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Published May 23, 2023, 8:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

caillou is a Canadian educational children's television series that was first shown on Télétoon and Teletoon, with its first episode airing on the former channel on September 15, 1997; the show later moved to Treehouse TV in Canada. The show is based on the books by French-Canadian author Christine L'Heureux and illustrator Hélène Desputeaux. It centers on a 4-year-old boy named caillou (voiced by Bryn McAuley in the English version, and Jaclyn Linetsky in the original French version), who is fascinated by the world around him.

The show's title character is a young boy with a bald head who learns about life as he grows from a toddler into a preschooler. Many of the episodes center around caillou's imagination, which lets him explore his own world and learn new things. He also has several close friends and family members who support and encourage him along the way.

caillou is a great show for kids because it teaches positive values and lessons in a fun and entertaining way. It's also educational, with each episode featuring a different topic such as safety, nutrition, or the environment. And best of all, it's available in both English and French!

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i wish clementine and emma would hurry


clementine can we have a turn now please

okay come on emma



who's that

miss martin said a special guest was

coming today

i wonder what's in those boxes toys or


sandwiches or cupcakes with icing and


i don't think so

caillou and leo soon found out what was

in those cases

musical instruments the special

visitor's name was liz and she was a


i play in an orchestra that's a very

large group of musicians all playing


here's a picture of an orchestra

today i've brought some instruments to

show you these are just some of the

instruments you can find in an orchestra

this is a flute and you play it by

blowing into it


it sounds like a bird singing


you're right it does

this is called a trumpet it makes a much

different sound


i know what that is it's a drum right

and we don't play a drum by blowing into

it do we


you hit it

i've brought along some instruments for

you to try would all of you like to play

in an orchestra





caillou was very disappointed that there

were no more instruments to play

but liz had a very special job for him


what's this

it's a baton

you are going to be our conductor

that's the leader of the orchestra

you're going to use your baton to lead



caillou learned how to conduct with his

baton he could make his friends play



or quickly


he could make them play soft


he could even make them stop


are you really really enjoyed being the



what are you making caillou this is my


for conducting


louder louder


mommy mommy i'm a conductor

ah of course

faster faster


caillou enjoyed conducting so much he

just couldn't stop


daddy i'm a conductor

wow a real conductor

la la la la la la la


can rosie have a turn too rosie dwight

but it's my baton

conducting is just for big kids rosie


now now it's okay

come on rosie let's go and play with

your dollies

caillou felt a little bad about not


but it was his baton


faster faster



not so fast it's best to eat slowly and

chew properly caillou no conducting at

the table okay there's a time and a

place for everything

okay daddy


good night sweetheart

good night

that's right gilbert

quiet quiet


the next day caillou was still excited

about conducting hi leo let's play music


can i conduct um no

it's my baton i'm gonna conduct you can

play i don't wanna


caillou felt bad about not giving his

best friend a turn he had fun conducting

and he knew leo would have fun

conducting too

here leo you can be the conductor




caillou knew what he was going to do as

soon as he got home



caillou was glad he let rosie have a

turn as the conductor

it was fun for everyone


captain caillou

in times when things are out of control

we all need heroes to look up to


superheroes like


captain call you

and fantastic leo

those are some super duper costumes

thanks mommy helped make them just doing

my part to keep the neighborhood safe

come on captain caillou let's find some

superhero things to do

sure thing fantastic leo time to save

the world


captain caillou and fantastic leo flew

around the house

looking for someone who needed their




what's the matter rosie



rosie's balloon is floating up into


don't worry rosie i'll get your balloon


hey i want to help too

but i'm captain caillou i can do this

all by myself watch

time to use my stretchy powers

almost got it

look out it's fantastic leo's blaster


hey what are you doing i'm saving the

balloon i'm just trying to help i almost

had it but that's my

blaster thing let me have it




uh oh

it popped balloon

i'm sorry rosie

um maybe daddy can get you another one

see what you did


captain caillou was upset that leo had

ruined his chance to rescue the balloon

luckily mommy soon showed up with

another task for the boys captain

caillou fantastic leo

i'm wondering if you two superheroes can

find gilbert for me he hasn't had his

breakfast yet

captain caillou will find your missing


not if fantastic leo finds him first





no gilbert here

nope not here

i found him first catching the furry bad

guy is my job i called it

so what do i get to do

