June 8, 2023

Ultimate Luxury Unveiled: Exquisite Smart Home & Home Entertainment Tour!

Published May 22, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

The Audio Advice Home Entertainment Tour is the perfect way to see the latest and greatest in home entertainment technology. From the latest in 4K TVs and projectors to the newest in audio and home automation, this tour has it all. And it's all presented in a relaxed, fun atmosphere by our knowledgeable staff.

We'll start in our theater, where you'll see some of the latest in 4K projectors and TVs. Then we'll move into our audio room, where you'll experience the latest in surround sound and high-end audio. And finally, we'll show you how the latest in home automation can make your life easier and more fun.

This is the ultimate luxury experience for anyone who loves technology and wants to see the latest and greatest in home entertainment. And it's all presented in a fun, relaxed atmosphere by our knowledgeable staff. So come on by and check us out today!

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hi I'm Scott Noonan the CEO of audio

advice today I'm going to show you a

killer Smart Home



we're opening this video in this

basement which I call the entertainment

Mecca what you'll see behind me is a

really cool full swing golf simulator

that has capability to do multi-sports

or not just golf but you can throw

baseballs at it everything within this


if you come around here you'll see a

super neat home theater this is a JBL

synthesis home theater designed by Audio

advice as you might imagine but it seats

three full rows of couches can hold 12

people just on these couches I've shot

an entire video just on this theater so

if you want to learn more about the

audio and video and that feel free to go

check out that video Linked In the


as you exit the theater and the golf Sim

you'll see here a custom Wine Cellar in

this Cellar there's also custom linear

lighting you'll see that going up and



this room actually sits off of the pool

area and we've mounted an 85 inch

television again you're going to see

this throughout the home with like zero

space between the custom woodwork behind

the television if you look outside all

of this glass swings open in the

summertime to just go out and enjoy the

pool and make this one contiguous area

from inside to outside with a 65 inch

Samsung Terrace television that you'll

see looks incredible sitting here so you

can go out and Grill enjoy the pool


all right now what I'm going to do is

I'm going to zip you back over to the

other half of just the basement


you'll see here's the elevator that

covers all the levels of the home and

you'll notice every single light switch

in this home instead of having five gank

boxes and you don't know what they do

we've centralized all the lighting

meaning they're all in one boxes hidden

in the house you enter from there into

the gym

you'll see incredible gem but one of the

things I want to call out you talk about

mounting capability when we mounted this

television we had to mount it to a

completely mirrored wall and you'll see

it's totally flush mounted again another

85 inch television that fills this room

the other thing you'll see in this room

is we've distributed four speakers in

here so no matter where you are and this

is a big deal particularly if you have

Peloton equipment which you see here

whether you'll have a treadmill or

you're running or biking it's usually

hard to hear in a gym so by putting

speakers over each of the equipment we

enable you to hear it without being too

loud in this room so when you leave here

and you're done working out well the

natural thing to do would be to come in

here and go into the spa and you'll see

this is a full infrared Spa which is

sort of the hot thing to do right now

and when you leave the spa here's the

massage room for getting the massage at

the end of the day and we've done the

same thing in here which is we have high

performance BMW speakers in the ceiling

the playback background music but it's

high performance background while you're



okay so we're in the main living room

here the main thing I want to show you

here is we have this massive 85 inch

slim TV but the craftsmanship that our

team did look how close to the wall we

were able to mount this on a full brick

wall truly amazing you could not fit a

pen behind this

one of the things I want to show you in

this large room off of the kitchen is if

you look in the ceiling this is a

massive room we actually have eight

eight inch speakers now why are there so

many in this room the answer is by

Distributing them around the room it

allows it not to be loud on people right

below one speaker and be distributed so

it has a evenness everywhere also if you

look you'll see the lights these are

high-end DMF lights that we've installed

and connected with a lighting control

system there's no trim kit they're fully

mudded in and just look gorgeous in the

ceiling you'll see here we've used

special aimable lights that are perfect

for paintings these illuminate the

painting right on this wall outside the

living room

as you might imagine with a home of this

caliber we've got low profile but ultra

high performance cameras all around the

home and you'll see we've matched the

color of the camera and the color of the

light fixtures with the gorgeous wood

outside the home as you enter the home

there's a control4 doorbell which is a

whole step above a ring doorbell that

you would find places it has the full

capability with a higher resolution

camera on it but if you hit the doorbell

it not only rings your phones but hits

panels all around the home so without

touching your phone you can see exactly

who's there and talk to them completely


and you can control everything else in

the house from the pounds for instance

if you hit watch in the master bedroom

you control what you watch just from

this panel or from an iPad or an iPhone

if you click listen you can control

music through all of the zones in the

entire home lighting will control if you

click in there you can change the lights

in any given room or just use scenes the

shades control Shades throughout the

home and obviously security what's

really cool about security when audio

advice programs these things when you

set your security when you leave the

home we also have it turn off all the

televisions all the music and bring the

house into a full secure mode it will

then play like lights as if you're in

the home when you come back and disarm

the security we'll turn the lights back

on in the house so you'll see we have

intercom capabilities so they can

intercom hands-free everywhere around

the home plus from outside the home into

the home and then where you see the

cameras they can see cameras everywhere

around the home throughout the home but

also remotely from anywhere in the world


thank you

okay so check out in this incredible

master bedroom where we have a full

walkout sliding glass porch we have a

hidden television in the ceiling because

there's no other place to put the TV

because of all the glass and I'll you'll

see it come down but what I want to show

you while it does that is we can bring

down sheer Shades so during the day so

that there's no reflection on that TV

when it comes down out of the ceiling

these sheer Shades block 90 percent of

the light coming in people cannot see in

but we can see out now I hit one more

button and it'll bring down the blackout

shades for night time if we want to

totally black it out notice the blackout

Shades come down this channel which

totally blacks out from the right to

left and takes a lot of craftsmanship

from the integration company in this

case audio advice spending a lot of time

getting this right we have a matching 15

foot wide shade

and a 10 foot high shade that closes

this entire front portion the end result

is that the entire room gets blacked out

the TV drops down all the way to normal

viewing position and we have b w

speakers playing the music this is


this has been really fun showing you all

this great smart home honestly this has

been a lot of fun for us because we had

the chance to work with a terrific

architect Builder and homeowner which

made this so much fun if you enjoyed

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Smart Homes home theaters or anything

Electronics go over to audioadvice.com

or you'll see on YouTube we've got a

full playlist on Smart Homes and home

theaters of homes just like this thanks

for watching and we'll see you next time



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