May 29, 2023

Trying Drawing Hacks & Gadgets || Art Hacks, DIY Ideas by Woosh!

Published May 22, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Bethany

If you're anything like me, you love gadgets. You can't help but to be drawn to the latest and greatest devices. Whether it's a new smartphone, tablet or even a wearable device, gadgets are always calling your name.

But as much as we love gadgets, they can be expensive. And let's be honest, not all of us are born with the natural talent to draw or paint. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy creating art.

There are plenty of ways to get around not being a natural artist. And in this article, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite gadgets art hacks.

1. Use a Stencil

If you're not confident in your freehand drawing skills, then use a stencil. You can find stencils for just about anything online or at your local craft store.

Once you have your stencil, simply trace the outline onto your canvas or paper. Then fill in the details with paint, markers or whatever else you have on hand.

2. Use a Ruler or Tape

If you want to create straight lines or geometric shapes, then use a ruler or tape. This is a great way to create symmetry in your artwork.

3. Use a Projector

If you want to create a larger scale artwork, then use a projector. You can find small projectors online or at your local electronics store.

Simply project the image onto your canvas or wall and trace the outline. Then fill in the details with paint, markers or whatever else you have on hand.

4. Use Your Camera

If you want to capture a moment in time, then use your camera. Take a photo of your subject and then print it out onto a sheet of paper.

Then use a pencil to trace the outline of the image. Finally, fill in the details with paint, markers or whatever else you have on hand.

5. Use Your Computer

If you're looking for a more digital approach, then use your computer. There are plenty of software programs that you can use to create artwork.

Or you can simply use a drawing tablet to draw directly onto your computer screen. Then print out your artwork or save it digitally for later.

These are just a few of the many gadgets art hacks that you can use to create beautiful artwork, even if you're not a natural artist. So go ahead and give them a try. I'm sure you'll be surprised at how easy and fun they are.

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all right at the end of the rainbow

