May 22, 2024

Politics & Wellness

Published May 20, 2023, 9:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

There's more to wellness than just eating right and exercising. It's about taking care of your whole self – body, mind and spirit. And that means paying attention to the political environment around you.

We live in a time when the line between politics and personal wellbeing is blurrier than ever. The decisions our leaders make – or don't make – can have a profound impact on our health and happiness.

That's why it's important to stay informed about the issues that matter to you and to make your voice heard. Here are some tips for how to do just that:

1. Follow the news. It can be easy to tune out when the news is constantly negative, but it's important to stay informed about what's going on in the world. Pick a few trusted sources of news and make a habit of checking them regularly.

2. Get involved in the issues that matter to you. There's no better way to make your voice heard than to get involved in the political process. Research the candidates and ballot measures in your area and make sure you vote.

3. Connect with like-minded people. There's strength in numbers. Find others who care about the same issues you do and work together to make change.

4. Speak up. When you see something that isn't right, say something. Write a letter to your representatives or start a petition. The more people who speak up, the more likely it is that change will happen.

5. Take care of yourself. This is the most important thing you can do. When you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a step back and focus on taking care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep and find time for things that make you happy.

By paying attention to politics and taking action on the issues that matter to you, you can help create a world that's healthier and happier for everyone.

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hey welcome welcome welcome everybody

