May 30, 2024

SPORTSareFAKE! / Magnets, Trickery, and the Religion of Sports Entertainment 🏀🏈⚽

Published May 23, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

The world of sports entertainment is one of fakery, trickery, and manipulation. But why? Why do we allow ourselves to be fooled by the athletes and teams we love? Is it because we're simply naive, or is there something deeper going on?

In many ways, sports are like a religion. We invest our time, energy, and emotions into them, and we expect something back in return. We want our team to win, and when they do, we feel a sense of joy and pride. When they lose, we feel anger and frustration.

We also tend to view athletes as heroes. We look up to them and admire their talents. We believe that they are special people who can do things that we can't.

But the truth is, sports are just entertainment. They are not real life. The players are not heroes; they are just people who are good at playing a game. And the games themselves are often fixed or rigged in some way.

The reality is that sports are fake. They are a form of entertainment that is designed to manipulate our emotions. But that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy them. We just need to be aware of the truth.

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hey guys hope everybody's doing good

i wanted to come out with some small

videos while we wait for our next big


but i thought this would be kind of

interesting because for some reason

this isn't something that is usually

thought about or even questioned and it

really blew my mind because i've never

really even considered it until recently

don't get me wrong i've always

considered that sports are rigged to a

certain degree

we all know boxing

wrestling and yes these are sports

entertainment and they can be indeed

very fake

i think we can all agree there

the issue begins when you start bringing

up basketball soccer or football

that's when the cognitive dissonance

kicks in

kind of when someone learns about a

brand new cosmology

they laugh at the concept with mockery

say the entire idea is ridiculous and

then they just go back to watching the

game with the beer on the weekend with

friends it's a tradition

a ritual

and many of these sports fans have no

intention on changing that

which is fine

i just think that these sorts of things

should be able to be questioned and i

find it very weird that this thought

never even really crossed my mind until

recently which is

is there some type of tech being used in

sports entertainment to increase or

decrease the chances of the ball going

into the hoop

essentially are these billionaire

companies using smart tech to control

when a shot is made or when it's missed

baron davis can make a shot from

anywhere on the court

is it magic or is it magnets tiny

magnets placed on the ball ensuring a

strong attraction to the metal rim watch


and when baron needs more magnets baron

gets more magnets

don't believe me watch the nba playoffs

and you'll see there's really no other


i think most of you are aware that most

of the media is set up to play out a

specific way but for some reason

possibly because of culture

we seem to let it go when it comes to


what is the profession yeah which

profession are we talking about just

look at it is it a legal profession of

course it's legal surrender more


probably because it truly does rely on


i'm not saying that these shots can't be

made i mean i've played sports myself

i'm a pretty tall guy and i've made some

crazy shots by luck

i actually remember at the fair they had

those hoops that have a little bit of a

curved rim so it's almost impossible to

make but i was young and didn't really

know so i would just do stuff like that

i would come up and shoot and make the

shot on the first try and the dude was

just like completely blown away like oh

how did you do that

i've just been really lucky when it

comes to sports so trust me i totally

understand all that

i've even kicked a basketball into the

hoop from half court it was just pure


but two things can be true at the same

time because we can never forget what

we're actually dealing with

this is business

industry and billions of dollars on the

line it's a church

so i kind of stumbled upon this through

watching dude perfect videos

now i've been watching these guys for a

long time now and i'm not saying all

their shots are fake especially when it

first got started and i agree i

understand the whole if you try a

hundred or thousand times you'll make

one of them right just through luck

but over time they became a bigger

youtube channel the shots got more and

more ridiculous until the point of

people starting to question whether or

not it was completely fake

this also gets super weird because they

made a video recently trying to show how

they do their trick shots and it's kind

of like a joke video

but still people don't know and

they're kind of giving this illusion

that by using green screen techniques to

edit out the people that this is what

they're doing to make the shot

which is just so ridiculous that people

just laugh and say huh no they actually

really do make these shots for real

increasing trust in their brand well

that's at least how the video is


but there are shots where they seem to

be using rigged setups i mean

why wouldn't they do this

people will think this is ridiculous to

suggest but i mean these guys are

promoted by the mainstream media

this is what they want you to think that

they can just make all these insane

shots which again i do think some of

them are real

now i'm not really going to argue about

this as i've seen the discussions on

this and it seems that many people do

believe that dude perfect is real

