May 31, 2023

Swatting Lies and Mental Health Entertainment: The Dangers of Branding Mental Health

Published May 23, 2023, 10:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

When it comes to health entertainment, there are a lot of lies and misconceptions out there. For example, many people believe that health entertainment is all about watching television or playing video games. However, this simply isn't true.

health entertainment is actually any activity that can help you relax and de-stress. It can be anything from reading a book to taking a walk in the park. As long as it helps you unwind and takes your mind off of your worries, it counts as health entertainment.

One of the biggest lies about health entertainment is that it's not good for you. This couldn't be further from the truth! In fact, health entertainment can actually be very beneficial for your mental health.

For one, it can help you take your mind off of your stressors and problems. This can be a huge relief, especially if you're dealing with a lot of stress in your life. Additionally, health entertainment can also help you relax and de-stress. This can lead to improved sleep, which is essential for good mental health.

Finally, health entertainment can also help you connect with other people. If you're feeling isolated and alone, spending time with friends or family can help you feel more connected and less alone. This social interaction is essential for good mental health.

So, don't believe the lies about health entertainment! It's actually good for you and can be very beneficial for your mental health. If you're looking for ways to relax and de-stress, consider adding some health entertainment into your life.

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you know and that and she

what and but you're gonna give your


access to therapy and say you need to do

this therapy boo

for your sake cause you just angry go do

this therapy honey because i can't stand

you go do it

but then she gonna pick a lie from

you know our clouds swarming of lies and

say on the oprah show

uh yeah i went to try to get help for my

mental health and

now i was silenced that it wouldn't look


lie lie la la la la

like all day all day long lying

hello youtubers welcome to my channel

so much yet again going on with the

infamous couple

i'm going to be talking a little bit

about what

the most recent news is and that is of


mr windsor and his therapy

we know he's been having open therapy

in front of the whole world and to me

you know you look at someone who is

offering to put themselves

in a global spotlight to do

therapy think about it one of the most

vulnerable things you can do is to

open yourself up emotionally to

people while being filmed because you


essentially taking yourself and saying i

am i am raw i am completely bare

raw naked and i am going to divulge

my innermost thoughts and emotions

to people to watch for the sake of

entertainment and this was something

that i had caught that

lady c had mentioned and it's so true

now the difference between what i had

mentioned about

someone like mr windsor doing

therapy and um exposing himself

as opposed to other celebrities that

actually have talent and that have their

day jobs and they're coming on as a

little side piece

to kind of be vulnerable and to show how

they deal with

their mental health is completely

different because

they're talking about themselves they're

going into their inner

most emotions for the sake of

entertainment essentially exactly like

lady c

said but they're not doing it for

reasons that would

suggest they're just trying to get a

paycheck because they have their day

jobs they're already successful

in their own right now to each his own

whether or not

they want to do something like that but

we see with mr windsor

and how he is choosing to to go on

television and to divulge himself in a

bare raw

state of emotion this is his job

this is essentially his job so right


that tells you you're doing this for

money you are essentially going on

bearing your soul to pay your bills

that is what mr windsor is doing and not

only that

but what else makes it different is

because he is

also bearing his soul and he is dragging

his family

in with him he's like look i'm getting

ready to go to therapy

i'm getting ready to be on this reality

show and y'all royal family y'all coming

with me

y'all y'all the stars of the show and

the royal family they don't know nothing

about it that's why they got to not say

anything have you noticed

they're not really going to divulge

information about

the things that harry and his wife are

doing because they don't want to get

caught up into the drama

they're just going about their business

you know kate just doing kate

you know william doing william the queen

doing the queen

everybody just going on like home did um


you know they're showing up at their

charity events and smiling and

have their masks on and you know

everything is good

but let me assure you back at home

they see then they see then they're like

they're hearing windsor

so they have to not engage with mr

windsor in order to

to keep themselves separate from the

drama but this is the problem

when harry does his therapy and his


you know he's pulling in the rest of his

family he's like okay

when i was a child my father was

horrible and then he's talking about his

father then all of a sudden

his father is a part of his therapy that

is being broadcast to the world

and that's not fair to do if you're

going to expose yourself

for having issues and needing therapy

don't be bringing in your family now

it's different if you weren't a


or very well known and you said my


this and my po papa this well people

don't know who that is they can be


but because you are harry windsor you


well hey you say grandmama and people

gonna be like

oh he's talking about the queen you see

what i'm saying so

harry doesn't have anonymity to just


openly he is essentially

purposely choosing to involve

and to engage his own family into his


and how is that right to do doesn't the


uh have a right not to be thrown out

into the the circus into

the work for the world to see is this

not supposed to be

