June 8, 2023

Cold Steel Pro Flight Sport 14 Inch Throwing Knife, Review ($12-15) One of Their Best

Published May 20, 2023, 12:20 a.m. by Bethany

The Cold steel pro flight sport is one of the best throwing knives on the market. It's made of high quality steel and is 14 inches long. It's also extremely well balanced and can be thrown with great accuracy.

I've been throwing knives for years and the pro flight sport is one of my favorites. It's also one of the most popular knives among competitive throwers.

If you're looking for a top quality throwing knife, the Cold steel pro flight sport is a great choice.

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hey what's up youtube welcome to the we

all juggle knives channel and my review

of this cold steel

pro flight sport

throwing knife

this knife is 14 inches long

so it is a very large and very pointy

throwing knife good for sticking you

know it's a big heavy knife which it

hits with authority as you will see

i did add a wrap to this just to fit my

hands better and it's a throwing knife

so it it is not sharpened right but it

will stick this is 1055

mid carbon steel the price is usually 12

to 15 dollars i will include links okay

so you want to see how this throws here

we go

yes this thing hits with authority i

like it i like it i've got to say this

is one of cold steel's best throwing


all right i have tried

i think i've pretty much tried almost

all of their throwing knives so now i

can say like

yeah this is

this is one of the best like this one

and the pro balance sport would be two

of my top picks if you're trying to uh

if you would like to get into throwing

now a lot of people when they first

start throwing they think that maybe

they should start with smaller throwing

knives because it's hard you know can

they handle

can they handle the big steel

well actually it's

for most people it's easier to throw a

longer heavier knife

and that is because it will turn or

rotate in the air more slowly so it's

more controllable of course the small

ones are cheaper too

that's another factor why people start

with them but this is only 12 to 15

dollars and well worth it

okay one more

and now i'm going to speed up the

footage a little bit

all right so this middle clip

i just sped it up for time purposes you

can slow it down in youtube's viewer

if you wish okay and we are going to

slow it down again

later but i didn't want to cut this out

well i wanted this to be

completely uncut footage like no uh

no editing out of any misses or anything

because i wanted you to see like how

easy it is to be consistent with this

knife i did over rotate a few times

but yeah this is all it's sped up but it

is completely


okay we're gonna go back to real time


all right so that was just for time

purposes here's more

get more throws i lost count of how many

times in a row i stuck this someone can

someone can count this in the vid for me

but it was a lot it's it's easy to be

consistent with this knife

yeah so as you can see it's getting

colder where i live which is in you know

the northeast of america

right i got my gloves on

because uh my fingers

tend to get cold and it's hard to it's

hard to throw with uh if you can't feel

your fingers

right and it is a little harder to throw

with gloves on as well

but that's another reason for the wrap

makes it easier to grip on to the

throwing knife for me

but yeah throwing is great fun

definitely a nice sport to get into

nice recreation so to speak they say

that sitting is the new smoking

so if that's true then you know what was

the smoking before smoking

i say standing is the new sitting




walking is the new standing

and what does that mean

it means you should all start running

now just kidding i like to go running uh

every two or three days i'll run three

or four miles

okay this is the last throw

oh yeah

there you go

alright so i hope you enjoyed this video

final thoughts this is one of their best

throwing knives definitely i will

include links to this there are other

throwing knives as well as some other

brands throwing knives and tomahawks and

some cold steel defensive options which

you will need when everything collapses

yeah you think i'm joking i'm not i'm

not kidding it's all coming soon alright

i hope you enjoyed this video this has

been we all juggle knives i'm out


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