June 17, 2024

Updates! New Ride Closure Warning at Islands of Adventure | Fantastic Food Review | Plus

Published May 21, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

Welcome to my blog post about the latest adventure news!

Islands of Adventure is set to close one of its most popular rides, the Incredible Hulk Coaster, on September 8th. The ride has been in operation since 1999, and has been a favorite among thrill seekers.

The closure of the Hulk Coaster comes as a surprise to many, as the ride was recently updated with a new track and trains. It is unclear why the ride is being closed, but it is likely due to low ridership.

In other news, a new food review blog has been launched by Rix Flix. The blog, called Fantastic Food Review plus, will feature reviews of popular restaurants and food trucks in the Orlando area.

Rix Flix is a local foodie who has been featured on the Food Network and in the Orlando Sentinel. He is excited to share his love of food with the world, and hopes to help others find great places to eat in Orlando.

Check back soon for more adventure news and updates!

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there's another ride closure I need to

warn you about


hey what's going on everybody Rick here

back at Universal's Islands of Adventure

they gave you some Park updates show you

what's new and in addition to that ride

closure warning I have a price increase

warning and I'll do another bonus update

at the end of this video lots of school

groups here today so I think I will use

the exclusive Pass Holder entrance it's

mid-may and it's going to get up to 91

degrees today

well I guess there's no reason to delay

the price entries information I have for

you as I've been going through the

parking tools recently I have noticed I

haven't seen the prime parking drop down

to 40 dollars in a long long time so I

had a conversation with a parking toll

attendant and she told me she thinks the

40 price has gone away perhaps forever

but she wasn't sure she says what

they're doing now is they're charging

fifty dollars as the lowest rate for

weekday prices and the weekends are

going to be sixty dollars for Prime

parking and like I said she thinks 40

pricing is gone but she's not 100 sure I

think she's right I think they're done

with the 40 Prime parking

Friday May 19th is the date of the last

grad Venture could be the reason why I'm

seeing a lot of students today

construction walls remain at the

entrance to Seuss Landing but today it's

not so noisy Behind the Walls

not gonna lie I start thinking about

where I'm going to have lunch on the

drive into the park I never figured out

before I park in fact I still don't have

it figured out I just know it's not

going to be at Green Eggs and Ham

and the reason why I struggle with my

decision is I've pretty much eaten and

shown you about 90 percent of the food

here at Islands of Adventure the only

stuff I haven't shown is stuff I'm

really not too excited to eat like I

don't know octopus

Poseidon's Fury has permanently closed

that's why none of the water features

are working but that doesn't explain why

the Mythos waterfall isn't working

unless one spigot controls all the water

here we're gonna go behind Mythos now

because I do have a small update to

share with you back here this little

spot back here used to be full of tables

and umbrellas and chairs but they have

all been removed

I'm wondering why I might speculate on

that in just a second

hello velocity coaster it could be

because we've had a lot of

coolers and middle schoolers here

Loosely supervised for a grad bash and

Grand Adventure and maybe uh maybe

Universal was worried about those kids

making a mess so they took them away

temporarily I'll keep an eye out see if

they return though before we go one more

shot of the Velocity coaster

the mosasaurus role bringing the

conversation back to Poseidon's Fury

even though it's closed still used as a

photo opportunity a lot of people still

come back here and take a photo with the

facade in the background and it still

has its Shady resting spot and now

bringing the conversation back to

octopus I believe Mythos serves octopus

the host is here at Mythos informally

they have a newer dish one I haven't

tried before so let's go to Mythos today

and get the lamb loin

Mythos is a table service restaurant

located in the Lost Continent area of

Islands of Adventure it's an elevated

menu and highly regarded and if you're

unsure about that there's a sign right

above the door to remind you

before I show you the food here's a

quick look around the Mythos restaurants


there you go


friends is the beautifully plated lamb

loin for 35

Mediterranean spice rub lamb loin spring

pea coolest couscous roasted radish and

crispy asparagus the camera eats first

but now it's my turn


and how about this you guys are getting

an early quick Food review normally this

doesn't happen until the end of the

video but oh my goodness the lamb loin

was impressive very very tender the

seasoning on it perfect they cook on it

the temperature perfectly cooked tender

