May 29, 2023

7 steps to understanding politics & why you should.

Published May 20, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Arrik Motley

politics is like a game of chess. You need to know how the pieces move in order to win. Here are 7 steps to understanding politics:

1. Know the Players

In order to understand politics, you need to know who the players are. There are three main groups: the government, the media, and the people.

2. Know the Rules

politics is governed by rules and regulations. These rules are set by the government and the media. If you want to understand politics, you need to know these rules.

3. Know the Issues

politics is all about issues. These issues can be anything from the economy to healthcare. In order to understand politics, you need to be aware of the issues that are being discussed.

4. Know the History

politics has a long and complicated history. In order to understand politics, you need to know about the past. This history can be found in books, articles, and even online.

5. Know the Current Events

politics is constantly changing. In order to understand politics, you need to stay up-to-date on current events. This can be done by reading the news, watching the news, and even talking to people who are involved in politics.

6. Know the Different Types of Government

There are different types of government all over the world. In order to understand politics, you need to know about the different types of government. This information can be found in books, articles, and online.

7. Know the Different Political Parties

There are many different political parties all over the world. In order to understand politics, you need to know about the different political parties. This information can be found in books, articles, and online.

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hello there everyone its B and today in

my plan I certainly had a different

video that I wanted to film but waking

up to today's news really shook me and

it was honestly hard to believe that

something like that could have even

happened and everyone knows what I'm

talking about

so really the only thing that was on my

mind was to make this video that I have

been wanting to do for around a year

already actually since the Paris

terrorist attacks I believe that there

is only one solution and only one to

making the world a better place

and that solution is education we as the

generation Y needs to be vocal and we

need to speak up about what is going on

in the world and it's an our hands to be

able to spot political brainwash all

around us and understand the political

events that are going on around us it is

you and me who will need to become fair

and honest opinion leaders and leaders

in general or knowledgeable and

conscious voters I often hear few people

around me that they don't care about

politics that they just oh I just I just

don't care like whatever you might think

that you don't have a say or a reach to

what happens with the big guys in the

government but you are the one who can

give yourself the power of knowledge and

that power of knowledge can lead you and

many others around you to a better world

you need to care you need to pay

attention because if you educate

yourself enough to not just focus on the

negative hyperbole that is bashing our

current political situation not

everything that's happening in the world

is about Trump or Clinton or brexit

there are so many very delicate issues

that you can participate in every single

day decisions that are being made about

anonymity insurance violence against

women LGBT rights taxation terrorism

road safety marijuana low wages

immigration all of these issues that you

can allow yourself to be part of it can

actually be inspired to make a change or

at least vote for someone actually does

their job to make that change for you if

you are uneducated about who is choosing

laws for you that is your problem if you

are uneducated about where the funds and

your commute

or in your nation are flowing that is

your problem because when you make the

choice not to use your brain and your

voice really your I to complain becomes

invalid so with that little intro about

why you even need to care about politics

I want to guide you through seven steps

that me and my friends came up with of

how to generally educate yourself in

politics and I really hope this will

help you because in light of recent

events and actually everything that's

been going on in 2016 I think it's more

and more important to be aware of what

world you're living in and know what

choices are better were worse to make

and yeah it's not the sort of video and

normally meek but it's relevant and I

hope it can help maybe even one of you I

have a bunch of notes here that I'm

gonna be using throughout the video to

keep it as structured as possible and

the first thing I want to focus on is

learn history and learn your government

and political systems as well as

definitely religion and religious

backgrounds because everything stands on

what happened years ago 100 years ago

200 years ago the way our world is built

the different kinds of systems that went

through with empires colonialism and

occupation all of that has to do with

how political events are happening at

the time and that is really important

understand different government systems

understand what kind of government your

own country has what kind of government

systems are there in other states and

also look at what your rights are within

that government system what decisions

can you make as a citizen of that

government just read different

historical books go to your library read

online sources there just ton of them

pick an event you're interested say

World War One World War two look at all

the different treaties that have been

made international organizations that

have been created in order to keep peace

and how they're functioning right now or

why they're not functioning well enough

second is read the news I could not

stress enough about that that is the

most important part of actually

understanding politics I would recommend

to stick to unbiased and neutral sources

the ones I would really recommend are


jasira there's a YouTube channel called

Young Turks that's really good for just

listening to different current affairs

and it's very much informative same with

Reuters those are the ones that I

personally tends to read because

together they kind of complement each

other and allow you to form your own

opinion on issues they just stayed the

fact and let you think about them

yourself but definitely when reading the

news engage in critical thinking don't

just take everything that is written for

granted think of different perspectives

if you are more interested in some

particular political event or particular


go and read pros of it cons of it what

different people think about it

different academics some will be more

leftist some will be more brightest so

make sure to figure out what exactly

you're reading the truth is always

somewhere in the middle something that

is really important in order to then

further analyze and understand the news

that you read is to engage in political

thought and basic political philosophy

and different theories by various

academics and to actually learn about

that if you are interested or really

easy source as a youtube channel called

the School of Life they have a whole

playlist on political theories that I

would really really recommend you guys

to go through if you are interested to

see from work of them a perspective

because we have to do it in university I

used to study politics in my first two

years of you know not everybody has that

option or as lucky enough to be able to

attend university and study politics but

I promise you don't have to in order to

get the knowledge because it's available

in our information era everywhere online

if you're further more interested in

