May 30, 2023

CRAZIEST BACK TO SCHOOL HACKS || DIY School Supplies! Amazing Ideas & Cheating Tricks by 123 GO!

Published May 24, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

Crazy Back to school hacks DIY school Supplies amazing ideas Cheating tricks by 123 GO!

It's that time of year again! Time to stock up on school supplies and get ready for another year of learning. But why settle for boring old school supplies when you can hack them to be super cool and unique? Check out these crazy back to school hacks DIY school supplies amazing ideas cheating tricks by 123 GO!

One of the most important things for back to school is a good backpack. But why settle for a boring store-bought backpack when you can make your own super cool DIY backpack? Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a backpack out of duct tape! It's strong, durable, and best of all, super stylish.

If you're looking for a way to cheat on your tests and get better grades, then this next hack is for you! All you need is a simple highlighter and some clear tape. Just highlight the answers to the questions on your test, then cover them up with the clear tape. When you take the test, simply peek underneath the tape to see the answers!

For a more subtle way to cheat, try this next trick. Write the answers to your test on your hand using a pen with invisible ink. Then, when you take the test, simply hold your hand up to the light to reveal the answers!

If you're looking for some cool and unique school supplies, then check out this next hack. Turn a boring old pencil case into a super stylish and unique clutch purse! Just add some colorful washi tape and voila! You've got a one-of-a-kind clutch that is sure to turn heads.

This next hack is perfect for those days when you just can't seem to wake up in the morning. Turn your alarm clock into a wake-up light by simply attaching a small LED light to the top of it. When your alarm goes off, the light will slowly start to brighten, slowly waking you up instead of jolting you awake.

Finally, if you're looking for a way to keep all of your school supplies organized, then check out this next hack. Turn an old shoe box into a super stylish and functional desk organizer! Just cover the box in pretty wrapping paper or fabric, then use it to hold all of your pens, pencils, paperclips, and other supplies.

So there you have it, some of the craziest back to school hacks DIY school supplies amazing ideas cheating tricks by 123 GO! These hacks are sure to make your back to school experience more fun and unique. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try today!

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your exam results is this a joke maybe i

