characters to get

and we got

oh no we got a villain is this um black

spider-man i'm thinking

uh oh he sure looks scary though

this is also a bobble head

although it doesn't really bubble a lot

next let's get this

batman pint-sized heroes


we've got uh-oh

looks like we're getting all villains

today this is also batman's enemy this

is too faced

finally this is one of my favorite blind

bags to open this is our marvel samsung

collectors carry and we have all these

characters to get now this one has more

superheroes than villains so hopefully

we can get a superhero this time

if we don't that's totally okay

who is it


he's not entirely bad but he's not

entirely good either this is ultron

although in the movie he is actually

still good so yay in a way we got a

superhero awesome

that's it guys if you enjoyed this video

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section let me know who is your favorite

superhero or you can tell me which one

of the food that we made is your

favorite is it the hot dog on a bun

our burger

or our corn with barbecue chicken

hey guys essie here for toys unlimited

who's ready to grill today we are going

to open this super fun play-doh cookout

creations playset it comes with lots of

play-doh as well as lots of accessories

that we can use to make hot dog in a bun


kebabs and so many more

so let's go ahead and get grilling let's

open this up


the set comes with


five play-doh containers

we have color orange




and yellow

it also comes with lots of molds

so looks like we have our mold to make

our hamburger

there is our mold for our hot dog

and we also have our bun

an extruder

we also have our lettuce right here

there is our tomato

hmm i'm thinking this is another of our

burger patty mold it's just a little bit

smaller compared to

over here

there is our onion

another burger patty

i think so that's a lot of burger patty


and this one is


we have one more bag

full of accessories here and tools

we have one two three different kinds or

shapes of extruders on the other side we

also have one two three different kinds

of moles i'm thinking this one is a hot

dog and these two are containers so this

could be ketchup this could be mustard

and then we have our grilling ladle we

need that for sure

we have our knife and finally we have

our scissors to cut our hot dog


so this one is a mustard container but

it actually doubles as an extruder with

different shapes this mold is actually

one of my favorites this one has a

t-bone steak and chicken

and finally it's time to put together

our grill so here is the base as you can

see we also have lots of molds in there

this one is an extruder and this part is

a little storage space here's another

part we have like a little iron steel

looking um


but it almost also has

surprise surprise more molds this one

goes over here to cover our storage

space area there and finally the main

part which is our grilling area itself

we also have a kebab section right here

where we can mold different kebab



this one goes

something like


for our kebab we have our kebab stick

that we can put around here

there you go

yay we got it all figured out i think

we're ready to start making some yummy

yummy food

hey did i hear you say food

that's right spiderman oh awesome cause

i'm hungry

me too

perfect you guys came in just in time

all right elsa what would you like to

have oh how about a hot dog in a bun i

can certainly do that how about you

spiderman oh a good old cheeseburger


got it for our hot dog in a bun we are

going to use this mold and then we have

red play-doh

go ahead and put the red play-doh over



there you go


this hot dog even has like the grill

marks on it already let's go ahead and

put this on the grill

next up for our burger we are going to

use these molds and we are going to make

our burger patty

using our brown play-doh


here is our burger patty with also grill

marks on it this one goes onto our grill

now on to our cheese i think i want to

use orange play-doh that way we can

create sort of like a cheddar cheese



that looks delicious you know what i'm

gonna go ahead and grill the cheese up

over here on top of the patty

looks like it's ready let's go ahead and

get our hot dog

put it over here onto our bun queen elsa

would you like to have ketchup and

mustard just mustard please


mustard is yellow so let's get our

yellow play-doh


okay queen elsa here it is hot dog in a

bun with mustard oh that looks delicious

thanks looks like our cheese and burger

patty are ready so let's get that

let's get the bottom bun

put it on top this cheese burger is not

yet all done we still have to put some

vegetables oops vegetables on there so

let's start off with

our tomato red play-doh for that


there you go i know some people don't

like tomatoes i actually really love


let's put that right here


our lettuce for that of course we need

green play-doh


this goes right here

looking yummy

let's add pickles where is it there you

go pickles are also colored green

that one goes up on top as well

spiderman your burger is almost ready

but i just want to know would you like

some ketchup or mustard on it actually

just ketchup please this time around we

are going to use this extruder

let's put our red play-doh inside


and there it is ketchup



that's a lot of ketchup

how about some mayo


there you go

yum here's your cheeseburger spiderman i

hope you like it like it i'm sure i'm

going to love it it looks yummy

um essie could you make something for my

sister too absolutely what would she

like to have well i think she can answer

that herself princess anna


and i would like to have a shrimp and

vegetable kebab no problem princess anna

whoa i can smell food coming from here

from like 20 miles away

20 miles away that's an awesome sense of

smell superman what would you like to

have great question because i'm really

hungry i want a tea bowl steak and

chicken you got it let's get busy guys

so let's start off by making our kebab

for princess anna we are going to use

these molds right here

so the first thing we need to do is to

get our

yellow and orange play-doh we are going

to use that for our



a little bit of this and a little bit of

that mix them together

for a little too much of that there you


one goes on this side

and the other one goes on the other side

for our onion

let's go ahead and use red

for like red onions

half on this side

and also on the other side

as you can see right here we have a

mushroom so

we are going to use our brown play-doh

so the head part of the mushroom is

usually brown

and the stamp part is usually color


before we close it let's go ahead and

get our stick

position our stick that way it is in the


of all the ingredients

now we can close it


give it a good press

and open up

there it is


we just have to remove the excess


and voila

ready to grill

for our kebab to be cooked well we have

to turn it every so often

that way all the sides

gets cooked

now that the kebab is cooking let's go

ahead and make our steak and chicken for

superman we are going to need our brown

play-doh for the steak


for the chicken we need yellow play-doh


now we're ready to close this up

and press it really good

all done

whoa that turned up great

start off with our steak

mmm that's nice and thick


how nice is that let's put that on the


and let's get our chicken


on to the grill it goes also

let's turn our kebab


flip our t-bone steak on the other side

as well as the chicken

and let's turn our kebab again

and i think our kebabs all done let's go

ahead and remove that from the grill

here it is princess anna your shrimp and

vegetable kebab


super delicious now let's get our tea

bone steak i think it's also ready

as well as our chicken

steak and chicken for our hungry

superhero well this just made my day

thanks guys

alright guys if you love play-doh and

you enjoyed this video make sure to give

it a big thumbs up or click the like

button down below in the comment section

let me know which of the food that we

made is your favorite i think my

favorite is our burger

there are actually so many more things

that you can create with this play-doh

set so if you have it make sure to just

be creative with it and most importantly

have fun with it see you guys again next

time this is essie for toys unlimited

goodbye everybody

thank you for watching if you want to

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