welcome welcome once again to another

episode of politics and wellness

I am your well one of your hosts

captivating Christian thanks for coming

in I said you hit the like button on

your way in please and I'll shoot it

over to my co-host for this evening as

always hello hello everybody

yes hello everybody how's everybody

doing just thank you for coming on

through and it's enough with your

presence we got some good topics this

evening and I'm looking forward to

engaging with everybody tonight all

right all right

so boy let's get right into it is so

much stuff that's happening first off

let's start with the big revelation of

the day I don't know if you caught the

breaking news but there was a Harvard

professor actually a chairperson of the

chemistry and bio chemistry and BIOS

something I can't think of it right now

at the top of my head some of my stuff

is under my head but chemistry and bio I

want to say not biochemistry but

definitely in that field

he's been working with the Chinese

government and Wu Han is basically the

place where that coronavirus has come

from so it's a possibility that they

have tracked down these people and two

of the other people who was along who

was charged with him two of them were

actually working for the Chinese

government so they're possibly thinking

that they may all have had something to

do with this virus that's on the loose

right now so that was definitely very

interesting not to mention that this

chairperson from Harvard has gotten

millions and millions of dollars from

the Chinese government one of the

actually one of the officers the Chinese

officers he was actually working in a

Boston hospital doing cancer research

and he was trying he got arrested for

trying to smuggle some specimens over to

China on a plane so if it's wrong very

very odd I mean extremely crazy um so

yeah that was last first on a second of

course the White House has ended their

their defense of President Donald Trump

and basically it was those more than

singing basically he he didn't do it he

did it and what he did wasn't that bad

to be impeached I mean it's just more of

the same rich we are at this point the

man should just come out and say he did

it I think that would be the best bit

let's keep it moving

but now he's put himself in a spot that

the Republicans are starting to at least

now wanting to hear from witnesses and

that's why I think that Nancy Pelosi

herself chose to hey everybody thank you

for coming

just real quick hit the like button on

your way in even if you just drop it in

running back out I think Nancy Pelosi

was right in holding of those articles

of impeachment because I think what they

were planning to do was cover it up

before other stuff came out

um they were gonna just write it off and

vote it off and be done with it

and you would have heard about the other

stuff coming up like oh how did that oh

what about this so that's what we are

with that so and other than that I'll

let you go cuz there's so much stuff ik

okay so as we all know and I've been

informed by many different news pet

forms the passing of Kobe Bryant and my

heart goes out to him his family and his

counterparts within the team you know

but I also want to bring whoop that I

want to bring in sir the light of us

being mindful of how his life is equal

to anyone's life you know and I'm seeing

a lot of a lot of conversation out and

in the media and a lot of focus on just

him and then nobody's has for while

least they were not even focusing on the

family members that were also in the

helicopter work town so with that I just

want to project that everyone's life is

evil because to the other people in

helicopter they may have been

celebrities to their family or in the

lives of other people we are maybe

celebrities ourselves to our founding

members you know and that to me is Wow I

believe that his life the loss on his

life was very very tragic and is

something now how it should be heavy

with I also want to focus on that if

we're going to be heavy hearted we have

right now we have 64,000

african-american black women how do we

want to word it that are missing

according according to medium calm and

that's just in the United States right

so that is ridiculous

that's a lot of people that we're not

seeing news broadcasts going we're not

saying anything on the post on being

posted on social media I would have had

no clue and so I did my research that

there were 64,000 black ones and missing

that have not been accounted for we

don't even know if they're still living

so again why why length of the love I'm

sorry thinking from that

but yeah like you were saying we don't

know if they're dead or alive or what's

going on with so that's really shameful

I think we need to really start paying

more attention to our young women really

being more vigilant yeah not depending

upon you know just thinking everything's

okay we need to really start paying

attention and like being a community

like we used to be well you know I'm

really watching I know nowadays we are

looking after nobody else's kids ain't

my kids but just to be mindful nobody

saying you got to you know be spanking

nobody else's kids but just to be

mindful that you know you're paying

attention to the children in your

neighborhood right let anyway go ahead

and continue what you were saying yeah I

don't know what happened with the

computer but I was pretty much just

elaborating on that you know and you

pretty much finish that up but what I

want to encourage is that people who may

not have thompson's take their kids to

school and your kids may have to walk or

take probably transportation to get them

to or that a debt and adopt a buddy


you know if you see other kids while

you're taking kids your kids to school

understand we live in a world where you

can't just pick them up and take them

but if you're walking or if you're

utilizing public transportation why not

walk behind that kid to make sure that

kid gets in a safe direction that you're

going anywhere you know just taking

extra step to be mindful of other people

and make it a community like California

girl just said like it used to be

because I had people telling my mother

what I was doing before I even knew that

these coefficients are the class like

really Leah yes in the littlest thing we

couldn't do anything that's probably why

we all like we are right now but I think

that that legacy needs to be carried on

and to the kids that we have now you

know the the grandmothers are not always

the grandmother that we are used to but

and I'm not saying I know some some

grandparents who are younger so I'm not

saying that need one of us the saying

that however

the culture is just different it doesn't

make a difference in the way that we do

think so lift everything said you know

keeping in mind that the loss of Kobe's

life is tragic but there are also so

many other people who are losing their

lives and no matter how the person was

living their life their life still

deserves to be mourned as if they were

the greatest thing since sliced burning

right very true also in some politic

news like I said um John Bolton is the

biggest thing talking right now

everybody is wanting to know whether he

will testify or not so that is

definitely a big hot topic as far as

politics are concerned because Donald

Trump's fate kind of hangs in the

balance a little bit I mean although I

don't still think they will impeach him

