April 21, 2024

The Big Secret - Full Medical Documentary

Published May 21, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

health - The Big Secret is a full medical documentary by Indie Rights Movies for free. It explores the secrets of the medical industry and how they keep us sick. The documentary exposes the big pharma companies and the doctors that are in their pocket. It also reveals the natural cures that they don't want us to know about. This documentary is a must watch for anyone who wants to take control of their health.

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in a world where billions of people do

not have a clue about the forces that

control their health

these people go about their day in a

life and death struggle

while minds that are calculating and

unsympathetic make decisions that will

affect their very lives

a new day begins

there are many questions but few answers

but still there's hope


this is the big secret

each year millions of people die in the

united states from chronic diseases

yet many of these deaths are preventable

sure we all know that smoking is bad for

your health

as a matter of fact it's probably no

surprise that nearly half a million

people die each year in the united

states from smoking related causes

that's one in every five deaths in the


but what if i told you that you might

beat an even greater risk of death

according to the center for disease

control half of all adults in the united

states have a chronic health condition

these are startling statistics

yet people go about their lives unaware

of the things that affect their health

there are those who try to manipulate

and influence factors that have a direct

impact on your health

for these people corporate profits are

more important than your well-being

have you ever wondered about the

startling rise in chronic diseases over

the past 20 years

we've all heard people say

you used to not hear about all the

diseases we have today

were they here all along and we're just

getting better at diagnosing them

or are more people developing chronic

conditions like cancer


heart disease and stroke

in this documentary we will take a look

at several important events in history

and note an interesting correlation in

the rise of certain diseases

in some cases we will provide a little

background to make the information more


there is a lot of information

and a lot of misinformation on most of

what we're going to cover

trust me we will only scratch the

surface on some of these issues

so why did we create this documentary

our goal is to challenge the status quo

to start a conversation about healthcare

and nutrition in the united states you

may be surprised by some of the

information presented but i encourage

you to do your own research and to talk

to others who do not have a financial

interest in your well-being

let's get started

man how do i take a positive spin on the

fact that we're being murdered

i know this is depressing but it's also

very important i know and it is it's

really depressing but people need to

know this stuff

i i grew up i was never interested in

nutrition i didn't know anything about

it you know i ate

mcdonald's all the time and microwave

meals and i mean i had no idea you know

i didn't care at all about nutrition and

i was in college i was probably sitting

there drinking a coke and eating

cheez-its and i was taking a cell

biology class

and so we're like learning about the

cell and dna replication and i mean it's

just like fascinating and the professor

as he's explaining all this stuff i'm

doing all this research i had this

little like aha moment or whatever about

nutrition and processed foods and i

ended up writing my senior thesis paper

was on that topic


so i was basically theorizing

you know and i've talked about trans

fats i talked about

partially hydrogenated oils i talked


the lack of minerals and the soil the

soil depletion and i talked about all

these different things and at the time


you know it was it was my thesis it was

all theory it was all like i was doing

this research and kind of coming up with

these ideas and saying that there's a

link between processed foods and chronic



it was just really neat after i

graduated seeing all of these things

that i talked about in that paper start

coming into the mainstream and they're

talking about trans fats and they're

talking you know all of this stuff that

i had researched high fructose corn


was all becoming more widely accepted

and now you know 10 years later there's

people all over

the united states and really all over

the world like you said all kind of

saying the same things

even though we've never talked to each

other but we're all just kind of coming

to the same conclusions

john d rockefeller was born july 8 1839

in richford new york his father william

a rockefeller was a doctor who claimed

that he could cure cancers and charged

up to 25 per treatment

he was gone for months at a time and

returned to his family with substantial

sums of cash

in 1865 at the age of 24 rockefeller

bought an existing oil company and

gained complete control of the business

rockefeller was convinced that oil would

soon be very profitable

he immediately moved to expand his

business by taking over smaller oil

companies thus forming a cartel with the

power to control oil production and

delivery in the united states

that's a quick lesson on how john d

rockefeller became the richest man in

the world

at the beginning of the 20th century the

rockefeller foundation turned its

attention to the acquisition of

pharmaceutical companies

they started buying them up in order to

profit from their patented drugs

however in 1912 vitamins were discovered

and we began the long process of

understanding their health benefits

keep in mind that by today's standards

the practice of modern medicine was in

its infancy

these pharmaceutical companies had

developed and patented drugs to treat a

variety of common ailments

according to the national center for

biotechnology information doctors soon

recognize scurvy beriberi ricketts and

other conditions as specific vitamin

deficiencies rather than diseases

unfortunately for pharmaceutical

companies vitamins cannot be patented

now the pharmaceutical cartels were

faced with a dilemma how do you promote

the sale of extremely profitable

patented drugs over natural remedies

like vitamins

the answer

you find a way to control doctors and

influence what they prescribe

you might think that this sounds like

some sort of a science fiction movie

but that's exactly what happened in the

united states

slowly and methodically medical

practices moved to profit-driven system

promoting pharmaceutical drug sales and

profitable surgery over curative medical


basically the long-term management of

diseases was found to be more profitable

than efforts to cure diseases

in the early 1900s there were a number

of substandard medical schools in the

u.s that taught some rather questionable

medical practices such as electro

therapy many of these schools offered

limited training and medical degrees

that were really not worth the paper on

which they were written

in 1910 the carnegie foundation decided

to focus on reforming health care and

commissioned abraham flexner to study

medical schools in the united states

you may be surprised to learn that

flexner had no medical training

rather he was one of the country's

leading educators the carnegie

foundation gave him a unique perspective

from which to study the healthcare

industry during his research flexner

visited every medical school in the u.s

the results forever changed medicine in

his country

the flexner report as was to become

known was published in 1910

in it he criticized most of the 155

medical schools in the u.s and called

for higher standards more hands-on

clinical work

and more research

that in and of itself was a good thing

and at first glance you might think that

we're better off today because of his


well in many ways we are

but let's dig a little deeper

the rockefeller foundation seized this

opportunity to promote their own agenda

they used their influence to help pass

legislation putting the american medical

association a private institution in

charge of overseeing medical training

and practice

how exactly did they do that

well some things never change

just like today they used campaign

donations and lobbyists to further their


in exchange for large campaign

contributions legislators gave the

rockefellers just what they wanted

the ama in charge of medicine in the u.s

unfortunately the ama was also heavily

influenced by the rockefeller foundation

which as you remember was looking for a

way to promote their patented drugs

consequently the ama promoted allopathic

medicine to the point that it became the

only approved form of medicine taught in

the u.s

consequently doctors began prescribing

the rockefeller foundation's patented

medicines to manage

not cure illnesses and diseases as a

result of the flexner report and the

newfound authority of the ama

medical schools were under intense

pressure to conform to the wishes of the

rockefeller foundation as i mentioned a

moment ago in some cases that reform was

badly needed however other forms of

