April 15, 2024

The Ron Clark Story 2006 Base On The True Story Movie

Published May 23, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

The Ron Clark Story is a 2006 American television film directed by Randa Haines. The film stars Matthew Perry as Ron Clark, a real-life teacher who taught in an inner-city school in Harlem, New York City. The film was shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Ron Clark Story is based on the true story of Ron Clark (Matthew Perry), a white teacher from rural North Carolina who moves to Harlem in order to teach at an inner-city school. Ron Clark is a highly motivated and enthusiastic teacher who quickly gains the respect of his students. However, he soon discovers that the school is plagued by violence, drugs, and gangs.

Despite the challenges, Ron Clark is determined to make a difference in the lives of his students. He starts a after-school program called "The Ron Clark Academy" which helps his students succeed in school and in life.

The Ron Clark Story is an inspiring tale of a teacher who made a difference in the lives of his students. It is a must-see for anyone who is interested in education or in inspiring stories about making a difference.

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ruin Clark ready for your first day yes

ma'am I'll be with you in a minute and

I'll introduce you to your class

hi what happened to you taeju says I

can't learn so I should go with the


I'm mr. Clark what's your name

howdy Craig nice to meet you uh you know

I'm so sorry I'm so forgetful what's my

name again

it's mr. Clark huh

see you just learned something let's get

you out of there mr. Clark

yeah is you better be our new teacher

we'll arrive at Swan quarter but five

like we always do

pick up the shrimp bait it's a general

store like we always do and pop the

ferry over to over coke Island for some

fine flounder fishing like we always do

well folks it's not quite the end of the

year summer celebration we expected but

let's take a moment to thank our own mr.

Clark who's fifth grade class tested

number one in Beaufort County for the

4th year no surprise that we have put

together for you

unfortunately it's outside don't go mr.