on this - kick him out of office but

they definitely um they're definitely

thinking about and you know I'm not sure

but I can definitely use my own brain

and think that they're definitely

thinking about sanction his presidency

to probably win which he won't be able

to run for re-election at all right um

or something along those lines

that way you know they just have to get

another candidate and it'll just be a

one-term president because it just looks

like as this stuff goes on and even if

John Bolton does testify another she was

gonna drop some more information is

gonna come out and ya know it's gonna be

what its gonna be the funny thing is

that the White House actually had a copy

of this so-called manuscript of this

book and they only gave them one so that

means somebody in the White House

printed it and sent it out so it's like

they do their own self a disservice and

didn't want to be going on TV talking

about how it's a lie a hoax like this or

that so I just think it's all it's all

very stupid Wow I'm sorry I'm sorry no

it is quite all right I do huh I just

well I'm not saying to throw the book at

the man I just don't feel I just feel

like the situation has just been an

approach with hesitancy

because I don't know why it just doesn't

seem like they're giving us the full

force that they would give to someone

else like that I've seen them doing the

past when it comes to things but for

president being out of a blonde if you

were oh no they're not they're not

because they don't want to I personally

I think everybody I think everybody has

had their hand in the cookie jar

basically the lemons have been paying a

lot of people and these people either

they knew about it or they didn't find

out about it till later and then once

they found out about it it was like damn

we already in it so everybody is really

trying to cover their own behind you got

Mitch McConnell his wife is the

Secretary of Transportation all of the

transportation contracts have gone to

Kentucky yeah like they making money

hand over fist so nobody wants to be

exposed right now for what they're doing

and the things that are coming about

that could really not only rocked the

presidency but really rocked the whole

thing like they talk about they hate

Nancy Pelosi she really could become

president even if it's only for two

months right all the mess that everybody

is kind of enthralled in right with

engaging with this man and the people

that he know I mean it's funny how he

likes to say he doesn't know anybody or

he doesn't you know he doesn't recollect

I mean none of these people but they all

wind up getting some sort of charge due

to his you know his willing and dealings

he I think he's always been a person

that you know was kind of fascinated

with the mob and that kind of mob

mentality because he did go you know he

was around all of that in the 80s and

you know early 80s and late 70s so he

really carries himself as some sort of

mobster and it's just like that no no it

only works with certain people you know

I just I think it's unfortunate I

definitely think it called the time for


of a party that claims to be so

patriotic and so about country that they

would allow and it's okay for a foreign

government to come for you to say oh can

you help me dig up some dirt and that's

okay and nobody bats an eyelash like but

you spent hours like drilling Hillary

Clinton over Benghazi and calling her

unpatriotic or our actions that she took

not patriotic and yet still this is okay

I mean I just it's just it's the

hypocritical is what it is of the whole

Republican Party and i and i you know i

hear the ones that say oh you know i

don't i don't stand with it or whatever

but if you're not saying anything about

it and actually standing up to the man

about it then you are just as complicit

and you know you you don't get no

sympathy from me i definitely think that

it is a total disservice to country that

we need to you know take a stick and

just be like like this was a fine this

was a foreign country he asked like it

wasn't like the neighborhood this was

something totally different that he

asked to do this so anyway that's all I

have to say about that anything else you

want to add well I say thank you thank

you welcome welcome everybody please hit

those thumbs up thank you welcome to a

punitive damages thank you for your


story time with che John's thank you

California girl as always thank you

thank you Miss B town thank you thank

you thank you D young Thank You Patty

Duke thank you tennis love story thank

you so much for coming by

what were you everyone that I'd missed

terribly I wanna say thank you for

coming through she was saying you know

like we said other day I'm sorry

on their that pilots in her pocket

theater now you said well

maybe things okay so I'm saying like we

need walk on feel like I have felt like

for a while that politics and empower

cover senior sir oh yeah yeah definitely

I mean it's real funny you know and it's

like you you've held previous how are

you freezing or something yeah you may

have to just pop out and come back in

okay so just what that's a pop out and

come back all right so it's funny how

the previous president you know you

wouldn't let him get away with anything

anything he tried to do you tried to say

he was about to get impeached or

something and the man couldn't do

anything wrong and he literally didn't

me there was no scandal in the whole

eight years there was nothing even

though you tried to you know find

something on him I'll find him doing

something wrong so you could basically

crucify the man and yet here you have

someone who has done any and everything

to basically show yourselves to be

nothing but I don't like to say this but

I was I will a bit racist um a bit

bigoted to the fact that this man can do

everything that he has done and no one

holds him accountable whatsoever

and we almost treat this while they

treat this man like if he is a king and

then talk about some we don't run a

monarch that's what sure that's

basically what you do we so I don't know

I don't know I don't know are you back

there mister credential Oh nope I can

use her that but still are you hearing

me quit you know yeah okay it's still

work I'm gonna try


okay I'll be good hey yeah I mean I hear

you know you could break that hello yes

okay I'm going give me five give me two

minutes two because something's it's a

big delay I'm gonna just start

everything over again okay sure no


oh yeah all right so not it is just me

and you guys um what are some things

that you guys have questions about or

that you've heard maybe it's something I

haven't heard but I've been kind of

glued to TV since I got in today and um

earlier for those of you who came in


i hate's Mary how you doing for those

who came in a little later I briefly

talked about the Harvard professor I had

that in my breaking news when that came

across my phone I was like holy isn't it

it was almost like watching outbreak or

what's the X Factor X Files or something

like that something crazy like that

only because you had you know we had

this outbreak of this corona virus that

is spread through that is like spreading

through China and you know that part of

the region and of course it has made its

way to the United States first in

Washington State and then in Chicago and

of course the CDC has been on it trying

to figure out with where was this origin

