May 31, 2023

Becoming a SUPERHERO in Minecraft!

Published May 23, 2023, 7:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

nico is a hero. A superhero, to be exact. And he's here to teach you how to become a superhero in minecraft!

nico was born to be a superhero. He was just always really good at everything he tried. But it wasn't until he discovered minecraft that he realized his true calling.

In minecraft, nico found the perfect platform to use his superpowers for good. He started by creating a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching others how to become superheroes in minecraft.

nico's YouTube channel is called "Superhero money." And it's quickly becoming one of the most popular channels on the internet.

nico's secret to becoming a superhero in minecraft is simple: he just uses his superpowers for good. He helps other players with their problems, and he never tries to take advantage of them.

And that's why nico is such a successful superhero in minecraft. He's not in it for the money. He's in it to help others.

If you want to become a superhero like nico, then you need to start using your superpowers for good. Help other players with their problems, and never try to take advantage of them.

Doing good deeds is its own reward. But if you want to make some extra money while you're at it, then you can always sell your services to other players.

There's no limit to what you can do as a superhero in minecraft. The sky's the limit! So what are you waiting for? Start using your superpowers for good today, and become the next nico!

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ah it's a beautiful day today good

morning Nico finally cash he woke up at

the same time as me well today is a

bright and early day so I love waking up

early now yeah same so what do you want

to do today cash I don't know I kind of

want to go talk to Zoe oh yup I agree

and oh my gosh is

there I think so let's go say hi I gotta

go swimming across this sea first oh

okay I'll see you soon

yeah dinner tonight is she on the phone


all right bye it's so weird oh hey guys

uh hi Zoe um who were you on a call with

just now is someone I'm going on a

one-on-one dinner with that's pretty

cool oh my gosh gosh

um come over here what catch who is she

going on a one-on-one dinner with oh

gosh wait is it another guy besides me

wait Nico you like Zoe you guys we've

been over this of course I like her

she's cool I forgot okay well just let

her go on a date with that guy so what

what do you mean oh my gosh do you not

understand my feelings oh yeah it

probably hurts her feelings a lot huh

yeah definitely well that sucks what you

gonna do about it what I got my gosh I'm

just kidding okay fine what do you want

to do then Nico oh my gosh I think I

should impress her how are you gonna

impress her I have no idea but let's

just talk to Zoe uh hello Zoe uh we were

talking about anything don't worry about

that I'm a little suspicious but all

right nothing don't worry about it are

you sure yup don't worry well I gotta go

I'm gonna be late who are you going on a

date with Zoe who is it a date no no no

no it's just a friend cash you can't

beat that out front oh sorry just a


um it's just a friend yeah okay okay oh

I got a dash I'm gonna be late uh bye uh

bye Zoey oh my gosh dad you made her

leave oh sorry I just wanted to know who

it was oh my you can't be telling people

that oh fine they're gonna get

uncomfortable sorry but my real question

is how should I impress her clearly

she's going on a date with another guy

guess what cash I'm not that guy

wait I have an idea what's your idea I

know how you could impress her Nico what

what am I gonna do cash uh I'll tell you

tomorrow I'm kind of tired what not


what oh oh okay fine I know about this

superhero headquarters nearby and they

have a training course for new Heroes

wait a superhero headquarters what

becoming a real

real yeah and Zoe would definitely like

you if she saw you as a superhero no way

can you take me there yeah I've always

wanted to go but I never really had

anyone to go with gosh I'm the perfect

person to pick I love superheroes me too

wow and it should be around here oh yeah

it's this big tower how can I miss it


what way uh cash

me weren't lying I know but I've been

trying to break in recently I don't know

how to get in um maybe there's some sort

of entrance

um let's look for one hmm maybe up the

staircase you know cash what there's

been stairs here the whole time oh wait

no way you didn't see this I didn't I've

been trying to break into the side well

that's what friends are for right I

guess so let's just go in yeah I agree

this looks so cool wait what this is not