because they've had some bloopers or

something in one of their old videos

and the argument in return seems to be

that they could have just edited those

videos as well

people brought up the question on

whether this is some type of visual

effect being used or is this some type

of rigged setup that makes the ball fly

into the hoop

just look at the number of sponsors

promotions celebrities that have worked

with them

they make millions of revenue and

entertainment and they have to keep

making these shots of their businesses

to continue

the only logical thing from a production

standpoint would be to fake it at some

point and simply present it as what it



which don't get me wrong i do think they

are talented and have made hundreds of

shots sure

but that doesn't mean that both can't be

true they have 50 million followers on

youtube and i'm not saying that's bad or

anything but it seems that they sold out

a long time ago

they're in the top 50 most subscribed

youtube channels alongside worldwide


so i was watching this video by these

australian dude perfect youtubers which

they're starting to get big and i'm not

saying that i think it's artificial i

don't know i was just reading the

comments and i saw what other people

were thinking and

if you really look at it it does seem

that there's some triggering at play

sure the main argument seems to be this

whole magnus effect and how the rotation

of the ball can change its entire

direction but this would actually make

it even more unlikely because when he

throws the ball he's not accounting for

that at all

right the first argument is oh they just

do it over and over so it's repetition

and then they just keep adjusting their

movements until they get it right so

that makes more sense but if you're not

going to make the argument that it's the

magnus effect then this would require a

whole other level of calculation that

really would just make the shot complete


which i agree is possible

but if you look at the top comments on

these videos they're saying that it's


which i'm not saying i agree

but i was looking through these comments

and it just spawned me to start looking

into the nba because that's literally

what they're talking about in the

discussion is that these trick shot

channels in professional sports

are using let's say fakery in order to

control the outcome

now i say it that way because

what most people are saying is that

they're magnets and we'll get to that

but i wanted to present it that way

because what if it's something else

like sure it could be a similar outcome

where the ball gets attracted to a

specific location

but why does it have to be magnets is

that because that is the only attraction

based technology that we're aware of

this seems to be where the cognitive

dissonance kicks in because people are

like okay what about jewelry you're

saying they have these on their hands

ridiculous you know how many people

would be keeping this under wraps and

you know a lot of these arguments sound

very similar to me and that's why i was

comparing the whole fe and the new

cosmology because

you have these people who truly trust

the mainstream narrative they come in

and laugh at those just asking questions

literally mock them and call them dumb

for even pondering such thoughts

well to me

that's a sign and we must look at the

way people react for this stuff as a

religious cult

weekly service at the end of the week

with all their families worshiping their


we'll get to the reason why this is all

happening towards the end but okay so

you saw that david blaine video

that was for the 2007 nba playoffs

and there's this idea that it was just a

ridiculous commercial just to promote

the nba but

i don't really know about all of that it

doesn't really make that much sense

first off david is being completely


we all know that david is fully aware of

the trickery behind entertainment being

one of the most famous street magicians

why would he say all of this and you

know how the elite work with promoting

what they're doing right in our faces

this is soft disclosure there was no


it was so that you think it's just a


just a ridiculously small bit so you'll

never question anything

they do this all the time in movies

and even with that hulu commercial or

they were saying that they were

reptilians that ate your brain or

something like that

like why even go there is that the best

you can do for promotion

well the other thing is i don't think

david is telling the whole truth here


for these ball players to be walking

around holding magnets

i'm not so sure about that i think they

can just catch the ball but

maybe one way it could work is that the

ball contains a thin layer of metal or

even an electromagnet in the skin of the


but in the rim that's where the powerful

electric magnet is that can flip

polarities and push or pull the ball

with a fall off in its power in order to

get it to slowly come into the hoop

and there is evidence for this but i

just wanted to say

is that i wouldn't be surprised if there

are other methods for attraction not

known by mainstream science that is

created through certain black projects

and underground funding i mean remember

these companies have billions of dollars

i mean david blaine tells you straight

to your face is it magic or is it


actually more than one commercial

and another one he says that lebron

james uses some type of jump ramp to

achieve his tongues


okay this might just be a joke but still

i really wouldn't doubt it if we come to

think of the level of wokeness and

corruption that filled the nba in the

modern day

which is ironic since most of the

players are essentially slaves to their

system so i don't understand why lebron

