May 29, 2023

BEAUTY NEWS - 20 November 2020 | My French is impeccable Ep. 286

Published May 22, 2023, 8:20 p.m. by Bethany

It's been another big week in the world of beauty! We've rounded up the latest and greatest beauty news so you can stay up-to-date on all the latest trends, products, and more!

This week, we're talking about a new beauty subscription service, a major beauty retailer's expansion plans, and a new study that sheds light on how often women are wearing makeup. Read on for all the details!

Beauty News:

1. Birchbox is launching a new subscription service specifically for hair care products.

2. Sephora is planning to open 100 new stores in the next three years.

3. A new study finds that women are wearing makeup less often than they did a decade ago.

That's all the beauty news for this week! Be sure to check back next week for more latest and greatest in the world of beauty!

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hello beauty news family look at us

we're back back in the studio uh

this is the 20th of november edition

we're going to be talking about new

release beauty products and

updates of things that we've talked

about in the past yep we do actually

have some updates

so we're gonna dig into it um we're

gonna start with

jlo beauty now this

we haven't seen products uh we've seen

images and we know

some release dates so there's going to

be early access

for products on the 8th

of december so if you're super keen on

this put it in your diary

but the actual brand launch

is the first of january 2021

yeah so we'll probably uh keep you

updated or when we find out what the

products are

we'll let you know we've only really

seen some hints at things

all right it's time for holiday stuff

we're going to start with dominique

cosmetics so these are the lip

glitz packs these are available now if

you're interested

so we have heat of the moment which is a


ultra glossy fire engine red and we have

inner daze which is a soft and sweet

shimmering glossy nude they're both

28 each they're saying that the formula

includes an extremely hydrating

vitamin e so not only will your lips

look juicy and supple you'll feel the

hydration all night long

so each pack contains a lip gloss and

a lip liner you can also get the holiday

glitz bundle which contains both lip


and a red organza bag for 45 dollars

that's a saving and if you wanted to

hang them on your tree

they've got a little loop christmas

ornaments yay

all right we've seen the big holiday

collection from kylie cosmetics so last

week we talked about the alter

release and this is like the official

one that we've been waiting for

um so this is a collaboration with

the grinch um and this is launching on

the 19th

of uh november so when you're watching

this it's sort of out now

i think the grinch is actually a cool

vibe because it's christmas related but

it's also like a twist on christmas yeah

and they're leaning into the greens

which is sort of trendy so

it makes a lot of sense we've seen the


pressed powder palette this is 40 us

dollars the four

piece shadow stick set this is 24 us


the six piece lipstick set 60 us dollars

the grinch matte lip kit 29

the high gloss ornament 16 the olive

liquid liner pen which is like a

liquid liner pen in an olive shade which

is cool 18

the shimmer eye glaze 20 the littlest of


highlighter 20 max the reindeer blush

18 the complete holiday collection


265 or uh there's also the kylie's

holiday favorites bundle 135 or you can

even go bougier and get the signed

grinch pr

box for 375 dollars so for a box and a

signature you're paying an extra hundred

and ten dollars which is look

some kylie fanatics out there sure um

i i like this collection i like the

palette it's like

brown and gold and like olive toned

um the lip colors there's a lot of red

and nude going on like

red lipstick red lip uh kit um

nude lip glosses it's all sort of i'm

digging it's a weird collaboration but i

quite like the product so

that's nice i don't i'm trying to think

about when was the last time we saw

a grinch collection we've never seen one

i don't think we have

i've never seen a grinch collection so

this is yeah i think it's kind of fresh

i like it

it's i mean i don't want to buy any of

it good on her

yeah i think look i think the colors are

trendy um

and the packaging is very collectible

for people that like

the grinch um and it sort of yeah makes

sense it's weird but it makes

sense and i i like the palette okay the

next thing

is from huda beauty we've seen their

advent calendar

so it is a 12

12 door calendar or 12 box calendar it's

in the shape of geometric lips i kind of

don't hate it

um but essentially it contains 12 best

sellers from

huda beauty kayali and wishful skin

it retails for 175 us dollars or 153


at huda beauty shop it's available

now okay we've seen the wet and wild

holiday collection this is the star

lux collection um there's a shadow quad

uh there's three different shades

available they're 4.99

each there's a glitter highlighting duo

again 4.99 each

three different shades there's the lip

glosses these are 299

and they come in five different shades


two scents of lip scrub these are 3.99

there's a sugar cookie and a sugar plum

and then we also have

the star lighter brush 4.99

so they're all quite affordable um what

i find interesting like the quads i

think are actually quite nice colors

um they've gone sort of nude they've

gone green

um and they've got like pressed glitter

which is going to be

do you like it up to you um but what i

find interesting is the highlighted duos

there's one side that looks like a

traditional highlighter and then one

side that's like

pressed star glitter what are they doing

and then one's like a rose gold one's a

silver and one's a gold

i have no i i sort of want to smudge

these and see what it is it's [ __ ]