an entrance no Nico you don't know what

this is what is this it's the training

course for superheroes so only real

superheroes can make it to the top what

the heck the training starts already yup

and we have to start by parkouring on

these look oh my gosh I was not ready

for this cash I was I've been trying

this for so many days so I've already

mastered this what you came here without

me I thought you said you didn't know

where the entrance was

um oh yeah I forgot what you're silly

well I've seen videos about it oh gosh

it's parkour it's difficult though gotta

take each jump one buy one and let's go

I'm waiting for you guys okay I'm coming

let's go

let's go oh gosh these jumps are the

hardest jumps I know right is this right

here head hitters what oh my gosh I'm

gonna need to Bunk my head at the top

just to get to each and every block

don't fall through the gaps ouch that

hurt my head yeah I have a headache okay

come on Soul Sand jumps that each slow

you down you should make these extra

difficult so now we just gotta parkour

up and whoa I've made it cash I'm just

waiting for you okay I made it too so

what's the point of all this will we

become superheroes and get superhero

armor at the end yeah at the top there's

some superhero gear for us but first we

have to complete this training course no

way okay what's next ender pearls whoa

and there's these targets which means we

thought we gotta go on each individual

one like this okay I'm coming to oh gosh

oh you missed cash it's okay I have

extra ender pearls just this one ah oh

my gosh this is so difficult watch this

Nico oh gosh okay now I'll go to the

next one there we go time for the next

one and I did it Nico I just had an idea

what your fantastic idea cash just try

and hit me with the ender pearl then

you'll land up here with me oh my gosh

you're genius I know right I could just

make it here because I've mastered it

and then you could just hit me with the

end of pearl let's go wow nice gosh how

are you so good well because I've been

studying this place for so long I just

want to be a superhero already no way

well I'm so excited to be superhero at

the very end but we haven't even gone

halfway through with these tests so we

gotta figure this out yeah it gets much

harder towards the end so okay what's

next cash I don't know I hear some weird

things oh gosh

oh my gosh okay Gear Up by looting the

chest okay we got full iron armor and

iron sword and a bow and now we can take

out these mavic cubes oh gosh these

things are deadly what Nico they're

jumping on you they have super abilities

whoa I shot one and every single time

you kill one they split and become even

more oh no so cash they multiply no kill

the Pokemon

even the small ones do damage yeah what

the heck I can't even hit them because

they're so small oh gosh oh gosh I'm

getting so low wait Nico the small ones

have like no Health you can kill so many

oh what you're right okay these guys are

harmless oh well I wouldn't say harmless

uh oh yeah I think there's still a lot

of damage oh gosh oh gosh cash everybody

need help over here oh no I'm coming

don't worry wait I can just Spam all

these look I know they have like no

Health let's go finally my gosh okay we

finished that okay we finished that but

we need to complete this quicker because

Josh we don't know if Zoey's on another

date with a guy oh yeah I kind of forgot

about that I just want to be a superhero

yeah me too because we don't know if

there's always on another day with a guy

oh yeah I kind of forgot about that oh

gosh Nico there's ravagers

so we can impress her well I just want

to be a superhero because I think it's

cool I don't really want to impress Zoe

oh my gosh I do oh my what I have three

and a half hearts I killed one Nico

don't worry I'll help you

come on come on he's almost dead oh my

gosh let's go

what the heck I'm only two and a half

hearts cash oh gosh did you eat some

steak uh I got some thank you though oh

look cash now that we beat them these

buttons unlock and we can go to the next

room oh let's go this Tower is so huge I

can't believe we're climbing up this

whole thing well I can this Tower is

super easy and I'm gonna be the best

superhero ever wait what this room

wishes signs and stuff wait it says

something what does it say it says what

item do you need to make all potions

water bottles what item do we need to

make potions or gunpowder well gunpowder

is used in a lot of potions and that

takes pretty explosive so uh uh Nico

cash I think we were wrong oh gosh why

well that didn't work and it looks like

we got spawned right where we left off

