May 30, 2023

ZAGREB TO BUDAPEST 🇭🇺 Car rental tips + road trip | Vero and Justin (Hungary travel vlog video)

Published May 22, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

Zagreb to budapest Car Rental Tips - Road Trip Vero and Justin Hungary travel Vlog

Hey there! If you're planning a road trip from Zagreb to budapest, you've come to the right place. In this video, we'll give you our top tips for renting a car and driving in Hungary.

First things first, when it comes to car rental, be sure to book in advance. We recommend using a site like or This will help you compare prices and find the best deal.

Once you've got your car, it's time to hit the road! The drive from Zagreb to budapest is about 4 hours, so be sure to take plenty of breaks along the way. And speaking of breaks, make sure you stop at the Veronique and Justin Hungary travel Vlog rest stop! It's the perfect place to stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat.

When you finally arrive in budapest, be sure to check out some of the city's top attractions, like the Buda Castle, Fisherman's Bastion, and the Chain Bridge. And of course, no visit to budapest would be complete without a dip in one of the city's famous thermal baths.

We hope you found our tips helpful. Happy travels!

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this video was recorded two days after

provide 19 was declared a pandemic

at the time we didn't fully understand

what this meant and how important masks

and physical distancing would become

we are thankful to have been able to

return home to canada and look forward

to continuing our travels

as soon as we can so this morning we're

heading to budapest

the full city is on a lockdown so we

have no idea if the restaurants are

going to be busy

or if some will be closed so because we

have so many things to bring our

backpacks ember's kennel

amber herself our two carry-on suitcases

we will probably not be doing a lot of

vlogging on the way there

so i'm gonna put the camera away and

we'll pick back up in the car

so we booked a car for an entire weekend

which turns out to be the same rate as

if you were to book for two weekdays

so we picked up the car it's friday 9

a.m and we get to return it on monday at

10 a.m and we only paid 28 euros

so because we just got status matched to

hertz president's circle we're also

sometimes can be given an upgrade

depending on the location

i think we got one here which we didn't

want gas is gonna be more expensive and

we don't really need the extra space i

mean it's just us two

and a couple suitcases but make the most

of it there's more room

so i'll give you a little bit of a

weather update for our weekend we're

going to budapest from

friday to sunday today it's actually

going to be

raining until about 5 pm which is

perfect because we get to our airbnb

around 1pm

we're gonna be going to the bath and

then as soon as we get out of the bath

it's gonna stop raining so we can go

indoor eating tomorrow it's gonna be

10 and again on sunday about 10 and

sunny so

it's gonna be a perfect weekend so if

you are gonna do road trips across

europe i highly recommend you look up

what the speeding laws are for each


they heavily use speed cameras here now

google is pretty cool

it shows a location on google maps if we

test it out if there are mapped

correctly and

sure enough it was right there we passed

right by it i forgot it was going to be


and you easily get lured into going very

quick on these highways because everyone

else is going very fast no one seems to

care about getting a ticket

the rental car companies do take your

home address to send you any tickets

that they received

from speed cameras and so dodge the


or don't speed when you drive

then you get there slower

so if you watch our slovenia videos you

know about the vignettes that we had to


well the same goes for hungary toll road

from zagreb was 44

kuna and now we're off to the border so

now we're at the border and we're buying

our vina tickets justin just left the

car to go buy those

they made us park they took their time

they asked us if we had been to the

zagreb airport if we had been to italy

recently if we had been to slovenia in


so they're being really cautious and i

appreciate that


so ever since the coronavirus happened

i've been a little bit worried about

traveling to different countries

some countries have been locking down so

for example a country that we're


they have banned indoor events of up to

100 people

and outdoor events up to 500 people

things will be different it'll be

interesting to see

what we're able to do while we're in

budapest we decided not to cancel our


because we already had our airbnb book

the car and it was only a day away and

we're excited

so we'll see how it is we'll make the

most of it so because of the state of


we decided to bring a little bit more

than we usually do when we're doing road


so we both brought our laptops with us i

brought a little bit of extra

dog food for amber just in case we get

stuck so because the baths

that we're going to today are obviously

more than 500 people visit

we weren't sure if they were gonna close

down due to the lockdown and i really

really wanted to go

and do this activity it looks so

beautiful so we sent them an email

yesterday they responded and said

business as usual we're open so really

excited that we're able to

still do that

turn right onto her schmarty outside

then the destination is on your left

well as it turns out i put the wrong

address in justin's

iphone although it is the same address i

don't know there must be like one word

that's different

maybe we're in pest and we're trying to

go to buda i don't know

but now we're about 24 minutes away and

i thought the buildings were

colorful but a little bit industrial so

i was like okay i guess this is what

budapest looks like

but no we're like half an hour away from

the actual course so i think it's about

to get a little bit nicer


i'm just trying to translate the parking


we're just trying to find parking until

it's free because apparently it's free

from friday

around 6 pm all the way through to


well it's 2 30 and we still are trying

to figure out the

parking situation definitely would have

loved to be

in the baths right now you need to have

cash or you need to be able to text the

actual parking meter to tell them the

license plate that you want to park

but because we have croatian numbers we

think that's why

it's not working it keeps saying

undelivered so

justin has now gone to an atm to get

some franks

the first atm i found had a big

transaction fee

and i wasn't withdrawing much so i had

to walk across the bank round about to

another bank

but i got the cash went to a store and

bought some beers to get changed now i'm

just trying to find where we parked and

i'm kind of lost but

okay let me know if you need help

finding me bye

vlogging and driving that's how you miss

your highway exit

stop totally

for some reason when justin left the car

started beeping

i didn't want to touch anything in case

i screwed something up


why is it beeping my coins weren't

working in the parking machine and then


local was standing behind us and he goes

oh it's because of the bio-metal

so he takes a coin and he goes like this

triple click puts it in and it works

i was skeptical and it does actually


i don't know why you have to do that

triple click




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