June 8, 2023

Filipino Street Food That Will Kill You!! Manila Heart Attack Tour!!

Published May 21, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

In the philippines, street food is a way of life. From sizzling skewered meats to deep-fried delights, there’s no shortage of artery-clogging goodness to be found on every corner. And while most of it is delicious, some of it can be downright deadly.

For the ultimate street food adventure, look no further than the manila Heart Attack Tour by Best Ever food Review Show. This gut-busting tour takes you to some of the city’s most popular street food spots, where you’ll sample everything from grilled meats to fried insects.

Yes, you read that correctly. Fried insects.

Don’t worry, they’re not mandatory – but they are available if you’re feeling adventurous. And trust us, they’re not nearly as bad as they sound. In fact, many of them are actually quite delicious.

But beware, this tour is not for the faint of heart. With so much greasy goodness on offer, it’s easy to overdo it and end up with a massive heart attack. But if you can handle the heat, then this is one street food adventure you won’t want to miss.

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in this video we're taking on filipino

street food that can kill you how many

calories do you think is in one leg sad

to say i do not know about the calories

i can give you a medicine if you are a

high blood

butter oil fat carbs all the things that

make life worth living but if you eat

too much it'll make you death

this is so rich and decadent i can hear

myself getting fatter


today we're gearing up for the ultimate

heart attack tour in the city of manila

bro sunny welcome back to manila from

viscous mystery soups teeming with

random body parts is that a practical

joke by god all the way to big heavy

deep fried pork sensations

that is so delicious it all starts here

our first dish is a killer

loamy made with thick fresh egg noodles

and a rich broth jam-packed with heavy

toppings this is the loamy you eat if

you lose your job get dumped and find

out you're adopted all on the same day

today i am back in the capital and i'm

here to try a type of food i've never

heard this name before how do you

describe it it's called

batok first chopped onions and garlic

are added to a wok with cooking oil

basically it just means food that makes

your high blood pressure high salty

soupy greasy fried fried everything with

cholesterol is good then the pork broth

season it with soy sauce secret spices

and black pepper

toss in the signature loamy egg noodles

add some coconut milk then an egg and

mix until it becomes thick

with the foundation prepped it's time

for the toppings roasted pork lumpia or

fried spring rolls liver ground pork

chinese geekian and fried garlic this is

where a reasonable man would stop but no

how about fish balls hard-boiled eggs

and finally the chicharron

this bowl of unhinged excess belongs to

andy's famous potongus lomi and bulello

it's 90 degrees it's very humid and

there's nothing i would rather do than

stick my whole face in this huge heaping

heavy pot of noodles and other assorted

varieties of things i think we should

start with the spring roll


it's meaty and crispy it's also soaked

up all this broth that's really good

this is a pork belly

whoa that's really funny but that is

delicious what do you think is more

special about this the toppings or

what's inside i think the most important

thing is the egg noodles must be fresh

the broth must be good also the toppings

are just additional but the signature

for the toppings is the kiki meet my

eating sherpa for today chewie a young

filipino who documents the deepest local

eats in each corner of the philippines

all right let's try it out

i love it like chewy almost like kind of

spongy flavor if you're eating raw meat

it's incomplete without adding onions

and soy sauce we've got the onions in

there the soy sauce i'm gonna unearth

and bring up the noodles i know those

are probably my top three of all types

of noodles the texture oh they just have

some good white


no more like how they're chewy

i failed i failed dude you were so good

at this how did you do that i trained

with instant noodles even the noodles

are so hot at this point they've gotten

quite soft but they're totally just

saturated in that super savory salty

broth and also the onions it's adding a

little bit of sweet element this is you

said a must for any low meat it is a

liver i want to build up to this bite

right here some liver some of the

noodles i do have some onions holding on

for dear life

amazing this is a great start today is

all about the over-the-top very

indulgent very porky oily greasy fried

filipino food and sweaty yeah we got to

sweat some of this salt out and

replenish with more water and more food

next on our hit list of dangerous diners

this place serving up braised body parts

you won't find just anywhere sir how are

you doing very excited to be here the

name of the food is what paris oh

parrots like in france

paris is basically a filipino braised

beef stew usually served with garlic

fried rice compared to other filipino

dishes what makes this stand out

it's the food for the mass from rich

people from drivers etc etc in each

corner there's paris here in the

philippines and they're all a little bit

different yeah they have their own style

paris is so much more than just braised

beef and bones first every beef cut you

