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Published May 23, 2023, 7:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

I’ve always been good with money. When I was a kid, I would save up my allowance and birthday money to buy the things I wanted. I was always looking for ways to make a little extra money, whether it was mowing lawns or selling lemonade. So when I found out about roblox, and saw that people were making real money by playing games, I knew I had to get in on the action.

I started off by playing games and selling in-game items for cash. I quickly realized that I could make more money by creating my own games. And so, I became the richest superhero in roblox.

My secret? I make games that people want to play, and I charge people for access. It’s a simple business model, but it’s one that’s worked very well for me.

I’ve got a few tips for anyone looking to make money on roblox. First, find a niche that you’re good at and that people are interested in. Second, create a quality product that people will be willing to pay for. And third, market your game to reach the widest audience possible.

If you can do all of those things, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next richest superhero in roblox!

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I've always wanted to be a superhero and

today I have that opportunity in Roblox

but first of all I have to become Filthy

Rich and then in Spider-Man I can become

more powerful and get better weapons to

destroy all of the other superheroes

because that's what a good superhero

does so what's the first step we need to

buy droppers to earn cash okay so these

drop these Red Blocks all right and then

we walk over here

this is where we collect our cash nice

so I've always like keep upgrading this

and get better and we can also make

walls and all sorts of stuff also if we

click this button here we can make

everything shoot out at a crazy speed

wait what are these green boxes are

these extra cash can I have some of this

cash please oh what do we get what do we


oh Ted doll no wait

what is it this one right I don't know

what we got I think it was 250 dice all

right let's head back over and see

what's going on obviously there are a

bunch of other superheroes here Superman

Ant-Man Batman Iron Man All Sorts but we

are Spider-Man well kind of we we have a

Spider-Man Factory so we can collect

some cash over here

and soon we'll be able to buy some

upgraders we also got turrets and stuff

to like protect ourselves that's pretty

crazy hello friend who are you iron Iron

Man or yeah no I don't know Superman oh

they've just walked off we can buy

another dropper now so that's good we

can just draw it and buy another one if

I click this button do they come out of

all of them whoa okay oh some cash well

I didn't know I had so much skills

can I ask for this catch please

come on give me that 500.

