May 29, 2023

The Super Mario Bros Movie DIY Custom Back to School Locker Organization

Published May 18, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

When it comes to movies, there are few that are as iconic and well-loved as the Super Mario Bros. movie. While the film may have its fair share of detractors, there's no denying that it's a classic in the world of video game movies.

For those of us who grew up playing Super Mario Bros. on our NES consoles, the movie was a must-watch. It was our chance to see our favorite video game characters come to life on the big screen. And while the movie may not have been the most faithful adaptation of the source material, it was still a fun ride.

Now, 25 years later, the Super Mario Bros. movie is getting a second chance at life thanks to the power of diy. That's right, thanks to the work of some very talented fans, you can now watch the Super Mario Bros. movie in all its 8-bit glory.

A fan-made project called "Super Mario Bros. Movie diy" has taken the original film and recreated it shot-for-shot in Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. The result is a faithful and incredibly impressive recreation of the movie that will take you back to your childhood.

If you're interested in checking out the Super Mario Bros. movie diy for yourself, you can find it over on YouTube. The team behind the project has also released a making-of documentary that chronicles the making of the film. It's well worth a watch if you're a fan of the movie or just want to see how much work went into making this impressive fan project.

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what's up again

time for school all right everyone the

bus is almost here why do we need school

anyway we all need to learn new skills

plus we need a communications class I

don't need school and I communicate fine

with others yeah you need more like a

therapist now now oh here comes the bus

everybody in all right Peach is going in

the front we have Mario right next to

her Luigi is going to be right next to

his brother Yoshi is next to Mario we've

got Donkey Kong in the back he needs all

the space he can get and Bowser we're

gonna put him next to the doors looks

like we have everybody ready all right

toad to school we go here we go thank



I didn't realize this was such a big

school all right everybody find their

classes I'm taking a beauty class well

Luigi and I are going to be plumbers so

we're taking a plumbing class I'm gonna

go to my locker first and grab all my

supplies the locker we don't have

lockers well you better go pick one out

good little fans welcome back to my

Channel today we are decorating and

filling up Mario and Luigi's lockers I'm

Luigi and it's me Mario well who's gonna

go first find Mario oldest can go first

all right caboodle fans Mario is the

oldest of the twins let me unlock this

Locker we'll help you out Mario let's

see what's inside looks like it's

completely empty we're gonna start out

with the rug I have got this white

Shaggy one I've also have a divider that

we're gonna put on top and this storage

container that's gonna go right there

we've got a white mirror to go along

with our theme there we go let's fill

the locker I've got this question box

that I'm gonna put way on top right here

I've got a basket let's fill this up in

the basket we're gonna put a notebook

we've got rainbows and this little

froggy reminds me of Yoshi I also have a

rainbow folder we're gonna put some

white paper in there

let's close that up put that behind I

also have another folder with some white

paper it has red polka dots I'm gonna

put an envelope just in case he wants to

write to Luigi or Princess Peach I'm

going to put a map in here too other

supplies we have a pencil case I'm gonna

put a ruler in there sticky no pads a

pencil also a stapler and a pencil

sharpener let's close this up and put it

in our basket too let's slide our basket

inside of the locker he's taking math

class so we've got a multiplication

table let's put both of those at the

very top right there I also have a Super

Mario pen

put that in here I've got some Apple

stickers and another ruler what else

does Mario need Mario needs a plunger

perfect that'll unclog any toilet he

also needs some comfortable work shoes I

sure am getting thirsty not to worry

Mario here is Mario's water bottle let's

put that right next to our question mark

box I also have some shirts for Mario

we've got this Super Mario white shirt

and then we have a Yoshi tank top just

in case you need a change let's put

these back here let's bring out your

wallet Mario it looks like you've

collected four coins can't forget about

that we're gonna display your trophy on

top of our question block on break time

you've got this Hot Wheels car it's a

red one I'm gonna put it down here on

break time you can also listen to some

music let's put it in your little

organizer for electronics I've got a

laptop you could also play some video

games on your break let's put that up

here let's decorate I've got this star

that inside of the locker I've got a

Yoshi egg and another coin box this

totally looks like a Mario Locker we're

forgetting my backpack oh yes here is

Mario's backpack look it's a Goomba on

the front of it let's store it inside

your locker Mario I also have a mushroom

just in case you need it I think we're

all done let's go ahead and close your

locker there we go I'm gonna put a lock

on it so nobody gets into it plus

decorate the outside I'm gonna put Mario

jumping on the coin box Mario's gonna

get some coins I'm gonna put this

sentence right here it says here we go

I'm gonna put a green tube right below

it and some red

mushrooms all over the locker here is

our Mario Locker now I'm ready for


now it's Luigi's turn perfect green

Locker it sure is let's go ahead and

open it up let's see what's inside it's

also empty I'm gonna start off by

putting a black Shaggy rug I have a

white divider for you Luigi a gray

storage container here is your basket

what should we put in it here is Luigi's

notebook it's purple green blue and then

I have a folder for him too put that in

the basket I've got a chemistry book

He's also taking math let's bring out

our pencil case Luigi has lots of rulers

a sticky pad I've got a green pencil for

him let's close this up and put it in

her basket I also have a cactus eraser

and a yellow highlighter let's go ahead

and put that in his locker I've got a

green math book I also have a Mario pen

and a ruler in his storage basket I have

some star stickers since we're on Stars

I'm just gonna throw some on his rug

right here you sure caught a lot of

stars Luigi yeah and I'm super thirsty

for Luigi's water bottle I have this

green camouflage one since he's always

hiding from ghosts he's gonna also bring

with him a yellow flashlight just in

case Luigi look what I found it's a star

necklace Luigi we forgot to put your

mirror on your locker there we go now

you can look at yourself on top I'm

gonna put some question mark boxes Luigi

also has this bag it has Mario on it I'm

gonna put this big coin put it on top he

also has some work shoes it's these

green high top sneakers Luigi is also

going to have a computer and a gaming

console on his break he can play I've

got a green mushroom for you let's

decorate I'm gonna put a coin on Luigi's

box what about my backpack you're gonna

have this green one it kind of looks

like Yoshi let's put that all the way

back here all right Luigi your locker is

all finished on the inside let's close

it put a lock on it too let's decorate

the outside I'm gonna put a green pipe

down here and Luigi's coming out of it

I'm also gonna put another Luigi right

here and one right here let's put a coin

all the way at the top I'm gonna put

let's go on his locker

all right good old fans we are done with

Luigi and Mario's lockers wait what if I

need to be in class as quick as possible

I have a perfect solution we're going to

put a red pipe from Mario and a green

pipe for Luigi now you won't be late to

class all right here I go wait for me

Luigi Mario where'd everybody go





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