medicine quickly became outdated and

were labeled accordingly the rockefeller

foundation began awarding large grants

to medical schools that taught

allopathic medicine

schools that still embraced alternative

forms of medicine could not compete

financially and were forced to close in

the end

half of the medical schools in the u.s

were closed


you're listening to the corbett report


welcome to episode 286 of the corbett

report podcast

rockefeller medicine


the crisis in today's health care system

is deeply rooted in the interwoven

history of modern medicine and corporate


the major groups and forces that shape

the medical system so the seeds of the

crisis we now face

the medical profession and other medical

interest groups each tried to make

medicine serve their own narrow economic

and social interests

foundations and other corporate class

institutions insisted that medicine

serve the needs of their corporate

capitalist society the dialectic of

their common efforts and their clashes

and the economic and political forces

set in motion by their actions shaped

the system as it grew

out of this history emerged a medical

system that poorly serves society's

health needs end quote

and you know like you say the

rockefeller medicine maybe it has to do

with that they've really just taken

preventive medicine out of there and if

you think about it if you if you

practice it's not in their interest to

practice preventative medicine because

they make less money if they do that so

it's that simple so

you know if you

if you don't get sick ever you're not

going to the doctor you're not giving

any money and they'll they will know

they'll notice you know in these these

insurance companies and stuff they have

actuaries and they have people who

really keep track of the numbers and

they've probably got it worked down to a

science where they will see that if they

start doing preventative medicine they

hit take a real big hit to their

checkbook and so there's basically what

it is it comes down to

in modern medicine i consider it just a

violation of the hippocratic oath where

doctors have you know

i really think unwittingly i don't think

it's their fault because they don't

really control the money system but they

are controlled by money but we have a

system that is controlled by money and

the money controls them

and the people making the business money


are overriding the doctor's decision

emphasis on surgery emphasis on

medications and really a a

almost disdain for the idea of

preventative care

you know what it all boils down to quite

frankly is that we are

victims of a machiavellian medical

monopoly we don't have a free medical


we haven't had a free medical

marketplace since the early 1900s and

you know absolute power corrupts


quite frankly if you're not angry

you're simply not paying attention or

you're not educated with the proper

information and that's really not your


because that's the result

of a monopoly right inside of a monopoly

you are spoon-fed what the powers that

be want you to know

which is often very different than the

actual truth of the matter

it's because we have a system of

medicine that is fundamentally stupid

consider how the system works


we do nothing to prevent disease

we wait for people to get sick

once they are sick instead of curing

their disease we suppress the symptoms

by prescribing toxic chemicals and doing


then the toxicity of the chemicals makes

the patient even sicker

creating entirely new diseases

and then finally to hide the fact that

the patient is now sicker than when they


we don't call these new problems


we call them side effects

you if you've been listening my lectures

for last year you know that my passion

is our kids

and experts tell us that our children

are going to be the first generation of

americans that do not live as long as

their parents

this is a catastrophic prediction of

biblical proportions we're talking about

the great flood we're talking about all

of egypt's first barn dying because

pharaoh refused to release the hebrew


can you imagine

everybody in this room burying their


this tells us how terribly the medical

profession has failed us


millions of people have been prescribed

a class of drugs called statins

these drugs are supposed to lower


and thereby

prevent heart attacks

well first of all do they lower

cholesterol and the answer is yeah

they lower cholesterol

but here's a very important question do

they prevent heart attacks

no they don't

are they safe

no they aren't

so if you're taking a statin

you're taking a drug to prevent heart


that does not prevent heart attacks

and further you're taking a drug that is

not safe

and does you harm

now does that make sense

i hate statin drugs i absolutely hate

them i've and yesterday i gave a long

talk explaining i mean there's so much

evidence they caused so many problems

and they certainly don't

it's not a fair tradeoff you'd never

you'd never win in my opinion almost

under any circumstance taking a statin


given all the damage it's going to cause

compared to the slight chance that you

might avoid a heart attack so many

problems and of course the cholesterol

itself is a key one because cholesterol

is so important to all the cells

especially the neurons the brain has 25

percent of the body's cholesterol with

only a small percentage of the body's

mass like three percent or something

they push push push those drugs to these

doctors um for sales they want to get as

many people on these particular

medications as possible an example of

that is how they've done with the

uh with cholesterol how used to a

healthy cholesterol was one level and it

was you know as long as you were that

level it was perfectly fine well they

kept lowering the standard but lowering

the you know oh well if your cholesterol

is that then oh you need a statin

we've been convinced by


35 36 years of pharmaceutical

profiteering that

cholesterol is the antichrist and that

statin drugs are a savior when

quite frankly

just the reverse

is true

low cholesterol levels are associated

with an increased chance of death and

increased chance of cancer

high percentage of birth defects

peripheral neuropathy short temper and

aggressive behavior kidney failure

and dementia

let's take a look at this alzheimer's

was virtually non-existent

until right around 1940 and then it

started to show up and then after 1980

man it skyrocketed it rose

from obscurity

to become the sixth fifth or fourth

leading cause of death depending on how

you crunch the numbers


in 2016 and man it has skyrocketed

but then let's look at something very

fundamental what is the point of paying

attention to cholesterol

the point is said to be prevention of

heart attack and stroke isn't it

all right

do you know what will cut your risk my

risk her risk everybody's risk of heart

attack and stroke by 75 to 80 percent

and you don't have to swallow a thing

do you know what that might be

it's called donating blood

there is research on that from the 1990s

late 1990s

a whole bunch of guys

followed for the an average of eight

years each

the guys who donated blood once or twice

a year had 75 less heart attack and

stroke during that time

now if ward ever got out of about that

what would happen to the sales of

anti-cholesterol medications because

anticholesterol medications cannot drop

the heart attack and stroke risk by 75

to 80 percent

cholesterol is not the antichrist

cholesterol is so important that our

bodies make it every wall

cell wall in the body is made from

cholesterol it cholesterol makes the

cells in our body waterproof this is

very important

everybody thinks cholesterol is a fat

but cholesterol really is an alcohol but

it doesn't

really perform like most alcohols do

it's a little different

cholesterol is extremely important for

your health all of your sex hormones are

made from cholesterol they're made from


you don't have enough cholesterol you

don't have enough sex hormone so guess

what also has been a fall out of fat

free diets and statin drugs

not only does your brain dry up and you

get alzheimer's disease but your sex

hormones dry up so guess what erectile


women get hot flushes now for five years

instead of three months like their

grandparents did why because you have a

bad gene no because you don't have

enough cholesterol

they tell you take this statin drug and

go home and exercise every day and

that's a really bad combination in fact

papers have shown that that exercise is

of no benefit if you're taking a stand


but if you aren't taking a statin drug

then the exercise is good for you you

know so it basically derails your

opportunity to improve yourself through

these other things that are known to be

beneficial they're no longer beneficial

because of the statin

have you heard of alzheimer's disease

it's a physician-caused disease mark my

words write my words in the next two

years maybe even next week it'll pop up

in the newspaper there's more than

enough information

to prove that it's a physician cause


alzheimer's disease is a disease that

did not occur even by another name 40

years ago only became recognized as a

disease in 1979

25 years ago today it's the number four

killer of adults over the age of 65.