can change it

it didn't work what am i gonna do and if

maybe i can scrape it off

this is dumb okay think aha i've got it

i just need this glue gun and a stick of


i'll put some glue on the end

then press it onto the ink i'll hold it

there for a few seconds and it comes

right off i'm a genius well maybe not

and now to put a new grade

i deserve that a

check this out

you're so smart and show off give me

answers next time

we should totally hang out sometime

quiet everyone i'm looking at you alex

it's exam time i have your papers where

are they

got them i'm feeling confident we'll see

about that alex


is that a tattoo if you spend more time

studying alex you might pass the test

she has a tattoo crazy

i don't know why you're so happy just

focus on the exam

whoa cool necklace

close your mouth you'll catch flies and

you may begin

what's going on this is so strange

i don't want to hear any talking get on

with it

wow she's mad

i'm watching you

this is hard

no cheating alex

now's my chance

i need a diversion

oops i dropped my pen i better pick it


there finished it wasn't too bad


miss here's my paper

where does she go no idea what's that

should we look


a rug

oh smith she's a metal head


i did not expect that

let's get out of here



hey time for lunch this looks good

ugh you're sitting in my spot move

you're so mean

i can't believe she thought she could

just sit here

i can finally eat my salad in peace


what the heck are you doing

tough luck this is my lunch now


and bend and hold feel the stretch

to the side

oh i need a new workout burner phew

really working up a sweat huh you can

say that again i feel woozy

alex are you okay who said that where am


was that my fault


i need some new deodorant i know

start with this exfoliating sponge and

some water

now some soap

rub the sponge onto the soap

get scrubbing girl


next take some clay and add lemon juice


give it a mix

once the clay is smooth it's time to get

to work

spread onto the underarms with a brush


let it dry it's an interesting look

then use the sponge to clean it off

smelling fresh


ready to get back to it stay back you

hear me i'm armed with air freshener

i'm fine see

i'll be the judge of that

okay i believe you let's do this



oh what i'm awake

oh okay

there you go ah great thanks

it was quite easy when you think about




oh i get it let's try this again

it's not coming off



i'll just score over it

and then rub it out

no one will ever know

and now for the correct answer

how's that

why are we friends

that's not right

i'm definitely gonna pon this fool

no way these fruits are gonna get one

over on me

wait what the heck ugh i'm out of snacks

but i need fuel if i'm gonna do my best

shoot this one is empty too what am i

gonna do i'm so hungry

wait i've got an idea vr is the solution

of course

look at all these delicious fruits

shoot it's much harder like this

ugh i feel like such a noob

hey forget the fruit here comes the



right that wasn't real hey what's going

on back there

look at the time you know better

oops sorry


sweet tattoo bro no i'm getting a puffy

tattoo what's going on over there


great now i've got a nerd in my studio

maybe i should come back another time

you should have seen it bro there was

like 20 ninjas i was like pow


almost done

hey guys


you're sitting on me you're starting

something bro you guys seem nice okay

that's you

nice thanks

come on you should see the new bite me

uh okay

i don't feel so good

great we've got a painter sorry i'm good

i'd like a tattoo please obviously what

do you want


this please



it's cute okay it's your skin

let's go

uh i can't believe i'm doing this

try not to faint

what did i just say

that reminds me

i need some me time

i wish i could spend all day in here

oh whiskers

hmm not cuddly enough mr bear you'll do

you're so fluffy

you know

you might be useful

hey it's over

oh wow

take it

he's so soft thank you

i'm ready

it stings but you'll keep me safe bear


come on get in there

i think i might have too many things in

my locker

please close


i had last phew

i thought that would never ouch

i feel sleepy

hmm cheryl's locker's open that's weird

cheryl are you okay

cheryl wake up i don't want to go to

school mommy

hmm i should help her but how

this bag looks like it could be useful

and this magnet this might work i'll

place the bag in the locker and hold it

in place with the magnet i'll do the

same on the other side this should do it

and then i'll fill the bags with all

cheryl's things this'll help organize

cheryl's locker

wow she has a lot of things what a


i suppose i better help cheryl now


are you an angel oh it's just you luna i

tidied your locker for you i can

actually see things now


it's so neat i love it thanks you're the

best you're welcome can't let me go

you're crushing me no problem bestie

i better get my books for class


pretend you didn't see that


that's good

oh no i spilled my tea all over my lab

oh my gosh are you okay

here i've got an extra napkin it should


thank you so much i really appreciate it

it's no problem at all really it's a

shame your nice outfit got wet oh you

like my outfit i saw you walk into class


yellow is actually my favorite color

oh uh

wow she just tangled that in her hair

hey wait oh no this is tangled in my

hair you've got to be kidding me

i can't stop sliding a garbage can no

oh gosh what bad luck now i'm covered in

trash what an absolute garbage of a day


mmm delicious

he wears the worst clothes oh cool

hello he's here

time to start trading that was loud give