and what did it come from they're trying

to say before that it came from eating

raw raw of animals and things like bats

and all kinds craziness which is stuff

that sometime over in that part of the

world they do those delicacies and

things that stuff that we would never

think about eating however just recently

there has been a report

that the Attorney General from

Massachusetts has charged a Harvard

professor who was in charge of like the

chemistry department hey how you doing J

done with has charged him and two others

with working with the Chinese government

that he lied actually to the government

and did not tell them that he was

working in Wuhan which is the part in

China where in which the corona virus

has been discovered he's been working

with the Chinese government for some

time now so possibly he could be in this

ring and as someone said earlier in my

comments that the actual corona virus

could hit could possibly have been

constructed so that's definitely some

news and as far as the professor was

concerned Harvard has not yet given too

much of a statement on the professor's

fate I guess as of right now he is on

administrative leave indefinitely and

the two others they were working with

the Chinese government one was an

official in the army and the other was

just a researcher medical researcher so

it's been quite an interesting day I

don't know what to say it's like

watching one of them television shows

like CSI or something

I just really hope it doesn't spread

more than it already has is like I got a

spread Washington State to Chicago I

hopefully it goes no further as far as

the death toll in China that has risen

from thing was like 88 last counted risk

- I think 111 and it is slowly but

surely climbing so that the it is

getting I think it's getting a lot worse

than what they're saying because they

don't want to alarm people

but oh is that the government is

basically pulling everybody all US

personnel out of that part of the world

and sending them but to America sorry

right it's kind of responded to his

sister and the virus is real but if you

haven't yes the sister of ours is real

how would how was the robbed where it

came from is a different story but we

know where it came from but actually how

it's derived and was capable of is is

just probably the experiment but it's

definitely bro um there plenty of

newscast and reports on it and you know

currently I'll know about what state um

but currently in our state they have not

been any report would be very very very

hey why be the kid what's going on oh

wow it's a case in California well there

was a case in is it Wow

I was sure there was a case like I said

in Washington State and it was a case in

Chicago but you know as people travel

it's hard to pinpoint everything and

it's first it came from it derives from

being like raw fish and bats and other

things over in that side of the world

that they eat but now it's kind of

getting a little creamy being that

actually I just spoke about the Harvard

professor who's been working with the

Chinese government in Wuhan in regards

to doing some chemical research and all

that kind of stuff in the country with

their government and giving secrets away

United States secrets from the

Department of Defense and other things

to the Chinese government so it's

getting really deep as far as how far

this rabbit hole goes I don't know but

it's really crazy the symptoms and signs


something like the flu they said it is

similar to the flu and you know if

caught early it's of course treatable

but however not caught in time could be

fatal so right right yeah so um I wanna

yeah it was a lot of money for entire

state it again no no fries no a story

time with Shay John's was saying that uh

those guys are dirty I said yeah they're

dirty but there's a lot of money that

our professor got millions of dollars

from the Chinese government to do all

that research and stuff so of course

yeah of course

- reliable it's very wet

yeah but uh what were you thinking yeah

I just wanted to I wanted to transition

that's thing involving mental health

even though all those things do können

go along as well as pop will but

something I wanted to discuss is knowing

the difference between shade and

curvature and I want to know maybe

something jump down and to the chat and

let me know uh

reason I'm bringing this up is not to be

messy or anything like that it for the

sake of knowing the different persons

can be crossed where people can use a

sheet to make you feel responsible and

make you feel like you need to take

action and then with the needs of new

Act because the manipulation and gets

you to play along with what is actually

going on and if you're not sure some

time compile so it's something that I

wanted to bring up up there to see who

pulls the difference between the two and

you know send see your heart and someone

who sees an opportunity

mm-hmm good question were you asking me

that you asked in the chat yeah you

break out you know whenever such a

question I don't know what's going okay

repeat so I was asking if people know

the difference between and courage and

she and if they couldn't up okay so

because oh uh let's break it down I

guess break it up so that way I can

repeat it and then that way see it won't

get you so whether or not they know the

difference between shade and

encouragement encouragement yes I want

to make sure this consecration is

obviously over here so let me restart

I'll be right back

okay okay so why he goes and fix that up

real quick I don't know if you guys know

but of course I talk about politics all

the time so but this is a total

different kind of politics which I think

was interesting as I came across the

story I don't know if you guys are aware

of the kind of feud that's going on

between Gabrielle Union and Terry Crews

Gabrielle Union was a host on America's

Got Talent

and Terry Crews is now the he's the I

guess the host

I guess who introduces the contestants

and stands backstage with them so I was

wondering and I thought it would be a

good question as far as office politics

are concerned because they you know they

are co-workers or they were co-workers

and they did work together but I wonder

how do you mmm would you if there was a

situation where in which your coworker

was having an issue would you stand up

for your coworker or would you just let

it happen because from what I gather

from the situation of course

Chea felt some type of way they asked

him he claimed he never experienced any

of that over the 20 years he's worked

there on top of that he said he's only

loyal to his wife and only old his wife

a sense of you know standing up for her

or protecting her he doesn't owe anybody

else anything not even his kids um he

said that they have their partners and

husbands or whatever to take care of

them I am just supposed to be here to

take care of my wife so I just thought

that that was interesting that um

especially with a lot of us being you

know black african-american or what have

you that there is a place where in which

although yeah I know you may need the

job or want the job or it's a great

opportunity which I'm sure it is

but if somebody is having an issue where

in which when which they really feel as

if they're being discriminatory they've

been discriminated against or treated

unfairly that you would not stand in the

gap to say hey you know find out really

what's going on first she make fun of

