May 30, 2023

YOU NEED TO WORK HARDER - Motivational Speech (Andrew Tate Motivation)

Published May 18, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Bethany

In these difficult times, it's more important than ever to stay motivated. Money is a great motivator, but you need to work harder to earn it. That's why I'm sharing this motivational speech by Andrew Tate.

Tate is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, and in this speech he talks about the importance of hard work and determination. He also shares some tips on how to stay motivated, even when times are tough.

If you're looking for some motivation to help you get through these tough times, I highly recommend this speech. It's sure to give you the boost you need to keep going.

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motivation isn't real everyone says this

motivation is not real discipline's real

I do not feel like training but I still

train because I'm a disciplined

individual you don't get to go through

life only doing the things you feel like

doing so this is down to you my friend

and listen you may be feel fired up for

10 minutes after this little talk but

you're not going to feel fired up

forever you need to put systems in place

you need to get disciplined you need to

get a atmosphere of people around you

who are going to keep you accountable

and not make it easy for you to continue

to be a nobody and then you're going to

fix your life otherwise you're gonna

stay nobody

you're tired you don't want to work you

want to go to sleep or just relax you do

it [ __ ] anyway that is the most basic

imperative of the masculine frame which

has been destroyed in real time they are

trying to convince you that you should

act how you feel you should show more of

your feelings if you feel this way you

should show it if you want to cry cry

what I'm saying is the reason they're

trying to bring out emotionality in you

is because of exactly what Myron said

most of the time you don't feel like

doing the things you're supposed to do

but the true masculine frame throughout

history was doing the things they didn't

want to do but they knew they had to do

because they had honor and Duty that's

the honor and duty means do you think

the men on the Titanic wanted to stay on

the [ __ ] Titanic no we're men we have

to stay we're scared but we must it's

our duty to let the women and children

on the lifeboats this is masculine Duty

a good man controls himself

I have absolute self-control emotional

control is absolutely and utterly

important as a man I'm saying that you

need to understand as a man there are

certain principles under which you act

regardless of how you feel I can wake up

in a terrible mood I can wake up sad I

can ache I can have a busy day stressed

Etc I will complete the same tasks as if

I woke up in a fantastic mood

do the same things

how I feel has no bearing on the things

I'm going to do with my day because I

have duty to myself and to my bloodline

because you think there's something

wrong with you you go I don't I lack

motivation I don't have the motivation

to go to the gym well here's the news

flash neither did I and I still did it

so now what you're gonna say

now you have no excuse right oh you're

scared to get in the ring so was I still

did it scared to get the cage so was I I

still did it being a man isn't about not

feeling things it's about acting the way

you're supposed to act irregardless of

how you feel we Act

We're Men of action we get we get done

so the world got built all of it all the

men who built the skyscrapers felt

scared they did it anyway you need to

become a man of action stop worrying

about how you feel start worrying about

what you're supposed to be doing how

about that I've always been disciplined

with myself because I've always lived a

discipline life

I lived in a disciplined household like

there was no such thing as I don't want

to so even now if I wake up and I don't

want to do something

I don't need someone to tell me to do it

because I'll do it anyway

I mean who wants to run a marathon

nobody who wants to do that you just do

it don't you because you know it's

something you're gonna have to do and

you have to Blood Sweat tears there is a

version of the world where you can feel

things and really not give up how you

feel like I I can I if I feel sad it

does not change how I act and it does

not change the things I do if I don't

feel like going to the gym I go to the

gym I don't feel like working I will

still work

so where's the importance of it

it's in my mind that's how I view it

like how does that affect what I'm gonna

do well nothing it doesn't

motivation in and of itself is a scam I

don't believe in motivation I believe in


I am not motivated to do the things I'm

supposed to do I don't wake up full of

like Joy I have to go to the gym whether

I have to work or not doing crap I don't

feel motivated to do them I'm

disciplined I do them regardless of how

I feel whether I'm in the mood to do it

or I'm not in the mood to do it it gets

done that's just discipline's real thing

motivation is fleeted you're never going

to be permanently motivated you're the

kind of person who can only try hard at

something he enjoys then you're gonna

fail if you truly want to win you can't

only want to win when you're happy and

you can't only want to win

you're competing against men like me who

will perform even when it is raining not

only when the sun is shining if you're

gonna be the kind of person who can only

do it in one of those scenarios you are

going to lose you must be prepared to

perform all of the time I have a lot of

people who message me and say oh I

struggle with motivation and my answer

is simple then say a loser if you can't

find the motivation to not be a loser

then I strongly recommend you just stay

a loser stay in your lane and stay out

of my way I have no time for people who

cannot find the motivation to fix

themselves and fix their own lives I've

been the kind of person who will perform

seven days a week doesn't matter how I

feel doesn't matter what's happened

doesn't matter if I'm happy or sad

things must be done and this is the

mindset you need to adopt if you want to

be a winner I think a man should have

absolutely no interest in whether he's

actually happy or not if I wake up and

I'm unhappy I will do the exact same

things as if I am happy I will go to the

gym the same I will work the same how I

feel has no impact on how I live my life

I don't think happiness as an index is a

healthy view for a man to have on life

success if you're waking up and going uh

am I happy am I not you're looking at

life wrong I think of a man if you put

happiness far if you move it down the

scale right and you start looking at am

I successful am I competent you know am

I achieving things am I respected if you

start to look at these indicators of

your life you're gonna end up being

happier without actually analyzing if

you're happy or not

perhaps just work some point to bite the

bullet and just work working harder is

Never Gonna not help No Matter What

scenario you're in working harder is

never going to not help you and it it's

amazing that I give different versions

of the same answer for 99 of the

questions I'm asked work harder if you

have a problem whether you're broke and

they're out of shape or your friend dies

and your girl leaves you if you're

depressed whatever it is working harder

is almost always the answer so you know

what you need to do you need to do it

and what's amazing again is kind of like

the antidote if you take the antidote

before the poison then you never get

sick in the first place if you're always

working as hard as possible you're

always working your [ __ ] and trying

to be the best version of yourself every

single day then you never get sick in

the first place you're already working

you're already taking the antidotes and

things can't get okay attached to you

they can't get hold of you working hard

is the antidotes everything so why don't

you just do it in advance want to use

your life just become work like mine why

don't you just dedicate yourself to a

cause and get up and do what you're

supposed to do every single day I can't

stand quitters so if you're the kind of

person who's gonna quit because

it's I don't even want your energy


my life is Testament to the fact that I

don't quit I didn't quit so that's the

difference when it was hard I did it

anyway that's who I've always been and

if you don't have that kind of tenacity

you're never going to be anything so

do not give up do not get tired I do not

quit that's what they want that's what

the enemy wants from me they want to try

and win a war of attrition they want to

wear me down and hope I quit and give up

I am not that guy I'm not that guy I'm

the guy who keeps going and if you're

truly independable in life and

perspicacious that's my favorite saying

the one I say all the time unmatched

first picassee couple who sheer and

difficability makes me a feared opponent

in any realm of human endeavor it's

absolutely and utterly true if you pay

attention to the things that are

happening around you you do not quit you

will be a dangerous opponent in any

realm of human endeavor it doesn't

matter what you're trying to do I'm a

man who lives true to God and says what

he means and means what he says and I

know the things I say are good for

society and good for the world I didn't

vote in magic spell anybody the reason

people listen to me is because they like

what I say and they know that I'm

telling the truth that's the reason I'm

here I'm going to continue to do that

and there's nothing anybody can do about




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