May 21, 2024

Sports Entertainment vs Pro Wrestling Explained ... Again

Published May 23, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

When it comes to sports entertainment, there is a big difference between pro wrestling and sports entertainment. Pro wrestling is a lot more about the entertainment factor, while sports entertainment is more about the competition.

In pro wrestling, the athletes are often more concerned with putting on a good show than they are with winning. They want to make sure that the fans are entertained, and that they are getting their money's worth. This often means that pro wrestlers will go to great lengths to put on a good show, even if it means sacrificing their own safety.

Sports entertainment, on the other hand, is all about the competition. The athletes are trying to win, and they are usually more concerned with their own performance than they are with entertaining the fans.

So, what's the difference between sports entertainment and pro wrestling? It's all about the focus. Pro wrestling is more about the entertainment, while sports entertainment is more about the competition.

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this is the premier professional

wrestling company on the planet i know

oh don't say professional wrestling it

doesn't matter sports entertainment and

pro wrestling it's the same thing

people want to make these crazy

weird divisions over some

you know i know that pro wrestling and

the english language kind of go like oil

and water but um

yeah no this this thing is coming up a

lot lately i have noticed that since

wrestlemania there's been a lot of wwe

sorry wwe superstars who have been going

on this thing about that there's no

difference between pro wrestling and

sports entertainment and a lot of people

in the wwe bubble say things that or

sorry universe say that there's no

difference between pro wrestling and

sports entertainment they get very upset

about this they're very like oh it's so

silly it is a distinction dude where

people want to make these distinctions

between the two because there are a

distinction between the two it's kind of

fairly obvious that there is there ain't

nothing to figure out that's just some

senseless [ __ ] don't listen

and this is a good thing for the pro

wrestling and sports entertainment

communities in fact the wrestling

community as a whole

and i will explain to you why that is

later on in the video but for now to

kind of illustrate my point once and for

all let's do a little bill nye or i

guess for us old school people let's mr

wizard this [ __ ] we have two substances

here and look i move them around and

they look the same and they act the same

and from a distance on the surface if

from a low resolution standpoint they

look like the same thing but i'm sure

some of you can probably guess right now

by the snarky nature of my voice one of

these is water and one of these is oil

okay i can pour them and they look like

they pour the same way and look i can

pour this one in here and it pours the

same way actually kind of interesting

they actually don't mix well together

and if i heat up a wok guys guess what

happens when i pour water into it


and if i let this sit for a while the

water will evaporate and i get a lot of


hmm but if i pour that other stuff in


you're eventually gonna get smoke and if

you let it go for too long you'll wind

up burning down your house and your

smoke alarm will go off so let's not do

that i can explain it even simpler than


these are all called movies but guess

what they're in different genres

one's a comic book blockbuster film

another one is a gritty crime drama and

another one is a really good gory ass

horror film

yes they're all called movies but we

make distinctions between them because

if you go into avengers end game

expecting it to be anything like the

devil's rejects you're going to be

really really really shocked and

disappointed if you ask for an expensive

abstract art painting and you wind up

getting a bob ross landscape you're

probably not going to be too happy even

though they're both paintings bon jovi

and the sex pistols are both rock and

roll bands but if you go to a bon jovi

concert expecting it to be like the sex

pistols well do i really need to explain

that oh my god you're like so

overthinking this this really isn't hard

thinking hard thinking would be looking

at the biblical stories from old times

from the old testament in the new

testament and some from the torah and

some from other religious texts and how

over time they have translated and

transcended into the very entertainment

that we look at today and we can then

extrapolate from them more meaning out

of life because even though they are

fiction and not real they are probably

realer than real they're hyper real

because they take away all the

extraneous stuff from our lives and

bring it down to just the basic things

the real core stuff that we do in

interactions and then amplify them so

they become

more than real they become hyper real

that would be overthinking stuff knowing

stuff that you should have learned in

elementary school like there are

subcategories of things that look

similar is not really deep thinking and

i don't have anything against sami zayn

or seth rollins i think they're the two

of the best wrestlers in the world i

think they're two of the best sports

entertainers in the world and yeah you

can be both but i get a sense that since

they are and they did come up as really

strong pro wrestlers that they kind of