her and then you basically say all this

is the most diverse cast I've ever

ordered diverse situation I've ever

worked on I've been in the business for

20 years how do you say that and I think

that just shows though you know we've

come to a level of lack of protection or

concern for our sisters and all well on

whole you know walks of life or realms I

think that's highly disappointing I mean

I don't necessarily yeah I don't

necessarily I'm not a gun hole Gabrielle

Union fan of course not because you know

I'm sure she's done some things too but

I just

I just think it sounds a bit you know at

the at the most time with somebody is

saying hey this is happening not just

with one person but with a whole staff

of people I'm feeling this and you stay

in there like well it it's not happening

to me it's kind of a bit I was a bit

taken aback by it I didn't quite

understand that but you know hey I guess

let me read some of these comments bear

with me you guys hey guys uh thanks

again first stepping on through um if

you had been to if I happened to miss

you while I was running my mouth Joe

Biden may have some trouble coming up

with the clandestine miss documents but

um yeah I mean he may I think personally

um they're gonna look past that I think

they're gonna you know he's gonna

apologize for how he treated Anita Hill

like he did and they're gonna try to

move forward I don't think they're gonna

try and dwell on it too much I'm just

because it makes him of course look bad

but I do think he's gonna wind up having

to talk about that job that he got his

son I definitely think he's gonna have

to answer for that that's without a

doubt yeah I do I agree

Terry Crews shoulda said less he

shouldn't have said nothing at all

really I don't think it was right I

think you know as I mean you don't as I

mean you don't you don't do that I mean

for me it's like the same respect that

you would give your wife you should give

every woman same respect you would give

your mother you should give everyone you

know and sometimes yeah people are

pushed to a certain level but you know

you should always remember you know to

kind of tone it totally keep it at a

certain level I don't care how the

cookie crumbles

it's just that s five

I mean they both make more money than we

do this but I guess I don't really carry

that she had no problem laughing at him

and he change his situation right that

is true - that is true like I said she's

probably done some stuff - and I mean he

probably felt some type of way but I

mean and not in her defense but I mean

just overall as far as it looks that's


a man is built like a he's a former

football player so it's like you let

this big issue while you let somebody

touch you like that's crazy

I just mmm I know that I don't buy it

but I just it just makes me shake my

head a little bit

hello are you back I'm sorry on but I'm

back okay no no problem

knows what I've just been hanging out

with them keeping them company okay you

got your question again yeah I don't

want to repeat it I'm having me say

before I do it we're good

you can still hear me right I think II

hear you okay so my question is

principal Smith and [ __ ] and their B is

it's a brotherhood was still breaking up

but go ahead

nobody alright so the reason why I asked

the question about knowing the

difference between encouragement and she

is because sometimes the lines can be

crossed and people can use shade to

encourage you and sometimes people can

also use encouragement to change you so

do you know the difference those claim

that someone's been resolute with you

and trying to make you feel responsible

for your actions and pushing you into a

corner and trying to manipulate you or

somebody's trying to curb and encourage


oh well if you want me to answer

I think delivery has a lot to do with

that right I think delivery plays a part

in it honestly how how well the person

knows you or you know the person plays a

part in it as well

I feel right because you know somebody

can say something that can be

encouraging but because they don't know

you it can come off as them being shady

towards you tonari Kate said to me shade

is shade right shade is she is up to you

to use it as motivation right correct

Johnny Cage believed something almost

dawn is breaking up all right I'm just

gonna get on my phone I'm not gonna be

with it oh you know I said I hear you

know oh girl we're talking it was

bringing that bad

good yeah this is um prohibiting me from

dongho I need to do so I'm just gonna

get off the computer get on the phone

and move forward I'll be right back okay

yeah so I mean a big part of that I

guess is how you take it you know you

can always kind of turn lemons into

lemonade as people say and kind of don't

let what people say about you to

determine or deter you from your goals

I'm a firm believer that your you know

your past doesn't dictate your future so

you know you may have a moment wearing

which things may not be so going so well

but um you know things can always turn

around you just gotta kind of stay

focused you know it's hard to stay


and keep a level head when things aren't

going quite right but you know you gotta

kind of push through she can be given to

discredit someone's confidence yeah and

that's very true especially if they see

someone who is you know very confident

and self-assured people will try to you

know knock them down every little bit

you know to kind of tear away who they

really are who they you know who they

see but you know you got to be secure

and grounded in who you are to know that

you know their whole sticks and stones

will break your bones kind of thing but

you know or it's over worried to do you

can use them same words to them same

people that is talking them words later

on you know you see them on the way as

you climb your way up they'll be you

know you'll be passing them so I don't

pay too much attention to that but I

totally get that that we need to start

definitely um you know using the words

that people say and not really taking

them to heart listening to them here for

what they are and you kind of take what

you can use and spit out the rest is a

lot of times we get so caught up in what

people say and you know we internalize

it and a lot of times you know you don't

you don't have to do that yeah I mean

you can you're absolutely right you

can't motivate someone threw shade but

that is um you know the again that's how

it's all about how you do it and it's

the relationship that the two people

have if you're my friend you we're you

know we're friends on that level yeah

you may be able to shade me to encourage

me to you know get up and fold my

clothes or get up and do something yeah

that's all well and good but again when

it's somebody you don't know that

doesn't really know you it can be used

to kind of tear you down or even so

people just think that because you are

the way you are

you are arrogant that you think you're

better than and it's like I don't I

don't think I'm better than anybody I

know I'm better than and no one's better

than me but I am I'll you know I'm my

own person how you think about you is

how you think about you you know and I'm

all for it so I don't get all caught up

in that kind of stuff but I can see how

it can affect people but anyway um

moving on from that I did have another

story as far as notice is not it's not

political in the politic sense but it is