oh yeah so I guess whenever we make

progress it saves it for us let's go the

item that you need to make all potions

is a water bottle you know what that

makes sense actually because potions are

drinkable oh yeah I forgot they're all

made in water bottles well anyways let's

move on what is this room supposed to be

I don't know it's just big and empty

oh my gosh okay well this is a free room

I guess on to the next one oh gosh it's

just a staircase okay now it's time for

the next room and hmm does this room

have any secrets let me check no it's

just big and empty

well this has to be a superhero test

there's no way they wouldn't leave an

empty room oh yeah you're right okay

look for secret buttons and they break

out oh gosh it's super high up from here

oh no uh Nico you might not want to

stand there yeah but how are we gonna

get to the next floor

um I don't know maybe we can climb one

of these things uh let me look around oh

gosh I'm stuck oh no yes

oh gosh okay look this is staircase dude

where oh what right here how did I miss

that you can climb up if you climb up

we'll be able to reach it next floor I

can't believe we missed this I'm just

gonna teleport up

I know okay now what is this whoa

there's a there's a chest with the red

underneath it and there's a chest went

blue but let's see what's in these

chests okay okay which one do you want

to look at first let's check what's in

the red one whoa what is this Spider-Man

and web slingshot what oh my gosh and

then let's see what's in here Superman

what oh no fair my gosh wait uh can I

have Spider-Man actually yeah I wanted

Superman let's go but I'm pretty sure we

can alternate our superheroes later on

cash oh yeah that's true so if we don't

want to use one we could use the other

okay where are we supposed to go from

here though just come up here and take

off your armor then right click this and

now I should have turned into spider-ney

it the heck you look so awesome Nico oh

my gosh I feel so strong and look I have

some crazy abilities cash absorption

strength resistance and Fire Resistance

what I have the same thing oh my

oh Mike let's see what we can do let's

see what this web slick shot does hmm oh

to see controls and whoa that's a

lot of controls you know what I'm just

gonna go for it what oh my gosh look

Josh Nico look at me

oh I'm like Spider-Man what and I'm like

Superman do you see me look oh my gosh

I'm grappling across oh gosh I just felt

oh no oh gosh Nico I can't see you cash

come down okay oh my gosh look I have

super abilities fall damage I'm here hi

cash let me see what your abilities are

look I can fly

how did you just do that look I can fly

around like this what the heck

look at you do well maybe let's see

Spider-Man could climb up walls so let's

try this let me go right here and then

go like this what the heck I'm climbing

up a wall what oh my gosh that's so cool

I know right oh my well this impress

Zoey maybe what else can you do um I can

web sing look watch this no way watch I

see you all the way up there look at me

I'm like Spiderman oh gosh

oh oh that was dangerous oh gosh Nico be

careful I anyway like this is so fun

just because we're superheroes doesn't

make us Invincible yeah I guess you're

right okay cash now that I tested out my

abilities do you want to trade oh what

yo oh gosh oh my gosh uh can I have

Superman please that looks so cool yeah

sure I didn't even realize I did that

okay here's Spider-Man oh thank you are

you ready yup three two one transform

whoa my gosh you're Spider-Man now and

I'm Superman here you can have the web

Slinger let's go thank you but now let

me try my abilities maybe I can do super

jump and what

oh my gosh Superman is Opia I know right

and I'm pretty sure you can shoot lasers

with your eyes too okay let me try doing

a super punch are you ready let me try

doing Super Punch let's go wait oh I

probably need to be next to a mob here

let me punch you what what hey cash you

want to go test our abilities in the

village yeah let's go I agree maybe

there's some mobs you could test it on

this is gonna be so awesome I agree this

is gonna be super cool let me try Super

Punch okay right over here let me try

doing super punch and oh what

oh my gosh Nico oh my gosh what was that

oh my gosh wait what uh oh my gosh are

these laser eyes watch where you're

pointing that thing oh oh my God this is

overpowered oh my gosh Nico look at

these okay okay that's enough you're

ruining the village let me use it on you

no what the heck Nico hey

oh my gosh get me out of here no oh gosh

cash I forgot your superhero so you're

really overpowered too yeah stop messing

with me oh my gosh I'm sorry can we just