pouring is it is it like maybe a

vaseline type product like a jelly a

jelly with glitter in it it's really


we've seen some new lipsticks from this

is non-holiday stuff yeah non-holiday


uh anastasia beverly hills so

these are satin lipsticks the formula is

described as

smooth and creamy it comes in three

shades you've got

praline teas and velvet so they're

available now you can pick them up at

cult beauty and at the abh

website they look nice enough three new

nude shades yeah i find this strange

though because look i'm glad they're

bringing out

a non-matte lipstick because they've had

their matte bullet lipsticks for a long

time yeah

and i think the problem with them has

been that

they are quite a firmer lipstick uh they


look nice on the lips and once you get

them on there they wear quite well

yeah but it's a bit of effort because

they're quite dry

um but i remember when they launched

those they were really proud of their

uh range they had like purple and blue

and gray and all this other stuff

and i remember they neglected the reds

and oranges because they're like no one

wants red and orange and people like

what are you talking about

you made [ __ ] purple blue and gray

like and they had like one red or

something yeah but i find it strange

that they go from

being like here's a huge range of

lipsticks to his three nude shades

yeah like that's a very weird sort of

turn around like they bombard you with

palettes all

last year and they're like he has three

[ __ ] massive palettes

within a month and then like oh we're

releasing a new lipstick formula but

three shades it's a bit weird yeah

they're pretty but you know it's a bit


um we do have something from abh for

black friday as well we've seen

the vaults one of the vaults contains a

sultry eyeshadow palette full size

liquid liner full-size lash brag

volumizing mascara

and an eye primer deluxe sample

that's available at the abh website uh

ulta and sephora then there's a sephora


exclusive this is exactly the same but


of an eye primer it has a mini matte


in dead roses then we have an

exclusive which contains the jackie

einer palette a full size liquid liner

full size lash brag volumizing mascara

and the eye primer deluxe sample

and finally also exclusive

is a mix and match vault so you can

build your own

perfect vault containing two pallets of

your choice at 30

off you can choose from modern

renaissance soft glam novena riviera

alyssa edwards jackie aina

and kali bible they're all

going live on the 22nd of

the 11th at 9 00 a.m pacific standard


all right black moon cosmetics they're


something that's coming soon firstly

they showed this

coffin shaped box now

i don't know if this is going to be

related to the next item or

maybe you can buy it in a box that's


who knows they might be separate things

they might be related but then they

showed this black and white

teaser of bullet lipsticks um which i

think is a good move from them

not the black and white sneak peek

that's [ __ ] annoying um but

they've always had their liquid

lipsticks they've never had bullet


and i think you know okay matte liquid

lipsticks some people love them

um but some people hate them so it's

really good that they're bringing out a


lipstick that looks like there are like

there's at least one that looks sort of

metallic which sort of

um you know goes with some of their

shades that they've brought out

previously as well so yeah we'll be

seeing more about that soon

i'm interested i'm keen from charlotte

tilbury we have the new

tinted love lip and cheek tints

darling surprise so this

product um launched

for one week only on the charlotte

tilbury website

and then it launches officially next


it is a tinted hydrating

lip and cheek tint it comes in

five shades so essentially

we've got love chain bohemian kiss santa

euphoria tripping on love and petal pink

it contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin

e and it's supposed to deliver a dreamy

wash of color

that leaves a long-lasting petal imprint

on the lips

yeah so this uh when you're watching

this it's currently still available at

the charlotte tilbury website so it's

going to be available from the 16th

to the 22nd of november then it's going

to be gone and then

globally launches next year um i'm sort

of interested in this because

they're lip stains i love lip stains i

do have to say and i have seen someone

comment on this that

has actually tried them um that the nude


don't really show up and that's a common

thing with

lip stains if it's a nude it's

essentially like a blotted lip product

that doesn't actually stain

so um you know be careful of that but

these do look quite nice they look

beautiful on the lips

i am glad that lip stains are sort of

becoming a bit more popular in

the western brands because they're

beautiful and they work really well

so this is sort of something i'm keen on


but you know it's launching next year

one other thing that we've seen

uh this was actually shown on the us

sephora website and then promptly taken


but uh these are the charlotte tilbury

glo gasm

lip balms uh we've seen two shades we've

only really seen photos of the sort of

translucent and glittery one

it's a ph activating lip gloss that

turns your lips pink i'm not sure what

the red one does it's like a translucent

red which actually looks really gorgeous

in this photo

it looks like something i just want to

like smudge um

not sure about that one but they're

coming sometime soon

who knows when before we continue with

this week's episode we do have a sponsor

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beauty from chicago we have two brush


