May 29, 2023

XM Studios Full Gallery Tour! | Marvel, DC, Transformers, X-Men, Spider-man

Published May 19, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Bethany

Welcome to my full gallery tour of marvel, DC, transformers, x-men, and spiderman! I'm your host, Sisko, and I'll be your guide through this amazing collection of art.

marvel, DC, transformers, x-men, and spiderman are some of the most popular comic book characters ever created. They've been adapted into movies, video games, and toys, and their popularity shows no signs of waning.

I'm a huge fan of all of these characters, and I'm excited to share my collection with you. I hope you enjoy the tour!

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hey guys it's cisco here at the brand

new xm studios gallery store this place

is home to amazing collectibles from

marvel dc transformers and lots more so

stay tuned and i'm going to get you a

full tour of everything that's here big

thanks to my sponsor

they sell xm studios and the best

premium collectibles with payment plans

and worldwide shipping

okay so getting started here this is the

main display as you walk into the store

um so i'll get you guys started here

with the amazing

uh iron man and hulk buster and then

we've got the war machine and the new

war tank

these are absolutely crazy so we've got

the beautiful um iron man

and then the hulk buster behind him all

beat up and battle damage looking

then we have war machine

with this humongous

um war tank

uh you can see the cannon lights up and

everything and it's just

insanely detailed

um and so huge um and you can put the

war machine inside

the war tank as well

um definitely one of the craziest

collectibles that i have ever seen

um another one of the craziest is this

enormous maestro on sentinel head throne

so you can see the eye

lights up at the back here and i'm just

going to duck around to the front to get

you guys a look

so here he is

on the throne

um brooding and contemplating

uh sitting around with all his trophies

we have symbiotes in little jars and

iron man torsos

captain america shield

and this whole part is actually a

turntable so you can spin him around to

see the back of the sentinel in your

display that's freaking cool

all right let's move along here we've

got some dc pieces

but i'm going to get to those laters

they're also in another section we have

the enormous

justice league versus darkseid diorama

you can see all the justice league


with darkseid in the middle

definitely one of the best

dc comics collectibles i think that has

ever been made

it is super super cool

all right so i'm gonna get you guys

um a look

at all of the stuff uh in this cabinet

now so we got some x-men ghost rider

the next section after this is the

batman dark knights medal so you can

skip ahead if you want to see that

so here we go with

a look at cable

so he's got the two guns

um and there's an egyptian themed base

which matches with

apocalypse there

so let's have a look at him

um he is huge

he's got the big cannon

uh on the end of his hand

um and here you can see

all the hieroglyphics and things

on the base

it looks great

next up we have the new dawn of x


so this is actually a sentinel head

uh you can see the eye there

and he's like torn it apart as he's

walking straight through it um and

there's this little piece

of metal like floating and magnetized to

his foot as if he's making a path out of

the little pieces i think it's actually

really cool

he's holding the helmet there

that is really awesome

next up

we have a look at thanos and lady death

so thanos with the big grin

and there's

skulls and

torsos and things all over the base

and then we've got lady death

with the bony

skeleton arms but with a beautiful face

and the big cloak up up behind her and

they make such a great pair

next up we have the super scroll

so he's like absorbed the powers of the

fantastic four you can see the um

stretchy arm there and then another arm

that's like the thing but it's also

turning invisible

and then we got the flames

on the base here

next up we have the new ghost rider on


so we've got two torsos this one's like

a cowboy looking torso with the hat and

he's got a mace

and then look at the sinewy but fiery

horse that he's riding

flames coming out of the eyes

and then this one's a more ghostly

looking portrait

if you like that as

well right down here we have

gladiator hulk

looking menacing

he's got this big shield

and he's like chopped up these big


on the base

and then we have

beautiful captain marvel

so she's got the long hair blowing in

the wind

and some flames on the base

and a big turret back there

nice and then we have

red skull

so he's on a

hydra base

and he's got the tesseract

hydra flag behind him

and he's next to

captain america of course

this is the ultimate cap

so he's got the mjolnir

that he's holding he's got the shield in

the other hand

and then

the hydra

ammo boxes on the base

next up we have

the white magneto

so he is


off the base and about to stop this


coming towards him

and he's next to

the x-force version


archangel and i really really like how

this came out it's got the blue skinned


and the big um silver metallic wings

and he's like stretching up like he's

about to fly

uh and there's the


like hieroglyphics on the base to match

with cable and apocalypse

really nice display

we've got some more down here a couple

of star wars