there's a pot of gold candy are you

ready for the draw the rainbow challenge

oh yeah yes

I'm gonna start with a blue marker


and I'll use a violet one drawing a

rainbow is easy or not oh wow you're

almost done but of course

huh mine could do better

pink aha why use one marker if I can

take double

I'm holding the marker hack foreign


how about sharing candy and hacks


start okay

beautiful painting in no time no time

there's a shortcut

now my creative juices are flowing

use a comb and masking tape

I can come up with some amazing art

tube paints of different colors

squeeze them inside the triangle like so

comb it in a zigzag motion to mix them


remove the tape on the sides for a

cleaner look


no hack for a hack instead of paint I'll

use colorful sand and your tape trick



ready for action

I'll apply some glue inside the triangle

and Sparkle some sand layer by layer be

using all the colors I have


art reveal

colorful standard


time's up

see what you got

you got creative

watercolor painting is my forte do you


how an artsy I know I guess I'll just do

whatever what is this you can do better

watercolor is my Waterloo


let's see maybe we need an art Gadget a

watercolor brush pen works like a brush

feels like a pen fill it up with water

and squeeze give it a try okay so I'll

just use it like a normal brush right

oh wow so neat

I feel talented

wow amazing wow this our Gadget works I

can paint

with the writer Gadget of course you can


right cheating as dark anymore

oh no

it's not play time yet

oh I see what's going on

oh the colors got mixed up

mixed up a puppet



let's turn the puppet into a palette

squeeze the different colors into the

holes separately

can I try

wow orange is orange

the colors are back

great hat

I want to do something fun do around oh

oh no what's wrong with you two

look at my shirt what are you up to

board is the odd class really that


well then why don't we make it exciting

magical water drawing mat it's made for

two kids who want to have fun fun fun

magic markers yay I can't wait

here's yours yes

now draw whatever you want anything and

everything under the sun it's reusable

too so you can even start over how is

this a water canvas kids


another cool art Gadget


my pencil broke again

I'm a sharpener using this

no no no no that's dangerous

I know this sharpener is much safer I'm

a try now insert the pencil and sharpen


what's all this did you just sharpen all

your pencils

look how short they are now

maybe there's something to do about this


hmm artwork using shavings here's a

matador and flamingo dancer nothing is


good job teacher

let's fight over this pain

you won no way

oops your necklace broke cool beads

though what have you done

what's going on here beads everywhere

we're gonna have some fun

check out these pegboards with different

shapes and Perler Beads kid

you can use these to create your own

piece by piece masterpiece

isn't it cool

oh yes

and now let's put this wax paper on top

of it


what's this for I'm gonna apply heat

let's see

to the beads fuse together and you can

make yourself a new necklace

wow I love it anytime


what's a snake doing here


a prank

breaking is an art

an art huh

how about making art about your prank


I just have to draw you

draw the snake ah

not good at this what a shame the

prankster needs a hack


check out this curvy ruler same shape as

the snake

now trace it on the paper

follow the curves

and add some creativity see

cool like a pro




drawing comics


it's hard work

what are you drawing


superhero comics oh not happy with it

will you help me of course I can

I know can you guess what this is over


stencils of different superheroes and a

comic art pad

wow this is inspiring and wear this for

an immersive feeling I'm super comic

Girl Ready for Action I'm just gonna

Trace what I need

so I can make my own superhero comics

check it out

my very own comic book

gadgets make things easier all right

mom said I can make a lot of messes

maybe this is what she means

what I'm not that kind of mess

calls for inspiration


I need a unicorn stencil for you


let's go live this mini paint roller on

the page

then on the paper


well can I try

so roll it on the paint then on the

paper and make a mess

this is fun I want to see your

Masterpiece not a mess but a beautiful

art great job the art of sculpting your


I'm gonna give it my best

I'm done I'm so good at this

is that the best you got

what's the murder she's trashing my work

that's not bad at all we're gonna need

some molds

a mixture of plaster

and some paint

we're gonna mix it very well

pour the colored plaster into the mold

and wait

ta-da a cute cat

you can also wear it as a necklace

I love it

it's so pretty I got the Unicorn shape

and a butterfly from me

easy plaster casting crafts

oh chocolate I'm gonna have one of those

you're the chosen one


I can't paint when I'm hungry

you ate all the chocolates

oh well makes sense I left it there and

what's this

chocolate on your artwork I could do

something about that

a drawing projector with a light

what does it do

turn it on choose an object you want to


and put paper on it

can I try

wow just like a magic

I'm done is it okay

wow awesome

oh no my shirt is ruined chill


bubble wrap

good for wrapping fragile people


we're gonna start by cutting a heart out

of the bubble wrap

oh lovely


then paint it with any color you like

take your time


while it's still wet

press this on a white shirt

nice and even then take it off

bubble wrap texture painting

wow is this for me don't fit me

pretty and creative I'm giving you my


whoa mine why you're sweet

Big Bang blast


oh no what have I done

I said draw the universe not a black


I know

try this stencil kit and scratch art

paper magic set

okay I'll try I'm gonna start now

so I'll just scratch underneath the


and swirl this thing around

wow cool pattern

that's awesome this is fun check out my

Galaxy scratch art like it yeah let's

test your creativity this dog is

inspiration I dreamed of a dog last


the monster dog in my dreams I call it


what I guess I need inspiration myself



lights off for this cool activity

here's an LED drawing board

you can draw even in the dark

just Trace what's on the screen


let's see

wow cool a magical Gadget

so what do you say

great gadget for drawing huh Angela

who's here

lovely little hearts

it stained my shoe too oh no for me

what happened

my shoe is ruined should I just throw it


no no

art can save that

nothing's ruined

fusing this Edge beveler on a piece of


we can make a flower shaped like this

with this sponge thing

paint the flower using the same color

that stained your shoe


a rockety look for your shoes

no they look evenly stained

now my fashion sense but yay time to be

creative don't you think yes

hmm what a nap wait my face feels funny

there's something wrong

oh no my face is not a canvas the

creativity battle is on

see this thing I'm gonna try something

with a stamp and ink make sure the

Stamper is soaked

stamp it

and press firmly on the canvas tada

easy art Revenge


so I have my art weapons here

blue and pink flowers

all I have to do is stab it on your face

no and yours too


but why


all right

this is so much fun

I could be messy and artsy and use

whatever I have

it's art class after all

art is messy I don't have a paintbrush

so I use my hands still cool right no


there's something cooler than that

now you can use this finger brush to dab

your finger in the paint go on try it

wow this finger brush is awesome I can

make cute artwork without making a mess

are you ready for more drawing hacks and

gadgets stand by


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