May 29, 2023

VLOG: Living With A Bentley Bentayga: 1000 Mile USA Road Trip!

Published May 23, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

Hello everyone,

I'm autotrader and I'm here to talk about my recent road trip across the United States in my Bentley Bentayga. I'm not going to lie, it was an incredible experience and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to do it.

I started my trip in Los Angeles and made my way east, through the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, before finally reaching Texas. From there, I headed north through the Midwest and eventually ended up in Canada.

The whole trip was about 1000 miles and it was an absolute blast. I got to see some amazing scenery, meet some great people, and of course, drive one of the most luxurious cars in the world.

If you're thinking about taking a road trip of your own, I highly recommend it. And, if you're lucky enough to do it in a Bentley Bentayga, even better! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the photos and videos from my trip.

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hey what's up guys we are in Sunny Los

Angeles and I have an amazing Bentley

bentayga extended wheelbase small

problem though because the boot

well it's uh it's what you would call

me it is Tiny yeah thank you thank you

very much ruined the holiday I haven't

ruined the holiday

but it's going to be challenging because

we have five cases as you can see and

this boot well it's about 370 liters

which is kind of around what you get in

a Ford Focus but we're gonna make it

work positive mental attitude

well I stayed positive even though I've

clearly brought too much stuff we had a

Thousand Mile California road trip in a

Bentley to enjoy

so using a combination of strategy

delicacy and an expert knowledge of

Tetris things were looking good

you did a great job thanks that didn't

go to plan but with a tiny bit of

teamwork a little bit of Hope loading

some of the bags in the rear of the

cabin with the children plus some trial

error a bit more error and a little bit

of Brute Force we got it done



with the bags loaded it was officially

the start of our adventure LA to

wherever the road takes us

proper American Family road trip I told

you I would get the bags in didn't I

yeah you did I mean it's a little

uncomfortable for some people in the

back who've got their feet on them half

the bags are actually inside the car

with us which is not ideal are you also

a little bit upset that I didn't get the

five-seater ventega no I mean I don't

care because I haven't got to sit in the

back actually kid number three who's in

the middle seat right now has fallen

asleep so can't be that bad all right

tell me about the car you're gonna

review it now people don't want to

listen to me uh what do you what do you

think of the car it's fine

nice it's fine the official verdict on

the bentega



signed up to be in the video am I being

paid no but you're in it the looks it's

a nice color and what about all

performance you put your foot down there

powerful breaking yeah it works okay

what about visibility is that good as

well it's got windows

what about the seats do you fit in the

seats why would my fit in this seat well

you're always moaning about the seats

like you don't get a good driving

position please stop I can't do it

I don't know what you want from me you

can't play this game you're not really

giving me like proper in-depth analysis

I don't know anything about cars this is

why we value your opinion though

I can't talk Under Pressure

do you want a job on AutoTrader

I think my job's safe

and with that I hopped behind the wheel

to get a proper feel for the Bentley and

you know what she was right it was fine

very funny First Impressions really like

this car it's a Bentley so it does feel

extremely special the first thing that

strikes me is how comfortable these

seats are I mean it's incredibly plushy

it's a bit like sitting in an armchair

I've also got my massage function in the

seats and not only does the driver have

that but the passenger and the rear

passengers have it as well so the kids

to enjoy a lovely massage along the

Route apart from the one in the middle

sorry about that

suspension really good air suspension as

you'd expect in the Bentley incredibly

plush it just floats over imperfections

in the road with no hassle whatsoever

the big thing though obviously is that

four liter twin turbo V8 540 odd

horsepower 700 plus newton meters put

your foot down

yeah you just waft Along on this surge

of torque lovely lovely thing right

right love yeah yeah she cares she cares

she wasn't even listening

I'm glad you are listening

after several hours on the road heading

mostly North we left the highway towards

a more rural area in search of a place

to explore California is full of

beautiful towns and Without Really

Trying he eventually stumbled upon

somewhere very special Big Trees State

Park in Avery


this place is amazing

it's incredible how we started our

journey in Los Angeles and within a few


we're in a Wilderness where the

temperature is Sub-Zero right now

everything is blanketed in snow

and we've had to dress up warm

but the difference in climate from one

location to another in California

it's just insane Big Trees is famous

obviously for its Big Trees thousands of

square feet of Sequoia Redwood some

reaching as high as 400 feet tall with a

trunk diameter of up to 30 feet but as

well as trees this area is also known

for its wildlife

so apparently one of the things you've

got to worry about out in these parts

is Bears there are grizzly bears that

inhabit this area

is look at this


so this is uh

this is perfect kind of territory

for animals to sleep that I reckon if I

was a bear

I'd fall in there and have a little nap

do you know what to do if a grizzly bear

attacks you

run and scream who's the fastest runner

who's the slowest runner

so one of them two are going to get

eaten last three will be fine

of course the irony of driving a V8

bentega through somewhere as beautiful

as Northern California and the possible

environmental impact isn't lost on me

the CO2 output is enormous 300 grams per

kilometer or 4.8 tons a year driving

around 15 000 kilometers trees naturally

absorb CO2 but a single tree takes in

just 40 kilograms a year meaning you'd

need 120 trees to absorb the CO2 from

one bentaga in one year that is of

course if we keep them alive California

lost 36 million trees to Drought alone

in 2022

Food For Thoughts for now though we

enjoyed the beauty of another California

night settled down and prepared

ourselves to learn more about the car