so we have

darth revan and darph malik

so here we go with malik

really nice looking

portrait and you can see they're like

facing off

as if they're about to battle

got the lightsaber

and then revan has the dual


he's got the cloak on as well

really nice then we have the new

absolute carnage

so uh he's got all these like tentacles

um coming off the little symbiotes and

he's like jumping off this base

you can see his legs kind of up in the


i like this

and then we have uh also a new one

this is the classic catwoman

i think she's really beautiful so she's

holding like a necklace and she's got

pearls draped around her

and then got these fun little cats

um you know playing with the jewelry box

and things on the base and you have gold

and a sack of money

it's just a really beautiful playful

kind of

statue alrighty guys

we've got a big diorama section here

and then we've got avengers next men

after that

but right now i'm going to do the

batman dark knights medal line but you

can skip ahead if you want to see

some of this other stuff

so we'll start here with red death

you can see the veins in the portrait

and the bats

like swarming all around him

and like a crashed batmobile on the base

and then next up we have this is the

batman who laughs

with an absolutely like grotesque

maniacal looking portrait and he's got


leading down to all these robins

on the base you can see the hand kind of

clawing up out of the ground

yeah looks great

and then this one

is the death metal version


horrible looking portrait

um but then beautiful detail

all over it and those chains and then

look at these guys on the base

looking horrible

that's great probably my favorite of

this line

next one is the merciless and there's

two versions

of this this is the blue version

you can see all the battle damage on the


it's on this throne and the skulls and


and then we have the red version as well

both looking

very nice

and then we have

a dawnbreaker

so you can see the energy coming out of

the ring and then it's got this big


on the bottom of these kind of



and then

switch out head for this one

as well

all righty let me have murder machine

um so we've got this super cool kind of

digital effect coming up his leg in this


um beautiful looking


it's a really creative kind of line

and then we have the gold version


barry allen

so again the crash to batmobile

and all the bats swarming around him

alright guys now we've got some


beautiful huge

dioramas in this section


really beautifully

so this is the bronze version

of the

justice league versus dark side

a bit more of a museum piece

and then we have

the wonder woman courage


so this is the marble version so she's

in color

she's got a scor screaming uh portrait

and the sword and the shield

and then all the villains are around her

in a kind of a

statue marble kind of a look

and there's a colored version of this

too which i'll get for you a little bit


then we have one of my favorites it's

the batman sanity

so there's batman in the middle and just

surrounded by all the villains from his


bane ivy catwoman harley

just surrounding him but he's standing


i love this one

and then there's a smoke version

of this as well where it looks like

they're almost chiseled out of stone

it's meant to be

sort of representative of them rising

out of this smoke in his imagination

that he's constantly fighting them

love that

all right and then


the biggest


collectible in this entire gallery it's

the x-men versus sentinel diorama

so we've got


jubilee psylocke



and bishop

fighting this monstrous


as you can see it needs uh four podiums

to hold it

but it's a really stunning

diorama probably

the ultimate

x-men collectible

if you're an x-men fan

alrighty guys uh next up

is the avengers section

and then after this is x-men so you can

skip ahead if you want to

so we'll start here

with the guardians

so we've got star-lord

so the eyes on this portrait on this

helmet do light up

which is really cool and he's on the um

the crashed cockpit so you can see the

the seat uh back there and there's uh

all the buttons and stuff in the cockpit

and he's like jumping out of it after

it's crashed

then we have rocket and groot

they're on the crash kind of engine

of the ship


they're about to


something up

we've got rocket looking particularly

angry and the groot's shooting the roots

out there

then we have the classic iron man

so it's hard to catch on the camera but

it's actually got his eyes

and everything under the mask there

reaching out and there's the ultrons

on the base that he's destroyed

next up we have the ghost rider on bike

and uh so he's screaming doing this


up in the air with the flaming tire

and he's got the chains

wrapped around him

that's beautiful

next up we have the hawkeye

he's got dual arrows notched in his bow

and he's

up high

trying to get the best shot

next up we have natasha

black widow

with the sniper

leaning against this lamp post and

there's a switch out

shorter hair portrait as well

this one is the captain america sentinel

of liberty so he's standing strong with

the salute

and he's got the shield

and there's this nice

captain america relief

on the base

next up

another one of my favorites this is

black panther so we've got this great

wakanda totem

at the back

and he's crouched down ready to pounce

really cool

all right next up we have ultron

so he's got two arms

