May 29, 2023

Match Day image process - Camera settings and insurance. SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY

Published May 24, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Arrik Motley

It's match day, and you're ready to capture some amazing action shots of your favorite team. But what camera settings should you use to get the best results?

insurance sports photography is all about capturing the energy and excitement of the game, and the right camera settings can make all the difference. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect shot:

1. Use a high shutter speed.

This will help freeze the action and prevent any blurring in your photos. A good rule of thumb is to use a shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second or faster.

2. Use a wide aperture.

This will help ensure that all of the action is in focus. A good aperture to use is f/2.8.

3. Use a low ISO setting.

This will help reduce any noise or grain in your photos. A good ISO to use is 100.

4. Use burst mode.

This will help you capture a series of photos in quick succession, ensuring that you don't miss a moment of the action.

5. Use manual mode.

This will give you the most control over your camera settings and allow you to get the perfect shot.

With these tips in mind, you're ready to capture some amazing insurance sports photography. So get out there and start shooting!

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hi everyone welcome back to the channel

I hope you're all keeping well well as

you've seen by the thumbnail a bit of a

different one this week it was a bit of

a crackers five minutes at accrington


um with their game against Cambridge

United at the weekend but as you can see

I'm in the office I didn't uh create a

film didn't do a vlog on Saturday I had

such a big brief

um I wanted to really concentrate on the

job and uh

so I didn't make a video but I thought I

still wanted to go over settings and

whatever so I'll go over my set of

images and just talk about that mad five

minutes that you've seen on the the

thumbnail there I've got a load of

images wrapped up ready to go so without

further Ado let's crack on and look

through the images


right before I get started and it's a

question I get asked quite a lot and

because I'm so blase and it's it's

run-of-the-mill for me is it jpeg or do

we shoot in raw now I always shoot in

jpeg no real need for raw

um the aim of the game is to get them

images edited as quick as possible sent

out as quick as possible and and then

obviously storage as well so I always

shoot in jpeg I think most most papers

and various press and whatever magazines

they only print in 72 DPI so no need for

huge files really I send out at about

between two and three megabytes per

image so nothing too big it's zoomed out

on the Wi-Fi and it's gone it's edited

nice and quick there's no buffering you

know right from taking the image on the

back of the camera no buffering jpegs

are really easily handled

um then downloaded you need to download

them as quick as you can when you're not

sending off the back of the camera so

the download speeds are nice and quick

and then the editing is nice and quick

savings nice and quick and it's just one

fast process churning them out don't

need raw as I said I always shoot in

jpeg so hopefully that's answered a few

of your questions me personally and I

think industry standard because raw

images 15 20 megabyte file sizes just

aren't needed it's always jpeg for me

anyway that's that question answered

right let's delve in and just going to

talk about my set in brief and what I

look for on a general game if you like

from start to finish because basically I

always think

I'm going to walk I'm going to approach

someone in the street who doesn't have

an interest in football or any sport

whatever you're photographing when

you're thinking about the set that

you're going to capture and I want that

I want I want my images to tell a story

so I always start off as you can see

here I've got the corner flag accrington

Stanley football club straight away you

know where I am and let's just go

through a yd

a wide angle image and then

just painting a scene behind the goal

obviously we've got the sky back there

an image of the ground just so that the

viewer can sense where I'm going to be

photographing from incidentally my first

half position was just on the 18 yard

line just to the left

The Dugout is here and so I had a good a

good option A good good area here I

always try and position myself on the 18

yard line if I can you get any

celebrations that are running past you

they usually celebrate round here if

they're gonna celebrate so if you're

positioned here sometimes they'll run

and do a knee slide in the corner flag

and then turn around as their teammates

are running towards them so it's I

always like to go on the 18 yard line if

I can get there so yeah for the first

half I was position I positioned myself

just here and then the dugouts here you

can get any reactions from the managers

with the 400 you can pop the 1.4

converter on or the two times converter

on get some nice stuff with the managers

so another angle here of the ground just

from behind the goal just gives a nice

wide angle some as you use a fisheye

which makes quite a nice a different

image but let's just carry on going

through I quite like this one I could

see that the I got there that early the

grounds when we're still painting the

white lines on the pitch

um I thought this made a nice backdrop

you've got Stan Lee for accrington

Stanley in the ground there and then the

groundsman just painting the the lines

which made a nice General View and lets

people know what's going on before a


um let's carry on scrolling through

sorry got a few of the seats bits and

Bobs obviously I went for the seats

because it's got the logo on it

um Match Day program always try and get

a picture of the match Day program in

some sort of guys I just lent it up the

goal post for this one

um makes a nice backdrop with the ground

in the background nice and soft what was

this at still at f8 but um just just

ensuring the whole program was was nice

and sharp you know another one of the

Lino oh and then and then I headed out

to try and get some atmospheric shots

with the fans arriving in bits and Bobs

and there was a couple of young Lads

playing football with a giant blow up

ball so that made a nice scene just to

set off the fans there were some

Cambridge fans one of them had a big

drum and

um it's a shame that I didn't do much

video really because they were they were

having a right good singer I mean he was

he was I think he was knackered by the

end of the game because he was banging

that drum for the whole of the match it

was brilliant so yeah then I got them to

stand together and just just gives off a

good atmosphere and and the Cambridge

fans were quite excited

um it was quite a scrappy game

Cambridge were I think Cambridge were

just above or were they below accrington