can be so privileged yet consider

himself a victim

but anyways let's take a look at some of

these videos

so in terms of actually breaking down

the game shots and slowing them down

i'm not going to do that since it's

already been done

but i do want to break down the two

biggest videos on this so you can just

go ahead and watch it from there

but before we do that let me just

address the people who are cringing in

their seats at this idea so you can just

calm down yes

i've seen the main points

there's no magnet in the world that

could do this

as a sports player i know that it's

possible to make these impossible shots

or the i used to play for the nba in nfl

and i can guarantee that there are no

magnets used

even it's impossible because of air

currents physics

yeah i'm not doubting all that i'm just

asking questions

and the way people respond

shows how attached they are to an idea

i get it

as i said i've played sports my whole

life and you may not believe it but i'm

a pretty athletic person so i completely

understand the argument of kicking the

soccer ball or just throwing the

basketball with just the right shot and

making such an amazing shot i get it i

really do

i understand that it's possible because

i've done it many times

but that's not necessarily what we're

talking about

what we're talking about is

is it possible that yes secretly there

is some type of tech being placed into

the balls

rims and goals of professional sports

entertainment to influence the outcome

of the game

and make money off of bets

that's all we're not questioning whether

this is actually possible to make the

shot of course it is but when we're

talking about an industry billions of

dollars gambling literally soccer is the

world's largest sport

look at the stadiums

and the same could be said for

basketball these are the modern mega


people just don't want to admit that

it seems that jack sempei is the biggest

channel with the biggest video talking

about the fraud of sports entertainment

he has less than 2 000 followers and i

don't know people are saying that he

could be a troll

maybe he is

but i don't really think so as i've read

most of his comments and i think he's

dead serious

i also think he's fair as

there have been actual retired players

who have come in and tried to debunk his

theory and he literally pinned the


if this was a troll he wouldn't have

done that

to me he did that to show he was being

fair and i don't really think it

convinced him because if you keep


others were discussing how this could be

done in other ways

just because this guy says that he can

personally attest that there are no

magnets in football

does not mean it's not true and or that

there is some other way to influence the

outcome of these games


people are very attached to their sports

so they don't even want to spend the

time asking these questions which is

very telling so the biggest video on

this jack guys channel is the nba uses

magnetic rims proof

but the thing is

youtube actually makes his video easily

searchable so even if this guy is being

serious the top comments are trolling

him and making him look stupid so if

anyone new comes to watch this video

they will just think it's a joke

but i really don't think he's joking at


watch that video if you want to see some

of the shots slow down and one of these

weird shots where the ball just froze on

the middle of the rim

and it didn't even get wedged or

anything it just got stuck there

i mean [ __ ] i've never seen anything

like that and

i mean i've seen it go into the corner

or right on the edge of the hoop but no

never right in the center like that

and there's this other channel called

lobo and he has another good video with

more explanation


he starts by covering these nba

professional balls and how they actually

reuse the balls and that they have to go

through a thorough inspection before

each game

they have to go through a review process

to adhere to the league standards

so this is interesting because in this

video he posted another channel talking

about wilson balls

because i guess they're not sure what

the nba game ball brand really is but

people are suspecting wilson because

wilson has an nba game ball and in the

description it reads the nba game ball 1

is the closest to what is used by the

pros every season however basketballs

used for nba games may have unique


digital technology and or stricter

quality controls or tolerances

wait hold up digital technology

so we know they're doing something with

the ball whether that is the track it or

to be able to record data on how many

shots were made or missed okay so we're

dealing with technology

now this gets even weirder because

wilson is known for putting transmitters

in footballs

football is an american tradition

sometimes full of camaraderie team

loyalty and nail-biting referee


but what if the refs could use

electromagnetic waves to help pinpoint

exactly where the ball landed to make

their game calls

we go inside the lab to learn more

the trouble is inches matter in football

the exact location of the football can

determine whether a player gained enough

yardage for a third down conversion

the exact location can also show if the

ball crossed the goal line for a


in short the spot of the ball

can affect who wins the game

just watch what happens in this

appalachian state football game

can you tell if the ball crosses the

goal line

now engineers at nc state may have a way

to know for sure

what we do is we turn the

football into a small electromagnet

the scientists work with carnegie mellon

university and disney research create a

way to track a football in

three-dimensional space you can do you