um kind of reaching up he's got

red eyes

and then we have him next to wanda

she's got the spells

kind of coming out of her hands

beautiful looking face

and shiny red corset

and then destroyed ultron on the base

next up we have moon knight

he's crouched over

he's got this hook

ready to throw it and then a really cool

egyptian themed

base with this kind of gargoyle

and then we have uh some inhumans

so we have black bolt and medusa

i've forgotten the name of the dog

somebody remind me um so she's holding

the staff with her hair

which is of course her power and then

we've got black bolt levitating above


ruined statue

very regal

all right moving on

to the x-men section

so we have an absolute

ton of x-men

i'm going to show you all of them

so after this we've got

some more marvel

and then there's dc over in the blue

section over there so you guys can

always skip ahead if you want to

so we've got beautiful psylocke you can

see the butterfly effect

um of the energy on her face she's got

this like lance

and she's jumping forward

off this mechanical looking base

and then behind her is the classic



again he's reaching up he's got a

screaming portrait this time you have

the wings let me show you the wings from

the back

oh it's great stuff

and again this sort of


theme to the base

all right then we have

gambit and rogue who make a very nice


so we've got rogue

beautiful face she's holding a card

from gambit

and then she's torn up this part of this



and then here's gambit

he's on a sentinel base as well

to match with rogue he's got the long


and the arc of the cards

they go nice together

right then we have


with the glasses on hank mccoy

and he's um

just ripping these fingers off this

sentinel hand so he's torn the thumb off

and uh and another finger as well

and then he's next to professor x

uh this is in the classic

gold hover chair

i actually love this the gold really


looks really nice in a collection

the cerebro helmet on

okay and then

magneto on

throne so he's taking this sentinel hand

and made it his throne so he's got his

helmet resting here and he has the

cerebro as well like a trophy

and then the base is the from the xavier

school of gifted

youngsters right we have the yellow

costume magneto there's also a brown one

a bit later and he's on a sentinel head

uh these torn apart

shiny metal claws

gritted teeth

and then we have

another version of wolverine this is

weapon x

and um

he's mad he's just broken out

from the tank you can see the broken

glass and there's still water in it and

then he has this dripping water effect

on the skin i absolutely love this one

it's got all the monitors and screens

behind him he's still got wires plugged


that's just

fantastic next up there's iceman he's on

a danger room base and he's created this

big wave

and he's shooting the ice beam out from

his hand

super dynamic

uh wonderful piece from all different


all right we have

big boy


uh he's huge i don't know if you can see

kind of with magic there

um definitely one of the biggest

of the x-men see the gridded teeth

really nice effect on the teeth and then

the metallic kind of skin

and he's winding this part of the

sentinel up to throw it

next we have magic

and she's got these skulls with the

flame trails kind of weaving around her

and the big sword

at the back

it's beautiful

all right

definitely one of the best

of the ladies

this is emma frost white queen

on this ornate chair

it's just beautiful

then we have


uh this is the original cable they did

you can see the biocybernetic arm

gun slung over his shoulder

great pose

next up we have

cyclops and jean of course with him

so there's two torsos with this one one

with him about to use his visor

and another one with him

pulled the arms back and screaming

and then we have

uh the phoenix version dark phoenix


of jean grey

she's got the flames in her hair and

this beautiful phoenix

coming up behind her

and it wraps around her legs the flames

that's just stunning

all right

then we have


brown suit so uh

it's of course a japanese inspired bass

with the rooftop

and the samurai swords

a really aggressive pose leaning forward

claws at the ready about to pounce

i love that one

all right then we have storm

she's rising out of this


arm's thrown back

head thrown back

what i love about this is when you see

it from the front really looks like

she's flying in the tornado

alright guys

the next section

we have

a bunch more marvel here

um some aliens and predators and star

wars so i'm going to get you a look at

that now next section is the beautiful

batman samurai line so feel free to skip

ahead to that

if you want to

but i'm going to get you a look

at all these great



i'll start here with iron fist because

um they did this a while ago but i still

just love it every time i see it so this

beautiful door at the back and he's like

kicked through this wall and you can see

all the rocks

with the momentum like he's just kicked

through it

that's so cool of course he's got the


fist there

we've got elektra

against the stained glass window

and she's next to

daredevil of course

looks like he's sliding down

a cathedral

pillar like a flying buttress

and then we have


and of course he has to have ants

uh and there's even a mini ant-man

on top of the queen riding the queen

directing the um the other ants

then we have

beta ray bill

big piece this