political because it deals with

relationships so Nicki Minaj and her new

husband bump into meat mills in a store

in New York City and they start to have

a shouting match and of course every

side says that one side was responsible

for it are you back I don't know what's

going on I'm not having a good nothing's

working over here I don't know what's

going on it's not trying to let me be

great tonight but I'm back for the

moment I could eat okay good good I hope

all is my story and get back to it so

you can finish ahead and you question

all over because I kind of took that Joe

Luke are you serious

all right now they're really not trying

to let you be great today hello I

okay all right so moving right along

cuz I don't know what's going on with

that so anyway getting um yeah thank you

thank you to everybody for coming

through appreciate you coming by please

make sure you hit that like button on

your way in or out or up in the clouds

wherever you're at thank you thank you

thank you

um so I guess back to my story since

he's having technical difficulties so

Nicki Minaj bumps into her ex they get

into a shouting match it's been alleged

that Nicki Minaj AHA has been started

after meek Mill's was staring them both

down in the store you know people on

meek Mill's team say that they started

they approached him and they were

yelling so I yeah totally I don't know

how to believe it is what it is whatever

I think it's childish either way but it

does pose a question about relationships

do you hmm when you've ended your

relationship with with whomever they may

be do you still shop in the same places

do you still go to the same stores or do

you make it you know do you make it a

habit not to go into anywhere that that

person has been in right it does so I

was just wondering about that because me

personally I've I would even bother I

just think that's a bit much because I

was yeah the behavior is ridiculous for

grown people I think it is absolutely

ridiculous you're absolutely right


yeah I do think the baby is absolutely

ridiculous uh hello can you hear me okay

okay if it doesn't work this time I

think we know go ahead and shut it down

for tonight okay

because I've tried so many times that I

didn't even come on but I'm trying my

best so let's get back to showing no

problem no problem no problem

I don't know what did I miss oh I was

talking about the Nicki Minaj and meek

Mill's kind of situation when which

you're do you after you've been with

your ex and you break up do you still go

to the same places that you used to go

and do you you know or do you like you

know find new places to go to you so you

don't happen to bump into your ex the

the question of the answered a question

with a question do you like drama or not

because if you don't then you will

naturally go float around to somewhere

that you can be more comfortable that's

new that's not gonna put you in a

predicament of the memories and of

running in and out of situation and just

move on you know um it's okay to visit

those places but maybe not all the time

yeah I understand that nice and I

actually I see that but then you look at

it like this the the level in which

they're at and the kind of atmosphere

they're in they will always bump into

each other at some point or another so

at what point do you have to just be

mature and be like you know what okay

you moved on I you know try to move on

maybe they work out just yet but you

know it might at some point hello

yeah sorry I this is just not going well

so night it's so I didn't hear anything

you said I could see your mouth moving

but for some reason on none of my

devices is it allowing me to train with

you tonight

okay no problems no worries

no worries um so let's just go to the

chat real quick and I'm just gonna see

what you guys are gonna say uh like the

smoke clear and try you get in the

different pathway yeah if you move on

you should be able to go anywhere right

I feel the same way California girl you

move on you should be able to go

anywhere and um you know it's been a

Ledge of course allegedly rumored that

Nicki Minaj does that that she'll pop up

she'll find out what people are and pop

up on purpose act like she's just in the

neighborhood so I don't put it past her

either that she just happened to be at

the same store that meek Mill's was that

I think you know she has people that

keep their ears and eyes to the streets

and will contact her contacts are people

in some kind of way to say hey this

person's here that person's there and

they popped up in the store plus he had

said something about her husband and a

dis rap or something

allegedly so I think that that you know

that kind of caused a little bit uh-oh

let's just pop up on and see what he say

now kind of thing which I think

altogether is childish but you know

whatever yeah exactly and they're gonna

have to coexist in the same spaces they

are you know they're celebrities so it's

like you of course you're gonna have to

be in the same space that's just


yeah eyes across to her hey don't try to

blame Nicki I'm not hello I'm not

blaming Nicki I'm just saying that it is

is apparent that she does do that so I'm

not you know it's right yeah that's

petty but that's also his last name so


I totally agree with you tonight is very

petty why do we always assume the woman

and set the man up to fight no no I'm

not assuming that the

the woman is at the minute to fight

because I know from what I've read

allegedly about him me you know he's for


he's for it so and not necessarily for a

fight but and kind of you said something

about me what did you say you know kind

of that approach I'm so I'm not

surprised by any of it really I like I

said it's sad and unfortunate but you

know oh well um so back on the political

side of things since my co-host was

having some technical difficulties the

Iowa the Iowa polls are coming up soon

and that'll give everybody their first

look into who is actually the

frontrunner for the Democratic

nomination for president of the United

States for 2020 on the Democratic ticket

so I don't know if anybody's been you

know kind of following these guys that

we have left I think there are 12

however a lot of the other candidates

have not made it to the point where they

can actually show up on the debate stage

because the Democratic National

Convention now has changed their rules

to where in which for every debate you

have to raise a certain amount of money

and also yeah basically that's pretty

much it raise a certain amount of money

and a lot of the candidates that are

still in the running however have not

raised the money to reach this debate

stage but they can still caucus at the

different states so I wonder how that's

gonna go with this impeachment trial

however it's given Biden and Budaj edge

kind of a leg up really to really run

around and do some things I mean I'm a

fan of mostly all of the candidates a

little bit they all have little bits and

pieces that I could take from one and

take from another and kind of make a

candidate if I had some clay or

something so I mean that that works but

there are certain things about every

I mean of course I'd vote for them if I

had to vote but there are definitely

certain things that I would just like to

be like yeah what are your predictions

for the candidate my prediction is

that's funny

I think well my prediction for the

actual candidate are two it's either