go on you know you want to yes thank you

now of course I can uh head to the uh

shop here and buy some things which you

know I'm gonna do I guess we'll buy the

super VIP kit and wow there are some

other really cool stuff but let's check

out what we've got first so this is like

a some sort of gun salt laser and a

flaming sword and a bow wow okay we've

we've got some interesting things from

that oh how are we doing on money by the

way whoa we've got loads so I don't know

what this does hey hey hey get back get

back that's what you get

I forgot it bad now all right let's get

some more Spider-Man droppers uh we

can't quite afford the next one can I

get like a long shot on this person

oh oh no I think they've got some sort

of Shield oh oh

I hit him

I hit him again shoot him with the the

hey okay I should stop terrorizing my

neighbors this is uh not appropriate

okay we're gonna get another dropper

it's all looking oh they bought walls I

I don't blame you to be honest I'm

really sorry about my behavior we'll do

the same thing there you go all right

are we doing on money we can do uh we

can do an upgrade here oh two times cash

we have to pay 800 Roblox for that okay

fine double the cash coming in now we

can also obviously spam this to get

extra money out okay we've got five and

a half thousand now that's quite a lot

we can buy another upgrader oh wait no

this is an upgrader that actually

upgrades the blocks when they get sold

oh okay we can also upgrade our walls

again so this time I don't think anyone

is able to just climb in now which is

good I think anyway I mean actually I

just did that I think we're gonna have

to do another upgrade yeah now people

can't just sort of never mind they I I

think they can still climb in oh there's

people coming there's people coming I

think we're under attack whoa whoa whoa

whoa whoa whoa whoa hey hey hey get away

from my crib this ain't cool no one

asked you to come here that's what

you're gonna get oh get stabbed go back

here get out my territory hey that's my

only I can bully my neighbor so you get

oh I got killed by the beams of my

neighbor I'm I was just trying to save

your neighbor I'm sorry okay we're gonna

get another upgrade in next you can also

buy a rainbow upgrader I mean sure why


nice there we go okay there seems to be

a battle at my neighbor's house I'm

gonna leave them to do that while I get

rich okay another upgrader okay I think

this thing is uh pumping out all of our

Spider-Man Blocks maybe this is like a

meat grinder for a Spider-Man that's a

that's actually a bit weird okay I can't

buy a security door I think that's

probably gonna be a smart idea

so I think only I can go through this or

I can turn it on and off does this still

no okay yeah so I can go through it now

you can also upgrade our walls a bit


I don't think anyone can just jump in

now maybe they you know they still

definitely can okay let's upgrade the

walls again then fight why don't we

second floor oh okay so we can add even

more money generating stuff in here what

does the loadout do spider chain I can

get Spider-Man stuff whoa I've got a

spider chain now although this probably

is not that good what is the hey hey

get out of here

what do you think you're doing scum I

don't know how we even got in hey hey

get away from my why are people can you

know coming to attack me

that's what you get maybe I should get

some turrets at some point out front

webs have I got this now

whoa I get the Spider-Man around the

place this is awesome we can use that to

like break into things I guess also we

were on so we could buy the God Pack

which would give us some overpowered God

gear maybe we'll hold off on doing that

for just a second let's upgrade uh our


so we've got hey hey hey

get get get out of here

okay we need to solve this problem we

keep getting people coming in and

evading it's time for no no we need we

need these

turrets keep people off of our property

yeah here we go that's what we're

talking about Spider-Man turret

all right I don't know oh it's lasering

someone on our roof

come back here

what do you think you're doing don't you

dare web away from me I think he stole

our web Slinger thing didn't know that

was even possible oh an outfit pad does

this mean we can turn oh we can turn

into a Spider-Man yes look where's

Spider-Man this is sick okay we do need

some droppers as well


no you're not going to get Spider-Man we

desperately need some walls I don't know

how people are getting up here 25 000

for a walk

the heck go get some money we're getting

invaded we need to protect our

Spider-Man this okay I don't know if

they're gonna be able to make it up this

now let me just test

okay yeah I think

I think we should be good unless they've

got my web singer which they probably do

get lasered get lasered full that's what

you get all right we're gonna buy some

more droppers and stuff to get some more

money Private Island by the way what is

this about I am curious what does a

private island get us oh

whoa this is interesting Dynamite Just

oh is that gonna does that work will

that kill me or am I safe

oh I think I answered that question wow

okay anyway

um let's keep upgrading I think we're

still getting attacked by uh people I

think people are trying to climb up


I think my answer is gonna be more

wolves go so by a Loadout pad

well we've got some new weapons I see

someone trying to climb up there will

you leave me alone stay away from me you

know what this will fight you wanna you

wanna try this

get stabbed by my flaming knife guys

we're gonna keep getting attacked I

think we're gonna need to get our God

pack this is the only thing we are gonna

be able to have to keep them away from

us so we got this

sword that's just sort of Mega into

killing them and then I've got some sort


I don't know what this is but I have a

god haircut as well what is this bull


and then I got this stabby thing okay

well I'm pretty sure this sword is just

an insta kill to everyone so that's fine

you can also get an extra bunker what is

this gonna do

whoa oh okay more weapons I mean I don't

really need I've got enough weapons at

this point haven't I just created a way

for people to are you kidding me game

seriously I don't I'm trying to avoid

people getting in now I'm gonna have to

go and buy a bigger wall upgrade to stop

people doing that it's the normal work

money on walls at this point okay we do

need a roof I think that would be

helpful okay we are not getting money

fast enough guys we can get ourselves

some cash let's let's get ourselves a

cash infusion we are under attack

brutally okay we have that cash infusion

now let's go put a roof on this thing so

that we can safely upgrade Okay so we've

got some money I think this will get us

a new dropper which is good there we go

but yeah it's starting to get quite

expensive we need to be focused on

upgrading these droppers now to get

maximum monies we can also be clicking

this to speed things up a bit I think

that'll help things okay we're doing

well we're getting attacked a little

less I'm gonna go and uh have a look

around see what's going on how's my

neighbor doing hello neighbor are you my


well now you're dead sorry about that

well my neighbors just managed to

complete their second floor hello I'm

not gonna kill you anymore we're cool

we're cool we're sick we're friends now

hey uh you got someone over here trying

to get up and I'll solve this problem

for you right now there we go that's

what neighbors do they kill your enemies

let me click this button for you if I

can I don't think I can but oh look I oh

I'm only the owner can never mind well I

definitely got the best crib out here as

far as I can see let's have a look at

how our money is doing oh okay we've

definitely got an upgrade I think we're

gonna be like fully upgraded at some

point another Power dropper

Mega dropper at 61 000. yeah I don't

really see any point in buying any of

these weapons because uh we're kind of a

lot better than them our God pack has

taken us to a new level you know all

right this is the last money I need to

do the Ultima upgrader which may or may

not be the last one for this floor at

least I don't know if there is more

flaws but yeah that's uh I think this is

the most money that you can now make in

uh in Roblox

superhero Tycoon um yeah we can

obviously speed this up a bit but we're

pretty much all powerful oh wait I

haven't been putting my Spider-Man

costume on what am I doing with myself I

feel terrible we can steal money from

people so yeah let's go be Spider-Man

stab people with weapons and steal their

money that's what Spider-Man does right

I think so all right let's do this okay

five thousand how do I

can you is it stealing I think I stole

some okay so I've got 53 000 so let me

head in over here still some money in

here what is up hello everyone let me

just give you a little stab Snappy stab

stab okay so I've got 53 000 yeah so I

can steal like 50 of their money all

right let's let's get out of here who

else is looking kind of big oh money

money box I'll take this

thank you very much how much you're

gonna give me

what's gonna give me sorry let me just

oh hang on let's get some money over

here a thousand

too bad although it's kind of annoying

well look at all these black panthers

there's a whole crew up here what is up

my friends what is up

hey guys

you want to be friends

something tells me you don't want to be

friends well that's cool oh wait this

isn't a person

oh no he got me black panther killed me

serious I've been betrayed by black

panther when I tried to kill black

panther okay we should get the web

singer by the way I don't know why we

haven't got that okay let's get our

Spider-Man costume on

and let's go avenge myself once we've

done this we will truly be the most

good job laser we will be the most


whoa we can just fly around with this

thing where is Black Panther you've

betrayed me

we are the most hey what the heck's

going on there we are the most powerful

superhero in superhero Tycoon and we can

just fly around just like Spider-Man no

he he doesn't do this thanks for

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