June 17, 2024

Get Paid To Write Reviews 2021 (Earn $50 Each)

Published May 20, 2023, 6:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

As a society, we have become increasingly reliant on reviews when making purchasing decisions. Whether we are looking for a new restaurant to try, trying to decide which movie to see, or looking for the best deal on a new car, we turn to reviews to help us make informed decisions.

This reliance on reviews has created a unique opportunity for people who are willing to write them. There are now many companies that will pay people to write reviews for them.

If you are interested in making some extra money by writing reviews, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it is important to be honest in your reviews. Companies are looking for honest feedback, not glowing endorsements.

Second, be sure to disclose any relationships you have with the company whose product you are reviewing. For example, if you are paid to write a review, you should disclose that fact.

Third, be sure to provide helpful and insightful feedback. Companies are looking for reviewers who can provide helpful insights that will improve their products or services.

Finally, be sure to follow the instructions provided by the company. Each company will have its own guidelines for reviewers, so be sure to follow them closely.

If you follow these tips, you can be well on your way to making some extra money by writing reviews. So what are you waiting for? Start writing today!

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what's up you guys it's mike here do you

know about this

eighty-six percent of people trust

review before they buy the products

or try out a new service i didn't know

about that that's why i tell you the


people tend to read at least 10 review

before they

try the new products and i love to read


when i buy something i tend to read like

the one star review which is a horrible

review first

and then the five star one you can earn

around 10

per review on average possibly

possibly you can make 100

per review if your review is super long

and detailed

now you can make a decent amount of

money just give it

your valuable feedback in today's video

we're gonna talk about

how to get paid to write review by the

end of this video

you will know how does it work how much

they pay you

and in part of all this this is really

worth your time

or not we're about to find out so sit


relax and enjoy but first thing first


i always enjoy your video sir i


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thank you

sir uh thank you for your kind word amos

i'm glad you enjoyed my video

i hope you make a lot of money this year

good luck don't forget to check out my

five simple work at home job to earn

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make sure you check out my free resource

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to the shell why are reviewers so in


because 86 percent of shoppers

will read review before they decide to


while 94 percent of shoppers

will get turned off by the bad review

review writing is a massive online


sharing your opinion online can be very

lucrative side hustle

however don't jump in too fast

let me tell you why since 2015 amazon


around 1114 fake review

on fiverr a popular freelance


thousands of reviewers around the world

have given to the temptation

of writing fake review for money the

risk is not

worth it for being exposed like that

this will damage your career so

don't do it with that being said though

i will give you

two best legit way to earn

money by writing a review are you ready

let's go number one get paid to review


if you want to start writing review as a


hustle you can start to write book


for a website nowadays many websites

will pay

you for reading a book and write clear

and engage review mo for this site

pay you in cash why some of the pay you

reward with free book or

magazine copy if you are a book lover

it's a win-win situation baby here are

some a popular book site

you might want to check it out the first

website we're going to take a look is

called caccus

this is an online platform that offer

book review job for english

and spanish title if you're looking for

a solid site hustle

this could be a solid option for you you

will be

reading and review a book from

self-published author

your job is to write 350 word to

500 word review within

two weeks when the book is given to you

you will have to be a fast reader to be


and give a solid opinion about entire


with just 350 to 500 words

beside that you can get a proof reading

and copy

editing job with this website

what does that mean more money for you

and more opportunity baby

another awesome website is called online

book club

this website will compensate you for

your opinion

and insight on the book that you read in


for your thought the site reward you

free book and gift card

eventually you can earn up to 50 dollars


review when you become an experienced

reviewer they're looking for

honest review who can write a genuine


would highlight good and bad reviews so

you know what i mean honest is key

the website already admitted to you you

won't be

rich by writing for them however you can


couple hundred dollars per month if you

are determined

number two get paid to review products

and software

did you know you can get paid to review

a product and service

on the internet some of the website i'm

about to share with you

they actually require you to install the


and use the software all products before

you can write a review

so this requires real work baby

the first website we're going to take a

look is called capterra

this company is one of the large players

in the field of software review

and they're looking to pay people like

you to leave authentic

review you can earn around 10 for each

approved review

however they very strict about review

they only pay for the review that's

passed a requirement

as a reviewer you will need to verify

your identity

with linkedin and you maybe have to send

a screenshot of the software

to provide proof that you actually use

it the second website is called

software judge this website is one of

the genius websites that pay you to test

and review software if you have a strong

opinion about pacific

software based on your experience using

it you can get paid to write review

with this company it doesn't matter

whether you

write a positive review or negative


as long you write review it's good

enough for them the software you review

won't just any type of software okay but

those lists on their website

or on their page okay they will pay you

up to

50 dollars per review however you must

comply for their rule

and get accepted before you can make any


with them here are some of the rules you

must submit

your original review that you personally

write and you must submit like three

review maximum in one day and you have

to write in english okay

would check out your grammar punctuation

and that's kind of stuff the third

website we're gonna take a look it's


pinch me if you love a free sample

products and can write a review about it

this website might be for you you can


any sample box from the website each


and this company will deliver that right

on your doorstep

and when you receive the products try it


write a review about it here's the thing


you won't get paid to do this however

you can keep the sample or the products

right now is only offer this opportunity

to the people

who live in the united states it's one

of the best

platform if you are interested to try

new products

each week now the last website we're

going to take a look is called review


this is one of the few review website

that's not only

paid for each of your review but also

gives you a cash

bonus you can earn that bonus by having

a lot of vote on your content

more votes simply mean it's useful

online by many people

on the website you will need to write

detail and in-depth review of the

products according to publishing

guideline you will earn around 50 to


per review and you need to write at

least 250 words

per review and if you want to cash out

you need to write 10 review in minimum

although you can choose almost any

products of your choice

you can earn maximum amount of money by


and demand products this company current

pay you only

on paypal okay here is a little bonus

for you if you want to make more money

by writing review

follow this three tip okay number one

do it in your spare time turn those

unproductive time

into productive time by writing the


if you go to work you sit on the bus or


using that time just write a review

after work rather you focus on netflix

put it on the background

while you write the review number two

review thing that you already use

you almost familiar of the products

that you already use every day why not

just write a review about it okay see

you familiar with them already

especially you are long-term user of the


products it will help you to make a high

quality review

than other people number three write

high quality

review to make sure you get approved

and you will get paid from the company

you will need to take your time

like really take your time to write a

good review

this means you need to check your

grammar mistake

your spelling punctuation and take a


picture and show them the detail now you

know exactly how to get paid to write a


but it's up to you to decide are you

gonna give those website a shot

or not however you still trading time

for money

if you want to learn more about how to

make money while sleep or while you

vacation or start your own online

business and check the link down

description of this video i will share

with you some of that information

also don't forget to check out my free

resource library inside the library you

get free tour free guide and tip

how to make money online and so much


all you got to do is get the password

and all the goodies will be yours what

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how to get the password

did you know youtube secretly

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check for yourself will you still

subscribe if you're not subscribed yet

what are you waiting for i hope this

video gives you

massive massive massive value and i know

if you love this video you will love

this to veto right here

i love talking about how to make money

online social media marketing

and again guys thank you for watching my

video and i will see you

next time bye guys


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