May 30, 2024


Published May 24, 2023, 6:20 p.m. by Bethany

It's no secret that large families have to do a lot of grocery shopping. In fact, a recent study showed that the average family of four spends about $1,500 on groceries each month. That's a lot of money!

But what if there was a way to reduce that number?

The Dougherty Dozen is a family of fourteen that has figured out how to do their weekly grocery shopping and restocking for just $600.

How do they do it?

The key is planning and preparation. They make a list of everything they need for the week and then shop around for the best deals. They also cook most of their meals from scratch, which saves money and is healthier for them.

The Dougherty Dozen is proof that it is possible to save money on groceries without sacrificing quality or quantity. If you're looking to cut down your grocery bill, take a page from their book and start planning your meals ahead of time.

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hi everyone it's alicia with the

daiquiri dozen


and it is sunday morning 6 a.m and i'm

about to go grocery shopping for my

family of 14 for the week but first


now i did do a mini haul

at wegmans on tuesday when we got home

from new york city then i went to costco

on thursday so this should hopefully be

a quicker trip than usual i mostly just

need stuff for breakfast and dinner for

the week

this is our dinner menu for the week

that we make together as a family from

there i go ahead and add in breakfast

and lunch for every day

so i can make my detailed grocery list

separated out by areas of the store i

also write down all of our appointments

and activities for the week

so let's go

a good thing about being up so early is

i get to see the sunrise

back at wegmans

let's see if this is open yet

they open at six so okay it's open

i love coming at 6am because there is no

one here yet

cart one

i always start at the back of the store

at the last aisle which is in this store

is the cleaning aisle

we need laundry detergent we go through

a lot of that every week

we always need dish soap every week

plus cups

paper plates

and paper bowls

plus garbage bags and paper bags

i moved stuff down to the bottom to make

room for more groceries in the cart

they're restocking all of the shelves

right now

i need to get more of the chocolate

covered granola bars that the kids like

but it looks like they are all out

of the big boxes so


none there

but they have the little boxes so i'll

just get a bunch of the little boxes

this is one of james's favorite foods

and one of bodies favorite foods

the kids went through a bunch of cereal

this week so i need to restock on that

cinnamon toast crunch for alex and jason

fruity pebbles for daishon

zoe and patrick

marshmallow treasures for jordan and


and captain crunch for bree and dash

these look fun i'm gonna grab these for

jordan and harley too

and reese's puffs for brie

and sometimes body likes tricks

or a cookie crisp

we always need jelly every week

and over to the baking aisle next

for pumpkin

and chocolate chips you know i'm gonna

make pumpkin chocolate chip bread this



and i like to get the bread flour i'm

gonna make homemade bread on thursday to

go with the beef stew

grab the sugar for the week

and for around the world monday i'm

doing iceland tomorrow i need brown

sugar for the sky or cake

and i also need gelatin powder

over to the spices

i need rosemary for one of my recipes on


and we are out of seasoning salt

but i am not seeing it

i'm getting egg noodles to go with the

beef stew on thursday my mom always made

egg noodles whenever she made beef stew

so now i do the same thing

olives i've been putting these on my egg

scramble every morning i'll show you

dijon mustard for the icelandic fish

bake tomorrow

and we go through a container of

mayonnaise a week

okay now i'm looking for a fish stock

for a soup

slash stew i am making tomorrow

um i've never actually seen fish stock i

don't know if this store carries it

it looks like the closest i'll get is

seafood stock so that should work

and beef broth for the beef stew

i'm making lasagna tonight

so i have to get all of my stuff to make

my homemade spaghetti sauce for the


it's four jars of tomato basil spaghetti


plus diced tomatoes

i like the ones that have

like some italian seasoning in them

so many choices

okay this one

so four cans of that

and tomato sauce

actually i just noticed they now have


they now have big things of tomato sauce

so two of those

i need a lot of tomato paste for recipes

this week

and i just randomly spotted the

seasoning salt

gotta get the juice for the week

everyone in my house loves this

cranberry grape juice

and i just noticed that they have these

bluey books that my kids have been

asking for

so i'm going to grab those for them

and this cart is full

i'm gonna leave that up front and grab

my shopping list

and get another cart

part two

i went back to the dairy aisle they

still do not have caramel macchiato



i'll have to get more of the french

vanilla creamer

for this week



i just got milk midweek so i don't need

too much of that but i am going to grab

a couple of gallons while i'm here

plus vanilla almond milk


i need whole milk for a recipe this week

and heavy cream for some recipes this


some of the kids are really into this

chocolate milk right now

and over for more butter sticks

and these are the lasagna sheets that i

like to use when i make homemade lasagna


i finally have spongebob gogurt back in


well they did have it i just took the

last box so

i'll get a box of the frozen gogurts too

like yo crunch

actually i just remembered i have a

bunch of the oreos still

i only need the m m ones right now

my teenagers used up all of the whipped

cream this weekend doing a whipped cream

challenge so i need more of that

i'll get some more chobani flips for the



and i need biscuits for two recipes this