is huge he's got the storm breaker

beautiful portrait

and this like fiery demon kind of base

very cool

right then we have the believe this is

the mark 42

and it's got a robert downey jr likeness

uh so there's two options you can have

his face uh open like that he's holding

the mask or you can have it with the

mask on so you just see the suit

all right

next to daredevil we've got the kingpin

so that's actually a chess board in

front of him and he's got this little

daredevil chess piece looking pretty

pleased with himself


plotting something

then we have punisher

on this

very detailed


sack of

weapons and ammo at the back

then we have

the original hulk

xm did they've obviously done a couple

more now

there's the hulk transformation as well

which i'll show you a little bit later

this one's got the ripped up shirt

and then

very excited for the new dr strange

movie about to come out so this is very

timely we've got dr strange here

and so he's

completely levitating off the ground

it's very clever it's held up by the

cape and you've got his eye at the

bottom which lights up and then i love

this check out so he's got his like

spell book

and it's held up by all these hands

that's so cool

really nice all right and then we've got

um the first thanos they ever did he's

got the infinity gauntlet um and then

for some reason this one has two

uh tesseracts um surely that breaks the

universe or something

i don't know

uh we got a few more x-men

over in this section one of which is


she is beautiful i love this one

so she's like blowing on the



she's kind of leaning back against the

signs the xavier school of gifted

youngsters which is all busted up

and uh she's just beautiful

all right next up we have the winter


he's got the guns at the ready

standing on this kind of turret thing

very nice

good companion for cap we got the saber


love this saber tooth

he's kind of leaping forward claws at

the ready got the bearded portrait

and then one of my favorites of the

x-men amiga red this is so well done


portrait and then these tentacles just

kind of weaving every direction

and i love the red

of his suit

and you've got the frosty base

it's gorgeous

all right we've got the x-23

and she's like leaping off this busted

up jeep

she's got the two claws you can see

there's even the steering wheel at the

back there

then we have the she-hulk

on a busted up tank

and then we have

um the uh

jean grey version of phoenix so she's in

the yellow i'm sorry the gold and the

green costume she's got her hair blowing

and there's the uh phoenix rising up out

of this kind of burned up sentinel part

then we have

miss marvel

i think this is the carol danvers

version but i'm not in 100 sure because

it is a different costume


someone can let me know if they know

and then we have

i love this so it's neymar and he's

a giant octopus

because it's cool

that's why

it's rising out of the ocean you've got

the waves splashing up he's got the


wings on the feet and he's throwing his

trident i just think that is so good

look at that that is freaking cool i

love it

i have that one i have nowhere to put it

still in a box

all right we have some top cow

and we've got witch blade and darkness

over there too so start here with


she's got a big statue

behind her

and these sort of ruined columns

she's standing on beautiful armor

she's got her spear and her sword

and then she's next to the newest uh um

piece from this line it's angelus

it's got big horns beautiful face

she's got a sword stuck through one of

the darkness snakes

and let me get you a look at the back

because the big wings are just beautiful

all right

so these two are from

magic the gathering

i'm sorry i've i've um never played this

game guys

um but she's got these cool like zombies

coming out of the base

and then um so this one says chandra

so she's obviously a fire weaver

she's got this beautiful like chain mail

check it out

ah it's like fire

or weaving around her

and then this one is this is based on a

frank cho artwork so this is the jungle


so you can see a little bikini

there's these little dinosaurs

on the base

it came out really nice actually

and then star wars love me some star


okay we've got luke on the crash snow


likeness to mark hamill

he's in the flight suit

you can see the crashed snow speeder



then we got boba

he's using the jet pack

he's got the smoke

the cape blowing backwards and then he's

using the flame thrower it's just so


alrighty and we've got the three phases

of vader

we've got little anakin

with the pilot helmet

on the sandy base

and then we've got the teenage anakin

with the

jedi cloak and the lightsaber

and then the lava base

and then we have vader

in the full outfit

with the death star base

i think that's really cool looking

forward to the new ob1 series about to

come out

then we have maul

and he's uh jumping off this crashed

speeder you can see it crashing into the


and he's like jumping off with a

double-bladed lightsaber

so cool

all right aliens and predator some of my


they're all my favorites i'm not gonna


um alright we've got uh the helmeted

portrait on but there's an unmasked one

as well

he's got the blades

you can see all the detail on the skin

and this sort of rotted out

tree trunk with the trophies

and then we have

predator on throne

so you can see the detailed throne

behind him

we've got the mask on

he's got the blades

and a spear