launching for 2021 we have um

obey orb orb

and soiree i know how to pronounce ray

at least

so first collection consists of five

brushes there is a powder brush

cheek brush two eyeshadow brushes and a

brow brush

and it comes also with a brow case uh

sorry brush case and soiree contains

three brushes powder and two eye brushes


if you want to check them out you can

they are natural hair brushes

all right we've seen some more stuff

from huda so besides the vault

we've seen more stuff the first thing

is a new gold obsessions palette

now this is exclusive to cult beauty

it's going to be

27 pounds and it's to honor

five years of huda beauty being stocked

at cult beauty

it's a limited edition palette it

contains nine shades like her normal

obsessions palettes

so essentially it's got mattes it's got

metallics it's got shimmery toppers

and they're all in sort of uh goldie

well look

her palettes even if they lean nude

they're always [ __ ] pink pink

and this has some nudie pink shades and

some sort of like

sandy gold shades so if this is your

color story and you love it

uh it is available now cult beauty and

only cult beauty so that's

where you get it we've also seen some uh


packs now these are cute these are mini

uh bullet lipsticks so her matte

lipstick formula the

power power mat yeah power matte


you can buy them in mini duos so these

are some of their

best-selling shades and there's two

packs there's the power nudes

which contains interview and girls trip

or the power reds which

includes el cinco de mayo and the

promotion day

they're available now for 19 us dollars

each at huda beauty

um and yeah it's probably a good way to


a few of them if you didn't want to

commit to the big ones we've seen a

sneak peek of something new coming

from luna beauty we assume

it's going to be a collection we have


of eyeshadow looks lip gloss

there's blues there's browns nudes

yeah that's pretty much all we know yeah

if we go based on

the imagery which i really like this

effect that they've got like the

spotlight and then around it is like a


shadow it's created like a shadow on the

face um

i'm going to assume that there's going

to be some teal sort of colors in there

um this is probably going to be the luna

beauty holiday collection

blue moon collection yeah so yeah

something like that so

uh we'll keep you updated it says two

more days until the stars align

um so by the time you're watching this

if you check out our instagram we'll

have an update

i don't know if i'll be able to get it

in this episode but we'll talk about it

next week anyway

milani cosmetics have launched color

fetish shine

lipsticks so these are sheer to medium


ultra moisturizing balm like lipsticks

with an 85

blend of nourishing oils uh glides

effortlessly leaving the lips

moisturized with a luscious pop of color

it's a creamy lustrous shine high

comfort formula

wears like a lipstick but melts into

your lips like a your favorite lip balm

available now in 12 shades 8.99 us

dollars each

um shades do look quite nice they're

very pink heavy though

yeah um which i'm not a fan of it's my

least favorite color lipstick and

um they look like one brown nude yeah

they look very spring

like yeah oh i want to talk about this

and this is sort of probably the thing

of the week that

i think a lot of people could get

excited about but it's also

quite disappointing um so morphe have

announced their collaboration with

lisa frank now you're gonna find a lot

of 80s 90s kids that are going nuts for

lisa frank

but i'll discuss that in a second um

this is going to be launching on the

24th of november at the morphe

sites and the first of december at their

other retailers

so if you buy your morphe stuff at any

other retailer it's going to be

available in the first of december

uh it includes the 35b by lisa frank