week monkey bread and skyer cake so i'm

gonna get several containers of biscuits

slice cheese for the kids sandwiches

cream cheese for bagels

regular cream cheese

and deshawn tried strawberry cream

cheese for the first time this week and

loved it so i'm gonna grab that

need shredded cheddar i am making

homemade mac and cheese twice this week

and mexican cheese for my taco

pizza on tuesday

plus the burrito tortillas

now i'm going to search

the dairy section to see if they have

something that i need

for one of my iceland recipes called

skyr i don't know if i'm saying that

right i'm sorry if i'm not


i feel like they have every dairy

product at this store so i'm going to

search for it

i am not seeing it

so i'm going to google what i can



full fat greek yogurt

that i can get

these are all non-fat greek yogurt

where is full fat greek yogurt


i guess this is as close as i will get



i'm going to grab the produce next i

don't need too much of it since i just

got a bunch at wegmans and costco this


i need potatoes for the beef stew

i always check and make sure that



and good

i need one spanish onion for one of my

recipes tomorrow


and i'll get bananas while i'm here

these bananas are

not as green as i normally like to buy


but this seems to be all they have today


so i'll find the best ones i can find


carrots for the soup tomorrow

and celery

the celery is all looking a little

dated um i'm gonna reach way back there

and see what this one looks like

it's better than nothing

it'll have to do

i'm gonna get more of these ranch dip

cubs the kids have been liking these

i need cabbage to go with the

baits fish tomorrow

i love that it is washed and ready to


simplifies my life

and i need chives for a recipe tomorrow


i don't need avocados and i don't need


i always need berries

trying to find a container where the

bottom ones are not already rotten

this is good

some blueberries

and i'll get some more cherries jason

loves these and eats the entire bag


sometimes free helps

well i'm right here by the cakes i'm

going to see if there's any cheesecake

for deshawn


got addicted in new york city and they

do have cheesecake here cherry

cheesecake which is what he likes so i'm

gonna get that

over to the bread

section are pretty picked over

i need four loaves of sandwich bread

that will last me about three days in my


i need hawaiian rolls for grill night on


and i'm gonna stock up on bagels because

the boys have been eating one of these

when they get home from football every


i'm gonna get english muffins because

i'm making breakfast sandwiches for

breakfast one day this week

and cartoon is full

i'm just going to grab alex's shampoo

and conditioner

actually a lot of us use this kind

leave cartoon up front with cart one

and go get another cart


three zoe wants to make rolled ice cream

so i promised her i would look for an

ice cream stone i doubt they will have

it here but you never know


they have a pizza stone

i don't know if that's the same thing

okay i'll keep shopping


i'm gonna grab donuts for the kids for

breakfast today

lately a few of the kids have been

fighting over the jelly donuts so i'm

definitely going to get a couple of



dash and jordan and dash love apple


and these red white and blue sprinkle

ones look fun


these are fresh out of the oven and very


i'll get a few of the other

jelly donuts

and i'll get these fun

black and white ones probably will like



some of my teenagers like more than one

donut so

one dozen donuts is not enough for 12


so i'm going to get two dozen donuts

some of the kids like the queen-filled



i'll get a few of the cinnamon buns

a few plain ones


and some chocolate chocolate with

sprinkles for free


over to the meat section

i'm grilling up chicken breast for lunch


so i need two family packs of chicken


and we're grilling chicken drumsticks

for dinner on wednesday

so i need three family packs of chicken


so i think that's about 27 pounds of


for one week

six pounds of ground beef for the taco

pizza on tuesday


check my list

and three pounds of meatloaf mix for the

lasagna tonight it is ground pork beef

and veal all mixed together


i'm gonna grab some sausage for james


some bacon for breakfast this week i

like the center cut


and some brown sugar sliced ham for

breakfast this week too


we are stocked up on sausage

i need grouper or cod for my baked fish

recipe tomorrow

i'm seeing cod first so i'm going to

grab that


two packages of pot

i'm gonna grab some beef bones for the

dogs they love these things


i'm now looking for langston

or lobster tail i need two pounds of it

and they don't have enough here so

i guess i will look at a different store



and there is the meat for the week

i forgot to grab sour cream when i got

the dairy stuff earlier so i'll get that


over to the freezer section


i need garlic bread to go with the

lasagna tonight

next sunday i'm making ravioli bake i'm

going to grab

have it in bread so i'll get it while

they have it

alex's braces have been bothering him

lately so he's been having a lot of

smoothies we're gonna get more frozen

berries for the smoothies

i'm gonna get some drumsticks they loved

these kitkat ones


and we'll try these new oreo ones too


and i'll get some of these ice cream

twix bars

six bars in a box

so i need two boxes for 12 kits


i'll get some popsicles

gotta get bomb pops and i'll get some

regular popsicles too

these are a new kind of bomb pop so i

think i'll get those for the kids to try

they look fun


uncrustables are back in stock

so i will get two boxes of those


and we are out of frozen pizzas in our

freezer supply we can easily eat six

in one meal so i'll get three pepperoni


and two packs of cheese which will be

six cheese pizzas


and i think i'm done for today

three very full carts

time to check out

i'll leave the carts by the back door

