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12 KINETIC Gadgets That Will BLOW Your Mind

Published May 22, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Bethany

1. 12 kinetic gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

2. These 12 gadgets are so kinetic, they'll blow your mind!

3. From a kinetic watch to a kinetic pen, these gadgets are sure to impress.

4. Check out these 12 kinetic gadgets that are sure to blow your mind!

5. From a kinetic knife to a kinetic flash drive, these gadgets are sure to impress.

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12 kinetic gadgets that will blow your


toys aren't just for kids

sometimes your workplace can get boring

and there's nothing like spicing things

up a bit with a few gadgets

but what sort of the core should you get

you could go for this beautiful and

mesmerizing moonlight that levitates

or you could go for an old-fashioned

newton cradle


if you want something new that you can

play with mindlessly

then the bottle of ferrofluid will blow

your mind

here are 12 kinetic gadgets that will

blow your mind

number 12

levitating moon lamp

are you one of those people that could

stare at the night sky admiring the moon

and the stars all night

well if you are

here's the perfect lamp for you

this gadget doesn't just look

mesmerizing to the eye but it also

levitates making it that much cooler

the best part is that the moon lamp

wirelessly charges while it's levitating

so you don't have to keep plane disk on

your table while it's charging

inside the moon there are led lights

that can change from a gradient of warm

yellow to white automatically

if this hasn't convinced you that it's

the perfect gift

then wait till you realize the designers

of this gadget have accurately marked

each crater of the moon

number 11


some days are just plain boring

you don't have any work to do and the

day doesn't seem to move on

so to give your day some dynamic and


here's the visual illusion ball that

spins as the spiral on it looks like it

constantly moves

however in reality it's all just an

illusion but your brain doesn't know


it's made of high quality materials that

let it spin silently for a few minutes

not only will you be able to look at it

for hours

but it also won't make any clicking or

tapping noises that could potentially

disturb anyone around you

number 10 newton's cradle

in a list of motion gadgets we can't

forget the age-old newton's cradle

it's a classic for a reason

it looks good in every environment and

has a simple yet fascinating momentum

moreover if you're a teacher it can

double as a physics aid to help your

students understand what newton laws are


this specific one is made of durable

stainless steel and has an amazing

reflective surface on the balls

it's almost impossible not to look at

yourself in it


number nine

magnetic decision maker the 8 ball

decision maker is out of the game

there's a better and much cooler version

of it

with just a ball hanging from a string

you can decide if you should do that

pending assignment today or later just

move the little ball and it'll stop

above and answers which include maybe

definitely no way try again and ask a


the best part is

you'll never have to worry about

breaking it like an eight ball since

it's literally made of steel

number eight

kinetic galaxy

this gadget is particularly loved by

space fanatics who can't get enough of

outer space

the kinetic galaxy desk toy isn't just

beautiful when it moves

it has a holographic color shifting

effect on the rings that looks

mesmerizing even when it's still

just spin the cone and watch the amazing

metallic orbits move about in intricate


moreover you get to build this gadget by

yourself like a lego project

don't worry

the instructions are included so you

don't get too lost

something this fancy would look amazing

on a bookshelf or in your kid's room if

he or she is into astronomy or science

number seven

the flux

many gadgets need batteries or

electricity to continue moving

but this one just looks like it runs on


other than being incredibly attention


the flux is also fun to play with

it's basically a solid piece of metal

with a super strong magnetic ball that

creates an unusual anti-gravity effect

on any surface

once you drop the metal ball into the

copper tube

you can watch it descend down as if it's

happening in slow motion

it'll pop out of the end without even

touching the tube in a tiny bit

it's totally a conversation starter a

stress reliever and a fidget toy all

wrapped in one

number six

limbo top

remember the plastic tops you used to

play with as a kid

those boys are all grown up now and

thanks to limbo

they look sleeker than ever

this self-balancing electric gadget

looks like pure magic with the way it

smoothly spins

but unlike the spinning tops you played


this top refuses to fall

in fact

it has a world record for the longest

spinning mechanical top that lasted 27


9 minutes and 24 seconds

fidget spinners are long gone

but this mesmerizing toy that looks

unreal is here to replace it

you can buy a pack of three

four or just a pair for yourself

but as a gift

it's even better

number five

the swinging sticks

not everyone likes clunky and colorful


and if you're one of those people

then here's the pick for you

the swinging sticks is a sleek and

sophisticated gadget that looks like it

defies gravity

its double pendulum creates such a

smooth and fluid like movement that you

won't be able to look away

the ratings can change speeds as well as


so this motion sculpture will baffle

anyone who looks at it

since it's a simple design

it's perfect for conference rooms your

office display windows or even a simple

coffee table


this piece of art is completely silent

and perfect for medical and professional


number four

3d mirroscope

if you're someone who gets bored with

the same gadget way too fast then this

one's perfect for you

the mirascope is an object that takes

small objects and uses an optical

illusion to create 3d holographic


the item comes with a tiny plastic frog

along with instructions

but the object displayed can be changed


you can display a new object every week

or even day

other than being absolutely perfect for

your work or coffee table

is also a great conversation piece

along with admiring the 3d hologram

you can run your fingers through it and

watch how it disappears

number three

anti-gravity gyroscope

what's better than a decor piece

at a core piece that you can play with

this anti-gravity gyroscope is made of

zinc alloy which means that it won't

rust and you can keep on your tablet for

a good couple of years

other than looking like a fancy gadget

from the steampunk era

it can even be played with

it assembles into a spinning top that

you can hold

but what's better is that it can help

you relax because of how simple this

gadget is to use

not only will your kids like it but

you'll find yourself fidgeting with it

now and then

number two

magic drinking bird

everyone learns about condensation and

mass and science during elementary


but the amazing concept behind this toy

attracts adults too

the classic magic drinking bird is one

of the oldest novelty toys that uses

science to work

this silly bird has fluid which

evaporates from the beak making its top

heavier than the bottom

and when this happens it bobs up and

down almost like it's drinking water

from the glass near it

as long as the bird can reach the water

level in the glass it'll keep bobbing up

and down

if your office space looks dull and


then this cheerful bird will definitely

add a pop of color to it

number one

ferrofluid in a bottle

you've heard of magnetic objects right

but have you heard of magnetic material

in liquid form

ferrofluid is a liquid that's attracted

to the poles of a magnet

and this gadget has a small amount of it

inside a bottle that you can play with

it's almost like a little monster in a

bottle that moves about on your command

these nanoscale magnetic particles are

suspended in a transparent liquid

when it's not disturbed and in a relaxed


the liquid looks like any other goo or


but bring it closer to a magnet and

you'll see how it spikes

stretches and moves about


comment below which of these kinetic

gadgets you want to get your hands on


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