can imagine is tossed into a huge pot

don't believe me let's play a little

game i want to play a little game called

guess that organ oh i love that first

organ here i'm gonna say this is a

stomach right right right right right

okay what's this see i got one of those

and it's working overtime because of all

the jack daniels i drink that my friend

is a liver yeah all right oh you're good

man what is that i have no idea what

that is called it's near the rectum area

can i say rectum yeah you can rectum

ah yes but of course it's

ringworm i don't know that uh but that's

too long to be uh is that it


yeah come on it's looking at me put it


so you guys really eat everything

there's nothing that goes to waste those

cow parts are cooked for five hours

before they add in mega hits of flavor

onions garlic celery green chilies

ginger pepper and salt boil everything

together for one more hour and dig in

because this is constantly on the heat

it's evaporating it gets more condensed

and he puts in this white liquid is that

milk the secret to this pot of pares is

to make the broth last as long as the

meat does they just call it milk but

it's not milk so you may catch the owner

dumping in some more special broth jugs

of soy sauce and secret milk which i'm

pretty sure is just cornstarch so it's

kind of a thickening agent yeah

upon serving cut all the ingredients

into smaller pieces assemble in a bowl

and finally add in that salty viscous


in peak season they can cook up to 150

pounds of off cuts and cow parts

boom this is

i think we should try that soupy soup


oh that's quite satisfying there's so

many flavors the soy sauce the garlic

the beef stock there's like a hint of

gaminess in there but i like it all

right let's try all this beef

it's really tender right it's such an

interesting combination of one he's

working all morning kind of really

crafting this meat with a love and then

when he needs more broth he just dumps

an industrial sized container of soy

sauce inside so it's this mixture of

fast and slow to make this work apart is

not complete with the sides you have to

add more garlic some calamansi and leeks

also a spicy chili see how much diarrhea

do i want i want this much diarrhea so

this is garlic rice i want to try it

alone see how it tastes

super tasty but we don't eat it like

that we put the soup on top soup and

meat a little bit of liver a little bit

of heart let it soak up that beautiful

sauce we got the broth heart liver the

rice everything together let's try it


oh yeah just a complete package

so rice cuts down some of the intensity

and saltiness from the soup that's why

the filipino community love paris it's

really flavorful it's really cheap it's

very accessible also there are testicles

in here but he chopped them so tiny can

you see this one ah right there have you

had this before yeah i love balls

fantastic i

agree actually


not bad what helps is everything in the

bowl tastes the same you're just getting

like different textures right let's find

that peanuts look at this oh wow it's

like a giant scallop it's really big

this bowl could have played for the nba

wow it's been so cooked so braised it's

become kind of gummy to me that didn't

even taste like a penis have you tasted

it i mean

like in hong kong okay

at a restaurant i gotta say i'm very

impressed it does definitely feel like a

bit of an indulgence but then lots of

meat protein it's not just a bunch of

fried stuff when you mix it with the

rice it's quite delicious pares paris

our next savory salt bomb comes from

here a stall inside a humble car and

area that's delivering radiant noodles

guaranteed to spike your dopamine so

high you'll crash into a days long

depression right after eating for a

second it looked healthy when it was

just noodles and like a handful of green

stuff and then she doused it with this

bright orange nuclear sauce this broth

base is prepared with pork bones salt

pepper fried garlic msg and anato oil

which explains the bright orange color

to thicken the broth cornstarch and eggs

let's try it just the sauce

i like it it is super salty it's like

triple x rated salt now to bring all the

elements together first thin rice

noodles then a dump trunk of flavors

fish sauce garlic sauce pepper msg and

crushed chicharron

top that with a natto fried tofu

homemade adobo squid a hard-boiled egg

and finally that thick glow-in-the-dark

orange gravy

garnish with homemade chicharron and

that is the same exact dish you'd get if

you came here 80 years ago


super greasy they're taking a shot of

oil to balance all this here

we have this oh look at that balance one

gram of vitamin c let's just mix it this

is like the calling card for filipino

street food is this blaze orange color

so i've got some noodles here i've got a

little bit of the crispy skin let's go

for it let's go for it

oh man i need a giant mountain dew oh is

this the mountain dew


oh yes room temperature mountain dew

balance i gotta say very satisfying and

this is something you find all over the

philippines oh yeah all over the

philippines we have different kinds of

alabama miss mayeth archaea's stall

bovet and maya pastora is the name is

scrunched between two others in a center

packed with eating options this is

called a carinderia the term simply

means a small roadside restaurant that

serves up local and traditional

home-cooked food it's so popular among

locals because it brings them back to

the flavors of their childhood

