May 31, 2023


Published May 23, 2023, 5:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to take your YouTube and Instagram videos to the next level? If so, then you need a diy backdrop ceiling stand!

With this stand, you'll be able to film professional-looking videos without spending a lot of money. Plus, it's easy to set up and use, so you'll be able to get started right away.

Here's what you'll need to make your own diy backdrop ceiling stand:

1. Two tripods

2. A piece of plywood or a similar material

3. Four clamps

4. A drill

5. A saw

6. A measuring tape

7. A hammer

8. Nails

9. A level

10. A drill bit that is slightly larger than the nails

11. A saw blade

12. Paint or a similar material (optional)

13. backdrop material (optional)

14. A camera

15. A tripod mount for your camera

16. A computer or laptop (optional)

17. Editing software (optional)

18. A microphone (optional)

19. A light stand (optional)

20. Lights (optional)

Now that you have all of the supplies that you need, it's time to get started!

1. Begin by setting up the two tripods. Place them approximately four feet apart from each other.

2. Place the piece of plywood or similar material on top of the tripods. Make sure that the plywood is level.

3. Use the clamps to secure the plywood to the tripods.

4. Drill four holes into the plywood. These holes should be evenly spaced and should be large enough for the nails to fit through.

5. Place the nails through the holes and into the tripods. Hammer the nails into the tripods until they are secure.

6. Use the saw to cut two pieces of wood that are four feet long and two inches wide. These pieces of wood will be used as the crossbars for your stand.

7. Place the crossbars on top of the plywood, perpendicular to the tripods. The crossbars should be placed so that they are evenly spaced and are four feet apart from each other.

8. Use the clamps to secure the crossbars to the plywood. Make sure that the clamps are tight so that the crossbars don't move.

9. Drill four holes into each crossbar. These holes should be evenly spaced and should be large enough for the nails to fit through.

10. Place the nails through the holes and into the crossbars. Hammer the nails into the crossbars until they are secure.

11. Your stand is now complete! You can now add a backdrop, if desired. Simply hang the backdrop material from the crossbars using nails or tacks.

12. Set up your camera on the tripod mount and position it so that it is pointing towards the stand.

13. If you are using a computer or laptop, open the editing software and connect the camera to the computer using the appropriate cables.

14. If you are using a microphone, connect it to the camera or computer.

15. If you are using lights, set them up on the light stand and position them so that they are shining on the stand.

16. You are now ready to start filming! Experiment with different angles and shots to get the best results.

17. When you are finished filming, edit the footage as desired and then upload it to YouTube or Instagram!

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so you could open up a different scene

or you can close it up so he loves and

welcome back again to my channel it's

good to have you here again we are back

again with hacks and tips that will help

you create amazing content now in

today's video I'm gonna be showing you

guys 2 ways on how you can create own

background set your own backdrop sets on

8 budgets now if you are interested then

you definitely do want to keep on

watching alright so now let's get

started just in case you guys are seeing

me for the first time hi I'm Kelly and

Beruna and I love coming up with content

like this tricks like this hacks like

this that are very budget-friendly but

you're not praying at the same time that

will help you start creating amazing

content irrespective of your budgets

your space your room the equipment's you

have I want to help you maximize

whatever you have going on right now so

in case you guys see me for the first

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stick around with me by subscribing to

my channel now moving on to why you are

here in case you guys haven't watched

this video definitely a favorite so what

this is the path one of hanging your

background on a budget and I show you

how you can do that on your wall I

usually film in front of this wall hit

however because I've changed my filming

set up I don't have a wall to work with

and every way it's pretty much busy so I

kind of need to create my own DIY set so

for the first set job what I'm gonna be

needing is this ok so I got this as a

reflector it came in a 5 in 1 reflector

and this is what I use in diffusing

however as you guys can see he has like

a white soft diffusion over he can also

use this as a backdrop again you have to

know how to maximize what you already

have so if you're someone who has this

lying around your living room your

huming room I want to do like use it to

create or background what you can do is

you can literally just hang this up

that's it if you guys want to have like

a sim

background what you can do is to get an

external lights and basically shine that

lights behind it this is actor and this

is a before so it's going to make the

background look really bright alright so

this is what my background isn't looking

like right now you guys wouldn't even

know that there is a struggle going on

behind me now because this is hanging up

this is hanging off my ceiling in my

tend to move a bit if I turn off the

lights behind me you guys will see that

there's a huge difference it's going to

look dull and not as bright as it is

right now so in case you guys don't have

da reflect or you don't have that lights

user over there and something else you

can do is to get a very affordable

fabric whatever color you want to use

but still going to be hanging because

again we don't have an energy wall to

kind of use except you want to move

things around if you do want to move

things around or if you have an empty

wall a plain wall then definitely pick

on this link right here I'll show you

guys how to make and work with that well

in this I'm just going to be using the

space above me and around here to also

make it work number two is to just hang

it using the same book that we use in

case you guys not know yet a girl I

believe that you can do so many things

just by using books and they are so

inexpensive and I have them nice to do

so I'm not going to hang this over here

I do have one hook here so I can and we

have one done I have 1 2 3 hooks over

here and have one there the tiny hole

actually make your work there we go

there we go

and there we go this hanging backdrop

cool thing about this is I can easily

divide hide cover up your fuming

environment using this so you can open

up a different scene or you can close it

up you can divide your

zooming room using this you can make

this your filming Instagram and section

then this side could be your YouTube

sector which is what I'm currently

trying to do so yeah and this is

definitely something that comes in handy

again this is what it looks like and

this wouldn't cost you anything just

hoops hang it on your ceiling if you

don't have any where it's hanging on

your wall this is something you can do

this is how close I am to width like one

step away from it can definitely make

you work by doing something like this so

don't give up give it a try and honestly

thank me later this is the best thing I

could have possibly done and yeah what

are you guys to be able to always make

it work

on a budget or something here 'bageena

oh this is what my 50mm lens looks like

so if I wanted to fill my co-teacher

tutorial this could definitely work so

this is one scene and then this is a

totally different thing happening behind

us so this is my background but then

this is the background that we're trying

to create in this video so this is

what's a different background looks like

basically it's kind of moving around

just because of my AC is really blowing

on it that's why definitely change your

background change the backdrops and add

something different add something new to

it without pinning so much if you guys

want to see my entire background

collection let me know down in the

comment section oh we're oh but if you

guys enjoy this video let me also know

down comment section as well I love

creating content like this if you guys

are you here we really subscribe by

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