take exception especially seth rollins

to people not considering them to be as

good as pro wrestlers as people who

wrestle in places that aren't as heavily

focused on sports entertainment this

happens all over the place all the time

tons of people do this they want credit

for something that they're not really

doing it kind of like the people that

like they claim they're like they're big

hip-hop fans and when you talk to them

only thing they know is all the drake's

popular songs not even all of the songs

just the popular ones and then if you

ask them about somebody like nf or

the baby or anybody they like have no

idea what you're talking about well how

would you define it then not really that

hard there's like the general genre of

wrestling period but underneath the

umbrella wrestling there's collegiate

wrestling or amateur wrestling which is

an actual

sports competition there's wrestling in

mixed martial arts there's pro wrestling

which is presenting something like a

sporting event but it's predetermined

and then there's stuff like sports

entertainment which is not really

presented as a sporting event but is

presented more like his big variety show

action adventure comedy mashup and this

is not a bad thing for the wrestling

industry and the wwe fans aew fans

sports entertainment fans pro wrestling

fans across the board everybody should

actually embrace the fact that there are

differences in nuances in the industry

kind of the same way they are in other

industries it does go to also to solving

some of the contentious problems that

are going on around there are different

genres for different people who like

different things and what it ultimately

means is that the wrestling industry as

a whole is once again evolving and

growing no longer like it was in the

late 90s and early 2000s or most of the

other wrestling companies trying to just

do the same thing vince mcmahon is doing

now you get people doing hybrids like

aew you have fans that are more

interested in things like new japan

which is much more leaning towards the

sports aspect of pro wrestling you have

things that are a little bit more

hardcore like an mlw or you'll have

things like lucha underground which is

the epitome of sports entertainment

which has no resemblance at all to

anything like a sporting event and far

more resemblance to a lucha libre

version of mortal kombat as i always say

and i know it's probably not going to

happen but the wrestling community and

the wrestling industry itself needs to

embrace that there are differences

within it and that is a good thing and


essentially if we get out of fighting

each other because we want to lump

everything in something and then say

that one is better than the other one

and instead just accept that there are

different genres within the one that we

all love and that it's not about the

companies that like this past weekend

when wwe has a really good show it

doesn't matter to sports entertainment

it's a good sports entertainment show

and i can enjoy it for being a good

sports entertainment show but i'm not

expecting the same thing this weekend

when i watch new japan and see zach

saber junior face kaju okada i'm not

going to expect what i saw at

wrestlemania because if i do then i'm

going to be disappointed and vice versa

if i was expecting something as gritty

and intense as what's going to happen in

a typical new japan show at a

wrestlemania i'm gonna be disappointed

lots of people who really like the pro

wrestling style of a wrestling show have

been watching wwe which has been going

further and further in towards the realm

of sports entertainment and they don't

like it again it's like them being a big

horror fan and then going watching some

big blockbuster movie and being upset

that it's not like the horror movie that

they want it to be i know this isn't

going to change anything and there are

people out there who are invested in

there not being a difference it's all

the same thing so i can say that my

stuff is superior than somebody else's

but that's just so counterproductive to

the wrestling industry in the wrestling

community as a whole it would probably

be nice if we got away from that

[ __ ] but i don't think we are and

i'm just gonna do my part and put a

video out here like this i don't know

what's wrong with the american education

system but again i learned this kind of

crap when i was in elementary school

that things can look the same but if you

go underneath the surface

you can see that they are different and

that they have different uses and

different utilities and appeal to

different things and are for different

things and that ultimately like i said

before is a good thing but i want to

know what you guys think about this do

you think oh my god i can't believe this


is on it he actually put out a saucepan

on his camera in his video or are you a

person who thinks it's actually kind of

sad that i had to go to such extremes to

explain something that simple to the

wrestling community let your voice be

heard in the comment box below until

next time i'll see you guys here for

more news rumors reviews and commentary

we'll be talking about the hyper battle

event this weekend uh from new japan pro

wrestling and we'll be talking about

some of the fallout from wwe's

wrestlemania as this channel that covers

all pro wrestling and sports

entertainment will continue thank you

guys for watching i'll see you later




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