gonna be biting or Sanders I think they

will do to Sanders what they did doing

Hillary is try and stop him

excuse me um I don't know why they're so

against Sanders because all of the

programs that we have now are socialist

programs Social Security is a socialist

program all the programs now that we

have presently are from the New Deal

that was signed by FDR which are

socialist programs so I am confused to

where in which a touch of socialism or a

socialist proud program where which

provides for the people has become this

huge issue I think that has a lot to do

with the money that's in politics right

now it's a far it's a lot of money in

politics and people are trying to make

sure that you know their interests is

basically being heard so I think that

that's unfortunate I think once the

Supreme Court ruled in a favor of packs

of money PACs being able to infiltrate

in the election system as much as they

have I think you definitely have made it

totally bad have I considered running

for political office no I have not I

used to run for things like you know in

school and stuff but nope never thing

I've helped on campaigns and stuff but

never never personally ran no it's a lot

it's a lot it really is a lot although

it's it's exciting and fun it definitely

is a lot it definitely is a lot um Budi


I really don't think Buddha judge has

too much of a chance I think pretty soon

he probably will be bowing out I think

they will keep him because he will be

running mate of someone's or definitely

in the cabinet of any one of the

candidates I'm sure but no I don't think

Buddha Jed's pretty much has a chance

ah I warned I believe Morin may have a

chance it's still gonna be a tough sale

it's a little she has a little more of a

chance than Hilary did but it's still

gonna be a tough sell because you have

not only do you have some chauvinistic

men but you have some chauvinistic

nothing to that believe that a man

should be president because a man can

handle the job and a woman can't you'd

be surprised

you definitely be surprised but she

definitely is she is a fighter and she

will give it to the banks she will give

it to you know big corporations as far

as how much I don't know cuz everybody

talks a good fighting game while they're

running but once they get in there you

know Tunes change because you relief you

really get to see who actually has the

power who runs things so that'll be

interesting to see oh let's see he has a

major cross tell and plus to mention

Buddha judged oh he he's definitely a

tough time with the african-american

vote and there's no way in the world you

don't win any kind of Democratic ticket

without getting a good chunk of the

african-american vote he's he's having a

tough time his own you know his own City

is having race relation issues that has

you know every so often it'll spawn and

shine a light on him and then it'll dim

away but yeah it's pretty bad it's not a

good look friend so he needs to work on

that you know the social experiment

itself yeah it is it is definitely a

social experiment

who do you think will win the Democratic

ticket like I said I think it will be

between - it'll be between Biden and or

Sanders Warren something with big would

have to happen between Sanders and Biden

for warrant and actually get in there

enough to be considered something big

some big news something other than that

I don't quite see it I mean she's great

I would definitely vote for her but the

way this is all set up and it'll be a

tough sale it really would

and I don't see I don't see Joe Biden

taking a vice presidential role yet

again to do that again I don't see him

doing that Sanders may it may be a

ticket and if it's a ticket between her

and Sanders if something happens and she

flies past Sanders and Sanders bowels

out I could see that and then I could

see them definitely you know taking it

all the way but her by herself it would

be a big job be curious to see who our

candidate choice would be yes Mike

Bloomberg is the one who started this

stop-and-frisk actually no he's not

actually the one who started it but he


because Giuliani used to do that he's

that they'll stop and frisk type thing

Giuliani actually started that

definitely it was it was happening here

and there before 9/11 but definitely

after 9/11 it was definitely a lot of

stopping they didn't really call it stop

and frisk it was just like you know they

just stopped people just to check them

but it was mainly people you know

like us black and brown folks who are

getting stopped the most then you know

wrists or interrogated and then later on

it became stop and frisk once they

cleared up Times Square and it became

less of a brothel

because Time Square used to be horrible

it was like sex shops everywhere it

x-rated video places everywhere you go

to Times Square now you would never know

it but yeah it used to be the worst and

being a kidding and to be like we are

here for two seconds and we're leaving

so it was nice that they finally cleaned

it up because it was it was a mess but


a Bloomberg please don't let me start on

him yeah Bloomberg is he the trip the

only thing I can say in the up for him

is he is definitely very business savvy

as far as like making a return in

turnover he can definitely do that now

at what cost is the issue the difference

between him and Trump Trump had no money

Trump is making money now more than he's

ever made in a long time I'm probably

since the 80s

but he's using your taxpayer dollars to

do it yeah because he's having his

Secret Service

when he's in a place that's like 20

miles from the airport they go forty

miles so they can stay and a Trump

resort and then he charges you guys to

pay for it so I think that is you know

all of us to pay for it so you know it's

something to consider and as far as him

you know bankrupting the farmers and not

to mention that a lot of the farmers who

actually need the money some of them in

democratic states are not getting as

much of the farming relief that the

states that are red are getting so

that's quite unfortunate because at this

point you're the President of the United

States not the president of just the red

states so

I just think that that's unfortunate um

the age of the candidates concern you um

not really the age of the candidates

don't quite concern me um not that

concern with it because you know like

you know with rest in peace Kobe Bryant

and his daughter and the others that

perished and helicopters crash recently

you never know you know so we could get

somebody young in there and they wind up

passing you know for whatever reason so

it's always you know you never know I

would like to see when I look at

candidates I like to see of course what

their platform is and then later maybe

who they may pick to you know be a

running mate for them because in that

way that would set up that you know if

something did happen at least I know

that these things would still be carried

out under the next person's

administration because of how they hey

what's up crackhead Willie how they feel

about what you're doing so um that's

important to me I don't really care

about age too much I mean Trump walks

around like he's the youngest thing ever

and he him and Bernie Sanders and Joe

Biden uh like pretty much very close in

age there's only a couple years that

divides them all so it's like what do

you mean young you're not you're not

young sir it's quite all right mr.