if you listen to your doctor and you

give up eggs and eat egg beaters if you

give up butter and eat margarine if you

rip the chicken skin off your chicken

before you eat it eat tofu instead of

red meat

the odds are you're going to get what

alzheimer's disease

fascinates me that they've been able to

do this

incredible sales you know tactic to

convince all the doctors and all the

patients that oh my god i have to take

this drug and when you look actually you

look at statistical i'm always looking

at correlations

fascinatingly enough if you look at the

correlation over time

from hospital discharge data that are

maintained by the uscdc over time

of high cholesterol or high ldl

ldl is going up exactly in step with

glyphosate usage on corn and soy crops

so i think glyphosate is causing our

problem that we have now with too much

cholesterol in our blood

and it's not going up if you look at a

heart attack

it's completely unrelated it's like

doing something completely different

from what the cholesterol is doing

so here they say oh yeah high

cholesterol correlated you know heart

attack it's not true the high

cholesterol is not correlated with a

heart attack

but in this country what's kind of taken

over the news media what's taking over

the pharmacologic media what's taking

over your doctor's office we hear it

every day 15 times a day to watch

television stating statin statin

cholesterol cluster gets cholesterol

down i mean the commercials regarding

statins and cholesterol are almost as

bad as ones involving erectile



the cholesterol-centric


of reducing heart disease is really


i'll show you some data a few minutes


if you look at your cholesterol level

and you treat it with the staffing

50 to 75 percent of you still have a

heart attack

so we have reached a limit in our

ability to reduce cardiovascular disease

based on our present medical treatments

we are a pharmacologically driven


we are not a preventative medicine

country one in every three deaths in

this country is a cardiovascular death

so it's 2200 deaths per day

just from heart diseases

and we can reduce that if we did the

right thing

to 70 to 80 percent

i can say this now with some degree of

authority that the methodologies

the traditional care

the treatments

and even some of the surgeries that

we've been doing for the last 25 to 30

years in cardiovascular disease

are misdirected

they're obsolete

and they're very limited in their scope

alzheimer's disease has long been

believed to be irreversible

but that might finally be about to

change thanks to the work of dr dale

brenneson whose patient showed

subjective memory improvement within

three to six months of treatment

dr bredesen believes that alzheimer's

disease is caused by numerous factors

okay so this is a very exciting time

because we're witnessing the first

reversals of cognitive decline in early

alzheimer's disease and pre-alzheimer's

conditions like mci and sci

so this is an exciting time where we're

able to do things that we weren't able

to do before and one of the things that

we suggest to people is because when you

look at what actually drives alzheimer's

disease at the molecular level what you

find is that there are dozens of

contributors and so we usually tell

people imagine you have a roof with 36

holes in it you're not going to just

cover one hole you're going to cover as

many as you can to get the best result

so if you wanted to go out and give

yourself alzheimer's disease then you

can actually produce the all the

biochemistry of alzheimer's disease

relatively quickly so you would go out

and you would do everything wrong you


eat a lot of trans fats you would eat a

lot of sugar you would not take in a lot

of fiber for example

you would stay up all night you would

not get much sleep you would have a

tremendous amount of stress

you would get a chronic inflammation

so many ways to do that

expose yourself to various organisms or

eating sugar trans fats these sorts of

things you wouldn't want to eat

vegetables and things that actually were

rich with antioxidants so all of those


would help you to drive your own

biochemistry toward the biochemistry

that's associated with high risk for

alzheimer's disease and on the other

hand if you wanted to prevent that you

basically run that in reverse

medical historians in the future will

look back on us and wonder how such an

advanced society could perpetuate such a

colossal blunder

this blunder persists

because conventional medicine

misunderstands the fundamental laws of


modern industrial medicine treats

disease with medication or surgery

when it comes to emergency interventions

this actually works and we have the best

medicine in the world truly the best

medicine in the world when it comes to

trauma care and

emergency care

when someone comes into the emergency

room with a severed leg conventional

medicine treats the problem

with incredible efficiency

but when it comes to chronic illness

this approach simply doesn't work

conventional doctors have thought that

you either have a disease or you don't

you have diabetes or you don't

there are no gray areas

we've developed no protocols for

measuring and intervening in the disease


when it's an initial and most easily

treatable stages

now we live in an age where our

democracy has been hacked money does

call the shots as the movie points out

and unfortunately everybody knows that's


there is hope for changing that

there is an opportunity particularly in

the age of social media

to organize in the same ways

that so many did during the generation

of america's founders to use truth to

use logic to use a clear expression of

what the real public interest is to



the special interests that are trying to


what's good for the public interest



okay uh so this is your

uh prescription medicine case right yes

and you call this your what

my traveling pharmacy it's your

traveling pharmacy


tell me about what you have to take

every day

all right

this row across the top is what i take

in the morning


these bottles here are upside down

because i take them twice a day

and these

i take at night

once a day at night

once a day

twice a day morning and night

once a day in the morning

according to drugwatch.com big pharma

has over 1100 paid lobbyists which

partly explains the influence they have

on capitol hill

from 1998 to 2014 they spent nearly 2.9

billion on lobbying expenses more than

any other industry

the report goes on to talk about the

practice of hiring former government

workers with valuable connections to

gain political clout

the trade group pharma has more than 50