Clark began here as a temporary teacher

well we've all chipped in on something

to help him feel more permanent

I love it here but I've got to move on

mom before they use that parking space

for my grave New York public schools are

desperate for good teachers newspaper

says they're begging for them dad every

year I tell my students to go for what

they want in life

dream big take risks it's time I started

living up to my own words oh I'm gonna

miss you guys

I gotta go we understand sweetie goodbye

hey kill the New York

this is Radio Roanoke where the side

temperature is 78 degrees

start to spare

news in sports and five Baltimore but

now let's get ready to rock and roll

with the smoke and red that was the

mellow midnight voice of a Johnny


this is WNYC in New York City next up

something cool on a hot night

I'll get on the way rents due at 10:00

cash only

checkouts at 11:30 okay straight and

what's your name

Yolanda Thank You Yolanda

ah New York

morning good morning Yolanda

good morning do you have a list of the

public schools in Harlem sure I do baby

okay thank you

what you want school listings for on a

teacher and you want to teach I'll be

hung yes well then honey go knees on

nouns personal injury lawyers because

once your wife behind goes on up in

there they'll be carrying you back up

the same way you went in kind of foolish

distance is going on up there I'll try

to teach you know anybody okay thank you

thank you so much for coming in you're

welcome but if you could just look at my

resume I apologize we just don't have a

position available right all my kids

tests above grade level I'm sure they

did and good luck you


so my merry men and ladies let us steal

from the rich and help a poor brave

waiter go hence forth into the kitchen

and command yard image hey nice hat

distracts the customer from that accent

hey watch out I got a bow and arrow I'll

show you in everybody works here's an

actor I'm a teacher you are gonna change

before you post class right very funny

how about you we taking a break from

acting the Cleopatra gig is very

challenging hey who's that it's the

queen of Egypt in love with Mark Antony

no I I made that

who is that Marissa and she's even more

beautiful out of costume I'm Jason

otherwise known as Mark Antony sorry it

happens all the time bro don't sweat it

some fake nails hey hey enough hey Shawn

Mitchell my office now I'm not playing

with your son I know son

mrs. sauce what the hell was that

that boys your student not anymore you

walk away you stay away you can have the

little basset I can start right now

you're lucky you got detention and not

an assault charge hello I'm Ron Clark I

wanted to let you know I taught fifth

grade for four years in North Carolina

you need a teacher I need a job so let's

help each other out mr. Clark I'm sure

you're very sincere but I'm afraid you

might be a little - what - why - tall -


nice I specialize in raising

standardized test scores this is the

honors class these students scored in

the top 10% time on the state exams

every year we divide each grade in their

or classes according to their

achievement scores what about this class

this class tests it at the bottom of the

entire New York City School District

they do seem a little bit squirrely they

have been more than squirrelly these

students have problems with learning

discipline social skills like tayshaun

Mitchell - strikes going on three

towards the juvenile detention center

I'm your man I have an opening in Grade

three if your credential share you have

an opening right here no last year this

class went through six different

teachers before Christmas yes nobody

wants them and I do so what's the


test scores are very important to me

it's how I keep my job

I can start right now you can start on

Monday state exams are in May you like

wanna break 200 bucks and nothing jeez

you could have heard them in there

all clear we got to snake right here and

then they just stiffed me

one half

yeah sure you're a teacher Clark what is

it I mean why don't guys grow up whoo

I'm afraid my level of expertise expires

at the 6th grade you got a dog in our

Harlem elementary I'm gonna start

meeting my kids tomorrow ah you might

want to hold on to this may be your last

meal no they're gonna love me

I'd like to meet all the parents miss

Vasquez before I start teaching to get

them in gold

hey clown mr. Clark but he's a good boy

I had him when I was only 14 that's okay

like like I was saying what I was just

saying you can help out by working with

Julio every night on his home yeah okay

together we can get him excited about

learning American history solar system


I just want Julio to achieve his full


so mr. Clark a de Mer ya know it's very

nice to meet you all

today you know I've never had a student

from India before how do you pronounce

your name bad to you I like to read