can do left right forward back up down

is three and then the football

can be rotated this way and the football

can be rotated this way

so he could actually track the football

in any orientation around

it's all done using a low frequency

transmitter that is integrated into the


this is the rechargeable battery for the


and then here's the actual

transmitter this is the on off switch so

we can turn it off

these are the two wires from the antenna

coming up into the transmitter and

here's the key

the transmitter creates a current in the

wire which turns the ball into a pretty

simple electromagnet

this time lapse video shows how it's all

put together

the ball is deflated and unlaced

the bladder is removed and then a wire

is wrapped around the bladder several


the bladder is put back into the


and then the antenna and the transmitter

are epoxied together

to make them more durable

everything is then packed back into the


which is laced back up and then


the weight is within the standard

deviation of accepted professional

football weights

the ball is carefully balanced if you

think about a science experiment you

might have done in school where you


a coil of wire and then connected the

coil of wire to a battery and then

looked at what happened to a compass

you're you're measuring the same sorts

of things that you did with the iron

filings and the permanent magnet in one

case it's a permanent magnet the other

case it's created by the


but the fields are very similar

and effectively what we're doing is

we're taking the football and turning it

into a magnet

just like the coil of wire that you did

in the in the science experiment school

and here's how it works

watch the player and then watch the

arrow on the side of the screen you know

everybody likes to do something cool

everybody likes to uh see something

that's entertaining so you can see as

he's running down here

uh the ball really is changing

directions uh as he moves in his arm and


across the field so you can see not only

his location but also that orientation

and you see there's a red and a yellow

line and

the yellow line is really telling you


orientation so when the ball's flat

horizontal to the field

the l line's straight and as it tips up

that yellow line gets shorter and

shorter and shorter there's a series of

antennas placed around the field to

track the signal produced by the

transmitter the computer uses the data

to place the ball this is one just

showing the accuracy so we've got

one of our researchers walking the line

and this is showing the direction of the

ball so it's pointed to his right


he's within one foot of the goal line

mostly within six inches as he walks and

remember the football is producing a low

frequency signal

that's important because low frequency

signals pass through the human body

the ball won't get lost in a pileup of

players we use magnetic waves which may

not mean anything to to most people but

typical radio waves get absorbed by our



get shoulder pads helmets metal things

the magnetic waves tend to

ignore us we're sort of transparent if

you will to the magnetic waves so by

using magnetic waves when all the

players huddle around the ball uh the

waves just

propagate through them and we can see

them just fine so the players themselves

don't affect uh the fields we measure

whatsoever and the electromagnetic

signals produced are good for tracking

the football and safe for people there

actually is an analysis that we had done

where you actually calculate you take a

human body model and we calculated the

football sitting right here if you held


how long you could hold it and i think

you could hold it for a full

four or eight hours

and you'd still be below all the

acceptable limits researchers admit the

system needs fine tuning

but the nfl and several other sports

leagues are reviewing the technology

and it was just it was just cool to be

able to do something that uh enabled us

to interact with the sports team

and uh that was so easy to understand

you know a lot of the work we do in

research doesn't always take us into

something that's

exciting and also that you can share

i mean if this doesn't convince you i

don't know what will

they literally have the tech

where the football has a magnetic grip

system in that these gloves make it so

much easier to catch with such ease that

these have been supposedly banned at

high school games

i mean

so this is proof that the technology

exists now we're just questioning

whether we trust them to use it or not

or whether they're liars

but that's a pretty easy

question to answer

the ultimate reception

now every kid can catch like a pro

come take a look

ultimate reception is the most

innovative youth sports entertainment

product in years

players using an ultimate reception

football and gloves are so effective

they are not allowed in any high school

or ncaa football game


this product is strictly for youth and

athletes who want to catch like a pro

every time

ultimate reception features a

patent-pending magnetic grip system

that literally makes the ball stick to

your hand

and with the smallest strongest magnets

in the world on your side it usually

only takes one hand


they're showing you this just to make

you think that this is some type of

product or

one use kind of thing like oh what a

neat gadget

it's just that

people wouldn't or don't want to make

the extra leap of making the final

conclusion of what this all means

these gloves are a part of it as well

and i know that sticky gloves do help



if they were actually giving out these

magnetic gloves and footballers weren't

even told about this

they are given professional nfl gloves

and they just think they're top [ __ ]