what these political theorists are

saying then read some of their actual

essays read academic work you can get a

lot of that on Google Scholar which has

tons of articles by academics and people

who study the field look into

investigative journalism it allows you a

more realistic perspective and more

in-depth perspective into specific

issues a really really great source

actually one of my favorite when it

comes to investigative journalism is

vice news they create different sorts of

documentaries and really great articles

of people actually like going into the

fields and depth of the new al Qaeda was

going on in Ukraine to you

or the issue with the Kurds or all of

these various topics and they usually

dive into it go to the place you know

talk to people who are there added is

really really interesting to watch BBC

in our time those are podcasts and

they're really really good we're

actually recommended to me by one of my

friends who's amazing at international

relations then there's a website called

PBS Frontline fusion dotnet Project

Censored investigative project on

terrorism all of these various things

I'm gonna link everything down below so

you can go and click yourself and read

on it there's so many interesting

theories and backstories on the

elections happening at the moment a film

that I would recommend us a bit more I

guess it's catchy but not really and

that is to read non corporate news

outlets and those ones don't include the

typical BBC Reuters whatever hear more

alternative I guess and you have to take

them with more of a grain of salt but I

personally read them and I really like

them they're similar to these

investigative journalism sites that I

mentioned they just have a lot of

controversial issues brought up say like

marijuana and terrorism and various

things that he wouldn't really even get

in normal news because they just

wouldn't be brought up for these non

corporate news outlets my favorite one

that I've been actually reading them

have notifications on my laptop from our

anti media it's an amazing website

there's also mint Press news the

freethought project the 5th column

there's so many others again everything

will be linked down below and to me

personally they really do help to shape

my opinion on different issues but I

find these type of news outlets really

useful the sixth one that I would say is

even more alternative of a new source

and that is social media that is

something that will be easiest for you

to incorporate into your everyday life

because you're always scrolling through

Facebook we're always going to Instagram

and it's really nice too sometimes once

in a while get these various Facebook

pages or Instagram pages that you follow

staying some kind of an issue or an

opinion or some news those ones could be

considered unreliable but I personally

just see what makes sense to me and what

doesn't and if it doesn't then I would

try to like read on it further so mr.

Graham's that I would recommend our

chaka bars to Crowe seek the truth

or Facebook I follow anonymous on

Facebook they do post a lot of complete

[ __ ] but they post some really

intellectually challenging and then the

seventh and the last tip that tends to

be the easiest to include in your

everyday life and also sometimes the

most helpful is discussion engage in

discussion don't just limit yourself to

your views talk to other people who know

something about politics like Josh

literally just texted me and was like a

good different viewers is to get someone

who knows about politics and go have a

few drinks with them and just chat to

them there's always people who know more

than you no matter how smart you think

you are and it's always interesting to

get other people's opinions say even

this guy I talked to him a lot about

politics and I know that he's so smart

and just find people like that around

you and engaging conversation engage in

global conversation so I would give a

big tip of trying to find international

friends or if you have classmates from a

global background from other countries

talk to them about what they think and

ask for their opinions or try find

friends from other countries online

because there's really no better way to

improve your worldview um even for

example the aspect of immigration than

to talk to someone who has gone through

it and who understands how it is because

it's really easy to stand in your high

force and judge everyone I don't like

this I don't like that I don't like that

there's a lot of people eating on the

money I paying taxes for my pension

actually getting to know that other side

will help build up your tolerance and

just give you a more positive outlook on

humanity on various issues because we

are living in a globalized planet and

who matter how Trump thinks there is no

way that you can stop it because that's

also the only way for us to prosper

globalization is happening it's a thing

you can't just build a wall and not let

people and because we're all in unified

front we're all humans living on this

planet no matter where you come from and

you just have to accept it and stop

fighting it because there's no way back

at this point it only can create war and

pain and suffering there used to be

times where society was divided but we

have gone past the border of being able

to come back to that and yes there are

benefits to

quality but really I think we're not at

the stage anymore thatis even an option

so I'll try to become more open-minded

towards people who are different to you

and that's gonna help you a lot other

things start to this discussion point or

one of them is also effects we're all

humans were all built with some kind of

ethical norms and if something doesn't

sound right to you if a certain

politicians policies just don't signed

sound right to you at the core of it

then be against it because you're not

voting for a human you need to be voting

for their policies and for what they can

do for others and I really do believe

that deep down were all good people some

of us may just be a little bit fast so

just learn to listen to yourself and

realize that you alone have the power to

have your own opinion don't think that

you're too stupid for that or to

whatever just educate yourself and think

what is right and I would say stop

following everything that your family

says because at the end of the day you

are in the Millennial and you are the

person who's gonna have to live in this

[ __ ] stirred planet after the elections

are done and after these decisions are

made so form your own opinion because

you really are smart enough and powerful

enough you does not letting yourself do

it so that is everything for my pointers

I hope it was somewhat helpful if I find

any more sources slash Facebook pages

slash alternative sources typical

sources I'll be linking everything down

below so that you guys can just easily

go there click on anything you want and

fill yourself with all that knowledge

and I really really hope that this video

was interesting and educating and thank

you so much for everyone all of my

friends who have helped me make it into

a more structured concept I really do

love every single one of you guys and I

am with everyone which is probably

everyone on this planet who has been

more or less directly affected by the

recent elections and yes they pissed me

off but hey the only thing that we can

do at this stage is to prevent things

like that from happening in the future

only through knowing better the next

time so share this video with anyone you

think would be interested in it or

especially people who wouldn't be

interested in it

yeah I wish you and less knowledge and

wisdom and I'm sending you all my love

thank you so much for watching this

video I will see you in my next one

and good bye

morning guys it's 7:30 a.m. right


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