June 23, 2024

The Weather Company migrates to a secure, scalable global architecture in the IBM Cloud

Published May 21, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

The weather Company, an IBM Business, announced today that it has migrated its global weather forecasting infrastructure to the IBM cloud. The move will provide The weather Company with the ability to scale its forecast capabilities on demand and improve security and resiliency.

The weather Company’s new global architecture is based on the IBM cloud’s public, private, and hybrid capabilities. The weather Company is using IBM cloud bare metal servers for its production weather forecasting applications. The company is also using the IBM cloud for its development and test environments.

The weather Company’s decision to move to the IBM cloud was driven by the need for a more secure and scalable global infrastructure. The IBM cloud provides The weather Company with the ability to scale its forecast capabilities on demand and improve security and resiliency.

The weather Company’s migration to the IBM cloud is part of a larger trend of weather companies moving to the cloud. In 2017, AccuWeather migrated its global weather forecasting infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). In 2018, the United Kingdom’s Met Office migrated its weather forecasting infrastructure to Azure.

The weather Company’s new global architecture on the IBM cloud will help the company provide more accurate and timely forecasts to its customers around the world.

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the weather company's mission is to map

the atmosphere of the park and based on

that generate the most accurate and

hyperlocal forecasts which can be served

out to all our consumers and devices

which number in millions across the

globe weather is unpredictable and we

need to be able to spin up and spin down

as fast as weather happens our normal

day-to-day load is 30 million unique

users and when we peak into severe

weather that can go north of 100 million

across our products so we generate

forecasts on demand and our forecasts on

demand system is responsible for

generating forecasts at a resolution of

one square kilometer grade we deliver

forecasts on demand to the tune of 250

billion per day on the backside of that

is our API platform and that system

operates at the scale about 150,000

requests per second if our products

don't work and don't work fast people's

lives are in danger

imagine a hurricane is approaching east

coast of the United States as it is

approaching the coast usage of my

weather data goes up tremendously it can

go up from anywhere from two times to

five times it took us six months to

migrate and to IBM kubernetes from our

previous provider and what we've noticed

is some real efficiencies with DevOps

it's produced our workflow in pipeline

bar about 80 percent with the latest

hurricane we were able to scale with IBM

cloud very easily very seamlessly ibm's

community service allows us the scale as

fast as the weather happens as we

migrate it our web platform to IBM cloud

kubernetes services one of the biggest

advantages is that this is a managed

service which allows our team not to

have to babysit our system enables them

to do other work with the migration to

IBM cloud kubernetes we've gained the

ability to have automation security

began this was a feature in the

component that was very male for us in

the past

IBM security team proactively now

notifies us

security vulnerabilities the the tools

and the investment that the companies

made gives us capabilities that we would

have never had before it gets us very

excited and it gives our developers and

engineers opportunities to build new

things that they wouldn't have otherwise

been able to do the global reach that

IBM and the IBM cloud together with our

technology with our capabilities for

forecasting give us the ability to

extend our products and services to keep

people safe all over the world



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