June 19, 2024

Tour the Future: Check Out Adventure Homes New Modular Floorplan!

Published May 18, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

Looking for an adventure? Check out adventure Homes' new modular floorplan by Where's Wil Manufactured Home Tours. This home is perfect for those who love to explore and discover new things. With plenty of room to roam, this floorplan offers a great way to experience all that life has to offer. So, whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a full-time residence, be sure to check out adventure Homes' new modular floorplan. You won't be disappointed.

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hey everyone it's will with

manufacturedhomes.com welcome back to

where's Will's manufactured home tours

thank you for clicking on the video

today I'm here at the Louisville

manufactured home show here out in

Louisville Kentucky and we have been

taking some tours of some beautiful

brand new modulars and manufactured

homes throughout the show but today we

are going to be taking a look at the

Columbia which is built by Adventure

homes this home comes from the Sahara

modular series and it is a four bed two

bath and it sits at 2 280 square feet so

far from what I can see from this home

it has a beautiful amount of Windows to

let that natural light in some great

siding a three 12 pitch roof and a great

exterior but without any further Ado

ladies and Gentlemen let's go take a

home tour

where's will


all right everybody let us check out

this wonderful modular built by

Adventure homes walking in already it

just has a nice inviting sense of style

that says come on in sit down and relax

the colors of the walls I'm liking that

little beige color we have some great

crown molding and that entertainment


is really really nice I I can dig that

absolutely it has enough room for at

least like a 75 inch TV we have storage

there on the bottom we have storage on

the right side and the left side of the

unit as well as the nice tiling there

that we'll take a look at in a second we

have a nice fire fan up top that just

gives you a nice uh bit of air for your

living room but like I was saying I'm

loving what they did with the towel work

here it looks almost brick it lends more

a character to the living room design I

really really like that the size of this

living room is an 18 foot six inch by 14

foot eight inch living room which is

more than Apple size for any family and

then just kind of glancing over to this

kitchen that is a nice looking galleyway

kitchen and over here off to the side we

have a nice little you know um area for

you know storage knickknacks and

everything else in the dining room I'm

loving that and we have your eyes

sliding glass door right here by the

dining room which is always a great

thing to have easy access to your patios

or or what you're going to build outside


well like I said it has a good amount of

storage space here

put a lot of stuff there what would you

put down there let me know let me know

I'm trying to figure it out right now

I think that would be an empty space for

me I'm unlike the shelves I like that

brown one thing that I was really

excited about this home right here is

we'll take a look at in a second is the

counter space here the island is

actually made out of real wood all the

way across there's no cover that is just

absolute real wood seating for four

lifted up not bad we have a stainless

steel package in this home

see like I said nice real wood

French door uh Whirlpool package here

stainless steel glass stove top

plenty of room we have the same type of

light brown shelvings near the uh the

sink and the windows which lends to more

of a aesthetic feature you know not so

much of real storage but looking around

this house like I see in this island we

have plenty plenty of room and plenty of

Storage off by the built-in microwave a

wonderful farmhouse sink

sticks out sometimes I like that

sometimes I don't like I feel that

knowing myself I would ram my hip right

into that sink walking by because I was

thirsty or something

what do you guys think I mean would you

do that or is that just a me thing

maybe it's just a me thing

um but we have a nice you know um

range hood here one thing that I like is

the the pot faucet here to fill up your

your spaghettis and and pots and so

forth I like the uh the style look and

design of the countertop and the

coverage we have a very it's very gray

this year one thing that I'm noticing we

have a dark countertop which I do like I

like that and then

um the same thing with the tile work

here it's the same type of tile that

they use with the entertainment center

so they keep that throughout the home

which again is a nice aesthetic feature

in my opinion

this is a nice kitchen so far

take a look at some of the storage

options on the other side like I said

you have you have so much room so many

options and there's even a pantry over

there so you know right now we're gonna

walk in to the family room or Den or you

know whatever you would like to call it

up top we have some optional beams and

an optional tray ceiling you can do that

to the home that is a nice aesthetic

feature I believe and again there is the

same tile work and uh lap work there for

this entertainment center but this one

of course comes with a nice electrical

fireplace which I think just just adds

this whole room this whole family room

is rather nice it's uh the size of it is

19 feet six inches by 14 feet 8 inches

and you know right in the middle right

in the heart of like all the bedrooms

and so forth you know the guest rooms

the guest bath everything's right here

so you know we're gonna go take a look

at our first uh gas guest room here and

this one uh the size is 10 feet 5 inches

by 14 feet 8 inches it comes with one

window and you can always you can add an

optional window on that wall right there

one thing that I did notice in this home

is all the registers are up on the

ceiling so you know all your air

conditioning is coming from the top or

