June 19, 2024

This Heart Rate, Sleep & Fitness Tracker will Blow your Mind!

Published May 19, 2023, 7:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

Fitness technology has come a long way in recent years, and the new heart rate, sleep fitness tracker will blow your mind. This amazing piece of technology not only tracks your heart rate and sleep patterns, but also provides detailed fitness data to help you improve your workout routine.

The heart rate, sleep fitness tracker is the perfect way to take your fitness to the next level. It is packed with features that will help you get the most out of your workout, and it is very easy to use. The tracker is comfortable to wear, and it is very lightweight so you will not even notice it is there.

The heart rate, sleep fitness tracker is a great way to stay fit and healthy. It is a great investment for anyone who is serious about their fitness, and it is a great gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life.

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my friends you do not get a lot for

under 30 pounds or $40 but this heart

rate tracker and fitness and sleep

monitor will absolutely blow your mind

because it is under those numbers every

when this is all things taken you may

remember a little while ago I did a

video on this which was the I won fit i

6h are smart band now this was a really

impressive fitness tracker

bear in mind folks I just got rid of the

Apple watch and I wanted something which

was nice and sturdy waterproof I was fed

up with the battery life on the upper

watch but this one lasted five to seven

days now there's a new one around guys

it's a new version it's the I won fit H

RC which is the color version and yes it

is a color screen and it also comes with

a extra band in the same way as the last

one it will link to your app on your

iPhone or on your Android device to

provide all the information that you

need so this is the device so the first

thing you'll notice when you've charged

it and you've turned it on is a bright

vivid screen with really nice colors if

you do see a little bit of a dark area

on that screen guys that was just the

filming it wasn't anything to do it with

the screen it's bright and crystal clear

when you get it as I said previously you

get to watch straps so you can either

have the white and green or just the

standard black and in the same way as

before you get a brilliant instruction

manual which will tell you all of the

different functions and very very easy

to follow now as with the previous

version it's a USB which just pushes

into the strap so you can literally you

know you don't feel that you're gonna

break this it's very very durable guys

and it feels very very sturdy but you

just pop it out one end and then when

you pull out the other end you'll see

you've got the USB and that can go into

a computer a power pack or even a

standard power adapter and just push it

in and then it will charge 45 minutes it

takes and it will last you over a week

folks so let's just have a look at the

screen again and look at what this one

has now this is more accurate than the

last one there's more sports involved as

well so you've got your step on and so

there but you've got the training

section and you can go walking

riding cycling basketball football and

Babbington would think it was and they

got even table tennis and tennis so all

of those things attract and that will

keep it monitored you've got things like

phone notification and message

notification calorie and step counters

as well as your sleeper tracker now this

is a very very comprehensive little

device for less than thirty pounds and I

think is around thirty dollars in the US

I will leave links in the description

but this is brilliant for tracking guys

if you don't want to spend hundreds of

pounds and hundreds of dollars on

something like the Apple watch get one

of these it's completely waterproof as

well so you can take it into the shower

and you're not gonna have an issue there

you've just got to fill in the details

on the app sync it up with bluetooth and

then you're ready to go so folks it I'm

not saying that you need to get one of

these if you've got the last one then

it's pretty good there's not that much

difference but this is less than thirty

pounds it is very very good I'm gonna do

another video tracking this compared to

an Apple watch I'm gonna be interested

to see the data that we get on that but

thanks for watching this video as always

guys and I shall see you on the next one



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