me some squats

is this okay

yeah sure i'll be right back

he's gone

phew i hate squats did you see that


how are we doing oh come on

sorry we finished the squats watch me

do some high kicks

we have to

are you okay

i meant that i'm good let's go girls i

don't know how people enjoy this he's

wait relax he's so serious

i don't hear any exercise in here he is

kind of ridiculous hi kids squats

how long have you been there

no more mr nice guy i want to see you

work hard

i need to find new clients should we

call an ambulance

i'm okay

hey what's that look at this why are you

mocking me

hey there's more over there that's weird

let's check it out

we'll follow the trail

be quiet come on do you see anything no

it's empty

something's not right where did he go




what is that

so tasty

uh oh what are you doing that's not a

good diet uh i can explain marshmallow



this is so hard i don't get it

nope that's not right i need to be quick

this makes it so much easier


you won't learn that way cheryl

can i go to the toilet go

be quick


i'm never passing that class

ooh i'll have a glass of water


i need a break from classwork

i need to think of a plan

hold on i've got it

this is pointless


this is a great idea

i'll write numbers on this cup and then

slip another cup over it

i'll draw the addition and subtraction

signs on this cup i'll repeat this with

more cups i just need to slide the cups

to get the correct answer yes i've got

it i would never have gotten that answer


it's so simple now

i'm gonna have to use my toes soon

maybe i should help luna hey keep your

socks on use this wow thanks


what are you doing


i tried i'm so confused


she's over there i'm gonna spy on her

okay i'm done spying

oh why are you so mean


i'm glad that class is over

oh my gosh there he is he's so pretty

oh i've got a lot of notifications okay

be brave go talk to him wait no way my

hair is terrible gotta pluck my nose

hairs make sure there's nothing in my

teeth oh better spritz some perfume on

me too

my breath is not good

these wheels will give me some height


okay now i'm ready to go over there

ow oh no


oh hi


call me

hey there guess it's time for class to


who wants to turn in their homework

first me me me pick me

yeah bicker definitely

okay come up to my desk please

thank you

yes wait that's your homework

yes ma'am i like to be thorough i'll

just hang this up on the board here

now to get my writing up here too

done ma'am i'm ready for you to look

over my work i've got a few binders with

my findings in them i color coded two

for ease of reference

i focused on the muscular system in

those binders

and in these binders it's the rest

oh my goodness this is a lot


well thank you for your work please take

a seat

kevin do you have your homework uh

yes ma'am my homework is in a binder too

shoot why didn't i finish

the muscular system


hey bro stop working and start snacking

it's game time i challenge you

come on bro focus on the game


um here you go ma'am

kevin what is this i'll just take a seat

back at my desk

wow look at all these angles he's more

chill than a triangle i could solve him

like a math problem

just look at that face


will you notice me today



what's up

looking good

pinch me i'm dreaming

is he seriously coming over here


of course he's talking to annie who

wouldn't pay attention to a girl like


a metallic skirt i could never pull that


especially with these sad things



hi mom


at least you didn't spend to folding


be a doll and put them away

thanks sweetie

this day keeps getting better and better

wait a minute i know how to get more


i'll deal with all this later

i've got other things to do


that's better

now to buckle this bad boy

now for the moment of truth

but i could use a little more oomph

much better

and for a top

i look like a new person

looks pretty nice right let's see him

walk past me now


is that really chloe

oh hey

go through a growth spurt last night

you can say that

what do you say we ditch class and head

to the movies

and cat is spelled c a t


gotta drive up this mountain

ahem let's look up here class

okay i need my pencil

is this good yes very good now try to

write this word

okay gotta be very careful

oh i could use a manicure gonna be the

best writer ever

i just need a little more tea

almost done

i died

the letter t needs a line right here


i did it

huh what oh

good job

oh that took forever

all right you'll need to solve for a and


okay i can totally do this

just do a bit of stretching and here i

go gotta make sure i write down all the


there's so much can't miss any of it

i know i can totally solve this equation


just a little more

a little more

and done

wow that was a beast of a problem great

now on to your next class biology the

study of life itself

what already uh guess i better start


all right time for lunch i'm starving

can't wait to eat these

what does kevin have over there

hey kevin maybe you could share i mean

sure i guess that's my soda

great now what

okay no one else is around

hey kevin what you have there

here you go and you might as well take




and they just keep taking all my food oh

hold on i have a call


kevin can you finish slicing these

fine fine

hey wait a second i'll just cut this top

off and now to bring in the m m

i'll pour them into this pepper it's

like nature's cup and then i can put the

top right back on i can do the same with

this cucumber and kitkat and this

pumpkin it's big enough to hold all my

soda i'll fill the whole pumpkin so i

won't get thirsty done and then the lid