all right so there's two versions

of this alien hive warrior

with the black version

and then the bass has

all these face huggers

pulling out of it

i love this

bass then we've got brown version you

can see this one has a dome head

um so both versions come with both heads

just so you know

in the same awesome


all righty base

got some more top cow we've got witch


this is one of the first statues they

ever made actually way back in the day

so she's got the gauntlet

got the skull

this sort of power coming up around her

then he got darkness

he's got all the little darklings

and the snakes

i love this one

that's really cool i love the darkling

on his shoulder

all right we've got one lonely red power

ranger they only made one nobody wanted


so he's all alone they didn't make the

rest of them but i think he looks great

i think it came out really nice the reds

so colorful really pops

and then we've got

uh this is from one piece

it's like tamar so he's popping out out

of the media so you can see the little


the media clinging onto him

as he

punches upwards

nice shading on it

i think it looks nice

we've got a couple from a hong kong

comic line

so this is the ultimate swordsman

with the sword flying out

and then this one is shibumi it's got

the like oni mask

all righty

this is the beautiful

batman samurai line

batman characters fused with a japanese

influence so i'm going to get you a look

at all of these

and then next up guys we've got the

transformers section

and then some more classic dc stuff so

you can skip ahead if you need to

here we've got the beautiful

red hood this is one of the new ones

it's got a beautiful shiny helmet

look at the detail

on the outfit

sort of uh

gooey base

and he's stalking forward

all right then we've got robin

jumping up off this bell there's little

bits of ivy on the base

and then we have the original

the first piece the samurai batman

standing on

beautiful rooftop he's got two katanas

and then a samurai

kind of styled


next up we have batgirl

so this big stone guy holding up this

wooden kind of scaffolding and she's

jumping off

pulling out the katana

and then we have nightwing

he's got this awesome

sort of futuristic styled helmet he's

like pulling the arrow

out of the quiver he's got the bow

at the ready

and then this cool looking guy

on the base

love that

and we have the beautiful catwoman

on a futuristic motorcycle she's got a

little bag of gems

there and the helmet

she's got the whip in her hand




his little cat

on the base of course

then we have the batman shugo

so he's drawing the katana

and this bat signal

actually lights up

as beautifully weathered to look old

you know like an antique

it's gorgeous

and then the centerpiece

definitely of this line

is the batman shogun on horse

so you can see




shogun shogun-styled portrait but with a

little bat symbol on the front

and look at the detail on the armor

he's got this big spear

and then it's riding a mechanical horse

it's just beautiful

all right then we have

the joker yakuza

yakuza joker

he's standing on a snake so he's


like carved snakes

everywhere on the base he's got the

yakuza tattoos

he's licking the blade

so cool

all right we've got harley on a pink

moped very fun piece she's got this


these little stuffed toys in there and


great all right we got bane so he's got

all the tubes

and it's this kind of a steampunk

sort of a


with the mace

it's crushing these stairs

and then you have scarecrow

so this is one of the newest ones

let me try and get you a look

at the face which is just grotesque

he's got this hand coming out and then

he's got this smoke coming out of his

wrist with the tubes and everything

he got this um

this guy on the base

all right then we've got the penguin

this thing is so cool okay so he's

getting served sake

by a little penguin

uh that's got fish in its backpack uh

with little dynamite in there it's so

cool so there's a box of gems and

there's more little dynamite fish and

there's this guy with a little hat and

then rockets in his backpack this is so

cool man

more little penguins and then here's a

look he's got the monocle

that's cool

all right we got


with the top knot an eye patch of course

a super cool

carved kind of a


stone looking

then we have the beautiful

poison ivy she's got a geisha

inspired portrait

she's got the vines

and they're like wrapping all around her

and then these flowers and these

beautiful delicate little petals

on the base

it's just beautiful

all right and then in the middle of this


they've got a huge

batman on motorbike

because why wouldn't you

this thing

is freaking cool

it's looking stoic

riding his massive

bat cycle you can see little

harpoons and things and ammo and

so this lights up this little lantern

let me get you

the back all the detail

and then his cape

this cape


to the side

that's just gorgeous


transformers guys

i'm sure you transformers fans

have waited to see this

because these just look

so stunning together

so nice to see them all in um in one


so they've got all the statues and then

they've got these huge busts

which are brand new i might start there

for you guys

so we've got the optimus prime


you can see

all the detail on the bases there's so

i'm not going to do it because i don't

want to break anything but these chest


open up

and then

the orb in the middle

lights up and has a light in it i'm