current or former staff members who once

served in the political arena

but the deal is let's say let's say i'm

a doctor and i know this let's say i'm a

you know certified mainstream doctor

okay i'm an alternative doctor but just

pretend that i am

let's say i know these great alternative

medicine things that can help you and

yet i have this you know

drug okay the thing is

you have to realize if i mess up

i am legally responsible for that

because as the licensed doctor when i

give you advice i tell you something to

do and you do it and it goes wrong

then you come and sue me and then what i

have is this thing called insurance

and then so i pass responsibility to the

insurance so the thing is there is

basically it's part of the judicial

branch of our government the way the

courts work that as a

medical professional

if i give you something that helps you

it's a risk to me

versus if i give you a drug it may harm

you but the thing is since it is the

accepted method of treatment it is

easily defensible that this is what's

accepted for this i give you this drug

and if you get sick and then you come

after me i just send it to my insurance

company and they pay for it because it's

on the list of things that get paid for

without even the second thought

they actually have a lot of control and

i think that is a big secret because

we don't have an emphasis on that we

have a big emphasis on diagnosis and and

treatment with pharmaceuticals not on

prevention and it's unfortunately the

case that much of our education in


is biased by uh you know being filtered

through a pharmaceutical lens

we learn about a one gene one ill one

pill model and in this way doctors are

very much only ever taught to manage

symptoms through the use of

pharmaceutical products they aren't

taught about the potential for

individualized risks

often we have to do our own research to

discover how it is that claims to

efficacy are established

well i was on pharmaceuticals that were

prescribed to me


did they offer some benefit yes

but however they also were side effects

pretty severe side effects

there were side effects that i could no

longer i couldn't live with and i was

told by my doctors that i had incurable



they looked at 38 positive trials and of

the 38 positive trials 37 of them were


of the 37 negative trials only three of

them were published 22 of them were

unpublished so really in a locked file

drawer and 11 of them were published as

positive data also often referred to as

data dredging or statistical

manipulation for a specific outcome that

is in service to industry interests so

this is one of the ways that we can be

left with the impression that there is

efficacy when in fact you know in this

case there were equal numbers of

negative and positive studies and we

were only really exposed to the positive

ones to my best understanding there is

an unlimited number of trials that can

be conducted before the two trials are

selected so in many ways that's like

tossing a coin until you get heads as

many times as you want

and when i

started on the the natural path

the holistic path to health it made a

world of difference and there is no

comparison there's absolutely no


so i think doctors are very well-meaning

people and i think that the tools that

they're offered are extremely limited

and they are in no way able

in a 10 minute visit to meet the

complexity of the modern patient right

so doctors can only tell patients what

it is that they've been taught

i think for for a lot of for a number of

years now we've been a pill pushing

society where there's drug companies who

have developed pills for just about

everything just about every condition or

disease that we know of

and i think the public needs to demand


there's other there's other treatments

there's other modalities that we can use

to treat disease and the reason for that

is because

we have pharmaceutical drugs for certain

diseases so you have a system that's

focused on identifying the disease so

that then you can prescribe a medication

but there's many patients that present

with dysfunctions without

yet having a disease and there's

basically not much that you can do

within the traditional healthcare system

because you're looking for what

pharmaceutical can i do to suppress

these symptoms not to understand that

not to try and figure out how does that

how is it intertwined to all the

symptoms that a patient has or the

physical exam that you see or the

symptoms you see on physical

exam it's more of do you or don't you

have this disease and can i give you a

pill for it


president nixon's new secretary of

agriculture earl rusty butts was

determined to make dramatic changes to

the 1930s new deal farming practices

this was the point where food production

in the united states was changed to a

method of farming the land without

giving it any rest and the heavy use of

synthetic fertilizers

president nixon placed butts in the usda

in 1971

at the time butt served as a board

member for several agribusiness firms he

rejected criticism that these ties might

compromise his performance as usda chief

earl butts envisioned an efficient

centralized food system

one that could profitably and cheaply

feed the world by creating mountains of

subsidized corn and soy

busts helped create the low nutrition

fast food nation in which we now live

if you're anything like me you can

remember sitting at the dinner table and

hearing your mother tell you to eat your


despite her please most of us weren't


nbc news reports that 87 of us do not

eat enough vegetables

we're only slightly better at eating


the same report says that only 14 of us

eat the recommended amount of fruit each


but what about the fruit and vegetables

that we do eat

a landmark study by donald davis and his

team of researchers from the university

of texas at austin's department of

chemistry and biochemistry which was

published in december of 2004 in the

journal of the american college of


they studied u.s department of

agricultural nutritional data from both

1950 and 1999 for 43 different

vegetables and fruits and found reliable

declines in the amount of protein

calcium phosphorus iron vitamin b2 and

vitamin c over the past half century

davis and his colleagues place the blame

on the agricultural practices designed

to improve the size growth rate and pest

resistance of the plants that we eat


are 66 of your body's nutrient needs

calcium sulfur zinc magnesium minerals


only thing about minerals is

animals cannot make minerals plants

cannot make minerals if plants could

make minerals

we could bio-engineer lettuce to make

gold we'd all be rich