palette it's got three collectible


i don't know what that means does it

come with three collectible covers or

are there three to choose from

probably three to choose from yeah um so

they want you to buy three so

it looks like it says uh it includes one

of three collectible covers of the

morphe lisa

right 35 so yeah three different designs

then there's the blend

bright six piece brush set these are

colorful handled brushes

it also comes with a bag and the treat

me sweet

five piece beauty sponge set and case

so five sponges and a case they're all


um okay there's two things that annoy

the [ __ ] out of me about this collection

firstly the palette is

their existing 35b palette

with a twist so they're saying that it's

bolder and brighter

and they're bursting with more color

than ever

um i don't know if that is implying that

the packaging is more colorful

or have they actually changed the

formulation of the palette yeah i don't

think there's any change to the palette

because they're like 35b with a twist

that only lisa frank herself could

yeah it's the packaging packaging so

they've repackaged

an existing palette that's been out for

a while if you want it you already have


um i do think the palette suits the lisa

frank designs so

you know it's just a shame that they've

already released it because if they

didn't have that in the collection they

and they launched a new one

like this i'm sure people buy the heck

out of it and if you're not interested

in the brights palette but you're

interested in

lisa frank people will still buy this

yeah it just seems really [ __ ] lazy

yeah um the

second thing that annoys me about this

is do you remember when lisa frank did a

collaboration with another makeup

it was like a yeah company and they had

a gofundme

yeah and then they didn't send [ __ ] out

to people and people lost their money

yes yeah i do remember that like that

was a few years ago

yeah but that's you can still see people


like update videos and stuff on that

drama like

google it it's like if i was a whole big

big thing

i would not touch lisa frank with a 44


because like the beauty community that

loves lisa frank

were literally scammed yeah from a


that collected color wasn't um candy

johnson was the face of it

i think she promoted yeah yeah and um

i think from what i understand most of

the blame

fell on the makeup company so yeah i

don't know

like i didn't follow it super closely

because it

you know when it goes on for years and

years and years but yeah

interesting interesting look i think

this is going to sell really well


i think at the price point that morphe

is um

this is sort of like easy to buy

merchandise it's

very again sort of giftable if you've

got a friend like

your best friend from high school if you

used to collect these when you're like

stickers when you're younger

buy them a palette even if they don't

use it it's kind of cute um

you know the brush comes with a pretty


makeup case that can be like a pencil

case so i can see this selling it just

i don't know i feel like lisa frank has

already pissed off the beauty community

this is a weird one to do it's


i guess morphy already have the capital

behind them

to actually create something

and don't need to crowdsource it no abs


of course they're not gonna let you

order something and then never ship it

out like that's not gonna happen with


um and i think also they're so used to

probably backlash that like [ __ ] it

this is gonna make us money we're about

making money

i don't give a [ __ ] that people don't

like that it's an existing palette i

don't give a [ __ ] that

lisa frank pissed off the beauty

community a few years ago

not many people sort of remember that

like that yeah that was pretty you have

to be quiet it was easy

it was very niche it was um and uh yeah

morphe is not niche they're very [ __ ]