private information that he is speaking


is it okay for harry to get

hey good for you mr windsor that you are

speaking about your health your mental


but what about the mental health of his


and his pa papa and all of his family

what about the institution what about

the the the monarchy the firm like he is

a part of something that is very great

and big

and so this is why something like the


then they're a cohesive unit like they

have to

communicate together so that when they

are out working and branding and doing

things they're not stepping on each

other's toes

they are one unit essentially and here

we have this rogue piece mr harry wizard

you know trying to get off the boat and

say no uh-uh

i'm bringing y'all down with the ship

you know we all going down

if it's just me it ain't gonna be just

me i'm taking all y'all with me

since i you know i don't know what i

want to do with my life i'm essentially

just some the black sheep of the family

and uh you know what i don't like it and

i am going to just throw everybody under

the bus

and we gonna all go skidding down the

street that's what he's saying


because if you are not thinking that you

want to protect and help the mental

health of your own family

you would not do what he did with that

oprah special

you would not do it and like lady c said

doing it yet alone for entertainment


that is wrong to do especially when you

are dragging other people in it's wrong

to do

but i think what makes it more egregious

is that you have your

famous family coming along for the ride

and that's wrong

and so what i wanted to read from today

was this article

um that said prince william reportedly

can't comprehend why prince harry is

throwing his family

under the bus why is he doing this

well you know i i know that just by

looking at the fact that he is willing

to be so

vulnerable in therapy on a global stage

and mind you

about the the problems he said when he

sees a camera and when he has to go back

and think about what happened to his


wouldn't that all be a part of his

therapy he's doing something that he did

not want to do in front of cameras


because it gives him anxiety remember in

south africa when he said that

and now he's doing it because he's

certainly going to speak about the death

of his mother because that's a

contributing contributing

factor of his mental health issues

and now he's doing it on film when the

clicks he says

gives him anxiety

this clip right here every single time

i see a camera every single time i hear

a click everything the whole time i see

a flash

it takes me straight back so in that


it's it's it's the worst reminder of her

life as opposed to the best

you see the contradiction you see how

the lies and everything is just kind of


all like up there's like a bunch of lies

it's like which lie are you gonna catch

today oh i'm gonna catch this lie

okay uh does this go with the the

narrative love okay we're gonna tell

this lie today

and then there's more lies and we're

gonna catch other lies and we're gonna

they're not flies they're lies and

they're catching them y'all and they

just spewing them out there

but and then i want to go into the whole

heads together thing which is

that's the other lie essentially because

when they were doing the heads together

they were talking in 2017 um

three months before the wedding with

megan and also

before megan even came into the scene

they were having therapy and william had

opened up with harry about

going into therapy well before

you know he had met megan they had their

own foundation

why is together in white mental health

it's your word

what's your idea it's a common thread

wasn't it mental

health sort of seemed to run between all

the different areas that we were working

in so whether it's

homelessness in the military with

yourself an addiction with me

bereavement there's a sort of underlying

thread wasn't there of mental health

and this idea that there's all of us

coming together to find

a common theme and to show people how to


those what we're calling sort of simple

conversations and starting those

conversations which is often the hardest

bet really

so when you talk when you hear harry say

that megan

is the one that had you know persuaded

him to get help because of his anger and

his drug and all these issues he was

dealing with

y'all that was a lie let's pick that lie

that was a lie because essentially he

had already done that with his brother

william and kate

and kate was the one who was trying to

say we need to pay attention to our


here's another video that william did um

i really think this is a pivotal moment

in the change in mental health i really

feel we're on the cusp of something

really big

and i know the bbc are keen to continue

um covering mental health and really

trying to make that change

as you can see you know i have my own

reasons for being involved mental health

what happened to me

my mother when i was younger do you see

what i'm saying

but what i've always said the bigger

issue are the people that don't

pay attention or the people who don't


the people who overlook all of

the lies that are swarming above us

there are people that just don't care

and that's where it becomes dangerous

but i digress let me get into my article

so he recently revealed on this show

um personal details about his royal exit

um and that it didn't go over well with

prince william and we know that

and if i was prince william i'll be like

yeah that's right harry windsor it

didn't go well because you wanted to

bring this skank into our family

right it didn't go well because look at

the mess we're in now

look at the mess we're in now you've

been throwing us all under the bus

when i told you to take your time with

mary and this woman that you hardly know

and look where we are now

it's like can you not see that mr


yeah because that's my advice to to


you know he gonna try to say that that

was something that was bad that you

didn't accept his

his megan in the beginning be like

that's right

i didn't accept her because i knew she


trouble from the beginning own it mr

uh prince william own it that's what i

would do

so following the debut of hair prince