the only way that minerals get into the


is if they're in the food that we're

eating how do they get into the food

they have to be present in the soil

in which the food is grown

so there's calcium and magnesium and

zinc in the soil or not plus right 56

other minerals there are 60 minerals

that we need 60 minerals that we need

which are essential to human health

there's no place in the topsoil that all

60 minerals are present number one and

number two

when you apply pesticides or herbicides

to the plant

not only do those chemicals kill the

bugs that are trying to eat the plant

they also kill the bacteria in the soil

in which the plant is growing why is

that a deal

because in order for the minerals that

are in the soil to get into the plant

the bacteria have to pre-digest them

the plants are more deficient

we're more deficient

the more deficient we are the sicker we

get and this is why everybody's getting


it's because of mineral deficiencies

which have been accelerated

by agribusiness

these are serious problems

but mother nature has a solution

the human body is a self-repairing

system it's designed to keep you

fully functional and in good health for

a long lifetime

well beyond 100 years

all you have to do is proper maintenance

and to do it right you have to supply

the body with all the nutrients it needs

to build a healthy new cell

and keep it free of toxins that can

interfere with this building process

it's because we're not doing this right

that we're aging so rapidly and so


we are being killed

and nobody goes to jail this

according to the united states

department of agriculture and the

national institutes of health when you


the herbicide glyphosate onto

genetically modified corn and

genetically modified soy

and you feed that to human beings and

then you plot on a graph the incidence

of illness

relative to the use of genetically

modified corn genetically modified soy

sprayed with glyphosate what you see is

a dramatic increase

in liver cancer bile duct cancer kidney

cancer bladder cancer thyroid cancer

death from high blood pressure and death

from stroke i remember when roundup was

invented it was the greatest thing ever

because it killed everything

and then they figured out how they could

make plants that the roundup didn't kill

but it killed everything else so no more

hoe and weeds in the cotton field and no

more weeds in your wheat patch and this

is published and known

for years

inquiring minds want to know if this

stuff is causing cancer and killing us

why is it allowed to be used


follow the money baby

it's sort of like a type of

environmental pollution genetically

modified plants and fish because if they

get out into the wild these non-natural

genes can spread

laterally and have unknown effects in

both populations in the wild as well as

the person eating it

on this particular chart the green line

is the trend before the use of

genetically modified corn and soy and

before the use of glyphosate

the red line is glyphosate use and the

blue line is genetically engineered corn

and soy growth and you can see a direct


between gmo

corn and soy production and the use of

glyphosate with

the incidence of liver and bile duct


that's a thing about about seed wheat

you used to save

seed for next year or buy

just some generic seed at the seed store

for planting well this gmo stuff you

can't do that you've got to buy

something that they've patented i doubt

you could even buy just plain generic

wheat anymore

i'd be surprised

if you have a field and if you plant

something in your field and it spreads

over to my field and i don't want it in

my field but just naturally from the

wind that's an environmental hazard okay

you just contaminated my field with your

environmental hazard you should be

liable for cleaning up the damage in my


and if you plant a crop and some of that


blows into your neighbor's pasture or

field and comes up

monsanto's pissed

thyroid cancer look at the green line

here is the trend before glyphosate

before genetically modified corn and soy

see a difference

ladies and gentlemen this isn't rocket


this is published research

and is evidence


the unbelievable sweep power and control

that agribusiness has

your body does not health of your body

does not matter

to these organizations they are criminal

in my mind

our food has become a slow poison

conventional foods are grown with

insecticides and herbicides and

fungicides and other agricultural

chemicals we know that

but you know what there's a lot of other

chemicals we have to be concerned about

too we are now exposed to hundreds of

chemicals through our food that 60 years

ago we were not exposed to and the

reason is they simply did not exist

glyphosate basically gets everywhere

scientists have found it's in the rain

it's in the air it's in the water that

flows in streams

we're now in a situation where

at least in the united states where we

have a very high density of

glyphosate tolerant gm crops being


the exposure is virtually universal

virtually all if you were to survey the

american population you will find

glyphosate residues in the urine of just

about everybody yeah glyphosate has been

found to be um

present in many

food products in the us

including popular food products that are

fed to children

you know their breakfast cereals etc

in fact

uh after spending a week

in california on a trip a couple of

years ago i had my urine analyzed and i


my glyphosate levels went up to what

were fairly typical

of a

of a u.s citizen

i wasn't very happy with that as you can



and it was worrying


the levels of glyphosate


were present in myself and the vast

majority of americans

were suggested a level of daily intake

that the latest work from my laboratory

indicate would be damaging to health

glyphosate is the main component of weed

killers like roundup

it is a very toxic chemical that has

already been linked to irreversible


damage infertility obesity learning

disabilities and birth defects

in 2009

american farmers


57 million pounds of glyphosate on food


mainly on genetically engineered corn

and soy crops

u.s farmers are now using so much


that researchers are finding it in the

rain in the air in the streams and our

water supplies

our food has become a slow poison and

you really don't know what's going to

happen but the problem is what could

potentially happen the worst thing that

could potentially happen is you could

create you know something like the

bubonic plague or something that just

spreads and kills all the crops or just

poisons people on mass i mean there's a

very dark side that could accidentally