right at the bottom of the league table

so proper relegation scrap and uh and

then got got a few fans

back inside the ground uh got the the

players arriving as you can see here

that's Cambridge manager just some

general views really carrying on

building that picture of the whole day

if you like a Cambridge fan uh Cambridge

players having a laugh as they look

round the pitch as a rule the the away

team will always go and have a quick

look at the pitch so always nice to grab

a few of them and then

some more fans arriving

got the Cambridge fans arriving off the

bus I want another look where the bus

was parking up and got some of them

coming in

back it's quite busy back for the

players arriving here's some accrington

players arriving just again painting

that scene they usually get there about

an hour and a half 30 something like


um so yeah and then back to some fans

you know just Milling around trying to

capture whatever I can trying to film my

boots some more Cambridge fans arriving

it's quite nice actually to hang around

the turn Styles you can get some nice

thumbs up some bits and Bobs you know

painting the scene again back for some

more fans arriving more Cambridge fans

having a beer I think they were just

watching on all the Antics that was

going on at the time but

and again I spotted this as a nice nice

big uh banner up and this one chap

obviously got to his stand nice and

early it just made a nice scene you know

painting the scene again and then this

chap sat down with his PG tips

obviously he was first in the stand so

and he was I don't know what he was

looking at but it just made a nice

something a bit different you know

always there to be different

another one of that and then and then

before you know it the players are

coming out and and uh the assistant's

coming out and they're just getting

warmed up here it was interesting so one

really interesting fact that I said to

Rach when I got back

it was uh what was her name Rebecca

Rebecca Welsh I think her name was

um the referee female referee and you

know there wasn't one bit of abuse the

whole game shouted to the referee and I

thought that was really interesting

obviously because it's a lady a female

referee do you know what it was really

nice there was there was no shouting

about the referee or anything

um what what she blew and what she said

went and it was really nice so that that

was nice really interesting that first

game I've done with a female referee so

that was quite good A bit of warm-up

again just scanning around this little

and was just watching the warm up so I

thought that made a nice image

Flags waving whatever you can get uh

accrington Stanley manager so a few of

that and

he almost he almost did a great job for

me right before the game started because

I was just I was just trained on him on

the 400 just to see what he was doing

and he gave his face a really good rub

and I thought yes that's just what I

want and

as it as it the game went on they

actually got beat in the end and what

what better picture than this for a bit

of dejection so yeah that made that made

a really nice shot that did and I didn't

imagine it on purpose I don't know but

yeah always keep an eye out because

obviously that was a Split Second

but if you can capture that moment like


there's your dejection you know and as

they as happened they went on to lose

there's a bit of ejection there uh got

the referee just getting ready here

and then oh yeah they were handed out

because it's the coronation's coming up

they were handing out clappers

um in the fashion of a Union Jack which

made a a nice nice image again

the match we want the match Ball but it

was one of the balls that they were

warming up with it's got the efl and the

Sky Bet logo on it so I just rolled it I

rolled it up and positioned it just

right got on my chest got nice and low

and then one of the officials came and

kicked it away so I just got it in time

but a bit of singing bit more warm up

yeah the uh Cambridge fans were singing

before the game always good to get them

singing if you can a bit more warm up

just setting the scene again then one of

the young mascots flying a flag

and uh then the fans were about what's

the time now 55 minutes to go to a

kickoff and they unveiled this big

banner which was nice to get sets the

scene again and then out come the fans

at the fans outcome the players and uh

yeah a bit of uh I have my wide angle I

must say shout out to Craig Anthony

thanks ever so much for uh sending me

1dx nice little purchase so I've got two

1dx's now so I had the 1dx on the both

on the 400 and then the other one on the

70-200 I have my 5D Mark IV on a wide

angle down by my feet for any

celebrations you'll see more about that

in a minute and then yeah I'll just set

the scene just grabbed a few wires when

I could

um let's scan through the

the match action quick I'm just scanning

through anything

there's some quite good headers there

was and again always spin I spin my 400

into portrait for header shots you know

anything like that a bit of reaction on

the bench from the accrington

staff again anything like that anything


just grab if you can


just scanning through these now

that was the first call I was actually

blocked for the first Cambridge goal but

got some nice sellers

I have to drop my up there I'm at 2000

of a second 2.8 ISO 100 and yeah I got a

nice Sally as he uh he ran off

flipped across straight to the fans for

a bit of a bit of reaction bit of

chanting and whatever and cheering they

let off a yellow well a yellow green

smoke bomb so that was good that added

to the scene a bit and then back into

play more action

it won a bad game for Action actually

oh that was a nice header keeper saved


and that one went wide

just carrying on carrying on

right we're into half time now right

second off

I thought right Cambridge were quite

well up on the game I think the play had

been the other side of the pitch more

than anything Cambridge attack thought

right I'm gonna Gamble

and I'm gonna go and sit opposite the

Cambridge fans any goal that happens

hopefully nine times out of ten they're

gonna run straight to me straight down

the pie pole I'll get a nice selly and

then I'll get the fans reaction well

flipping it did I get a nice Selly

so I'll put the image up now

they scored what's the time uh 23

minutes past four so what are we on

we're on 23 minutes into the second half

and Cambridge got their second goal and

wow flipping heck

Cambridge scored this goal scorer came

straight to me

filled my boots and got loads of the

celebration as he was he was really

cheering coming towards me real tight

you know a tight pressured game and they

needed all three points and exactly what

I hoped for happened it ran towards me

let's just have a look for

see if I can find here we go look so

got the goal he tapped it in

I think it went just past the Keeper's

legs as you can see here and I thought

right here we go I'm on the 70 to 200.