catching everything but

what if they don't know

that these magnets are in their glove

and the nba football is actually set up

with an electro magnet that can be

turned on or off

i know that sounds crazy and i'm not

saying it's true but there are people

who are discussing these things

so back to wilson


wilson is the main brand behind all

these professional balls

they make all the professional balls

which i don't know i find it weird that

in that tom hanks movie

the weird volleyball with the red

looking blood is called wilson

just strange but these guys make all

these balls for professional sports such

as soccer baseball football basketball

and yes they have digital balls or

bluetooth balls that have technology

within them

it directly connects with your bluetooth


wait so you guys don't think they may

have something like a magnetic ball

and if they did have that technology

do you think these sports entertainment

executives could really resist using it

to boost viewership

okay maybe not magnets

even though i do think they may be using


if they weren't you would think at some

point some higher ups were like hey is

there any way we can integrate some type

of technology that would make it easier

or harder to make shots

seems like a fair question

why not

it's just a thought

and i guarantee someone has thought that

as we already see the proof with the

products out on the market now for

catching footballs easier with magnets

and also bluetooth basketballs that

completely monitor everything you do


i think they hide the truth in plain

sight not only that

but there's a video of a former atlanta

hawks player who was watching one of the

games on his live and a fan noticed him

talking about how the rims had magnets


say he the fourth member of the amigos

man look

look they got a magnet on the rim got a

magnet on the rim eggnog that wasn't

supposed to go in

the thing is

we're never presented with a theory that

drastically puts to question everything

you know and love including your

perception of reality and or what you

truly enjoy watching in this case sports


that's fine and i'm not saying all

sports are fake but when it comes to

global corporations making billions of

dollars on corruption

this is what we're really talking about

when it comes to the world of sports

entertainment and gambling

if it were known by the masses that

these events were rigged

the entire thing would come crumbling


no one would watch it again

just like with jake paul

sure people are falling asleep every day


people are waking up to the fact that

this is simply entertainment

these are contracts

and the outcome is already predetermined


this isn't about honor or who is the

better player or chance

it's about business


how can we keep the populace distracted

from world issues while they sit at home

drinking beer and watching the game

this is their religion

these sports fans are nationalists who

support the flag of their chosen team

willing to support them through death

tattoo their logos on their bodies

this is what happens

people merge their entire identity with


dude i know this for a fact my dad was

from new orleans and he was a huge

saints fan

every weekend he would watch the game

and so i would want to watch it too

it became ingrained in my mind as

i became a sports player made other

friends who loved sports and this was

just the culture to watch the game every

weekend and to be a loyal fan to your


but is that really all it is

once i became an artist it became so

obvious what sports entertainment is

it's a numbing of the mind

it's a way to divide and conquer

people fighting for different teams that

are owned by the same exact people

why do people get so much joy out of

watching other people play sports i

never really understood that myself as

i always just wanted to go out and play

why would i want to sit for three hours

watching people i don't even really know

especially in these huge nasty stadiums

with beer and piss everywhere and it's

crowded it's honestly kind of disgusting

people go to these events to eat drink

and [ __ ] while watching the game i mean

even celebrities spend their weekends

doing this

this seems to be the same cycle of

entertainment to keep the majority of us


there needs to be something to distract

the public and this has been going on

for ages

it's nothing new

this is a church service that happens

every week the teams are different cults

it is estimated that over a billion

people worldwide watch the world cup

football tournament in south africa

it's said to be the biggest sporting

event in the world

i mean we're talking about multinational

corporations and sponsorships of the

highest degree

now the next question becomes


why would they do this

how come there are so many people who do

not know that this is going on

and the reason is

this is just a system

this is the fundamental keystone to the