especially great lucky men are talking


I'm mr. Clark your new teacher I called


it's Saturday fool Jamaica nobody oh

there's your brothers yeah

send a kid I'm 12 years old and I got

three kids who are you talking to

I'm mr. Clark shamika's new teacher what

the hell happened it sounds fool quick

he's wet I swear to god you teachers

come in and out of the school yeah I

know that that's why I'm here I was

hoping you would work with me I already

got a job mister I got two jobs and four

kids and a brother up the road I'm late

for work

to make a man and if you get shadow box



morning nice to see you tayshon okay

oh hello I'm Ron Clark I guess I'll be

teaching your dream think about way big

but we dream about your mama Oh take

your seats

yo teacher shamika's feeling sick today


sick of damn teachers okay because this

is our first day I have a surprise for

all of you what I'll tell you Julio if

you turn around today there will be no


Shamika don't do that Shameka don't well

what what are you gonna do suspend me go

ahead suspend me I wanna leave Hey look

the fools leaving already

sit down you see this this means that

this year is going to be different this

year is going to be about more than

school this year we are going to be a

family but you don't let the like me I

am going to be your family and you are

going to be my family and that means

that I am not leaving and you are not

leaving give me lip gloss

what the hell

well what do you think we think it looks

stupid who vandalized this room I did


miss Clark this was stuck me I'm going

over being an Aurora but it doesn't work

for me my school my rules my way all

right I know you're coming here come in

here all the gum is is charged under

right in here hey yo I see you come on

right in there free thank you thank you

thank you

okay to your left left more left the

disgusting you they want to see if you

really care

see if I care they weren't even looking

at it well one of them was but I think

it was picturing me in a dark alley we

have to turn this out these legs can you

all right I think it looks good right


yeah school's supposed to be exciting


now you sound like one of those dumbass

commercials that used to come on at the

cartoons on Saturday morning so what you

didn't like school school sucked I hated


yeah well if I was your teacher you

would have loved it Ron just relax step

away from the table yeah that's what I

was doing so now that you helped me move

I guess I have to be you're driving to

the airport feed your fish never forget

your birthday kind of friend uh not to

mention my cover my weekend shift

because I'm going to LA with Jason

friends he's gonna meet some producers

you know he's trying to get have a

daytime heartthrob thing so how long you

two been going on almost years

oh I mean we're not living together

anything he's busy I'm busy but it's

good yeah it sounds good all right well

we got three hours before our shift

who's hungry oh so you're a union mover

this is gonna cost me a pizza huh can I

have your attention please

before we start today I would like to go

over three rules for this class if you

follow them we will all have a lot of


if you do not follow them there will be


you all remember rule number one we are

a family damn we're not in kindergarten

that means we help each other out we

stand up for each other we defend each

other rule number two

we respect each other hey you will call

me sir not man not dog not fool if you

were asked a question you will say yes

sir or no sir not yep nope uh-uh nuh-uh

nuh-uh foe respects

Julio Vasquez you will not talk unless I

call on you if I am talking you are

listening with your eyes right here rule

number three we will form a line to

enter an exit class and go to lunch

come Tamika what what sir Oh jamika

thank you but what reminding me about

rule number four no smacking of lips and

rolling of the eyes if you break one of

these rules your name will go up on the

board so stupid if you break another

rule you will get a check if you break a

third rule Hey

hmm what's your reading I didn't read

that book till high school and what a

big work mr. big bucks

what's Julio doing taking bets on you on

me when you're gonna click I suppose

days gonna be gone by Friday

gambling is illegal especially when

you're 12

and by the way I'm not leaving yeah come

on dot I'm supposed to make some Pig

where are you boys something smells

really good in here could I ask a favor

of you ladies

I just wanted to dr. King talked about

justice rollin down like waters here

passes around guys and righteousness

like a mighty stream

it's like on a hot day when you go

outside and somebody opens up a fire

hydrant there's water streaming all over

the place and everybody's running around

and going crazy that's what dr. King

wanted justice and freedom to feel like

so tonight after we've gone over dr.