and then he started running towards me

got some lovely celebration shots

running towards me and I'm zooming out

as I'm going along what am I out there

eight I'm at 95 mil there so the goals

are 140 mil

125 mil I'm zooming out and he's running

towards me 95 mil 88 mil

and then he went for the old knee slide

and I'm at 70 mil I'm thinking I need my

wide angle really but anyway I chopped

him there look chopped his knees off but

it wasn't too bad and then I just I

literally just lent back a bit and he

managed to fill the frame at 70 mil so

I've got a nice knee slide and then

and then let me just scroll back it was

absolute Bedlam as you can see on the

thumbnail I'll pop the image up now

unbeknown to me I jumped up with the

wide angle and jumped into the crowd

where they were literally mobbing the um

I can't remember his name now uh the the

goal scorer and got some lovely shots as

you can see here of him being mobbed and

he was cheering with the fans and

whatever I got right in unbeknown to me

one of the main stewards a tripped over

my 400. I'll put the image back up now

wow and anyway I've got all the

all the celebration shots of of the goal

scorer in amongst the crowd and I got a

tap on the shoulder may may I'm ever so

sorry I've tripped over your big camera

I hope I haven't broke it and I thought

oh my God that was my 400. and as you

can see in the image here he was he went

a Cropper I didn't have no idea until I

got sent these pictures thanks to kippax

by the way accrington Stanley's


um he sent me these images and um

yeah the steward took an absolute flyer

and of course this is what I wanted to

quickly talk about

camera Insurance kit Insurance

absolutely essential in a when there's

An Occurrence like this when you're in

amongst it in the thick of it and you've

got stewards everywhere I like the

policeman just watching on that was

quite funny and uh yeah

I'll pick this little let all the melee

finish players went back had a word with

the stewards I'd hope you're all right

didn't realize you'd fallen over and uh

picked the 400 up

it started hunting it wouldn't Focus

because I tested it on the The Dugout

far side of the pitch and it would not

focus it just kept hunting past where I

wanted to focus on and I thought oh no

someone's has gone wrong here switch the

camera off took the body off

put the body back on switch the camera

on or back to normal I thought phew I

was going to be an insurance claim there

but yeah so really really important I

think most of you guys have probably got

camera insurance but for those that


have a real think about it if you're in

the thick of it it can happen just like

that drop of a hat you're in the thick

of it something goes wrong and

luckily for me nothing did go wrong but

what if the steward wanted to make a

claim if he broke his wrist or something

um whether or not the ground would have

covered me I'm not sure but uh obviously

you got five million liability insurance

on your camera insurance and obviously

all your kits covered as well luckily

400 was all right and the Stewart was

all right and uh as soon as it happened

when kippax sent me the image I thought

I've got to do a bit of a video on it I

was planning on doing a video anyway

just to go over settings and bits and

Bobs so yeah kit insurance if you

haven't got it highly recommend that you

get it and uh yeah basically that was

that's that was about it so some great

shots there's a few more here of the

fans interacting with the goal scorer I

got the captain here I think he was

rescuing him

and uh yeah absolutely fantastic scenes

so yeah I'm really pleased that I've got

the the third body


the third one DX off Craig and I was

able to have the widey on the 5D Mark IV

so yeah fantastic but uh yeah brilliant

stuff and then a bit more action and uh

yeah that was it really oh there's the

goal again

great celebration and uh I think it was

probably that one ended up in in the the

sun on Sunday I think which was great or

on bank holiday Monday so yeah one of

the images got used and uh yeah

Cambridge went on to win two nil and uh

that was the celebrations at the end and

um yeah brilliant

and I think let's have a look I'm just

going just going through the set quick

yeah lots more stuff really and uh yeah

that's it so yeah brilliant

so yeah frantic five minutes when he

scored that the winning goal which oh I