goes back on i'll add it to my basket of


there we go now that's a school lunch

this is totally gonna solve my issues um

i guess it's lunch time let's see what

kevin's brought us today what raw

veggies ugh no thanks

they bought it

now need my candy i can't believe how

easy this all was

i could use a drink too



and then he hopped around like this



bouncy bouncy bouncy

okay everyone it's time for class


school time school's the best me first

oh my gosh a bunch of little ruffians

yay home time home's the best

all right this is an exam class so you

know what to do hand over all your cheat


that's what i thought come on i want the

rest of them too okay here

hmm let me see yep you've still got more

here my last one

all right you're good go on in


oh she's being super thorough today i

better get out my cheat sheets i don't

have anything ma'am oh really we'll see

about that you're hiding something come



that's what i thought

take it off then come back


and that's my last one

here you go ma'am

oh well

go on in

oh that test was the worst

look at them what are they laughing at


sure looks like fun though i spend all

my time studying for tests

that's it

that's how i get me some friends

this is gonna be great


this ought to get their attention


want the answers to next periods test

see ya


you really have the answers

this is awesome


thanks man

hand them over

i'll need a smooch first a kiss

i can't believe this okay

here you go

i'm ready

where are your lips


oh yeah

here you go

that that's not a real kiss

oh i should have been more specific

better check my cheat sheet

okay that will help me find the answer

ahem kevin is there something you're


a cheat sheet just like i thought

i'm sorry i'm sorry

nope i don't want that to happen to me

hi dad

still studying i see

oh here's the book i was looking for



the fan i've got a genius idea the cheat

sheet is making a return all right i

folded it like an accordion and now i

need a pencil and some glue

just a little line of glue on the edge

that should be enough now for the cheat

sheet okay one end goes on this pencil

and the other end of the sheet goes on

this other pencil look i'm a cheat sheet

fan gotta quickly write the answer oh

here she comes gotta hide the cheat

sheet by closing the fan oh hi ma'am

let's see are you hiding any cheat

sheets kevin

okay well keep working

cheat sheet is a huge success better

finish taking this test

another glorious monday



that's sparkly jewelry oh my

it's new

great minds think alike


that was weird


look over here

it's just a disguise see

it's just lip balm no makeup allowed


that's brilliant

wanna make your own cut off a stick of

your favorite colored lipstick now get

it to melt completely then put it into a

little container nice and creamy don't

forget the cap now take a big medallion

like this put some hot glue on the back

then stick on the container before it

dries pretty cool huh so easy oh me

next what's going on over there

we're connected souls

so smooth


another dance competition huh

no i shouldn't


what's this

dance classes

my prayers have been answered

time to get groovy people


and one and two and three and four pow

that was great

see ya

hello to you too

you want to dance

more than anything

can you do this i doubt it

i just want to learn

pretty please



fine just a small lesson

okay let's go

one two one two three go arms okay


and the beat

is this right

put it all together and spin

oh my god you totally did it

we'll work on that

i'm gonna go compete

magic moves people

thank you thank you

i can barely see anything up here

okay don't focus on the audience

just remember the moves


focus spin

don't forget to smile

that went great


they love me

they really love me


next lesson is very isabella putting on

lip gloss in the middle of my lecture

i'm putting a stop to this


and the rest

oh fine

must have crept into my pocket


well i guess the jig is up huh

now this is all my stuff okay i almost

forgot about this guy

you happy

sure am

and you betty smuggling any eye shadow

these days

who me

all i have is this stuff

such a good student


now back to the lesson

luckily teach didn't look too close she

would have seen that my crayons were

just makeup in disguise

what kind of crayons are those

to make these use a blade to cut off the

wrapper remove the crayon and stick in

your favorite makeup pencil then use

clear glue to seal the wrapper quick

before it dries


just one more step can't leave any wood



then stick it right back in the box

this hack is genius



we're just taking notes see

oh very well then


made it by the skin of my teeth

but you remember to bring a bread

what's she talking about


huh this can't be good oh no this thing

is the size of alabama i need lots of

foundation for this

is that makeup

shut up i need this shut your mouth



what's all that ruckus oh jeez

it's not that bad right who's up next oh


i know


i'm over here

okay come on up what's with that girl

wait i got it

wanna hide your foundation

you just need a sharpener lid


then pour the makeup on in

then grab a glue stick take the cap off

and use a blade to get it out once the

container's empty stick in your favorite

makeup sponge

this is exactly what i need say goodbye

ugly pimple i gotta be quick hope this

can cover it all i didn't

the hair nice and smooth

nothing to see here

wait your zit go you and your

imagination but you just had

where'd your makeup go

maybe i need you glasses



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