pretty sure the eyes do too just to give

you an idea of kind of scale there's my


with his head he's enormous

um that's super cool

all right let's go next to rodimus prime

think this one's also new

here he is

with the big gun

and the gold

accents on the base

then we've got the little vehicles

um which of course come with the statues

look at this grimlock so that's


next to him he's just he's enormous i

think he's the biggest

of the 110 scale statues give you a

little bit of a look he's got the mace

there's a portrait

oh just the hands are enormous

oh he's a beast

all right then we've got little little

bumblebee definitely the smallest of

this line the most displayable this

spike next to him as well

and then the mini

which is a great little

display piece

all righty

here we've got

optimus prime

and megatron

so we've got prime here you can see the

transparent chest plates with the wipers

you've got the

transparent like wrist screen as well

then we've got megatron

big wrist cannon and he's got an energy


and then the bust

with megatron

huge again

so here it is next to



all right here's the head the eyes on

this one definitely light up i did see

them lit up earlier

and all this detail

and then we've got

sound wave

the tape deck

so cool

he's got his little bird buddy

and then these guys i'm so sorry i don't

know their names guys i always forget

you guys tell me and then i forget i'm

hopeless i'm sorry in a cool little like

tape deck

and then we've got uh vehicles for

nemesis prime

and starscream

so here we got starscream



so this guy comes with a swap out

gold crown and a purple cape

if you like to display him that way

then we have

the nemesis prime

with his fist out looking evil

here's a little bit of a look

again the gold accents on the base

really make it pop


like i said really nice to see these

all together if you're a transformers

fan you have a couple of these congrats

i think they look great alrighty guys um

so just to show you here's the white

knight again

you can see this panel

is blocking off the inner

sections of the bike so you can take

this off you can display it two

different ways i think they just wanted

to show that

all right we've got one sixth scale dc

here and then we have around the corner

we've got


a few little figures we've got one

quarter scale dc and then we've got


all the way down the end there so in

case you want to skip ahead and then uh

last up uh of the big displays is the

godzilla in case you want to skip to

that as well but i'm going to get you

guys first a look

uh at all of these

1 6th scale

dc line

all right so we've got this super suns

these guys are adorable i think that

came out fantastic

all right we've got green lantern

the big construct

we've got jessica cruz

and then he's over here but since we're

on green lantern we've got uh sinestro

the big yellow construct at the bottom

it's kind of gremlin guy

all right then we have

got shazam and black adam

so uh

egyptian styled bases that match

so you can display them next to each


and then we have

cheetah one sixth scale is also one

quarter scale version which i'll show

you in a minute

we got wonder woman

beautiful righty we have

lex luthor and superman

so lex is in his power armor

you can see he's got the ripped up

superman cape there

we've got soups

looking very powerful on this beautiful

fortress of solitude base so he's

actually it's hard to see but he's

actually levitating so he's attached to

the back there but it just

makes it look

like such a great display

all right we got batman and catwoman

batman with the grapple gun

on this rooftop with these kind of

harley gargoyles

and then we have beautiful catwoman

she's got a cat on the base

also on a rooftop

we have mirror

with this kind of underwater themed base

and then we've got aquaman

riding a giant seahorse

why because it's cool

look at it it's got little chains

it's got the beard it's awesome

all right we got deathstroke

jumping off this big

like cannon

then we have

flash and reverse flash

flash running on the treadmill

and the reverse flash as well

then we've got green arrow and bizarro

zaro is a new one so he's got this big

piece of rebar

and then we've got green arrow

firing a shot got the bow drawn

all right flip you around to this side

um so these are the newer versions of

flash and reverse flash

i think these are the classic

versions so flash is looking back kind

of generating this tornado

uh with his arm this reverse flash

he is charging towards him

these have a one quarter scale version

as well

and we've got dark side

with the like

burnt up kind of superman cape

and his uh trophies from the rest of the

justice league

we've got the rescue suit superman

rising up

out of the um i think it's a sentinel

then we've got lobo one sixth scale

version there's a new one quarter

version two which i'm about to show you

he's throwing dog

he's about to be airborne

and then he's riding the the space bike

so cool

all right we got the hawkman

he's got the mace

and the big wings

flying off the base

we've got red hood

and then we've got joker

and harley

harley's jumping out of this jack in the

box with like two hyenas and a big


at the back there

and then we've got two versions of


this is the 1972 version

and then we've got the bloodstorm on the


we've also got the hush

version r.i.p jason todd on the


and then we've got dark knight returns