everywhere exactly

they're like a bad brush and you can't

get like a disease yeah

okay let's move on to another

collaboration collection this is from

solar look they are collaborating with

dirty dancing

so this is okay it consists of

a whole bunch of things but you can only

buy them in two ways

so you can buy the palette on its own

it's 39

it's dirty dancing palette forever baby

or you can buy the number one fan


which includes a whole bunch of things

this retails for 87 us dollars this


the palette the i carried a watermelon

magic liquid liner and adhesive in one

uh killer man's eyelashes there's also

the lift beauty sponge so this is a

makeup sponge and it has a little


of the lift yeah then we have the

nobody puts baby in a corner makeup bag

and the jennifer gray custom

pencil portrait signed by the artist

and a custom dirty dancing box

mailer which it's a box anyway

this launched for pre-order on the 14th

of november

so it's available on their website now

i think it's really interesting i should

also mention the palette has

a lip product inside it it's a 12 pan

eyeshadow palette with a lip product um

i think it's interesting that they have

chosen to

release items in the collection

as you can only purchase them

as a collection yeah i i don't

i don't know if that's neces look i

can't say

that it's a good thing it has its

downsides because there's going to be

stuff that people don't want

the lashes for example i know just by

looking at them

i could never wear them they are way too

big for me

yeah i agree and it doesn't even suit

the theme like dirty dancing isn't like

dramatic makeup no it doesn't really

make sense to have like these big

feathery lashes because it doesn't

actually sit like

it's not like they're recreating babies

makeup look or anything and no

and the palette isn't doing that either

there's no blues there's a lot of greens

and yellows so

um it's not really representative of the


um but the thing that i find strange is

that like

they've got that i carried a watermelon

magic liquid eyeliner and adhesive

that sounds interesting it sounds like

it's a black lineup but it's a

lash glue as well so you can stick the

lashes on to the liner

yeah that's a cool concept it is why do

i have to buy

a whole makeup set to try that one

product correct

also the sponge yeah it's cute it's

probably really cool

like people would probably be interested

in buying

just just that yeah so i don't think

it's the smartest idea

releasing it the way they're releasing

it and i i was going to say that i feel

like what they might be doing with some

of these products is testing the waters

to be like

is this like pen lash glue liner

thing does it actually work is it

something we should release

permanently yeah but they don't really


many like permanent collections do that

they always bring out

like collaboration that's a whole solar


stick yeah that's the thing like

everything is is collaborations with

movies or tv shows

so i can't imagine them being like oh

we're just gonna release

the magic eyeliner yeah like yeah it's

not not on brand so it's a very strange

release okay last thing let's talk

about fizzard and their new

petty four eyeshadow collection so

they're saying that these are dainty

pastry delicacies inspired by

no they're pastry they're pastries um

okay so essentially these are little

eyeshadow quads

and it comes in four variants they're

available now at

uh bizarre paris and they're 22 us


each what we've got here is praline

so this is a chic confection

of almond caramel and cream shades


is a decadently rich melange

of cocoa and honeycomb hues

framboise is a delicately sweet souffle


luscious berries and cream and lila's i

think it's pronounced maybe

leela's it's the creme de la creme

of luminous luxe

look i can't say they were very uh


but what

easy french words to say so we've got

a warm nude well two warm nudes to be


one's more sandy caramel and one is more


orangey yeah browns then we have sort of

like a pinky um

pinky it's a warm pinky nude palette and

then we have a really beautiful cool


almost gray and kind of yeah

yeah now i i look i think a lot of

people are interested in this because

for 22 dollars you can finally try

their formula yeah and these pans aren't

their small small pans these are the 1.5

gram pans

which you find in their nine pan pellets

so i'll put a photo on the screen

um so they've got large pans uh middle

size pans small pans these are the

middle size pans yeah um i do think the

color stories are quite smart they've

got sort of like

two nudes two sort of i don't know

they're not really cool tones and warm

tones there's one super cool one super

warm and then some in between

um but these color stories this look

you're bound to like one of them

i particularly like on my trays i don't

know how long that's been there

the lighting's horrible anyway we

haven't even sorted this

set up out anyway i've got a broken one

i've got a broken line we've got [ __ ]

[ __ ] going on so

hopefully they can't say anything yeah i

hope so

like what color do you have on your eyes

cat is it red

yeah i don't know maybe

so those are available now i like the

gray one the end the time has come to

dedicate this episode to beauty news vip

and this week's vip

is d thank you jay thank you dave for

supporting beauty news thank you to

everyone who supports beauty news in

whichever way you choose to do so

cat what is our emoji moon moon

because uh we've got black moon

cosmetics we've got luna beauty

yeah mooney moon moon moons

and moon just moons so if you made it to

the end it's actually really hard

picking emojis episodes surprisingly


it's actually really really hard and

this episode was actually very short i

think it's because last week's was

particularly long yeah yeah it was long

i feel like we're going short long short


but also like i don't want to sit here

and talk about

like at length talk about stuff that's

just not

interesting exactly right exactly right

and i'm glad

that we're filming together because we

don't have the lag you don't understand

man how annoying it was that like you

there's a bit of a lag so one person

starts talking and then the other

person's talking same time like oh sorry

yeah oh yeah

you go you go and then you'll be like

and there's so many times i think last

week there was

a couple of moments where i'm like i

can't hear i can't just or anything

because it's

all dropped out you're like yeah yep

happens a lot yeah so it was yeah good

now i back at it back at it crew

alright guys we hope you enjoyed this

week's episode if you did give it a

thumbs up

share it leave a comment

favorite release and least favorite

release yes

and we will see you in the next one bye


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