May 30, 2023

BioKerjaya @ My Future Agro Program - Nutrition Technologies

Published May 23, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

What is Nutrition Technology?

Nutrition technology is the application of nutrition science to the development and production of food products and services. It includes the development of new foods and beverages, as well as the improvement of existing products.

The goal of nutrition technology is to develop foods and beverages that are safe, nutritious, and affordable. Nutrition technology also seeks to improve the quality of food and beverage products.

Nutrition technology is used in a variety of settings, including:

• Food and beverage manufacturing

• Food service

• Retail food stores

• School and university foodservice

• Healthcare facilities

• Military bases

• Correctional facilities

What are the benefits of nutrition technology?

The benefits of nutrition technology include:

• Improved nutrition for the general population

• Reduced incidence of diet-related diseases

• Increased consumption of nutritious foods

• Improved food safety

• Reduced food waste

• Improved environmental sustainability

What are the challenges of nutrition technology?

The challenges of nutrition technology include:

• Ensuring the safety of new foods and beverages

• Ensuring the nutritional quality of new foods and beverages

• Addressing the concerns of consumers about new foods and beverages

• Managing the costs of new foods and beverages

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nutrition technology is a biotech

company based in johor in southern

malaysia we manufacture insect products

for the animal feed pet food and

agriculture sectors

and we do that using a sort of unique

blend of biotechnology vertical farming

and manufacturing all here on our site

in johor two major impacts that

nutrition technologies faced

during the pandemic one was manpower so

finding a supply of manpower with a

suitable skill set that was able and

willing to come and work for us here and

then the other one was disruption to the

supply chain so because we were

establishing a new

factory here we needed engineering

support we needed raw materials which we

couldn't get because of the close down



but at the same time

it was quite difficult to look for the

job during academic i employed for a few

months before i landed the job and the

job also was uh i was high as part-timer

so it's not a first improvement position

and then bayakajya actually helped me to

land a

permanent position actually in a good

and growing company like nutrition





activity vocating britannia and to play

soldier flies actually i attend a few

training under because such as gmp

awareness awareness on gmp actually

helped me in my position right now

because i'm actually dealing with

quality issues and also control and also


gmp application so the training actually

helped me a lot and also i also attended

a few training software training where

actually it helped to develop my

character and also help me to actually

adapt to the working environment


the most attractive element is the staff

development that happens after they've

been hired so the online training that

they're given

because a number of our staff have taken

that and found an area of interest and

then gone on to do further training

through different organizations but it

was sort of sparked by the training they

did with bio-kajai so it's really helped

us to develop staff once they've arrived

as a new company

we've found biocaja invaluable and

definitely believe the government should

continue with the scheme as i say the

financial incentives the ability to

mobilize workers from different areas of

the country and then the ongoing

professional development that those

staff get has been invaluable for us as

a small company that's growing and wants

to expand throughout malaysia




it's a very helpful and very friendly

user so it's really help uh it's easy

for me to use it so i think it's

supposed to be easy for everyone else to

do it



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