wash it down


we have one more epic food remaining

let's go somehow after all this salt

cholesterol and pure joy our hearts

continue to tick

our next stop might just change that

here they're deep fry entire portions of

pig bringing together the perfect

trifecta of meat fat and crunch men

what's a good like welcoming in the

local language


since 1972 miss judy ann francisco and

her family have been serving up a dish

known as crispy pata a pork lover's

dream crunchy pork skin enclosing savory

tender meat it all starts with the

potato what does pata mean the part is

the front leg of a pork the pork chops

are pre-cooked boiled for three to five

hours with celery onion garlic bay

leaves salt and pepper this will soften

the meat and break down the fat what

i've heard is that in the philippines

people don't usually use the back legs

for the pot is that because that's where

the pee happens

no the behind one there are more on fats

after the legs rest for one hour they're

ready to take the plunge unlike the

front legs they are more on the meaty

part a healthy 20 minutes fully

submerged in oil until it turns a

tempting shade of golden brown so this

is healthier i just hope it won't

increase your blood pressure we are

actually trying to get it through the

roof i can provide the medicine

for you what is the secret behind the

perfect crispy potato for me it's our

secret for sure it must be kept secret

okay when the pata is crispy it's sliced

and topped with their super freaking

secret glaze that they won't disclose to

me or any other food expert okay i

understand the secret must remain a

secret but if you're a customer what are

you looking for in the perfect crispy

potato what they're looking for us is

the crispiness and the juiciness oh

it sounds like dessert to me can we put

a candle in the middle

take a look i think i've got the left

foot you've got the right foot well this

is such a big crispy patasani so how

many people would you usually share this

with well maybe around four to five we

also have a couple of foods to accompany

this is portung a lima sauce an omelette

cooked with crab meat

i tasted crab there's an egg of course

but then just this sweet brown sauce

around it would you consider that

would you consider that for topanto

definitely no no no this is just an egg

what about this oh it's not about the

platform no oh this is basically a salad

this is punsit bihor a mix of glass

noodles and egg noodles cooked with pork

and veggies you have to put the

calamansi you have a little acidity and

then maybe a little mix my last healthy

food before the parts

super peppery delicious tender thin

noodles is very nice i now playing

around with the side dishes here we have

the main star of the day the crispy

pasta shall we try the skin yeah

this is nice kind of sweet yeah a little

sweet oh it's a really good cake the

under part of the skin is almost sticky

so it's kind of sticky on one side

crunchy and sweet on the other side that

is so delicious actually just the first

crispy part i've seen that they have

pickles also

whoa i mean it makes sense you want

something a little acidic vinegary and

sweet to go something so heavy look at

this dude this is like eating chicken

look at this big soft piece this thing

is still steaming hot i cannot wait

let's go for it cheers

my gosh it is so soft tender juicy hot

and steamy should not be for children

let's do some anatomy so that's like the

forearm the wrist and then that is like

kind of the hand right there but look i

just pulled the foot off like it was

nothing i bet i could split this in half

yes so all those parts have melted down

everything between the joints when it

was boiling for three to four hours

that's when all this really got super

soft i mean take a look at that all that

fat is rendered down beautifully mmm

what perfect oh no the piglets is superb

the sweet glaze is where it's at i wish

there was like a bowl of honey here we

can just keep dipping it in

to me of everything we've eaten today by

far the most satisfying

how do we know if we were successful in

our puerto patto mission today

it's just a hypothetical term from

filipinos but anything that is fatty and

greasy and i think we did all of that

with different aspects different flavors

different stories i'm glad that you

enjoy all of the

food here in manila i want to say to you

my man thank you very much sunny my

pleasure is made



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uh would you like me to give you some oh

hold on okay okay sure let me just

i like onions

basically it's a rice noodle dish stop

waiting you got some in your hair right

there all right go ahead

it went over to there now okay it's

probably gone wow that's fantastic it's

a crossover crossover um there's venom

oh he just lost

he just lost it he lost the testicle

it's swimming you know

what he said

i don't know where this interview is

going boom guys that is the end of this

video i hope you learned a lot about


that's right a huge thank you to my man

joey thank you sonny thank you so much

you can find him here on facebook and

youtube the chewie show please go check

it out to find all of his fun food

adventures here in manila and beyond

guys that is it for this one thank you

so much for watching i will see you next


a piece

hey nice one wow i waited for five years

man five years yeah five years that's

pretty good


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