credential is cool yeah Times Square is

beautiful now yeah yeah a lot of

politicians you do have good intentions

it's just it's the hole that even the

system it is it's a lot you have a lot

of people pulling at you and you know

wanting you to do things and get things

done and you know sometimes you can't do

one thing

because you got to get the votes or get

the people behind you to do this and you

got to kind of so there's some things

you kind of gotta let go or maybe pick

back up later so it's a lot of that and

that's what makes it people to seem that

it's untrustworthy because there's a lot

of times where you have to you can't do

certain things because you don't have

the backing and you need the backing to

get it done so a lot of times that's

what it is

hold on one second guys that definitely



okay um yeah so tell him to make sure

you're thinking that running oh thanks

um you need to drop the age the

president to me 30 um Bobby I think 35

is still 35 is still young um I think

they choose 35 to make sure that it's

not you know you kind of leveled at that

point you you know it's not so much of I

mean because it's a daunting text it's a

lot you're not only you're the leader of

the free world so it's a lot look at you

know you got a big baby in there now

he's trying to make a deal with

everybody lord knows what kind of

private deals he doesn't set up to

wearing which money's coming under the

table for certain things just like a

couple may got a week or two ago the CEO

of Amazon and The Washington Post he was

his phone was bugged by the Saudi the

Saudi prince actually the same prince

that killed the journalist so you know

and of course I mean we all know well

some of us all know that Trump okayed

that you know and they went on and did

it a lot of things do not happen without

the NSA and the CIA knowing about things

and people and their things getting

bucked so and especially not coming from

the Saudi Saudi Arabian prince himself

that whole thing that that doesn't

happen so the fact that that happened to

that man who actually who Trump doesn't

like it's not surprising to me and I

think that you know that has a lot to do

with the state of the world we're in

it's a lot of favors being done and

deals being made that's why there's such

a big cover-up about what's going on

right now

because it's it's simple as hey if if

you didn't do anything wrong

testify if you didn't do nothing let the

people testify and be done with it but

because you did and you know you did um

you know you try to cover it up as much

as possible

and like I said earlier I am very much

disappointed in the Republicans you know

I vote for whom I vote for I don't

necessarily try to stick with us a

particular party in that sense because

you know they do take advantage and you

know it's it's sad so you know but you

got to know your power and your vote

with me knowing my own power of my vote

I'm not quick to judge you know drop

down and just vote across the ticket

just because I do my research you know

cuz they could be another candidate just

because you know it's all Democrat down

the line they may be another Democratic

candidate you can write up in there and

you know if enough people write them in

they can actually get a get a seat at

the table so it's it's never over so

definitely not you to all stay vigilant

and doing it oh thank you sister thank

you so much you do the same you do the

same yeah I know it just came back cuz I

was good for a while but yeah it just

came back but that's my fault

hanging out and having my jacket open

and stuff but I'll handle it um I think

that's pretty much it

anybody have any other questions or

anything before we head on out it's been

an hour in six minutes

and and I don't want to hold you guys

too long but I do appreciate you guys

coming by I appreciate you showing love

and thank you for coming to politics and

wellness mr. credential himself of

course thanks you guys for coming

through of course he was having some

technical issues which of course it

happens to all of us so it's no big deal

we definitely were able to get through

and push through

um and you know that's what you got to

do the show must go on and yeah I need

to get rid of this whole head cold thing

that's trying to attack me right now so

definitely will be getting my tea and

lemon on and all that good stuff like it

once again thank you guys for always

stopping by please check out um I do

have videos on a video on the road to

the White House which talks about the

2020 candidates so if you don't know

anything about those that you were more

interested in the other candidates that

you don't see too much on TV there are a

few of them I employ you to check that

out so you can get to know all the

candidates um so if you don't

necessarily see them on TV you can

you'll definitely know something about

them so you just won't be stuck to the

ones you see on TV because we seem to do

that a lot it's only the ones you see on

TV oh they get the TV play that people

think of running but there are other

people running as well enjoy you new

subby from the genomics oh thank you so

much I appreciate yourself thank you

thank you thank you

welcome hopefully you enjoy my content

as well and if you have any questions of

course you can always email me any

questions or any news that you guys find

you can always email me I am definitely

here for the emails I enjoy them your

comments and the feedback I love it all

I answer it so definitely keep it coming

oh and if that's all I am going to just

call this a night and love you guys

peace thank you to all my Mudds Thank

You tonari Thank You mr. credential um

if there's any other mods in here that I

miss sorry but thank you thank you thank

you for all that you do you guys are

awesome and I'm out peace


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