you can be my helper

great fantastic leo invisible power

now that no one can see me i can sneak

up on gilbert


this is going to be easy

huh wow

come back

come on gilbert come to me

gilbert wasn't interested in a cuddle

and he wasn't interested in being


but he was interested in his breakfast

there you are gilbert come on in the


good job caillou

it was supposed to be my job to catch

gilbert i was just helping it's not my

fault you couldn't catch him


it was clear our superheroes were not

getting along very well and they were

certainly not having any fun together


captain caillou

fantastic leo

what do you need daddy well

i could really use the help of a couple

of brave superheroes these wild weed

ogres are about to take over the garden

oh and maybe the world


does this sound like a job for captain

caillou and fantastic leo aha

look out weed ogres my powers are too

strong for you

my powers are even stronger we can use

my super space wheelbarrow to take the

weed ogres to the jail

or as mommy calls it the compost


captain caillou and fantastic leo got

right to work

only they weren't working together


bye bye weed ogres

hey i got here first and i'm gonna get

these weed ogres into the compost first



not with fast captain caillou's feet





caillou did it

captain caillou realized his superpowers

weren't quite as super as he had thought

and fantastic leo wasn't having much

luck either um leo i dropped all my


i guess i'm not a very good superhero


me neither

i can't push the wheelbarrow it's too


maybe we can help each other


you can help me with the wheelbarrow and

i'll help you pick up the weeds you

dropped yeah we'll be a team

it's captain caillou and fantastic leo

to the rescue


captain caillou and fantastic leo made a

good team when they worked together to

save the world a a garden from the wheat



caillou roars


as our lion roams the african savannah

she suddenly spots a gazelle

look at how fast a lion can run daddy

lions can run very fast

but today the gazelle manages to outrun

the lion she returns to the other lions

empty pod

and hungry

i like lions

me too they're pretty cool cats what

about you rosie

big teeth

yes lions do have very big teeth


it's okay gilbert

you can come out now the lions are gone

okay kids time to do our chores

rosie you can help me put away the


and caillou

you can tie to your room if i were a

lion i wouldn't have to tidy my room i

wouldn't even have a room true

but seeing as you're not a lion you need

to skedaddle and start tidying



can you finish tidying his room as well

as any four-year-old could

then he thought more about what it would

be like to be a lion

caillou thought he made a pretty good


and that gave him an idea


can i help you with something i'm a lion

a lion hmm

and what on earth would a lion be doing

in my kitchen

rawr i'm hunting for food ah of course

well i just happen to have a special

lions feast of food in here

you can have it if you're feeling hungry


hey you thought being a lion was much

better than being a boy


caillou decided to roam the house in

search of gazelles

he found a rather confused gilbert


and a little sister who wanted to play

tea party i told you rosie lions don't

drink tea and they don't go to

caillou parties found a very surprised

neighbor but not a single gazelle

i'm so sorry mrs howard

come on caillou brussels sprouts are

very tasty

lions don't eat brussel sprouts but i'd

like some more gazelle please


i'm not tired mommy i don't want to go

to sleep caillou had convinced mommy he

didn't need a bath because lions can

clean themselves

but bedtime was a whole other matter

i'm sorry caillou it's bedtime but lions

stay up late to hunt well that may be

true of other lions but my little lion

needs to get a good night's sleep

there's a time and place for everything


and now it's time for you to give me a

kiss and say good night

okay mommy

good night


good morning caillou

i see you're still a lion roar

how was your run

oh phew

good thanks it's nice out i think i'll

take the kids to the park later


i'm not sure that's such a good idea i'm

not certain but i think lions may not be

allowed in the park

i'll be a good lion i promise


remember caillou lions can be a little

scary try not to frighten anyone okay



did you bring any snacks daddy lions

have big appetites you know as a matter

of fact i did know that

i may have packed a few extra snacks

hey there stranger long time no see

hi eric yeah it's been a while you

remember my son caillou

and this is my daughter rosie hi caillou

hi rosie

this is my daughter lizzy caillou was

excited to see the baby


i'm sorry i didn't mean to scare her uh

that's okay i'm sure she'll calm down


there there lizzy sorry eric

caillou has been pretending to be a lion

but maybe he shouldn't be such a scary


maybe all lions are too scary for babies


that's much better caillou


back at home mommy was glad to hear that

everyone had a good time at the park

lunch is ready


aren't you a lion anymore no

sometimes lions are too loud and scary


well i'm kind of glad to hear it

you make a terrific lion but i was

growing a little tired of all the

roaring yeah

this time i'm going to be an antelope

caillou learned that there was a time

and a place for everything

even when you're just pretending


cookie jar



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