King speech I want you all to start a

journal about your dreams and


man is laughs what's up rule number

three we all line up to go to the

lunchroom you know what here's my rule

I'd stand in no line oh ok Shamika but

because we are all a family if one of us

doesn't get in line for the lunchroom

then none of us gets lunch very quietly

two lines right up against the wall it's

good it's good

nice and quiet Oh looks like somebody's

not hungry

stop fighting let's go

no talking and stop Shamika did you cut

in line no sir I did not

you do know that I have eyes in the back

of my head right I was here ask her did

you all right we're all gonna stand here

until Shamika decides to tell the truth

cut in no line hey you're in mr. Clark's

class no food yo come on mr. cluck I'm

starving man I'm not the Phantom Coolio

get to the back of the line and take

that hat off yeah it's up to you whether

we eat or not

she makeup this is a family and family

is treat each other with respect they

never ever lie to one another

did you cut in line

we are all just waiting on you

thank you now what is rule number five

that's right now go eat I'm proud of you

daughter now uh-huh

yes mom I miss you too yeah I know

there's a job for me back home but

things are going very well here well it

took the kids a little while to warm up

to me yeah honestly we are getting along


I want you all to take a good look

around at your new clean room whatever

I'm not going to ask who rekted eyes

right here I was hoping we could have

fun this year and I think that we still

can but only after you learn to follow

all of my rules and you will follow all

of my rules first of all keep free take

your seats

call me sir too many damn rules man

that's how to do this and do that making

us walk around in a damn line he ain't

my daddy he could be your daddy you

don't know you should talk girl excuse

me shut up

all I'm saying is this is a school hi we

do what you want yeah cuz he's just

gonna leave anyways that's what you said

last week girl he's still yeah

you wait keep going I hope not what I

like mr. clerk that's cuz you from a

foreign country and you don't know how

we do here how do we do do like us baby

want to be like us you got to do like we


yo yo let's go let's go yo yo let's go

let's go drivin Shortcake cream on top

see see that's really good shake it you

really good this

all right go to your seat like what yeah

Julio we're talking in no was not

talking to you it's gonna hit me no but

you did break rule number two you gonna

hit me sir Shameka you're in church hey

son look don't do this hey I know you

have two strikes you walk out now

they'll expel you for sure just get back

in there

why because I would miss your glowing


mr Turner doesn't know anything about

this just give yourself another chance

hey he's so cool with helping me move

when you dress on Saturday yes

definitely I mean Jason would help but

you've got the fly Blythe Carson this is

supposed to be well done it is well done

what are you talking about it's rare

fine I'll burn it just take off the rest

of the order I know how to do my job

congratulations on what officially

becoming a New Yorker you ready oh yeah

baby I'll be right there

well you better go thank you

Raquel arenas Raquel

do you have your journal

Aleta Sanchez she mica Wallace she make

it did you bring your dr. King Journal

nope got no dreams to keep bed Rhea

Julio Vasquez sorry I couldn't get to

the bus

why are you all doing this got better

things to do yeah oops my bad

forgot to say yo sir guess I get a check

you want to get a detention no I really

really like your nail polish thank you

look at me when I talk to you

not double bad another check look at me

go to hell

you win you did it girl

Hey what happened why aren't you in

school kid I don't want to talk about it

just show me New York I've been here for

three months I haven't seen a damn thing

today all right let's go see some damn


you know when I was a kid I used to call

it the entire State Building that's cute

okay you know what we walked the entire

island in a monsoon

I bought you three pretzels and two hot

dogs now you're gonna do something for

me anything tell me what happens I shook

a desk with a 12 year old kid

I wanted to throw it and pearl right out

the window well they've seen that kind

of manga before but not for me I totally

lost it

what you feel helpless they feel that

way every day these kids can do anything

I'm asking them to do more they just

won't so today I gave up

don't give up on oh yeah how long has it

been since you've audition I don't know

two years and seven months

what Broadway's not gonna miss me if I'm

gone those kids they'll miss you maybe

it can be that one guy that turns it

around for them

mr. Clark was crazy mad on Friday you

know I think he's gone for good I say we

should just all go home

thinks huh yeah well thanks for head bye

son but if mr. Clark isn't in his class

I'm sure we can find someone to cover

for him

well we got to do that good morning

Julio mr Turner

who came back fool did indeed what he

doing he's crazy everybody take a look

around within these four walls you can

be strangers or you can be a family

within these four walls can be the end

of your story or you can make it a

beginning a beginning that is better

than anything you ever imagined possible

since I got here you have not listened

to me once yeah so here's the deal today

we are going to learn grammar if you are

quiet and you listen every 15 seconds I

will drink a chocolate milk if you can

do it you may get to see me puke so do

we have a deal yeah okay good Julio yes

this is not for you to eat I want you to

watch the clock and every 15 seconds

bang the jar with the ruler like that

all right

when I hear the gong I will slam down

one of these the time starts now

every sentence has a subject and a verb

what else a boomerang

I guess you guys don't want to see me

drink all the chocolate milk the verb

expresses action in the sentence in this


now can anybody tell me the verb in this

sentence feels yes yes you'll puke now

mr. Clark yes can you guys teach me how

to do that oh you don't think I can

learn how to do that no okay all right