harry and oprah winfrey's new mental

health series on apple tv

than me you can't see things apparently

became to get more strain between the

royal brothers

now this is the one thing that i cannot

understand why

is it that they had some kind of coming

together some make

making up sessions during the funeral of

prince philip

you know we saw kate trying to get the

brothers to come together and talk

and then what happens this this series

comes out it was first the oprah

interview with megan and now it's the

oprah show with

harry and the me you can't see and this

is like they probably filmed it before

the funeral with prince philip

but still this this is why people had to

give him the side eye when he came to

the funeral because they knew

that he had already done some filming

with oprah on this mental health series

or they knew other things were going to

come out later

so it was well within the the family's


reason to essentially say look i don't

want nothing to do with harry

because he got a tv camera following him

around everywhere

you know it's like the office when you

look at here he's like everywhere he go

he got he's talking to the camera

you know and the minute you say

something you're already on the show

getting ready to fill out contracts and

you know everything's getting ready to

happen because you got another job

just because you spoke out and said


so you got to be careful when you're

around people like harry and his wife

because they trying to pull people into

their drama william feels that harry

should discuss his

these issues privately he cannot

comprehend why he continues to shade his

own flesh

and blood on tv

a source told us weekly well we know the

reason why because he got to pay the


he's like i gotta go on tv y'all

somebody gotta pay me some money to be

on here and expose myself

being vulnerable because i gotta pay

that mortgage

you know so it makes sense this is why

he's doing it let me ask you this

if harry didn't have to earn a living if

he didn't have to make money do you

think he would do this

no he would not no he would not

but his wife is pushing him out there to

do this because she knows the power that

he can garner with his name

to make the money of course

mental health is a serious issue but

william can't get his head around harry

how he keeps throwing the family under

the bus okay so throughout the series

prince harry opened up about you know

what had led him to seek therapy

in order to destigmatize

the conversation surrounding mental

health now we know

harry has been talking about this

destigmatizing the issues around mental

health with his brother

his brother and kate had already been

talking about this before megan came in

and so harry is essentially trying to

like pick back up

on what they started like okay i'm

taking this this is mine

i'm taking this as uh what i'm gonna do

and i'm gonna talk about the

de-stigmatization of mental health

y'all what we did before i don't know


i don't know y'all that's a lie he gonna

throw up there he's gonna throw that lie

up there and say i don't know nothing

about us talking with heads together

like hands together what

so from the argument with meghan markle

that pushed him to see

a professional to its effect on his

family the duke of sussex did not hold

back about the damage done by his royal


in the spotlight this is once again you

know you're talking about your life in

the spotlight remember

you got other people in the spotlight

with you mr windsor so you just taking

them all down with you

this is what the other people need to

see that appreciate what he is doing

if you appreciate harry being vulnerable

and putting mental health on the table

as the as if this is something he just

thought up

that he never did before if you can

appreciate him doing this you can also


then why would he pull his famous family

into this with him why would he

jeopardize the mental health of other


that did not agree to be vulnerable and


on a camera is that fair to do to them

so you have to also question his motives

one of the most painful moments for

prince harry um

was what had occurred with his wife was

suffering from suicidal thoughts

i thought my family would help but every

single ask request

warning whatever just got me in total


total neglect la


it's unbelievable and you cannot get

support for your mental health

harry windsor we're picking up serious

flies now

these these are some big flies because

it's that's the provable lie you got the

lies that we know

okay by circumstance okay that could

probably be a lie but when there's

evidence of you then that's a big lie


we got supporting evidence that you're


this is what is so unimaginable to me

that you could be

this clue

clueless to think

that people can't pull up stuff that you

did before

and kind of put two and two together to

think oh wait a minute you lying

i thought my fan i thought my family

would help okay every single ass because

so he's going into all of his lines so

on one episode okay so he spent years

trying to make it work he says he spent

years trying to make it work sure you

did mr harry you the victim

you the victim you ain't did nothing to

make it not work you the victim okay

we got you so what he did he did


possibly that he could so he could stay

there and carry on doing the role

and doing the job but megan was


you know then you got the megan lies you

just got the lies i'm swatting flies all

day long reading this article

you know because it's like you know

y'all didn't want to stay

y'all just making up lies now we got the

lies that we just make up

for convenience sake we just gonna make

up a lie

oh i wanted to stay but uh i couldn't

because uh yeah

they weren't helping megan that's what

he said on the series

so prince harry also spoke about the

vicious cycle of suffering

passed along throughout the royal family

my father used to say to me when i was

younger he used to say to

william and i well it was like that for

me so it's going to be like that for you

that just

doesn't make sense he said during the

show's third episode

just because you suffered doesn't mean

that your kids have to suffer

in fact quite the opposite if you suffer