it's also a one quarter scale version of

this too which i'll show you in a second

and then

lastly we've got cyborg

not many uh cyborg statues out there

that i know of

uh so it's good they've done this one

all right let's go around the corner

and have a look

uh we're about to do the dc one quarter

scale there's just a few uh so this was

their bust line we've got lizard

a hulk thor venom rhino and then a

little one 6 line that they did as well

but let's get on to some of these

one quarter scale

dc pieces they are huge in comparison to

the 1 6 scales

so we've got the new kyle rayner

green lantern this thing is huge and

epic i love it so he's got all this

energy coming out of the construct

going down to this like


kind of guy on the base you've got this

big rocket and another rocket and it's

just so cool and dynamic and it's so

colorful um you know

sitting in the collection it really

draws your eye to it i i just love it

i think it looks great

all right guys we have the



he's huge he's on a daily planet


he's got the angry face on

dark skin with the spikes

coming towards you

and then we have one quarter scale lobo

i love this check out his portrait

the tongue out

he's got dog of course

on the big space bike and then down here

there's like boom boxes

you can just imagine him rocking out

that is awesome i love that

all right we have one quarter scale dark

knight returns

so he's got this angry portrait

and the rifle

he's jumping off

of the eagle


looks like it's probably on a rooftop

a bit of an action pose it's nice to see

then we have

uh the quarter scale versions of flash

and reverse flash so again he's doing

the tornado

but you can also have a forward-looking


version if you want to swap out the

torsos on this one

and then same with reverse flash this

one he's about to throw a punch this one

is running

so they make a nice pair

all right here's the quarter scale of


i really like how this came out

actually it's two different heads

and then this um like jungle


uh with all the plants and the skulls

and stuff i think it looks really cool

all right swamp thing

love swamp thing

sad about the tv show that was cancelled

it's great looking portrait

um and you can sort of see there all the

vines and the little leaves there's a

lot of detail in this

and then swampy kind of base there's a

little frog here and a dr fate helmet

and then there's a swap out torso if you

want a different look

all right we have


she's got the

spell book open

doves coming out of it

and she's got the corset

and then the base has little rabbits and

creatures and smoke and things coming

out of it it's kind of the theater theme

i think she's beautiful

all right and then


beautiful portrait

she's ripped the door off of this escape

pod and she's popping out of it

very nice

these uh one quarter dc



look really nice together there's some

empty spaces and i'm hoping that means

that they're going to do a lot more of


all right so we have spider-man up next

and then there's

godzilla after that if you want to

flick ahead all right we have four

different versions

of spider-man

uh that they've made and then all of

these villains

are surrounding him

just looks fantastic seeing them all

together like this

i'll start with the spideys

so we've got spider-man and mary jane


so they're kind of swinging off the

daily bugle a bit of a kind of

perspective piece

uh and then we have the classic

spider-man he's swinging around the

ozcorp tower

uh you've got the pumpkin bombs coming

in you've got a doctor octopus tentacles

and some sandman sand

and then you have

the iron spider this came out really


uh it's got a beautiful red shiny red

and then the star of this piece is these


mechanical legs and they've cast them in

metal and they just look fantastic

right then we have spider-man 20.99

one of my favorite spider-man suits


love the electric blue

and then the

clear web cape as you can see

and he's on this crashed like heli


and then we have the absolutely


gwen stacy

so she's

listening to some music on the

headphones you can see the little wire

goes down to her


and she's on the oscorp tower

it's just gorgeous

all right

uh so we've got lizard down here

he's on a sewer themed base

and he's got uh

ripped up shirt and jacket

and then we have scorpion

really dynamic piece he's kind of

jumping forward um big tail above him

you can see the honeycomb effect on the


the lamp post lights up as well then we


the green goblin

about to throw

the pumpkin bomb

and he's on the glider

i'm coming for you spidey

all right we got


charging forward

so he's crushing this tyre he's on the

new york taxi cab

that's great all right we have carnage


he's standing on the spire you can see

all the gooey

uh tendrils of the symbiote


then one of the biggest spider-man

pieces we have


he's got the big tongue you can see

those again the gooey uh lines of the

symbiote all over him and then there's

crushed pieces of the clock tower that

he's standing on

that's great

all right we've got

the lovely black cat

and she's on this

jade cat statue

kind of lounging on it

that's great little piece

then we have vulture

leaping off this building big wingspan

and he's next to sandman

generating this big wave of sand that's

coming up around him you can see his

body starting to turn into sand as well

and then we have electro

i love this one great classic portrait

and he's holding the wires he's like