go over to Zoe's house again she's

probably not even on that date anymore I

kind of want to test out more abilities

though like what let me get Spider-Man

real quick ah fine okay Spider-Man and

whoa I feel like I have spidey sense let

me test out an ability cobweb shoot what

does that do what oh my gosh it makes a

bunch of cobwebs up wait what I didn't

see that before hey

I am overpowered oh my gosh get me out

of these cobwebs maybe you could use

your lasers cash oh yeah you're right I

forgot about those what oh oh gosh The

Village this is so fun

I'm just kidding Nico I'm not evil

anyways cash you want to take these

abilities home yeah let's go let's do it

oh gosh be careful we don't want to blow

up our house you're right okay we're now

home let's go

finally oh my gosh biggest superhero is

so cool though we could just go places

very fast I know right and I can even

super a job

what all right you gotta be careful with

that cash don't worry I landed in water

what okay well I'm just gonna go over

Spider-Man and let's go to Zoe's place

okay wait Zoey isn't home yet oh my gosh

what is she gonna get home did you

forget she's at that dinner Nico oh my

gosh let's just wait for her inside her

house what that's kind of weird but now

who cares okay wait who's this orange

carpet though it's Mia's side you don't

know her roommate no I don't what yeah

whatever you'll meet her soon yeah I

guess so okay anyways let's just wait

for Zoe okay man that food is really

good oh

back what no way

um hello Zoe wait what are you guys

doing in my house do you see how big and

strong I am I am

uh no Zoe it's us cash and Nico Don't Be

Afraid look if you want to give me your

diamonds then you can Oh I thought you

guys are gonna take my stuff well what

about now give me your divers no no no

fine fine fine

guys I'm not scared what what do you

mean oh I know it's you guys now ah are

you not intimidated bye-bye Spider-Man

abilities well what about this oh gosh I

got Taco Bell cobweb what

yeah nice abilities hey hey how hey hey

help me oh gosh that Nico will help you

Nico don't worry Zoe wasn't that awesome

show her other abilities but what about

this climbing up the walls have you ever

seen that before oh oh my gosh that's so

awesome I would definitely choose Nico

over some other guy yeah um definitely

yeah uh I don't know I don't know what

he's talking about okay you want to see

my other abilities pass me Superman pass

me Superman but I'm Superman

I look so big and strong

fine take it I'm also this superhero too

you know whoa

whoa watch are you ready okay I'm gonna

do super jump

uh uh I don't like that one um I did not

mean to kill you Zoe I'm sorry oh is my

house okay okay uh oh gosh you really

messed up this time

wait I'll fix this for you I'll fix it I

know Mia's gonna be so upset oh my gosh

I don't see anything what do you mean

I don't see any damage what do you mean

Zoe oh gosh Nico

no no no no no

uh Nico uh what did you do oh my gosh

oh what the heck I didn't mean to oh my

gosh oh Mia's gonna be so upset whenever

she comes back from dinner Zoey I'm so

sorry oh my gosh I'm never gonna mess

with superhero things again this is only

cause trouble for me and my friends uh

but I don't want to throw mine away why

are you gonna keep yours but this is not

helping me out with Zoe at all no throw

it away throw it away no more no more

Super yourself throw them away fine ah

I'll come back for you later yeah I'm

gonna do that later but Zoe I hope you

rebuild your house yeah we're gonna need

it don't worry I'm already starting

construction yeah me too wait what no

don't make it red it's red so blacks you

know what this is crazy I'm actually

gonna help you rebuild it so you can

live in our house in the meantime she

won't be back for a while wait where is

it where is your roommate um she's is

coming back from dinner we just had

dinner and she's gonna come back to this

wait are you serious Josh it wasn't a

guy this whole time she was on a date

with Mia what like nine indeed they're

just friends uh

oh that makes a lot of sense oh we

thought she was on a date with a guy uh

yeah Zoe we'll help rebuild your house

I'm sorry about that

I eat it but let's go she wasn't on a

date with a guy get out Nico before she

finds out if you want to watch more

negroid cash Adventures then click one

on the screen and also if you enjoyed

the Please Subscribe wait Nico what

about the part where you wanted to

impress her because you thought she was

on a date with a guy what I never said

that wait what impressed me wait what I

never said that subscribe bye


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