April 15, 2024

FlightReacts Facts That Will Make You Say "I Had No Idea"!

Published May 20, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

As a commercial airline pilot, I often hear passengers say “I had no idea” when they learn about some of the fascinating facts about flying and flight education. Here are 10 things that will make you say “I had no idea” about flight education and flying!

1. It takes a lot of training to become a commercial airline pilot. In the United States, pilots must have a minimum of 1,500 hours of flight time before they can be hired by an airline.

2. The average commercial airline pilot flies about 100 hours per month.

3. pilots must have a special license to fly a commercial airliner. This license is called an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license.

4. To get an ATP license, pilots must have a minimum of 1,500 hours of flight time and pass a rigorous written exam.

5. pilots must maintain their skills by flying regularly and taking simulator training sessions.

6. pilots are responsible for the safety of their passengers and crew. They must make sure the plane is safe to fly and that the weather conditions are good for flying.

7. pilots use a lot of technology to help them fly the plane. They use computers to calculate the best route to take and to help land the plane safely.

8. pilots must be able to make quick decisions in emergency situations.

9. pilots must be able to communicate well with air traffic controllers.

10. Flying is a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun!

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but it do flight crew ftc

flight team stand up we have facts that

will make you say

i have no idea so i'm so fresh i'm

cleaning educationalist

i still ain't sober it's october

substitute teacher reacts in the cut as

you guys know

if you don't now you know if you had any


apples nanos ipads eye touches

mp3 players beepers administrators walk


you hide them so watch my ass because

i'm not responsible they get taken away

with that being said we have like i said

facts that will literally make you say i

have no idea

let's check it out the internet is chock

full of pictures and if current trends


there will be 657 billion more of them

12 months from now wow most of them

however are not worth the buffering time

but some of them are definitely worth

taking a look at

join me as we take a look at 20 images

that will make you say

i had no idea number 20

apple's headphones most earbuds have two

or three holes

the big ones for the noise and the teeny

tiny one for the microphone

apple earbuds on the other hand look

like the work of a swiss cheese


don't be too quick to judge apple did

not do this to save a few bucks

these extra holes actually reduce the

pressure that builds up

in run-of-the-mill headphones by letting

fresh air in

and pressurized air out these holes

improve acoustics

so next time you get rick rolled make

the most of it with a pair of

apples headphones number 19 the iphone

clock app now let's talk about the

iphone clock app we wager it's one of

the first things you shove in a dusty


and leave there to rot what do you need

it for when there's a clock

right on your home screen but in your

haste to declutter you miss something

pretty cool

unlike other app icons that are

stationary images that little icon is

actually a working timepiece

if you sit and stare long enough you'll

start to see its hands move

don't stare too long though it's

supposed to tell the time

not waste it number 18 the usb

logo easy to corrupt and one sharp tug

away from snapping in two

most people would not associate the usb

with a god of

unimaginable power or since water ruins

them the sea

but that's exactly where the icon came

from it

is actually based on poseidon's trident

the trident has triangles on all three

prongs but the icon has a circle and

square on two of them

you ask why the trident and not some

other pointy object

the alteration was made to give a sense

of universality and to signify

all the different peripherals that could

be attached using the standard

number 17 the dairy queen lid why do

cold things hate us so much

polls get stuck to our team ice rinks

like to watch us crack our skulls open

even dairy queen sundays turn our

fingers into icicles

that's just the price you pay for ice

cream though right

well it doesn't have to be you see that

lid it also doubles as an ice cream


just pop off that dq lid and slide it

over the bottom

of your sundae number 16 ketchup


what were the manufacturers thinking

these cups are barely big enough to dip

your fingers in

much less a hamburger that's only

because you've been using them

wrong these little cups are actually a

piece of industrial origami

just grab the outer edge and tug to fan

pygmy cups into the miniature plates

they were meant if i would have known

this [ __ ]