and the place on the following day


guys it is day two of our adventure

we're still in Avery California haven't

been eaten by a grizzly bear yet we're

about to pack up in a minute and head

off to somewhere that might be even more

special than this place believe it or

not but before we go through the Jenga

of loading all the baggage back into the

boot I wanted to show you what makes the

bentega extended wheelbase so special

and it is of course the extended

wheelbase this car is 200 millimeters

longer than the standard bentega and all

of that is in these rear doors which are

absolutely enormous they're bigger and

heavier than the doors you get on the

standard bentega but they're not

actually any more difficult to open or

close because these are the first ever

powered doors on a Bentley which means

you can open them with no hassle the

motors take out all the strings leave

your finger in the handle when you open

it and it pops open with no problem

whatsoever and it works in Reverse as

well give it a little push

and the motors take all of the straight

and you get a nice little soft close

action as well okay let me jump in and

show you the interior because that is

even more special



s you can get a normal bench seat in the

back or you can get what I have here

which is the four plus one configuration

in other words two full-size seats up

front two full seats in the back and

then this occasional seat in the rear

which is where the smallest child tends

to sit but it also doubles up as an

armrest with two cup holders and some

storage space with some USB ports

whichever version you go for these

powered doors also work from the inside

so if I open it up watch this

nice and white I don't have to exert

myself by closing I can just push the

door close button

and the door shuts by itself how cool is

that the kids have been loving that

feature by the way now infotainment that

is a bit of a bug beer in this car what

I've noticed is that my kids haven't

been using the rear seat entertainment

system even though it looks great very

fancy two screens on the backs of the

seats in front of you they even include

HDMI and Netflix and wireless casting

but they just haven't been using them

not that they could anyway because to

set this up you actually need a Verizon

account and you have to pay 20 a month

and you might even have to pay for

Netflix on top of that as well I'm not

really sure but either way they haven't

used it they've just been preferring to

use their own iPads and Kindles and

Nintendo switches and whatever else they

use because those things are set up and

personal to them whereas this you can't

really take it with you so there's not

much point in getting really invested in

the rear seat infotainment system in a

Bentley it's just there mostly to look

pretty speaking of pretty this is quite

useful though this very very funky

pop-out display which lives in the

center console now this does a hell of a

lot it will actually allow you to

control the infotainment system so in

this case I've got Sirius XM it'll let

you control the volume control the

climate control and of course the blinds

this is really really impressive

actually let me show you blinds so I've

got my blinds up at the moment but if I

tap that

I could put the planes down I can also

control the blind on the sunroof

although let me open that back up

because otherwise it'll get quite dark

in here and actually the sunroof has

been moved backward over the standard

bentega in order for rear seat

passengers to get most of the benefit

nice touch from Bentley aside from that

we've just been enjoying the general

quality of the materials in this car the

leather the wood the metal it's all

beautiful to look at I love the ambient

lights peeking through the perforated

leather in the door cards I just love

hanging out back here but sadly I'm not

able to hang out back here as much as I

should because I've got to drive and

speaking of which it is now time to load

up the luggage in the boots and inside

the cabin and hit the road for the next

leg of our adventure


we're really lucky in that we've come

across some really amazing stretches of

road in America and the one I'm on right

now is perfect for a bit of uh should we

say performance testing kids are you up

for some uh some fast cornering

I'll take that as a yes

so obviously the star of the show is

definitely that big twin turbo V8 up

front it makes

542 horsepower so I'll just floor it


what do we think of that

again mixed reviews but so much talk

770 newton meters and it sends all of

that power and torque to all four wheels

by an all-wheel drive system and it's

quick enough to be naught to 62 despite

its size in 4.6 seconds

there's a little bit of lag when you

first press the accelerator so you have

to push Beyond about 20 or so it's set

up that way to allow it to be quite a

smooth Driving Experience around town

but once you get above 2000 RPM it's

incredibly responsive and that exhaust


yeah fantastic as well now in terms of

cornering it's never going to be great

is it because it's such a heavy car the

steering is really slow it's set up that

way again in order to provide quite a

smooth drowning experience but what it

means is when you're going around Bend

enthusiastically the steering takes a

long time to respond it's a bit like

driving a bus but it stays quite flat

through the corners it's got that active

48 volts anti-roll stabilization system

so it just stays nice and flat through

the vents you

have fun in this car how ever you can't

have too much fun the thing weighs over

two and a half tons So eventually the

laws of physics will catch up to it

still good laughter kids should I do a


I think that's a no from mum

oh it's lost where's the rest of its


by wolfy thing

we'll kill you

and with that we reached the final

destination of our American Adventure

the Sierra Nevada mountains one of the

most beautiful unspoiled scenic areas on

the planet thousands of Acres of

mountains rivers Wildlife space to run

and enjoy the beauty of America with no

interruptions as a family

oh man

all right keep looking keep looking oh

beautiful guys

and what an epic way to do it California

explored in style

an incredible state that will live

forever in our memories yeah the boot

was Tiny But the Bentley was a fantastic

companion comfortable luxurious safe

fantastic to drive and ultimately fine

as for us we had an unforgettable time

not even the slowest of us got eaten by

bears and I'm sure we'll be back again

soon although maybe it was something

that has a slightly bigger boot


thank you





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