do everything you can

to make sure that whatever experiences

negative experiences that you had

you can make it right for your kids so

here's the thing you guys

that really hits personal for me

when i was a young girl i had issues

with just things with how i grew up i'd

be like well mom why this

and mom that's not right and mom and dad

and me you know crying and like thinking

all my life like my parents

suck just y'all suck i don't like y'all

but then when i got older i was like oh

i see why that happened and why they did

that or

i gave them the benefit of the doubt and

said you know what

they did the best that they could with

what they knew

at the time and that's the difference

this is why you know harry is very

immature in his thinking

because even at the age that he is now

if he cannot see

that your parents do the best that they


at the time with what they know because

they love you

they're not going to purposely say okay



child suffer i don't care i suffered you

gonna suffer

no this is how it was

how else am i going to change it i'm

doing what i can do

and if by chance you are suffering and i

had to suffer well hey that's just what

it's going to be

how in the world do you think you can


give your children a life completely

exactly what they want with what

his father had and knew at the time was

what he knew

and had at the time it doesn't say he

didn't love his son

but what harry needs to be doing at this

moment is saying my father did the best

that he could with what he had and what

he knew

at the time he knew his father still

loved him but he is going to say this


grab a lie and say yeah

this is an issue i can talk about this

on my series to give me some really good


yeah i'm just gonna say my father he is

the reason

yeah yeah come on let's do this turn the

camera on let's go okay

they're saying the damage is done that's


if you don't want to be a part of the

reality show don't say nothing to harry

because you know what

he got you and you a leading cast member

on the reality show of harry and his


um so apparently the queen has got news

of what's happened and yeah

she said she's reported to say that

she's very upset about it

and i mean who can blame her the queen

didn't sign up for this

um and you know and this to me it just

really comes down at the end of the day

just comes down to megan

it comes down to the fact that she's the

cause of all of this we know it

i mean we may be seeing harry windsor

but behind harry

you better just infuse his wife

because that's where it's coming from

she's the puppeteer

and she is pulling the strings and she's

the reason

she's done it to her own family and now

she's doing it to her husband's family

and for me i'm thinking about watching

the series just so

so that i can report on it i really am


not really wanting to watch it but just

so that i can really give my firsthand

account on what i

see and talk about it i'm thinking about

watching it

for you guys and then you kind of just

listen to what i have to say about it if

you don't want to watch it i know some

people have already said that they're

not going to even keep their apple

subscriptions they're so upset and i

don't blame you

because you know we're essentially


this couple ruin the lives of their


because now they're speaking about their

families they're

they're speaking about the trauma that

has been caused

by the people that are in their family

and and we know william i mean harry's

just gonna have to talk about those who

are in his life

um but yeah the queen says she is deeply


um harry's grandmother has taken this

very personally and is deeply upset

by what harry has said in particularly

his comments about

charles's parenting and suggesting

suggesting that his father knows no

better because of how

he was brought up it has been very a

very upsetting time

um and this is what's so sad that the

queen has to put up with this just right


the death of her husband it's like this

old nonsense

knucklehead grandson you know like why

y'all giving him a platform

you know look at what he's doing and

this is how

you know as someone who is so immature

because he can't even see the

repercussions he can't even see

what his actions are doing and causing

to other people that he

supposedly loves you might be able to

justify i need therapy i got to get help

but do you got to do it on the world

stage and second do you got to do it

knowing that you have a famous family

this is what is so unconscionable to me

that you don't have the the mind to

understand that you

are wielding power that you have

in a very dangerous way that is


to the mental health of the people that

you actually

love and the contradiction behind you

seeing you suffer from mental health but

at the same time

you're causing mental health problems to

other people

oprah says he's heard people heard

healed people heal

harry and megan that they have hurt a

lot of people and they are hurting

their families and to me it's not really

even about

um you know saying that

you know they're hurt i wouldn't give

harry and his wife the out like oh

they're hurt

look what they went through as children

or look at what harry went through with

children you know what i'd say

i say he a spoiled brat that's what i

would say

there's a difference between being hurt

and being spoiled

being spoiled rotten to the core ain't

nothing about him

that is even worthy of people listening

to him about

what he went through it's like you want

us to be sympathetic to how you grow up

and how

your father put you through stuff all

while you had

nannies and chauffeurs and you had all

this luxury in your life but we supposed

to on this one thing be like oh his

daddy hurt him

his daddy hurt him shame on you charles

your son was hurt didn't you see that

then you see what you did to your son

i ain't got sympathy for you why would i

have sympathy for you when at the


of the situation or the other side of

the whole

situation you had a very over privileged

life but yeah we're supposed to

sympathize that your father hurt you

get out of here i ain't listening to you


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