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LEVEL UP FAST in Anime Dimensions using THESE TIPS...

Published May 22, 2023, 9:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Are you looking to level up fast in your favorite anime dimensions? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll share with you some tips on how to do just that.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Use health Potions

One of the easiest ways to level up fast in anime dimensions is by using health potions. These can be easily found in most dimensions and will instantly restore your health when used.

2. Kill Enemies

Another great way to level up fast is by killing enemies. Every enemy you kill will net you experience points which will help you level up faster.

3. Complete Quests

In most dimensions, there will be various quests you can undertake. These quests usually involve killing a certain number of enemies or collecting a certain item. Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with experience points and sometimes even new items.

4. Use Leveling Up Items

There are various items in anime dimensions that can help you level up faster. These items can be found by looting enemies or chests and can give you a significant boost when used.

5. Play on Higher difficulties

If you’re looking for a real challenge and want to level up even faster, then you should consider playing on higher difficulties. Enemies on higher difficulties will be stronger and will give you more experience points when defeated.

following these tips, you should be able to level up fast in your favorite anime dimensions. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the ride!

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leveling up in anime dimensions is very

easy as the dimensions are easy to play

through however as someone who is new to

the game you may not know of some of the

tips and tricks that will help you level

up faster but don't worry uncle salty

has your back because in this video i

will be teaching you two methods of

leveling up super quickly in anime

dimensions before we get into the method

specific tips i do want to say that you

should be afk grinding and using all

available codes no matter what method

you use these two things will

automatically give you an edge over

other players since not everyone does

these and also getting the vip game pass

does require robux but it does give a

slight experience boost so you can do

that if you want but it's not game

changing got it good let's move on

starting off we have the solo method

this method involves only one player

that player being you obviously and it

involves you playing through the entire

game by yourself obviously this method

allows for you to join similarly leveled

players and play through dimensions with

them but for this method let's imagine

that you cannot find anyone that is the

same level as you so here's tip number

one when progressing through dimension

not play hardcore

in anime dimensions the hardcore

modifier for dimensions changes the

dimension runs significantly enemies

have more hp the players take more

damage and you only have three lives

that is if you have three characters

equipped so if you die three times in a

hardcore run you're done son

while that extra item is super handy the

only thing you really need from

dimensions is experience which might i

add you get that regardless even just by

killing enemies regularly solo

progression tip number two play all the

game modes if you're new to anime

dimensions then this tip will be just a

little bit useless to you since some of

those modes have level requirements but

just trust me on this it's important i

swear each game mode gives you different

items cards and currencies that can all

buff your stats and make you stronger

but you have to give them some effort

some raids can even give you new

characters to play as so keep your eyes

open for those the modes you're going to

want to play the most are dimensions

obviously boss raid speed raid time

challenge and infinite mode these four

modes are the most readily available

modes infinite and time challenge are

available at any time but you can only

play the speed raid and the boss raid

once every hour oh and obviously

dimensions are available whenever but

you knew that a boss raid can give you

boss raid tokens boss rush tickets gems

cards accessories and characters while

the speed raid can give you raid tokens

gems and trait tokens as for infinite

and time challenge infinite is similar

to the boss raid minus the characters

and time challenge only gives you cards

all of these modes can give you some

good items so save them whenever you get

them also if you get boss rush tickets

use them on the boss rush mode the

earlier you get the characters from

there the better seriously a 0.02 drop

rate on every single the characters good

freaking luck

also are you enjoying the video in the

video that's the case then make sure to

subscribe and hit the bell so you don't

miss out on any future content also make

sure to like the video as well as

that'll help the video out a ton but

anyways let's move on solo progression

tip number three prioritize saving go

gold is an important currency in anime

dimensions and it can help you to get

stronger in the game gold is used to

upgrade cards and give cards more damage

and health and also unlock sub stats

that is if the card's rarity is uncommon

or above the reason why i say to

prioritize saving gold instead of don't

spend it at all is because you're going

to want to save your gold for when you

reach max level there is one

caveat to that though if you're

genuinely struggling in a dimension then

try to get stronger cards first for

example legendary mythic cards if you're

still struggling then try to get your

hands on an accessory if you're still

struggling then try to get a better pet

finally if you've tried all those tips

and you're still struggling then upgrade

your cards which i would only upgrade

epic cards and above gold is a bit

tedious to get in the late game though

saving it up as much as possible is a

good idea but don't be afraid to level

up your cards for the sake of getting to

a higher level remember progress is

priority number one all of you solo

players now know how to level up quickly

without much issue if you're playing

every mode when it's available and

you're playing on non-hardcore then you

should be leveling up quickly but next

i'm going to talk about another method

that involves a high level friend if you

have a high level friend and they are

bored looking for something to do then

this method of leveling up is definitely

something to try out since you can hit

max level and animate dimensions in less

than three hours at least as of right

now since the max level dimension right

now is fate night anyways be aware

however by doing this method you will

put yourself at a bit of a disadvantage

as you'll be missing a bunch of the

characters and accessories and stat

boosts that the solo levelers will

probably have just throwing that out

there however if you are one of the

lucky few that is able to do this method

of leveling up then congratulations this

is going to be a breeze for you but here

are a few tips that you and your buddy

should know before you start speed

leveling tip number one speed run while

you can do the dimension and you may be

tempted to just play the dimension for

the heck of it remember this method of

leveling is on a little bit of a time

crunch due to limited time on your

boosts which you should have boosts

because you put in all the codes right

because of that mitigating dead time is

ideal and will get you to max level

faster also dead time is the time spent

in between runs that could be used for

getting more experience but you probably

knew what dead time was speed leveling

tip number two exploit the weekends in

anime dimensions weekends are your

friend well at least when it comes to

earning experience weekends introduce a

double experience drop rate event which

doubles all experience drops for

instance if you're in the demon

dimension and you gain 20 experience

from a single demon dimension run

without the weekend boost you get 40

experience from that same run instead

with the weekend boost at least that's

how i think it is oh also the weekend

boosts stack with other experience

boosts so take advantage of them speed

leveling tip number three use fast

characters in anime dimensions there are

a bunch of characters that have extra

dashes and speed abilities characters

like kokushibo ryuko seongjinwu and

yuugio are all characters that have

secondary dashes that make them great

candidates for speedrunning in

dimensions which will cut down the

amount of time spent in runs however if

you are the lower level don't worry

about it in fact you could probably just

leech if it's cool with the other player

but if you're the higher level player

then you're going to want to use fast

characters as of this video being made

seong jin wu is the meta dimension main

so if you use him you're going to be

moving now that you know how to level up

super quickly in anime dimensions let's

talk about the boss rush characters

since knowing which mode these

characters are good at is important so

make sure to watch this video


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