you know nowadays it's like you don't

they just give you the ketchup package

because of the railroad and all that

stuff well just nowadays they're just

going to that

but bro that would piss me off when i'll

be at places and just

trying to dip my burger in there or just

like even sometimes the fries you know

what i'm saying like

what to be you are now a condiment


number 15 the power button shape take a

look at the power button on a nearby

electronic device go ahead i'll wait you

ever wonder why it looks like that

as long as it wasn't some alien device

the symbol you saw

is a combination of the universal symbol

for on which is a line

and the universal symbol for auth which

is a circle

using these icons in place of on or off

allowed electronic manufacturers to


language barriers the bluetooth logo on

the other hand

did not come from some boring handbook


it's actually the name of a viking

peacemaker king harold bluetooth

written in scandinavian ruins hope that

fact didn't ruin your day

yes number 14 the direction of your fuel


have you ever pulled up at a gas station

and realized that your gas cap is on the

other side

do you remember taking the walk of shame

back to the driver's side to turn the

car around

as you flipped it into no i just pulled

back around your ancestors were shaking

their head at you

but what if i told you there was a way

to tell which side the gas tank is on

without getting out of your car take a

look at the gas gauge

do you see that little icon on the dash

right one with a miniature gasp

arrow next to it because like one thing

i learned is just like certain cars

i don't know if it's just like this but

like what i've noticed the difference

from you know i'm saying like you know

uh american car from a foreign car the

american car usually has like the gas

tank on the left side and then a

foreign car has a gas tank on the right

side yeah yeah that's the exact way

and i remember how sometimes i'll forget


but like i never knew it would tell you

this you know what i'm saying like

next time you go to pull up at the pump

make sure it's pointing towards the gas


number 13 pen cap holes kids will stick

anything in their mouth if given the

chance that's why toy companies like to

print those choking hazard labels on

pretty much everything so it may come as

no surprise that before the hole was

added to pen caps

pens cost over a hundred choking deaths

a year oh my god that hole in the pen


is so much more than a quirky design

feature it's a way to keep kids from

choking on it leaving just enough space

for them to breathe through

should the cap get stuck in their throat

number two

you know what i'm saying that's why it's

always important especially you know i

have a kid on the way

uh beautiful daughter so it's just like

oh you gotta always like watch your kid

like make sure they're not around

anything they can put their mouth in

like if they're if they're

especially they're not able to like

barely walk and even when they are even

able to walk it's just like

just from my like little brief memories

when i used to be small and stuff like

you always be tempted to just like

try different things you know what i'm

saying you just got to be in the crib

and the um

and and the baby rock-a-bye thingy you

know so

that's one thing i'm always going to be

so ocd about like windows

is that whole proof what the [ __ ] is

that a potentially

fatal oversight in the design of your

jumbo jet

it's actually a pressure regulator known

as breather holes

these tiny holes regulate the pressure

passing between the windows outer and

inner panes by ensuring that the outer

pane bears the most stress

these holes ensure you'll still be able

to breathe in case of a window failure

they also keep the window from fogging

up to ensure you get a magnificent view

of the ground below number 11. pygmy

jean pockets

they aren't big enough for credit cards

lip balms or lilly pugins

so why the heck do jeans have them

people have wondered what these little

holes were

since the invention of jeans while many

have speculated as to what that little

pocket is for

the real reason has to do with 19th

century cowboys

back then cowboys would stream their

watches on chase to keep them from

falling into a cow pie

or braining a grumpy rattlesnake

taylor's added this pocket to give those

cow pokes a place to store their pocket


number 10 what converse holes a lot of

people have fallen victim to wet feet

thanks to these holes who the heck

thought it was a good idea to put them


converse of course those holes actually

improve ventilation and stop your feet

from smelling like an artisan

and toe jam they also make it easy to

bar lace your shoes

this special type of lacing ensures that

those chuck taylor converses don't

end up flopping around like cheap rubber

clown shoes just

remember the next time you go singing in

the rain these holes

are not waterproof number nine measuring

tape edge

this one takes a keen eye to notice but

the serrated edge of measuring tape

is there for a reason no pencil handy no


just scratch the surface you're

measuring with the jagged edge to mark

your spot

that's just one secret of this multiple

faceted tool

that little hole at the end can also be

hooked over a nail or to hold it in


when you're measuring number eight pot

handle holes

while every italian grandma can tell you

what the holes and pot handles are for

you might not know that hole is the

perfect shape and size

to hold the end of a spoon when you're

not stirring with it this helps keep

pasta sauce and chili off your counter

and makes cleaning up a lot easier or if


want to be boring you could just use

them to hang it up number seven

tic tac lids tic tac has thought of


not only are these little candies

addicting the container is also handy

before seeing that picture you likely

played a game of candy roulette

every time you opened a box of tic-tacs

you shook the box and hoped to end up

with one mint

instead of 20. number six the 57 on a

bottle of heinz

heinz today makes more than 5 700

distinct products

so why does the bottle say 57 it all

started in 1896 when founder

h.j heinz stumbled upon an advertisement


21 styles of shoes wow after some debate

he came up with a slogan 57 varieties

despite the fact that the company

offered more than

60 products at the time the lucky number

has been there ever since

it's put in that specific location on

the bottle for a reason as well

the 57 is placed on the bottleneck as

the best spot to tap in order to get

sauce out quicker

and more okay efficient

surprise surprise it turns out that

condiment cups are not the only origami

containers out there

really like its cause in the condiment

cup the typical chinese takeout box

also unfolds into a plate save yourself

a few dishes

avoid the grease stains and chow down

number four

airport runway numbers ever

really change honestly it's not i don't


like be messy if i eat the chinese food

like that like i never

also had a problem into a plate wow i

never said that though dishes

avoid the grease stains and chow down

number four

airport every runway in the world has

two numbers on it but what the heck do

they mean they don't

keep pilots from mixing up takeoff and

landing runways

each number matches a direction on the

compass and sits somewhere between

1 and 36 and each number corresponds to

a point on the compass between

1 and 360 degrees every runway number

differs from the other by exactly 18

or 180 degrees this makes it easy for

pilots to decide which

runway is made for landing number three

reversed military flags

when it comes to our flag we have dozens

if not hundreds of rules about how to

use it

fly it and retire it for example it's

the only flag that does not tip towards

the head of state of the host country

at the olympics it must always face


which means the stars sit on the left

when it's flown on a flagpole

but on military uniforms it's flipped

the stars are on the right

the reason why is simple the flag cannot

be in retreat when the soldier marches


just another sign that america takes

that flag very seriously

number two fire cast no shadow take a

look at this picture

do you notice something missing that's

right there's

no shadow and no that's not peter pan's


you also won't be able to sew one on

with thread or

rub it on with a bar of soap to

understand why you need to know two


one shadows are the result of light

being blocked by an object

and two a flame is nothing more than a

gaseous chemical reaction

since light can pass through a flame

unaltered and the flame itself

projecting light onto the wall

there's usually no way for it to cast a


number one maple syrup handles maple

syrup have you ever held a bottle of 100

real maple syrup or helped smuggle one

across the canadian border

if you have you've likely noticed those

tiny little teacup handles

it might be large enough to fit your

pinky through but it's not exactly made

for pouring

where did it come from though and why is

it there right this tiny handle hails

from the days when maple syrup was

packaged in a five gallon jug

as the bottle shrank so did the handles

but in order

to keep some of that old world charm the

handles never disappeared entirely

which one surprised you the most hey man

do you have any photos


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