June 23, 2024

Renting a car using TURO GO

Published May 23, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Violet Harris

If you're in the market for a car rental, you may be wondering about the new turo Go service. Here's everything you need to know about renting a car using turo Go.

turo Go is a new car rental service that allows you to rent cars by the hour or day. You can use turo Go to rent cars in major cities across the United States, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.

To use turo Go, simply download the turo app and sign up for an account. Then, search for cars in your area and book one that's available. Once you've booked a car, you can use the turo app to unlock it and start driving.

turo Go is a great option for those who need a car for a short period of time, such as for a day trip or weekend getaway. It's also a good option for those who don't want to deal with the hassle of traditional car rental companies.

If you're looking for a convenient and affordable way to rent a car, turo Go is definitely worth checking out.

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good morning everyone and welcome back

to the channel on what is a cold day in

the Bay Area today what we got going on

is we're gonna rent another car on Turo

so if you've been on my channel before

you know that I rented a Porsche seven

one eight and with that one I actually

got to meet the person who was renting

it out and we did a transaction and it

was a it was a great experience but this

time around writing another car and it's

gonna be using the taroko app so we're

gonna take a look at how the turul Go

app works and yeah I'll show you that

right now so for those of you that don't

know churro is I guess a great way to

explain it it's sort of like Airbnb for

cars and what you do is you could rent

other people's cars the same way you

would rent other people's houses

apartments or I don't know about

apartments but other people those places

so yeah you do is you can go on the tour

app or you can go along Turtles website

and you can go in there and search other

people's vehicles and sometimes they

could drop it off to you usually at

airports or to your house or wherever

you want for a fee or you can pick it up

to wherever the car is now like I

explained in the intro this is the first

time that I'll be using the turbo app

which means I don't actually need to

meet anyone when I go pick a car that I

rented today and I would actually be

able to just unlock the car with the app

on the phone so yeah let's uh get going

to where the pickup spot is and then

I'll see how it works out when I try to

unlock the car that I rented today let's



but here's the car right you gotta see

300 I'm gonna try to open that up okay

so I think this is the car right here

we're gonna go into the Thoreau app and

click on there oh wow

so there's already like a lock and

unlock right here see fine in a lot get


this has unlock the car so it says tap

below to unlock the car to make sure

you're connected to Bluetooth Wi-Fi or

cellular it's gonna share unlocks so

well press unlock

transmitting signal and there you go the

car is I'm walking on its own it's

pretty cool and then now I can get in

the car so there you go it says any

pre-existing damage so I'm just gonna

look around the car and see if there's

anything that might be damaged with the

car something major and let's see not

really seeing anything wrong nothing too

crazy so I'm just gonna go ahead and say

no now you have to take the pictures and

now you'll see the image of the front of

the car just take a picture there hit

the checkmark on the side of the car so

you do that this cameras are really far

out and what you wanna do is take a

picture over the back of the car

I'll take a picture it goes the side of

the car you could say that no room here

and now I want you to take picture of

the odometer so you take a picture of

the odometer here and check alright so

I'll hit done and you could upload the

photos then hit next says find the key

your host has left view their key it's

locked in the protective pouch in the

glove compartment on the passenger side

you'll use the key to unlock and start

the card during your trip at the end of

your trip you'll put the key back in the

pouch return it to the glove compartment

and lock the car with the app if you

can't find the key please contact the

customer support immediately all right

so there should be a pouch somewhere in

here and sure enough there's a little

pouch here

tada there's a key so so there we got

the key and first impressions beautiful

car don't know this is ones you got to

stick somewhere let me see


so the key key just hang out here we'll

go ahead and hit next check mileage and

fuel so we'll go go fuels that's 7/8

ok rules of the road return on time

carry license during the trip

no smoking keep car tidy hundred miles

included refuel with premium gas got it

and get started so there we go

what's that


all right so it's the last day with the

mercedes-benz c300

all right so I'm back home and actually

I was pretty distracted when I returned

the car and I really didn't get footage

of me returning it but basically it's

the same way when you check out the car

and reverse and you put you follow the

instructions of taking pictures of the

car taking pictures of the domitor and

placing the key back where you got it

from which is in the safety pouch in and

into the glove box I'm not sure if every

situation is like that but that's the

case with this car and I did actually

forget my garage door opener in the car

I messaged the guy he responded like

like less than a minute and he said he

was able to unlock the car via his app

or however he did it so I actually went

back to the car told him I was at the

car he unlocked it I got my garage door

over there told him I already had it and

then he locked the car back up and we

were good to go

super great service if you ever come in

a situation where you forget an item and

one of these cars where you don't

actually meet the person you shouldn't

have to worry you should still be able

to contact the person assuming that they

respond quickly and get your item back

but yeah overall great experience and

will definitely be going back on tour oh

and definitely be renting us some cars

to review and just have fun with so yeah

if you enjoy the video give that a

thumbs up please subscribe and comment

share with anyone you think may like

this content and you all have a great

day later


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