happen it's going to be a disaster

in time it's just a matter of time

they're basically

destroying the soil bacteria

depleting the minerals in the soil

because of the pesticide the herbicide

in particular

is something i've really zeroed in on

and this concept of engineering a plant

to be resistant to an herbicide that

otherwise kills all plants and doing

that by inserting a bacterial gene and

first of all that's extremely not


but what's worse than that is that now

you can just

indiscriminately spray the chemical on

the plant

and the plant soaks it up and doesn't

die and so it ends up in the food chain

so i think that is a really serious

problem particularly when it's combined

with the concept that their site is

harmless to humans so when you believe

it's harmless to humans you're careless

with it

and you end up with a lot of it in the

food that you don't look for

and then people are getting slowly

poisoned and they don't know it we are


slowly here while we have given complete

utter in total control of the medical

marketplace to the mds

and complete utter in total control of

the production of food

to international

agribusiness conglomerates

it's time we all collectively snapped

out of it and woke up

what has changed in the last 50 60 years

the answer is

many things have changed in the last 50

60 years that could be contributing

factors to escalation of these chronic

diseases but the one thing that has

changed that affects every single person

is the way we grow and consume our food

the officials at the fda the epa and the


were diligently following the dictates

of the uh top executives at the

monsantos and the duponts the u.s

government's trying to break down

resistance gmos in

on the part of foreign governments so

the phone calls went from monsanto to

clinton to blair and then to the rower

institute saying

pretty much you have to silence this guy

you you have to shut down this research

and what happened was that he got fired

from his job

he got a gagging order slapped on him so

he was forbidden to talk about his


his house was actually burgled so that

data was stolen

almost routinely if any scientist has

the boldness to publish research that

demonstrates a problem with genetically

engineered food

their research is attacked and they

themselves are attacked and scientists

have been sacked they've lost their job

at research institutes or university

scientists have lost their jobs


even speaking out

and voicing concerns about gmos is very

dangerous in the size of a community

genetically engineered food products

have never been tested for safety

so the long-term effects are


the warnings the science has provided

demand a thorough investigation into

just how much glyphosate human beings

and animals can safely ingest

at present

no such investigation has taken place

and most regulatory agencies choose

instead to rely on industry studies

claiming the glyphosate is safe

this needs to change

the food and drug administration

promoted genetically modified foods in

spite of the warnings from its



in 1980 the u.s sugar producers were

large contributors to the ronald reagan

presidential campaign

after the election reagan appointed john

rusling block as his new agriculture


with his new position

bloc stopped the import of sugar and

limited domestic sugar production

thus creating an artificial shortage of


as a result the sugar growers in the

united states made a lot of money

because sugar prices went to an all-time


the cost of sugar in the united states

was 21 cents a pound as compared to the

world cost of four cents a pound

as a result the soda manufacturers had a

very difficult time making a profit and

switched to the much lower priced high

fructose corn syrup

corn costs very little in the united

states because it is government


you know you go back to 1974 sugar

prices were at the highest they'd ever

been at 57 cents a pound but then by

1978 they were down to eight cents a

pound and so that volatility really i


spurred the fda on you know to make

these these restrictions in 1981 and by

giving loans to the to the uh the sugar

sugar producers

the rise in obesity

and fatty liver

diabetes has just


a brand new study by researchers at duke

university medical center found that

frequent consumption of fructose

this is a type of sugar found in soft

drinks and sweetened juices

raises the risk of non-alcoholic fatty

liver disease

it causes inflammation it causes

scarring of the liver

significant liver damage is more likely

to occur so does sugar cause weight gain


does sugar cause obesity

a factor

is sugar the cause of obesity

not even remotely close

okay and the problem is it's not about

obesity remember it's about metabolic

syndrome and that's where the money goes

i don't even care about obesity what i

care about is people getting sick

because i'm a doctor


here's the problem but i'm going to show

you very quickly that chronic fructose

exposure alone promotes the metabolic

syndrome but we don't do anything about


you would never think about giving your

kid a beer

but you don't think twice about giving

your kid a coke and they do the same


then there is the instance of the dr

pepper bottling company in dublin texas

when all soda pop bottling companies in

the u.s moved to high fructose corn

syrup in the 1980s

dublin refused and continued making

their product with sugar interestingly

as a result the county served by dublin

have reduced amounts of fatty liver

obesity and diabetes as compared to

surrounding counties

but i was i was doing some research and

we are

our county uh erath county which is the

county we're in and then comanche county

and hamilton county and some of those

other surrounding counties are all below

the state average

for obesity for diabetes

we have the data that demonstrates that

they knew what they were doing when we

went low fat in the 1970s

the sugar association knew what it was

doing in fact there is a now

paper trail of the communications


the sugar association and two harvard

school public health scientists

to specifically exonerate sugar and

finger saturated fat as the culprit for


cardiovascular disease debacle

we now have the data to show that that

was completely untrue that we have

actually experienced an increase in

obesity cardiovascular disease type 2

diabetes hypertension lipid problems

cancer and dementia because

of our processed food diet which we were


was healthy

and they knew back in the 1970s that

that was not the case

fluoridation of the drinking water

supply is done to get rid of the toxic

waste hexafluorosilicic acid from the

smokestack scrubbers of aluminum and