and go get the van



let's drive over and get the groceries

my hands are still covered

in frosting

there's the three cards

all right let's look at the receipt

because then i get home and the receipt

gets lost

so this was a smaller trip for me

this is the yeah this was only three


i'm usually been getting about four

cards every trip lately

it is eight o'clock that took exactly

two hours

it usually takes about an hour and a

half to shop


half an hour to check out

my teenagers stole all my sunglasses so

now i just have to deal with the sun in

my eyes

all right this gives me

plenty of time to get home

get the groceries unloaded i probably

won't get everything put away before

church but at least i'll

have like the frozen stuff put away

i gotta get the kids showered

i did not feel like doing it last night

showered dressed it's a beautiful day

got that going

i gotta get organized for the week like

i got organized i made the meal plan i

made the

appointment list but i need to get

more organized of

what day i'm doing what

around the house

trying to get more organized with that

i'm home

let's go see what my house looks like

at 8 a.m on a sunday morning

well there's the pile of laundry i need

to take to the laundromat that's a start

josh is putting i'm like what is going

on josh is putting in a new screen door

new door

door i like it

the laundry

yeah i like that a lot and it's got a

slider for the screen


anyone awake

i need people to bring in groceries and

this has a key

oh so

um did you know harley was awake all


no yeah

what was she doing


went into alex's room

because she was too scared to come to

our room

because of the red light on the security


in the


so she went into alex's room crying

crawling in bed with him next thing you

know they're about down on the couch


watching bluey

so alex probably did not sleep last

night and i feel so bad oh that's why he

said i'm gonna sleep all day yeah he was

up all night with harley i know

hi miracle


what's up

it's like so clean there's no

fingerprints on it yeah you can see

right through it


i like it

good work


it's so quiet

yeah enjoy it

of course there's you know wet bathing

suits and towels on the couch

empty water bottle dirty sock

it's not even our sock i don't even know

whose sock that is

yeah locks

everyone's asleep so i'll be bringing in

the groceries

so let's try and organize it as i'm

putting groceries away

all right

i don't know how it gets so unorganized

during the week

that didn't sound good


and then

i've got more of these


i gotta make sure this ricotta is still

good yes okay because i need that for

the lasagna

all right that's the dairy fridge

see what the freezer looks like

i see the kids filled it with capri suns


i'm gonna move these down here

they're like stuck


oh kids this is something i would have

done when i was a kid

fill an entire shelf with juice


i amazed more of these because the kids

loved them

okay interrupted by the harley quinners

how'd you sleep

did you stay awake with alex all night

yeah yeah i'm tired





okay there's the pizzas now i gotta fit

in the

popsicles right here

actually i can put some inside



let's see

i think

put the

cake drumsticks inside


perfect don't

fall i'm gonna bring the meat inside

and get

the lasagna sauce started because i like

to let that simmer a good four hours i

always pile everything up over here that

needs to go to the inside pantry

and bodies awake

or waking up

what you getting

in your yogurts

so this fridge is like full of

all of these meals

so i'm trying to shove

all of the meat in

other fridges right now oh wait i can

move this down here


those are leftover subs


now i just need to find room

for the sausage and ground beef

shove that there

so this is normally our like produce

overflow fridge

however it's also stocked

with eggs

we used to have locks on all our fridges

i don't even know the codes anymore

because bodie used to climb in them when

he was a toddler

and that's not very safe anyways the new

fridges don't have them because we don't

use them anymore

i know people were super confused by



sit down

that you still have to sit

oh wait that's cheap oh there


kind of like stick it together there you




where's dixie

dixie i got you something


i'll show you real quick how i make my

egg scramble in the morning i grab eggs

from the chickens

gotta wash those up

i grab tomatoes from the garden

and i just scramble up the eggs

add tomatoes olives and avocado yum

okay i took a break to make the kids an

egg scramble now i gotta put the rest of

this away

not too much left

mostly uh cereal

i'm not even gonna put the sauces away

because i'm gonna go

start that lasagna sauce with all of



we are restocked for another week

this looks like a lot

for a normal-sized family

but for our family it's

for one week well this is our

extra stock like i keep extra fish

extra veggies

extra sausage

got everything in there cheesecake

shoved everything in there

and the breakfast overflow

all right now i just have to put this

stuff away in the pantry room

put them in this big box that i keep in

the bottom of the pantry door



there we go i put these down here so

body can just grab and go


that's done i still got a vacuum but

that's whatever

pantry is organized for the week i

always go through and

reorganize and face everything forward i

went through the cereal boxes and took

out like you know the empty cereal boxes

my kids left in the pantry

um yeah and just kind of put stuff back

in its place for the week

and now i'm gonna make homemade mac and

cheese for lunch


then i'm gonna get the sauce going

for dinner

that is it for right now thank you for

joining me grocery shopping you're

strong you're beautiful you are loved

you belong and i am so proud of you i'll

see you next time



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