delicious I could have used a couple

more bites it was so delicious now that

was the star of the dish but I will

comment on the side dishes the couscous

I was a little unsure of that in the

beginning it took me about four or five

bites to really get into it first time

I've ever had couscous but then I really

got into it and I ate it all and I

really like underneath the couscous was

a like a spring pea coolest that was a

nice touch to the couscous and then the

asparagus crispy asparagus I've never

had crispy asparagus so I did enjoy the

texture and the crispiness of the

asparagus didn't care so much for the

radish but that's just me I'm not a

radish kind of guy but all in all I

loved the dish I would totally have it

again it totally goes on the

recommendation list now I think it's

kind of new so hopefully it's there for

a while and now that we have the quick

Food review completed let's move on down

the road and get to that ride closure

that I have to warn you about the ride

that's closing not Hagrid's it's a 75

minute wait right now to the contrary

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

is just a 20 minute wait and it is the

ride that is closing it's closing on

June 8th but just for one day just for

routine maintenance

what do they have in here King Kong

I'll tell you what they have in here

Florida's best roller coaster on this

day at this hour a 55 minute wait

and you realize you really you forgot

your sunscreen or maybe you just ran out

of sunscreen rest assured they sell

sunscreen in just about every store

if you're getting value out of the video

if it's helped you in any way I want you

to click that subscribe button I will

wait here until the next Splashdown to

give you time to do so shouldn't be more


eight to ten seconds this real fast just

click the Subscribe button

and then after you've done that you can

enjoy the Splashdown

here in tune Lagoon

there were construction laws here they

are now gone all the construction walls

are gone as well as Marmaduke

Marmaduke is gone first the leash was

gone and now the dog it's all gone

we'll have returned you know I'm gonna

keep my eye on it I'll figure it out all

of the water effects are in full effect

today my favorite cooling zone is not

working if you haven't seen it working

I'm sorry you missed it this whole

complex of stores it's actually one

store I know it has an official name I

do not know that name I just call it the

Flash Gordon store because of the

obvious Landmark we're looking at let's

go inside and see what they have here's

a Popeye shirt for 27 dollars

is your head on Popeye's body this one

here is 25

no sleeves so you can show off your


the new Pass Holder Lounge was the old

Betty Boop shop but don't despair Betty

Boop is in here

35 for this ladies tank top

red lips and curvy hips

fifteen dollars for the mug

inside outside the other side

all around

it's Betty Boop and look at this they

are selling grad bash t-shirts class of

23 now the the sticker here says 30 but

the sign above it says 10.

I'm going to assume since grad bash is

over these are on sale for 10.

I have a suggestion for the pass holder

Lounge it would be nice if there was a

Coke freestyle machine in there

they have the Arctic freeze and you can

buy bottle Cokes but no Coke freestyle


saying that would be a nice addition

as well as a bathroom oh boy oh boy do

we have a new prize for you here in the

Midway games here at the balloon pop

game get a load of these

look at these I know you're excited

Among Us prizes

watch if anything is happening inside of

Marvel Superhero Island just a friendly

reminder the Kingpin arcade is here I

never show it but it is here if you want

to go play some games in fact one of the

games this claw game has Among Us prizes

too they're way easier to win at the

balloon pop game though leave a comment

in this video should I have included the

Hulk on rides that make you sick


but it was not an official top six item

and if you have not seen that video I'll

leave a link to it

just like last week's Islands of

Adventure update video the bonus update

lies inside of Universal Studios Florida

this year's summer tribute store is

taking shape it is the making of

Jurassic Park in honor of the film's

30th Anniversary the sign says coming

soon but I think it's going to open next

weekend with previews this upcoming

Thursday now one would hope there would

be new 30th Anniversary merchandise in

the store when it opens

but wait what is this a second bonus

update it's inside of the Universal

Studio store in CityWalk for 37 the new

quidditch Captain t-shirts there's

Hufflepuff Harry's house the malfoys are

in this one and the house of the eagle

ravensclaw these are the shirts that

match these hats but here's the thing

those new shirts I don't like them the

neckline too swoopy just look at it 100

way too swoopy and I guess we'll just

end the video right there don't miss the

magic don't miss the fun thanks for

watching and now it's time to relax



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