May 30, 2023

“How does culture shape motivation?” | Nathan Rippin | TEDxYouth@BHS

Published May 24, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

culture shapes motivation in many ways. For example, a person from a collectivist culture is likely to be more motivated by group goals and approval than by personal goals and approval. A person from an individualist culture is likely to be more motivated by personal goals and approval than by group goals and approval.

culture also affects how people define success and failure. In some cultures, success is defined by individual achievement, while in others, success is defined by the collective achievement of the group.

culture also affects how people respond to failure. In some cultures, failure is seen as a learning opportunity, while in others, failure is seen as a sign of weakness.

Finally, culture affects how people motivate themselves. In some cultures, people are more likely to be self-motivated, while in others, people are more likely to be externally motivated.

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by a show of hands

the Philippines before that's what I

thought my mom moved from the

Philippines 25 years ago to the United

States for a better life and long story

short she met my dad and now I'm here my

talk is on how culture shapes motivation

culture being this is behaviors

attitudes and traditions that exist

within a large group of people that are

changed from hand to hand as generations

grow on and motivation is a process that

guides and maintains behaviors so the

Philippines I was seven years old see a

little bit younger self of mine and I

got to meet my extended family so when I

first walked off the plane I was not

only greeted a family I was actually

attacked they all ran up and hugged me

pinning me down to the tarmac floor and

you can imagine the ten kids laying me

like all hugging me at the same time so

when I first met everybody there the

more traditional side of my family they

asked adhesive group respect each other

a whole lot more than what I've seen in

the United States they eat dinner

together every single night they eat

breakfast together every single morning

they spend more time together as a

family and then they do outside of the

house why the Philippines as described

by church in a 1986 study says that the

culture of the Philippines that

focus more on the interrelationships

between people rather than on themselves

individually so people are more likely

to change their own behavior to fit the

expectations of another person and my

family being Filipinos exhibit this

quite well when I went on my second trip

to the Philippines I stayed in the more

Americanized section of Manila so there

were McDonald's and every our bucks

every block or so and Pizza Hut in it

delivered and what I realized in those

areas where people were more

Americanized they spent more time

outside of the house and they spent

inside with their families they rather

do focus on themselves and focus on them

as a collective group and it affected

their motivation and my favorite trip

were actually got to see the whole

country as a whole was because I'm in

the Filipino instrumental group called

the school hung Filipino round dolly of

Boston in 2013 we as a group performed a

30 song set around the country doing

about 21 shows in 20 days and we

performed for the president the country

we performed for kids in churches in big

venues small venues from all around the

country and it was really eye-opening to

see how people's culture has changed

with not only within a social group

within a country people in the north

where there's more Americanized

influences act differently than those in

the south where Americanization has not

yet reached them so as you can see here

this is me with my where the guys

holding the guitar like objects and the

students of see LSU University in the

Philippines and we were really

privileged at this show to sit down and

discuss the cultural differences between

ourselves and our Filipino counterparts

and as we got talking we realized that

we weren't as different as we originally


we both like as a group you like to

spend time on ourselves or to spend time

with our family the American students we

like to spend more time out of the house

and inside the house and the Filipino

students said that they could spend more

time inside the house and outside the

house and we as we got to talking more

and more realize that it was our culture

that shaped this so now we move on to

today so studies show that Asian

American immigrants from foreign

countries are more motivated within the

classroom than their white peers but

because as I said earlier in the

Filipino and the Asian culture people

are more likely to change their own

behavior to fit other people's

expectations so students they want to

fulfill their parents how do you say

expectations of becoming better in

school doing better than their peers so

students stay home they study more they

review on their exams and they make sure

that they want to appeal to their

parents expectations rather than going

out having fun watching movies etc also

studies show that students students or

more likely to listen to commands of

their parents rather than commands of

themselves so if let's say my mom says

Nathan go clean the house I am more

likely to clean the house than me we are

the Xbox reason being is that when

parents move over here from the United

States here from use to the United

States they bring their cultures with

them and in my case and my mom so on and

so forth

so am I going with this so as I said

with my mom coming over from the

Philippines she brought everything with

her and it impacted me I mean today I'm

up here talking giving a TED talk in

formal Filipino regalia talking about my

heritage and my mom actually motivated

me she was there well with all my notes

she's saying put this story in there

talk about this and we're talking back

and forth and it was really

awe-inspiring to get her opinion on

everything so when we all come from

unique areas we all have our own things

that make us who we are it's our culture

it's what motivates us to go do good in

school do well in the workplace what

have you so appreciate it because it

what makes it makes you you thank you


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