think um yeah accrington got a penalty

here's the penalty look always tricky

when there's a penalty where do you sit

what do you aim for so I just kept on

the 400 obviously it was the other end

of the pitch and uh he he slotted it

past I think it was Priestly yeah

Presley slotted it past the the

Cambridge keeper and then for five

minutes it was there was a right

scramble let's have a look

um you know Cambridge were really really

frantically keeping it out their box

can't find it now but um yeah it was a

proper is it going to be too old or what

was going on but no it stayed at 2-1 and

uh I think Cambridge were relying on

some of the other yeah there's a melee

look in the I just just managed to get

one or two shots on the 400 of Cambridge

desperately trying to keep the ball out

because accrington really added a lot of

pressure and I thought it's gonna be too

old it's gonna be too old and you know

that that Sally won't be quite so

important and quite so special but as it

happened they defended quite well came

did and yeah ended on 2-1 unfortunately

I think it was NK Dons and I can't think

of the the two teams that Cambridge were

relying on to lose both won so I think

all that happened at the bottom of the

table was Cambridge went above

accrington and they're both still in the

relegation Zone but yeah it'd be

interesting to see if if either of them

do uh do happen to to stay in ligue one

but uh yeah so anyway just a quick one

today on satins and bits and Bobs as you

can see most of my uh settings

two or two thousandth of a second

Shutter Speed most of it's at F 2.8 and

let's just go through

some some action shots yeah two

thousandth of a second F5

but uh yeah most of it's if I can if the

light's right I'll always try and keep

it two thousandth of a second if I can

between 2.8 3.5 something like that but

um yeah 2.8 obviously gives you a nice

depth as you well know and uh yeah

didn't turn out to be a bad game first

time I've been to accrington Stanley for

those of you that can remember the milk

advert accrington Stanley who were they

but uh yeah and I think that's why

they've got that Banner famous

accrington Stanley um but yeah you'll

have to YouTube it if you're not aware

of the accrington Stanley milk advert

and uh yeah it's a good little advert

back in the 80s I think it was but uh

yeah so nice to uh finally go to Ackman

twin Stanley and do again their lovely

little ground and uh yeah jobs are good

and so yeah just to emphasize kit


oh dear it just gives you peace of mind

that if anything does go wrong you're

covered and you can get shots like that

you know you can get in amongst it all

and getting and if you've left some of

your kit behind you know that it's it's

good it's you can claim if anything does

happen like a steward kicks it over or

anything but um yeah so anyway kit

Insurance get some right thanks for

watching guys

sorry it wasn't pitch side today but

just thought I'd go over the image

quickly the images quickly and just

emphasize about Kit insurance and you

know how important it is have a great

week guys thanks ever so much watching

um no game yet for next week but

hopefully if not I'm gonna go through

I'm going to run through my kit list I

think I've got a few new bits of kit uh

that I want to show you about you know

some power boosters for the laptop and

that because when it's cold this time of

year the batteries don't off get

scuppered on the laptops and I know my

Mac it'll it'll sometimes go it'll

switch off at about 40 so I've got a

power booster for that I'll show you

that next time and we'll just uh run

through my kit but uh anyway and also

for the landscape lovers I've got um

some blue belts to go and to go and

photograph I think so I'm gonna get out

and do that it's been great to be in

amongst the action but um quite missed

not walking around in me in the old

woodlands and that so yeah I'm gonna go

and do some blood bluebells because

they're in full bloom at the minute so

uh so yeah that's the plan but uh plenty

of plans coming up for various videos

and we'll see if we get into the game

before the end of the season but anyway

thanks ever so much for watching guys

leave any comments below I'll get back

to you as soon as I can and yeah catch

up next week take care guys thanks a lot

job's a good one




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