fertilizer factories

this practice has caused cancer and

brain damage for almost 50 years

the aluminum and fertilizer industries

would have to pay a fortune to dispose

of the hexafluorosilicic acid if it were

not for the municipal water fluoridation

research done by harvard university

showed that municipal water fluoridation

damages the brains of children causing

them to have lower iqs

sometimes by as much as 10 points

cdc osha and other government agencies

classify fluoride as a very dangerous

toxic substance fluoride is a carcinogen

and the fluoride from aluminum and

fertilizer plants also has mercury and

other dangerous toxins in it dr dean

burke of the national cancer institute

said fluoridation is a form of public

mass murder and he also said in point of

fact fluoride causes more human cancer

death and causes it faster than any

other chemical so the honest answer is

that the ada is probably the biggest

political machine in the u.s spends the

most money on lobbying

is able to hood wink most of the

organizations and the health

organizations in the u.s including the


the fda and the epa

into allowing water fluoridation and the

aluminum industry basically hasn't had

to do anything because the ada has

stepped in


kind of carried it as its baby as its


the thing is in chemistry when you have

waste you know it's easy just to pour

things down your sink that doesn't cost

anything but you have to pay a lot more

money to dispose of it as a hazardous

chemical so you know a lot of people try

to take shortcuts by just dumping their

waste right into the water supply and so

that's basically what they're getting

away with as far as putting that into

the water

and then it's even better if then they

can convince municipalities that hey

this is a good thing you need fluoride

in your water

so fluoride specifically competes with


on the physiologic level so iodine is

necessary for the production of thyroid

hormone and this is why

theoretically it can be an endocrine


so fluoride in the water is another

prime example like high fructose corn

syrup right how the establishment has

purposefully hijacked people's health

and well-being right fluoride has been

proven scientifically for a long time to

be a

neurotoxin right it's a freaking


well here are five

of the studies in the choi review this

is their table

um or part of it

and these were all statistically

significant you can see all the the

drops of iq there and those are the

levels of fluoride in the high fluoride

once you've got these studies showing

lowering of iq at these concentrations

there is no margin of safety to protect

all our kids from having their mental

development impaired by drinking

fluoridated water and that's

particularly true of bottle-fed infants

at the very beginning when their brains

are developing but basically iq follows

a normal distribution curve

the the bell-shaped curve

the bell the heart of the bell is the


most people have an average if you're

looking at height weight

but look at the two tails of this

bell-shaped curve

and the green

the area under the curve

that's the number of kids above an iq of

about 130

those kids are very bright or geniuses

now at this end of the curve the magenta

is the frac that that area under the

curve is the fraction of the population

which is mentally handicapped

now if you were to shift downwards by

five iq points the average would drop

from 100 to 95

but look what this shift does to the two


it halves the number of geniuses in your


and it doubles the number of mentally


and i don't think i need to say much to

convince you that this would have huge

social ramifications and economic


and i think as we know that fluoride

incorporates into the body and we're

only excreting about half of it it can

certainly go to other organs in the body

besides the kidney

because it's going to get circulated in

the blood

fluoride is a neurotoxin with damaging

effects to our brain when it is ingested

it is incredibly crucial that we

differentiate between topical fluoride

and systemic fluoride which would be

ingesting it in the form of our water so

when we look at the case of babies for

instance and formula it is recommended

that you do not use fluoridated water in

baby formulas now what are the chances

that every single person every parent on

the planet

knows that they need to have a fluoride

filter for their water that they use to

make formula for their babies

it makes people more dependent it makes

people weaker

there's actually plenty of studies that

have shown because it's a neurotoxin it

lowers people's

will it lowers people's uh

you know like questioning it lowers

people's like thinking and creativity

and all the stuff that sort of you know

like raises them up you know it keeps

them keeps you down it keeps you down

it's a freaking neurotox

and here's the thing is that it's sort

of like this rabbit hole or you know

this this crumbling effect because once

you start to realize that there's

actually way better solutions for health

than what the doctors tell you

right and then it's almost like oh my

god like the whole world sort of turns

upside down

i think what's important from a clinical


is that the ketogenic diet is used for

drug resistant or drug refractory

epilepsy so when drugs fail to control


we know that producing this state of

ketosis which could be achieved through


but that's fairly self-limiting you can

only fast for a certain amount of time

whereas the ketogenic diet can produce

sustained levels of ketosis

independent of fasting

and when and when one has achieved

sustained ketosis

that has been a highly effective tool

for the metabolic management of epilepsy

and now we're realizing that it's not

only epilepsy and the observation that

we made in our lab is that nutritional

ketosis is a highly effective tool

for the management of aggressive

metastatic cancer

and it does that by

suppressing the the hormone insulin

and reducing blood glucose and elevating


and those three things are very powerful

regulators of cancer growth and

metabolism cancer is an out of control


and almost half the population is now

projected to get some form of cancer in

their lifetime

and it's getting worse every year

after accidents cancer is now the

leading cause of death for children

and nearly half of all deaths from eight

categories of cancer including bone

cancer cancer of the cervix and thyroid

cancer all occur

in people under 34 years of age

meanwhile studies show that modern

medicine's treatment of cancer

doesn't work

and that the death rate from cancer

today is no better than it was in 1950.