your heat's coming from the top and the

closet rather normal closet with your

wire shelving

really nice so far

and then going into the gas bath you

know it's a nice size gas bath one

single vanity a regular mirror right

there we have elongated toilets your


oversized uh tub shower combo here

great countertops great

design there for your

drawers and cupboard down there


and now going into the Next Room the

next guest room is pretty much a carbon

coffee this is a 10 foot 5 inch by 14

foot eight inch even the um the closet

is the exact same size and the same

thing here on the uh the wall without a

window you can add an optional window

when it comes to the ordering process so

that's really cool the carpet here in

this home uh rather Divine I I walk

around and it's nice it's smooshy and it

comes standard so it's really good the

closet here is the same size as the

other one

you know if you want to get more

information about this home or learn

about the options features and so forth

what I've done is I put a link in the

description below that'll take you

directly to the adventures page so you

can see some of the other floor plans

floor plans and get pricing directly

from a retailer that might be near you

right now we're not sure of the exact

price on this but as soon as I know

it'll end up in the description below or

I'll answer some of the questions that I

know will come in the comments and now

we have walked into the mudroom laundry

room and the mudroom laundry room is

actually a really good size

um now remember these homes are made for

the I do believe it's zone three which

is a little more up north a little

colder so the insulation is really good

and you need a mud room you know more

often than not where you're putting this

home so

good amount of space there's your

electrical panel right there we have a

couple hooks for your jackets backpacks

and so forth a little bit of room down

there for your shoes and a bench to put

your shoes on and Behind These doors

what we have is an air conditioning unit

which is sending it up and hey where

this one is you can technically call it

Central right

just kidding so and right next door we

have your water heater built by Rheem

really easy to get to


all right and now we're walking into the

third guest room here and in this third

guest room it is a 12 foot by 14 foot

eight inch room

um more room in this one than the other

two so it's the bigger of the three

really nice this one has a closet oh we

had this this door was locked so I

couldn't open it but it had a closet is

about the same size as the other closets

in the home so it's it's a really good

ample size

and you know today we are at the uh

Louisville manufactured home show

tomorrow I could be in Florida I could

be in Oregon I could be anywhere but if

you want to see more home tours and

follow along on this uh this this

traveling Road Show I got hit that

subscribe button down below and that

notification Bell so then that way

you'll always be alerted to when a new

home tour is posted and you'll know

exactly where's will probably be for the

home office knows where's will so click

on that and follow along

and now we're taking a quick look into

the pantry that I didn't look at earlier

but again we have three wire shelvings

more than ample room for all of your

canned goods and your cereals I'll tell

you what so so far so good in this home

I'm really digging it by Adventure homes

I haven't had a chance to do many of

them and I'm really loving what I'm

seeing and now of course we have walked

into the primary bedroom in the primary

bedroom size is 14 feet 4 inches by 14

feet 8 inches those barn doors right

there I already took a look are optional

so if you don't want those barn doors

you can take them off or if you love

those barn doors keep them on there

the bedroom comes with a ceiling fan

standard which is really nice depending

on the season of course

now let's go check out the primary bath

and here we have dual vanities with a

lighted storage area right in the middle

I'm loving that and this Soaker tub is

not a Soaker tub this is a jet tub as

you can see the Jets there that is just

talk about spa day all by yourself all

day long right here at home loving that

I'm loving even the the backsplash on

the uh you know on the counters here on

the vanity and the uh the tub that is

really nice really cool design really

just pops this this restroom

we have some storage right there again

we have some you know cubicles and so

forth we have um some spots to hang your

coats or robes and then if you don't

have time for that awesome jet tub you

can just take an awesome shower here we

have a rain shower head beautifully laid

tile again the same kind of black Splash

design right in the middle which just

ties the entire room together and then

you also have a uh the the shower head

that you can pull off and use the hose

so that's really cool

your toilet is off on its own over here

with an edge up on top

nice built-in right there

and they are the shelves you can you

know move them up and down to however

you would like that so that's that's

nice touch as well

and now the primary walk-in closet here

a good ample room here

I'm not sure the size of this but it is

Big it's nice

it's a nice primary bath this has been a

nice home I've actually rather enjoyed

it and I hope you did too let me know

what you thought about this home in the

comments below you know

um I hope to see it out in the field

soon and and take some more photos of it

but you know thank you everyone for

joining me today I hope you enjoyed the

Columbia built by Adventure homes again

this is model zero seven six four C four

bed two bath

2280 square feet this is a huge

beautiful home click the link in the

description below to learn more about it

and to learn more about Adventure homes

but I hope to see you on the next home

tour wherever that's going to be but in

the meantime live smarter choose

manufactured have a wonderful day and

travel easy


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