entire new world system

it's a symbol

as we know from the last video

symbols are how the elites speak to each


these sporting events are symbolic for


but more so to consistently program us

with social darwinist principles such as

the fight for survival or there having

to be a better team when really these

are all money puppets created by


they just shuffle team members all the

time it has nothing to do with

nationality and everything to do with

money and control

now i'm not saying we need to throw

everything away and that there isn't

positivity that can come from


of course you can grow you can learn


we aren't talking about competition

in a honest and true form no we're

talking about competition in the form of

global entertainment

this is not some true ambition to prove

who is best

it's a business

and you gotta admit that many of the

fans are of a lower awareness chugging

beers and seeing the other teams from

other countries as enemies simply

because they like another team

sure in some cases it's serious and in

others you can have strong bonds with

those who oppose your team

but again generally

it's actually very toxic and

not what our society needs right now

if anything

we should take a break from cult worship

and all just work on ourselves for a bit

we know that the freemasons designed


these were all set up in the founding of

our societies

and if you're new to the channel

there's so much more to this than just


they are keeping so much of our history

from us including how our cities were

truly constructed or as they tell us


this gets into the entire nature of our

reality but they don't really want us to

ponder upon that

they would rather us talk about the game

last night and how they made that crazy

shot at the last second


i'm not really trying to prove anything

with this video i could be wrong

but i thought it was an interesting

thought stream

i honestly never really thought about

hidden tech being used until recently

and i don't know

it just seems weird

because like i was saying i know these

shots can be made i do it all the time

but still

i never really thought about

if this tech existed and it was being

used in sports

because if it did exist our way to

assume that these wealthy elite are

trustworthy enough to not use it

i mean i know the idea of platforms on

the court make no sense and that there

are indeed people who can dunk these


i remember in high school there was this

guy that was like 5'4 dunking on

professional goals and it just blew my

mind so i know it's possible but

still why do you think they got david

blaine on here to promote the playoffs

is it because

that these basketball courts are a set

it's all a rig and they're telling you

to your face

this isn't just with basketball it's in

all professional sports even gaming

you don't think auto aimers are being


many of these aren't immediate snaps

either there are small little sisters

that slowly fade in and then snap to the


same thing with basketball it would

slowly attract the ball as to not cause

suspicion or

possibly we're dealing with the tech

that we do not understand i mean you

remember the movie like mike

i mean i don't know are we to think that

there aren't shoes that exist like that

you may think that's crazy i don't know

many of these will lead her into the

occult so i try to keep an open mind to


which is weird because for some people

they think a video like this would ruin

our work

how could you possibly put out a video

like this questioning whether they do

stuff like this

i mean

i think it's very relevant as i brought

up how people worship sports the fact

that it's a billion dollar corporation

and that it keeps the symbol of fighting

to survive alive

but forgetting all that

i even showed you that there are devices

being made right now that include

magnetic sports balls that make them

easier to catch or throw into a hoop

and or bluetooth balls that monitor all

the activities throughout its entire


these devices do exist they can be made

with current technology easily

now we're to consider that in black

projects secret tech kept from the


all we're asking if this tech does truly


what these corporations use it

why wouldn't they

even if that is too far

the least you can do is attempt to think

about how most of these games are rigged

in other ways

not just through technology and editing

but just through telling the players

exactly what to do like puppets

but hey if you bring this up you'll just

get called crazy

but what do you think

do you trust sports media entertainment

do you think it's something that is

healthy for mankind in its current state

and form

let us know your thoughts in the

comments and all we can hope is that our


may be unveiled

let go of everything you think to be


relax the mind and ask the question

do i truly understand what this reality




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