in short

no progress has been made


hundreds of billions of dollars spent on

cancer research

unfortunately the cancer industry goes

to great lengths to obscure these truths

and is generally successful in doing so

virtually no one needs to suffer from


the knowledge we already have

is sufficient to both prevent

and reverse cancer all we need to do is

put this knowledge to work

so it's been known for years

that cancer cells have accelerated rates

of sugar metabolism they

require levels of of sugar to sustain

their growth and proliferation that are

200 times higher than normal tissues

so the ketogenic diet restricts

sugar and glucose availability to

cancer cells


when a human being is nutritionally

deficient you'll go to olive garden

you'll chow down three thousand calories

in a heartbeat and then you go home and

three hours later you're hungry again

but your medical doctor has a cure for

that they cut your stomach out

gastric bypass surgery or they'll wrap a

belt around your stomach and strangle it

make it smaller lap band surgery oh

that's a good idea or they'll give you

anti-depressants remember pharmaceutical

centrist surgical centers therapeutics

the intention of which or not to cure


our experience is

when human beings are nutritionally


you only eat as much food as you need

and then you walk

away so

cribbing in human beings

due to nutritional deficiency

is in my opinion the leading cause of


because you're eating too many calories

because you are nutritionally deficient

and this is the secret to weight loss

that not even oprah knows

interestingly enough this same behavior

this drive to fulfill an internal need

we believe is also the leading cause of

the abuse of

alcohol street drugs


people don't go to these things because

they have innate self-destructive

tendencies i'm sure some people do

but most people are driven

to those things because they're trying

to fulfill a need they have to do it

they're trying to fulfill a need what's

the need they don't know i do

it's nutritional deficiencies



numerous scientific studies have shown

that religiously observant people in the

united states live longer than the

non-faithful regardless of which

religion they practice regular religious

attendance can increase life expectancy

by 1.8 to 3.1 years there have even been

certain cases where religious faith has

cured disease when standard medical

practice could not

hi i'm pastor bob barker of crossroads

community church here in uptown dallas

several years ago back to 1995 i because

i'm a public speaker went to a plastic

surgeon because i had something on my

forehead that needed to be taken off it

bothered me it didn't bother anyone else

while i was there i told the doctor i

said can you take this little thing off

on the side here said yes not a problem

then i showed him a place on my knee and

it was the way he said it he said that's

coming off

when the biopsy report came back this

one was okay this one was okay but the

one on my knee was not

he said you know i'm not going to pull

any punches with you because we really

don't have time he said i've already

made an appointment for you at texas

oncology at presbyterian hospital

and i waited and waited and waited

finally the doctor came in and she was a

short little girl

right out of bed school very very

prominent in oncology and she said you

know i don't give you very long to live

well i told her i said you know what i

have four daughters i want to graduate

from high school i want to see them walk

down the aisle i want to be the one

walking down the aisle i want to see my


and she said

well let's see she gave me between six

and nine months

a year later

when i walked in for my first oncology


she was walking pacing back up in front

of the door she saw me sitting on the

exam table and she kept looking at her

report kept going back and forth that

already run all the tests and she was

shocked she said you know i didn't

expect to see you here

i said remember i told you that i would

see you i said first off someone is 5'2

dripping wet maybe 103 pounds is not

going to tell me i have to die

and i said in there she walked back and

forth and she had my chart she walked in

she said you know i didn't think i'd see

you i said i could tell

i could tell

you're really disappointed because you

you said that i was gonna die



i'm back

i was thankful

i was thankful every year when they did

the blood work and they did the scans

that there was nothing when they took

the baseline shauna there had been no


she said what's wrong she said i was

messing up her whole her whole thing

i said i wasn't doing it i said but i

know somebody that was

and she kept saying all i know about

that pma that i said this can't be

positive mental attitude because i

cannot positively change my body

chemistry with my mind

but i know somebody who can

and i was thankful

i was thankful

blue zones are places on the earth where

people have been statistically proven to

live longer

one of the components to all those blue

zones is they have faith


so what are the big secrets in medicine

well i think one big secret is that

they're most of the chronic diseases


people suffer from are completely

preventable but

the secret is that you have to focus on

prevention and have a more

functional approach and not just focus

on the disease

but yet

most of these chronic diseases are

totally preventable if patients are

educated and they are

able to

change their lifestyle their nutrition

the thoughts that they think the

way the stress affects their body they

actually have a lot of control and i

think that is a big secret because

we don't have an emphasis on that we

have a big emphasis on diagnosis and and

treatment with pharmaceuticals not on


so this is the thing ladies and

gentlemen from our

point of view

all chronic illnesses are curable

neurological illnesses are amongst the

hardest to get on the other side of

but we've all seen patients with

multiple sclerosis lou gehrig's disease

parkinson's disease recover

they're the exceptions not the rule

but we've seen it happen so therefore we

know that it can happen but my point is

even for the stuff that's really

difficult to get on the other side of

you have to give your body a fighting

chance you have to give your body the

stuff that it needs to attempt to fix


this is just smart medicine


you know we learned how to uh have

public sanitation


more regular food and that increased the

quality of our life and increased our

lifespan doubled our lifespans well this

is the next iteration of that same


just like if you had a friend who had a

problem or two friends who had an

argument you would listen to both sides

of the story

and unfortunately what we're doing with

our health is largely we're just

listening to one side of the story we're

just hearing one perspective on how we

could treat that issue

and the truth is is that there's always

two sides of the story there's always

two perspectives so this tip is about

recognizing that you have the power you

have the intelligence you have

everything that you need to be able to

go and make a decision for yourself

and if you decide that the mainstream

model is what's right for you and is

what you want to do then that is

fantastic i'm in no way discouraging you

from doing that

but you do need to feel empowered to

make a decision for yourself and to not

just accept something because an

authority figure told you to really

think about that issue think about your

body and your life and make a decision

that you feel good about

one other question you don't have to

answer it but like last year a lot of

people died like nick gonzalez and

there's all sorts of speculation it

seems too highly improbable if you don't

want to answer it you don't have to i

appreciate it i'm not going



i'm not sure i want to answer that



so regarding the recent deaths of many

of these integrative physicians

i'm not a conspiracy theorist

but it sure looks suspicious that um

there's been so many deaths and they've

all been sort of so under such


suspicious whatever you want to call it


and that so many of them are doctors who

are practicing

a more

holistic type of medicine that does

really concern me


we got the power to change the world to

change the world

change the world we got the power

making progress every day


politicians that we do that too

every day we pave the


to change way world we got the power to

change the world


we're educators filmmakers and

scientists too and we do


ambassadors queens and yes presidents


making progress every day

we're mothers grannies aunties and

sisters too



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