May 30, 2023

Dji Avata Long Range Flight Sport mode on Extreme wind with Successfully Flight;Here’s how!😬

Published May 20, 2023, 12:20 a.m. by Bethany

When it comes to flying, there are a lot of different things that people can do in order to enjoy themselves. Some people like to go on planes and fly to different places, while others like to stay closer to the ground and participate in activities such as flight sports.

For those who don’t know, flight sports are a type of sport that generally involve flying through the air using some sort of aircraft. This can include things like hang gliding, paragliding, and even base jumping.

One of the most popular flight sports out there is dji avata long range flight sport mode on extreme wind with successfully flight. This sport generally involves flying a drone or quadcopter around in an extreme wind environment.

In order to participate in this sport, you need to have a drone that is specifically designed for it. This means that the drone needs to be able to handle the wind and still be able to fly properly.

There are a few different companies that make drones specifically for this sport, but one of the most popular is dji. Their drones are some of the best on the market and they have a wide variety of different models to choose from.

No matter what kind of drone you have, though, you need to make sure that it is able to handle the wind before you take it out into an extreme wind environment. If you don’t do this, then you could end up damaging your drone or even crashing it.

Once you have a drone that is able to handle the wind, you can then start practicing flying it in different environments. This will help you get a feel for how the drone handles in different situations and will also give you a chance to see how it reacts to different types of wind.

After you have a good understanding of how your drone handles in different environments, you can then start taking it out into actual flight sports events. These events are generally held in different parts of the world and they can be a great way to see how your drone performs under pressure.

If you are looking for a great way to get into the world of flight sports, then dji avata long range flight sport mode on extreme wind with successfully flight is a great option for you. Just make sure that you have a drone that is able to handle the wind and you should be good to go.

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all right guys today is blowing like

crazy so i'm going to go ahead and fly



and extreme wind

and i'm going to show you

the safest

even though a bar in the middle of the

ocean flying straight from the sport


all the way there all the way back


we're gonna go ahead and do the result

and everything that you need to know

blind stream guys okay

if you're gonna go a long range flight

if you want to

able to destroy

all right guys you guys can go ahead and

see i'm actually in normal mode right

now but the wind is blowing so it's

blowing at me at this moment

so i'm actually trying to go ahead and

try to go to the long range that i


and i'm trying to see if i can make it

to that


way out there

and i'm just going to fly this

see how far can it go in an extreme wind

and getting a handle and just see what's

the battery life is going to be and is


possible to return to home and for you

guys just to see exactly in real life

real situation and also guys i got the

steady horizon

and right now it's in low light and you

can go ahead and see exactly the


still will um

we still give you give us i guess video

feed the hum smooth

rock steady

and right now i'm having just a raw

footage straight from the

about a


camera so i did not do any changes i

didn't not do anything i just put an

auto and fly

and see

what else could we see and learn from

this avada drone exactly it's really

extreme wind situation

guys i'm very experienced flying an

extreme wind situation

i actually flown the first mavic pro

active track in hurricane wind

okay and also the dgi spark in the

hurricane wind

active track following me kite surfing

so i mean this is like how many years

ago and also i actually flown the

smallest drone of dgi the reistello in

hurricane wind

so i

pretty much know what to expect

flying in extremist condition

so i'm gonna put it in the link below

that actually flown hurricane wind like

the mavic pro 2

also the dji



and uh rystello the smallest drone of

dgi and i put the thing in the link for

you guys and also the air 2


actually flown a hurricane wind so i'm

going to put all that link and you guys

can go check it out on that one so

and what this really what dji drones can

really do an extremist condition

that i've been flying for over the years

but anyway let's get to this

let's go ahead and just keep flying here

um i did not do fast forward i'm just

gonna keep it as is right now

and i'm getting close to the boat

to the ship when i

i think like a shipping boat that i

cannot just see if i can make it all the

way up there i know it's pretty far

but i'm just gonna go out and check it

out i mean with this extreme wind

um it's really windy

and i have the horizon leveling and

lock and also

rock steady

and right now i'm in sport mode

so this claim about 20 minutes flight

time is not going to be doing that here

you can see

and i'm way out there

and i'm getting close to the fishing

boat or a ship out there that i saw

well so far away i mean i couldn't even

see it

and just to see what's out here

and let me see if i can get close to it

and um what is the really the best time

to come back returning to home and what

do we need to learn from this

so i'm just going to show it to you

especially if you guys did never flown

it in the middle of the ocean or you


never really flown it so you guys can go

ahead and see i'm getting close to the


um or ship whatever that is i'm it's

really far away i couldn't even see it

but now you guys can go ahead and see

and yes i returned

around around this time

the reason why i turn around this time

because i know that if i went a little

bit more i know i'm not gonna come back

because especially with this wind so the

wind right now is actually blowing

behind me on this drone so

i'm going with the wind now


i'm just basically trying to put in i

mean still in sport mode

so anyway guys if you want to you can

actually fast forward

you know i'm just trying to make this

all like raw footage for you guys and

just see what this is all about

you know

a lot of people said oh you know it's


struggling in the wind

i mean it's not really struggling to win

it's just the fact that you know it

comes this drone is really made for

indoor going into uh into the trees

you know like stuff like that but

just surprisingly what this thing can do

you can do more than that i mean it can

pretty much fly

any direction you want

you know neither day

long range or anything like that outside

indoor or whatever

thing to note is start flying around 200

feet or maybe 200 feet do not go any

lower than that you're going to be

having a hard time flying through you're

in the middle of the ocean

you lost your drone is gone

you know you're out there in a mountain

you do barrel or you're just doing

tricks or you're doing

flips or whatever you're doing you hit

something really hard you're eventually

gonna recover it

but right now in the middle ocean is

going under the water

no matter how expensive your drone is


they're really expensive helicopters or

uh jets

when you go in the middle of the ocean

and just crash you just crash and that's

it it's gone i can't recover that you


but anyway i'm coming back now




extremely crazy right now with this

avada drone trying to return back

so let me know what you guys think guys

and you can see here i'm just trying to

like go sideways with it you know i'm

trying to see how this stabilization how

it because most likely when you put an

action camera when it's in low light

like this

or anything like that stabilization

starts shaking

you're gonna start having all this noise

or you're gonna start having this

like even though you put it in

stabilized you're gonna have all this um

shaky video

but with this gimbal

even though stabilized it still gives

you that smoothness but anyway i'm

coming back now you can see

and i still have a few

percentage more batteries


that's the right time for me to turn

on this avada drone and you can see here

and that's the safe the safe way

to fly

especially in the middle ocean the


and now i'm just back here and just

flying around just for a little bit

and if you guys

in the mountain or something else or

anything like that or you guys in the

boat you want a little bit of percentage

so you can still able to

receive your drone you know

so you don't have to panic so much

but anyway i'm just flying around here

and i have a successful flight forcing

this avada drone in the middle of the


and just trying to see if it can come

back to me

and that's about it anyway guys

so let me know what you guys think of

this new avada drone

it's very interesting the way it flies

so it can still fly an extreme wind

you're not gonna ever gonna go as fast

if you're going towards the wind but if

you're going against the wind yes you

are gonna go in the fast all right guys

just wanna say thank you for watching

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