May 21, 2024

Violent Fast Food Games

Published May 20, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Courtney

Looking for the most violent fast food games around? Look no further than Peter Knetter's line of gory, gruesome titles. From the popular "Chainsaw Massacre" to the more obscure "Slaughterhouse", Knetter's games are sure to satisfy your bloodlust.

So why are these games so popular? Part of it has to do with the current zeitgeist. In a world that is increasingly violent and unstable, these games offer a release valve for all that pent-up aggression. And let's face it, they're just plain fun.

But there's another reason why Knetter's games have become so popular: they're actually pretty good. Unlike most other fast food games, which are little more than time-wasters, Knetter's titles are legitimately challenging and addictive.

So if you're looking for a way to blow off some steam, or just want to test your skills at virtual violence, be sure to check out Peter Knetter's line of fast food games. You won't be disappointed.

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Taco Bell tasty Temple challenge

apparently not only were Taco Bell kids

meals a thing but they distributed video

games with them which is way better than

McDonald's where you just have

essentially a glorified chew toy you

defend yourself against snakes and

scorpions as well as consuming Taco Bell

menu items to regain health so this is

kind of a religion like a cult thing hot

sauce should come in handy yes oh

hey guy can I please have that taco can

I have that delicious taco from Taco



take that

a chalupa everything on the menu at Taco

Bell is the same item it just has a

different form factor this is this is a

scary game oh he had to go I mean as

funny as it is if I were a kid going to

Taco Bell I would legitimately just get

the kids meal to play this game do you

jump was jumping even invented back when

this came out well obviously I don't

know how they pick the tacos off the

trees if they didn't

look like CDI models I don't know if

that makes me like it more or less that

me by the way because I'm you know I'm

okay with looking like that guy he seems

kind of handsome take that he's also got

attitude guys this guy's a character oh

this guy has


spunk some tenacity windows

oh no

give me the answers yes well this wild

sauce is hot

this has to be like the other end of the

urinal at Taco Bell I don't seem too too

in a good mood the chalupas have finally

digested I'm finally paying for my

actions oh gosh oh I'm afraid of heights

what is that oh

sorry you didn't get to the Grande meal

aren't I you why are you telling me that

if I'm you you know if you really think

about it this is kind of like the first

Skyrim in a sense Todd Howard used to

work at Taco Bell it's short for it's

short for Todd go

die sorry I didn't mean to get very

violent I know this is fun Taco Bell

game and if everyone's moms think that

the Taco Bell game is actually really

violent you might not be allowed to play

it so I don't want to ruin anyone's fun

that key unlocked something perhaps it

was the new Baja Blast the milkshake

extreme only at Taco Bell that's a Papa

John's Easter egg right there



you die I'm dying my guy's getting very

sad die honestly if I die here I might

just quit like you guys know how much I

love Taco Bell I am going on about it

all the time on my channel


next up we got checks Quest checks as in

the cereal also if you're wondering why

I'm dressed like a person who's cold and

drinking normal water like a peasant I

have no power at the moment this is a

stranded offline too see that cable

there leads outside to a generator where

this computer is plugged in and I don't

have heat so the only thing in my house

that's running right now is czech's

Quest if you can find someone who's

spending more on gas to run Chex Quest

let me know checksquest won the golden

aif award for advertising Effectiveness

in 96. I chose a great year to be born

it was the first ever video game to be

included in cereal boxes as a prize what

do we get nowadays I don't even know if

there are prizes in cereal boxes like

what do you get a sticker an extra piece

of sugar

okay the sound sound design

I bet it got an award for sound design

so you play as Quest

Girona checks

okay this is fun hold up


careful checks evil green picked up

glasses of water they support drinking

water I'm sorry

Taco Bell gotta step up your game a

little bit it's all like yeah just

ingest straight hot sauce you'll be fine

you ever heard of GERD it's gonna be

your new best friend okay not gonna lie

on the surface it might seem like they

didn't put much effort into these games

considering they came in cereal boxes

but realistically if I had this as a kid

it was probably better than at least

half the PC games I had that came out

around this time and those ones cost

money I didn't get them for free with my

cereal oh a nice healthy bowl of

vegetables is this a brand that doesn't

want me to die or at least didn't in the

90s because I'm suspicious of that oh

what the heck I'm a brickellini's

ancient ancestors bro checks is getting

confusing do I have a map how why do I

have a map I can play from the map

oh gosh there was an enemy in there

game design a taste of Tony's crusted

flakes represent the killer in you eat

dirt alien scum oh you're not nice I

thought you were Mike Wazowski

a sound design award check storage

facility All Rights Reserved that's good

I was about to steal their their logo

here and start selling cereal named

after it so

spoon yeah

what is this even

holy moly

checks died no younger me would have

given up as a kid so older me will too

yonoi 2 Game of the Year Edition in fact

zero comment on that the Noid I think

was The Dominoes thing I don't

care Graphics quality goes uh you can

choose noid I'm sorry dab I'm sorry no

wait what year was this just all right

give it to me


this kind of goes hard not even gonna


oh heck yeah

oh they made it in one old synth pianos

as him you annoyed update the Noid hero

Pizza is headed home to enjoy his reward

for saving New York City osmopsy after

the Avengers I guess find out who took

your yo they actually delivered some

sweet sweet revenge I think they meant

Pizza did they forget oh boy oh this is

good wait the game's really good hold on

my ears really hurt oh it is really good

game controls like balls cameras balls

I can run on walls

pick the Halls

shut the heck up make me a pizza like

what about this what about why is this

like this is this what New York is

okay okay



it's the same sound he's making every

time I die

he's a pretty good dancer why do I mess

why do I

whoa whoa okay oh no oh no this is a

full game

oh no oh no this is the Dark Souls of

pizza games why am I falling for

someone's prank did this game not come

out in the 90s oh it's from 2017. that

makes sense I thought this was the 90s

okay now I understand this a lot more

because if this came out in the 90s it

would probably be seen as a beloved

classic in this had the Vibes of oh I'm

trying to be kind of like those games

from the 90s why is this challenging me

it's the Noid Pizza

it's not as funny now that I know it's

not an old game now don't get me wrong

it's funny it's quirky like yeah I get I

get what you're doing here I I don't

dislike it I think it's charming and

nice I just really I just really thought

you know I just feel a little bit

Bamboozled is all one might say I'm

annoyed I ain't playing good parody game

no way nope nope I will sooner play the

first one yeah now this is more like it

this gets my Jimmy's Jimmy this feels

like the authentic dominoes experience

an actual fast food game not some goofy

out fan game I just killed a man I'm

sure any person on Earth would rather

play the Noid 2 as it is a better game

but it's a prank game this isn't prank


this is brutal games that make you


the level games when you do something

that looks like you should be able to do

it games graphically is pretty nice

though I mean this could have been on

GameCube you could have told me this was

for GameCube I would believe too


all that's mean and I'm woohoo oh that

was a pretty cool moment

clip that I might be the only person who

finds it funny when I say clip that

the area Champion goes first

releases do you want well if it's a

pizza eating contest we probably want to

eat more than four pizzas

I don't really have the option to and



huh no it oh bro it's like 12 degrees in

my house right now

I found a skip in the night shush

don't particularly want to play this so

I gotta go start a fire if I die whoever

is finding this footage please edit it

and put on my YouTube channel to be very

great so guys if you see this video I'm

probably dead unfortunate GG go next

oh the power's back what incidents what

a great ending to the video just kidding

there's a goofy editing trick alsoever

finds us do the goofy editing trick

all right see ya



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