sucking up the energy from these


and then we've got dr ock

he's got the classic portrait on

you can see his arms are just kind of

tearing apart

this bank um

that he's uh stealing a sack of

of coins from

um you can see he's off the ground being

held up by the tentacles

really really great

all right we got craven

he's got the lion

and the spear

and then we've got


last but not least he's got a skull

inside the dome with with like a smoke

coming out of the eyes i think that's so


he's rising up out of this smoke

coming to get spidey

all right guys just quickly

we also have a couple of legendary beast

studios statues uh that they have

displayed here we have the one-third

scale four the beautiful bearded

portrait and he's holding mjolnir

and then his big axe

but check out this base

it's got these like beautiful carved

uh reliefs on it that like tell a story

they go all the way around you'd want to

have this on a turntable just look at

these beautiful asgardian symbols

that's really nice

this is one of their smaller scale

impact series you can see juggernaut

busting straight through this building

charging straight ahead

and then we've got

captain america

he's got the shields it's all shiny

and then he's on this eagle


wonderful i um i really hope to see more

of those one third scale sometime soon

all right guys

it's godzilla up next

we're nearly done

i'm sorry this is taking me so long

all right so we have

the classic godzilla

1994 version

and you can see the ruined uh ripped up

street with the little cars on it it's

got a huge tail i mean these are just

enormous guys


but they look freaking awesome together

let's check out this space godzilla

he's got the big crystals

coming out of the shoulders

again he's like squashing this whole

building they've got the crystals coming

out of the ground

and he's got crystals growing out of his


all the way up to the tail

that's awesome

all right

we have these two

busts as well these are a bit smaller

easier to display so this is the 2001

version godzilla i got smokey eyes

spines at the back

right and then this one

is shin godzilla i'm pretty sure let me

check the name tag yeah shin godzilla

it's got the flamey sort of look to the


sharp teeth

very cool all right and then we got


so you can see this uh

he's standing over

the um the launch pad for the plane

and then you've got like a little piece

of rose little um

like lamps like uh street lamps and

shrubs and things

and then um it's got the creases um like

like the guy in the suit

look at the back as well

it's cool i haven't seen

much ultraman

certainly not quarter scale statues so

it's great for fans

all right guys

um there's only a couple more statues

you can see they've got xm merch now

mugs and things

some bear bricks

so we're coming round to

the coffee shop

and they've put a special display with a

statue in here here's the coffee shop

they've got beautiful gelato


there's an alien right over here

all right here he is

it's the alien warrior

coming out of the hive

you should see the alien climbing out

and the other one jumping out on top of


and they've got it in a display for

aliens 40th anniversary with the

great reebok alien stompers of course

from the film


i've got some more

stuff set up here

but i just wanted to show you this is

one of my favorite exam pieces it's got

the dome with the skull inside

such a cool dynamic piece

all right and then there's one or two

more statues at the front which i'm

about to try and get you

all right this is it guys the last

statues in the entire gallery they're up

here near the reception desk

we've got the

again the beautiful wonder woman courage


she's surrounded by these


jumping up

trying to get at her

get you

a little bit of a look

at all of them

this came out really nice i love this

coloured version

right then we have the

absolutely stunning

hulk transformation

so we've got bruce banner at the front

here transforming into hulk his face all

contorted in pain

pants ripping and then halt behind him

symbolizing the first time he's ever

transformed you can see he's surrounded

by the gamma equipment


the magnificent


all right and then we have

on one side

of the desk

they have

the batman shugo again with the light up

bat signal and then the final piece

in the whole gallery

is the first piece that xm ever made

it's the captain america

with the flag so he's got this beautiful


and uh

it's looking very stoic with

the shield

but it's such

a beautiful piece i can see

why they would want it at their desk and

also because

it's the first piece

that they ever made

so that's it for this tour guys that was

every single statue that's here quick

thanks again to my spawn suspect fiction

shop without them i wouldn't be here to

film all this for you guys

you can check them out they have xm

studios and loads of other premium

collectibles with payment plans and

worldwide shipping

and thank you so much to you guys for

watching uh without you i wouldn't be

here either

it's been a long two and a half years

that i haven't been able to travel and

film anything and i am so so glad um to

be back here and doing it again and

sharing this all with you guys i missed

this so much i really did um so thank

you so much for watching i appreciate it

and i hope to catch you guys on the next

video okay cheers


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