I'll make you deal if I learn how to

double dutch then you guys got to learn

something from me what everything you

need to know for the seventh grade

you're gonna jump yeah

a little slower

no you gotta do my Bridget

ready-set-go my dance we jump it come on

you're really thinking appropriate to do

this with the students well I'm

certainly not gonna double touch with

you these kids are at the bottom of the

barrel don't talk about them like that

now all I'm asking is for your students

to pass oh every one of my students will

pass they become somebody else's

problems the problem isn't the kids it's

not even what they can achieve the

problem is what you expect them to

achieve you are setting the bar here why

set it up here they can make it this

community judges us by score government

I mean judges us by scores people who

give me scores and get my respect okay

good in May they'll all test at grade

level I don't see how that's possible no

I'm sorry did I say grade level I meant

above grade level that's just once your

respect hell I want your respect you

want my respect stop acting like a 12

year old I always wanted to go rock

climbing but there I was on the edge of

this cliff ropes on me and my friends

are yelling job job jump and I look

down and it is a long way down so I'm on

the cliff and I'm yelling I get again

again to my friends I yell yes you can

you can do a jump jump jump and I did I

thought I was going to die but when I

jumped out it felt like I was flying I

did something that I never thought I

could do and it was pretty cool now you

guys may not know this but in this

classroom we're rock climbing every day

we are climbing up and up and up and we

are there and now it's time to jump now

I know you're scared but I want you to

do it I want you to jump I want you guys

to feel what it's like to fly so I want

each of you to come up here and light

one of these candles okay come on up


and when you light a candle it

symbolizes that we are joined together

and if you trust me you can learn more

than you ever dreamed of that's a


the Revolutionary War

industrialism the Civil War the civil

rights movement I want you all to get

the great big picture of American

history that's why this year we are

going to learn all 42 presents the

United States in order no once you know

the presidents it'll be easy to remember

what and when none of you pass the test

and there is going to be punishment

I want you to pass these all around now

let's get down to some presidential race

we'll start with George Washington

straight from Mount Vernon first

president and commander-in-chief of the

Revolutionary War so whipp'd be John

Adams was second Thomas Jefferson third

when we fought for independence their

voices were heard when in the course of

human events we took the standard we've

been doing there since it's a tribute to

the leaders of the USA it's a

president's rep all right all right okay


it's a tribute to the leaders of the

u.s. it's a president all right are to

the Oh hazel are to the own to the

nizzle Rizal are to the own Rick is Oh

Jimmy Kissel Thank You mr. cluck

straight up now give it up for your

sizzle selves it's okay to be proud of

yourself for doing well on a test

you hold up for me

want to ask a favor of you

hey could you after your pockets please

I believe this constitutes an illegal

search sir right on the desk that

morning at your house your mother's

purse but I see you got it all wrong

may I have this deal you know I'd take

care of her and she takes care of me you

see no I don't but you got to tell me

that crime doesn't pay

sometimes it costs and in this case

three one-hour study sessions with me

around you see me running my little

brother and see make its absolute work

I got enough trouble man no care bout no

kid he's too busy to take you down see

I'm coming hey Shawn yeah if I vote aye

what's up I'm a ain't no police he just

some fool man I had no worry y'all I got

it so full of students as humble as I


you okay yeah um clue I wanted to bring

you this


if you bring up your math and English

for some extra help tomorrow's Saturday

I could meet you at the coffee shop by

the school buy your lunch

I'll be there at noon noon


Here I am now even two o'clock our

lessor never study session numero tres

okay let me get three cards up on the

floor and then we get another two cards


okay so that's five cards up getting you

add those for me

you know we got it bad first I bet five

fake dollars well I'll call and that's

36 that's good

now what's the square root of that well

Oh square root okay I think the square

root is wrong what number multiplied by

itself gives you 36 uh six

it's good so she got pair of sevens well

I guess I get all the tips because I got

through ten oh no payout dog I'm gonna

go again yeah sure right

jamika Wallace didn't we have an

appointment after school today must have

slipped my mind

we have to talk about you turning in

your homework I told you the fire alarm

keeps going off in my building three

times this week get busy again

last night I just didn't do a good

enough job would you like to show me

your homework I'm sure I can help you

with it

this is really close we can fix this

yeah for real sure we can work on it

right now there's a few spelling

mistakes and just arrange some of the

paragraphs different yeah mr. Clark I

can't work on my paper right now I gotta

go make dinner I'll do it you do what

I'll make dinner and you work on your

paper oh okay you start with that third

paragraph hi okay where's the food

dinner's served

I'm trying to concentrate concentrate

later dinner served I tried like you

said I moved the third paragraph and it

sounds really good okay yeah for you and

Lucas baby food what's he doing here

he made us dinner you don't think I can

take care of my family mr. Clark no yes

please leave my house I come home to

find him in my kitchen cooking for my


this girl has a job to do miss Wallace

can we please not talk about Shamika

like she's not in the room don't talk

anyway I want

I sent my daughter to school to be

educated I don't expect the teacher to

bring school up in my house it's called

homework excuse me she has too much of

it to be babysitting all the time mr.

