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How to Butterfly a Chicken | Food Network

Published May 24, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

How to butterfly a chicken

1. Start with a whole chicken. If you have a chicken that's already been cut up, you can butterfly it by cutting through the breastbone.

2. Place the chicken breast-side down. Use a sharp knife to cut along one side of the chicken's backbone.

3. Flip the chicken over. Once you've cut along the backbone, you can remove it entirely or leave it in place.

4. Spread the chicken open. You should now have a chicken that's flattened and ready to be cooked.

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butterflying a chicken also known as

spatchcocking is a great technique for

the grill or for roasting in the oven

your chicken will cook faster and more

evenly this way first pat your chicken


to butterfly you'll need to remove the


flip the chicken so its back is up

poultry or kitchen shears are the best

tool for the task

cut along each side of the spine


lay the chicken flat

make a notch in the white cartilage in

the breastbone at the neck end

and a slit on either side of the


pop out the breastbone and remove it



tuck the wings to keep things neat

now your butterflied chicken is ready

for the grill or the oven and your

dinner will be on the table before you

know it


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