Clark she make has more potential than

any kid in my class why can't you see

that how dare you how are you gonna tell

me what I shouldn't should not see it my

daughter I'm merely suggesting that you

give her a chance

I'm taking my child home now the white

tornado here better not be teaching at

this school I bring her back tomorrow as

well as I can assure you I will deal

with the situation

please don't fire mr. Clark he was just

trying to help me mama he's just trying

to help it's okay

please don't leave killing me mr. Clark

miss Wallace wait

I'll meet you outside why are you doing


you gave her these grand ideas miss

burrows just gonna crush her down I

don't believe that it's just gonna drop

into our life and now you know all about

it right I just know she's a great

student a born leader creative


jamika ma jamika yes if she tests well

enough in May I think we might be able

to get her into Manhattan West for

middle school let's forgive did kids

oh maybe mrs. Benton can keep the boys a

little longer every day okay morning

well lay out you do this you like it mr.

Clark it's really good you got quite a

talent for this well it's one of my

minis Doug sir

Thanks good morning yeah what up say you

like me mr. Clark don't hate on me cuz I

got skills skills you mean being a soda

pop you real good at that you know come

on hey just chill out you're telling me

to chill me telling me a chair come on

man mr. Clark lice that art crap okay so

he thought I didn't I just wait with it

superintendent Stevens has joined us to

determine of tation on Mitchell should

be expelled from inner Harlem Elementary

I vote yes

sent him to juvie this isn't a democracy

mr. Branton Howard would you let mr.

Turner finish what he was saying

you're his foster parent you got to say

here you don't need his lazy ass around

the house all day what did you just say

look if we expel him he's only gonna

fall further behind mr. Clark our

students can't simply do what they want

with no consequences what about the

consequences for tayshaun we are

supposed to be keeping these kids in

school that's all just take a step back

remember that I have eyes in the back of

my head so stop fighting this is not a

test this is my phone number

what you guys to call me if you have any

questions about homework need any advice

or you are in trouble that's 24/7

pick up your math workbooks at the front

of the class and we have a book report

due tomorrow

remember there are two variables in this


okay so x equals XD x equals come on

tayshon you can do this you know what

you all about me man x equals 3/8 yes oh

that's great just keep doing it like



this doesn't sound good how long you

been this way we can make it work

we have pneumonia I can send you home

but you'd be confined to bed rest for

two weeks minimum I can't I can't do

that or I can admit you to the hospital

right now mr. Clarke

okay everybody take your seats mr. Hart

you look really white yeah even more

than usual

we have for four weeks now I know that

doesn't seem like a lot of time but if

we work really hard I know we're gonna

do great on these exams amen so let's go

over our science topics from last week

who knows those magnetism chemical

reactions in gravity okay good

gravity gravity is important because

okay we get it mr. Clark gravity makes

you fall down mr. Clark mr. Clark I hope

he's all right

okay yummy yeah Baronessa Jason's and

let me borrow the camera oh he's happy

to help

how much are we taping four hours four

hours every day yeah

kids needed it'll go quick for you

hey Morris thank you wait come over here

Ken hello mr. Clark looking all sloppy

now can we know a guy could get used to


come on seats already okay not just

because I'm on this video tape doesn't

mean that I can't see you bolita is that


alright is everybody ready gravity force

of attraction between two objects that

is gravity now according to the

definition of gravity why did the egg

fall because and no Julio it's not

because the egg and the floor are hot

for each other

round-faced me the egg fell because the

force of the mass and the distance

between the egg and the floor caused the

reactions ok now get out your workbooks

because I have to clean my floor what a

mr. Clark morning tisha get my kids

homework good daddy back that's not true

yes it is I want my CD back Emma - she's

good I hate that CD bad

you know what I miss to see you tell me

you guys have one week till the state

exams one week to show mr. Turner and

your parents and yourselves what you can

do you guys don't have anything you want

to tell me there's no way we're gonna

pass those tests we always mess up don't

jump on us MIT sir I mean it's nothing


everything we do in this room is

personal how we talk to each other how

we work together and how we've prepared

for these tests but we're way behind now

we're not behind you're ahead

everyone thinks we're losers mr. Clark

no you are not losers

these rules they represent everything

you've accomplished this year

discovering new things believing in each

other believing in yourselves and I'm

proud of you compared to all that this

test it's nothing

mr. Clark we have to get certain grades

to graduate right so what if we you know

choked but you're not going to choke you

guys didn't work hard all this year just

to get ready for some tests every day in

this room we are learning things far

more valuable than you can get in some

book I teach you and you teach me and

together we learn to love to learn so

next week you're going to take that test

you're going to do the best that you can

do and you are going to walk out of that

room and know that you can do anything

you want for the rest of your lives

all right tomorrow is the big day but

don't worry you know the material

backwards and forwards so just get a

good night's sleep and you know good


fed react can I talk to you for one

minute and tayshon can you wait for me

at the door please

I know that it's been hard for you to

fit in but you can be smart and still be

cool in fact you're so smart and cool

you can do anything you want to do I

want to be a doctor okay good you better

kick some butt on that test then doctor

let's declare good luck


go get it done I'm saying duties hi

hey what up T yeah little brother where

you been man we were looking for you you

know you forgot what's up you check if

we got some goods gonna move now come on

straining do come on

Hey look you can't be in and not roll I

can't be like that son

I was thinking maybe we could walk to

school together we can do a last-minute

review of the test on the way

no you running this way running that way

for you so what's wait come on

that way


okay so when we get to the math section

go get him

good morning do not open your test

booklets until I tell you to begin keep

your eyes on your own paper when you've

chosen your answer fill in the

corresponding answer bubble completely

for the number-two pencil if you require

an additional pencil please raise your

hand and one will be provided do your

best and no talking

you may begin

think they're as nervous as we are I'm

not nervous

aunt aspects

she was three so we started to operate

and I guess you are mr. Floyd

double mocha latte no foam hi come on in

how are the tests oh uh good I think I

think the kids did pretty well yeah okay

whatever I'm freaking out I got an

audition oh my god that's great no no

that's not so good

Jason got a job and he asked me to go to

LA with him I I don't know what to do

tell me what to do

I tell six graders what to do and last

time I looked you went in the sixth

grade so thank you very much for


like any of us gonna watch

whatever you do we all go down hello kid

Julio I knew you're gonna open the

closet you guys have been working so

hard for the last three months on this

test and whatever the scores are I want

you to know I'm proud to be your teacher

I'm so proud that I asked your parents

to let me take you somewhere special and

they said yes so go get your envelopes

and open them

Shameka Raquel oh my god Phantom of the

Opera guys we're gonna Broadway we are

going tonight so come get your playbills

24:28 the Nuggets just got by the next

142 run 12 SuperSonics devastated

understanding that he's like so in love

with this girl but he's got a job her up

you know and then he takes his secret

crimp and then and then he keeps her

there and then they find him well I'm

not gonna tell you you find out what the


you ruined my wall I told you to paint

that crap in the street in my house you

think you could do whatever you want you

piece of garbage

jamika like hell

okay guys go in the plants gonna start

let's go in come on get in there

let's go I can't fit a shoe don't look

for it mr. Clark there's plenty of

parents here look out for the kids

hey shun


I'm here my get away

hey I saw your work and it's Pierce

I'm gonna help you I'm not going


here we go tisha you be staying here for

a while

thank you as a tournament you're welcome

hey you're gonna be safe here

may take a while Ron but we'll find him

a place I give him a word so which room

was yours

I'll see you first thing in the morning

yes sir

for highest achievement in science that

rear Santana we are working dancing for

most outstanding achievement in

mathematics Julio Vasquez for

exceptional artistic achievement

tayshaun Mitchell

and last but not least shimmy I'm sorry

to interrupt your into the year party

mr. Park but I just received a fax from

the Board of Education informing me of

the results of the state exam I felt it

was important to give you the scores

myself these are probably not scores you

expect this class this sixth grade class

tested higher than any other class

you even test it higher than the honors



congratulations this one hurry

jamika your award was going to be for

highest achievement in English but I'm

afraid I'm going to have to change that

because looking at your exam scores I

now see that you achieve something that

no other student in the entire district

achieved Chico Wallace mmm you earned

perfect scores in English and math


mr. Clark for always being there even

when we didn't want you to be for

inspiring us to dream bit yes sir mister

seein ya for looking like a fool when

you double 3rd I'll give it a fence

we've been doing this the leaders of the

USA okay okay





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