May 22, 2024

my most used apps for my BEST life yet ✨ productivity, sleep, wellness, travel | ayn bernos

Published May 24, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

There's nothing quite like travel to help you reset, recharge, and jumpstart your productivity. Whether you're taking a much-needed vacation or a quick business trip, getting out of your normal routine can do wonders for your mental and physical well-being.

But while travel can be a great way to boost your productivity, it can also be a major source of stress. Between packing, dealing with time zone changes, and managing your expenses, it's easy to let your productivity slip.

That's why I've put together a list of my favorite apps for staying productive on the go. From tracking your sleep to keeping your finances in order, these apps will help you make the most of your travel time.

Sleep Cycle: If you're struggling to get a good night's sleep while traveling, Sleep Cycle can help. This app tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase, so you'll feel rested and refreshed when you wake up.

Expensify: Managing your expenses is crucial when you're traveling for business. Expensify makes it easy to track your spending and submit expense reports when you're on the go.

XE Currency: When you're traveling internationally, it's important to have a good currency converter app on hand. XE Currency provides live exchange rates and conversion charts, so you can always know how much money you're spending.

Packing Pro: Packing for a trip can be a major source of stress. But with Packing Pro, you can create packing lists that are tailored to your specific trip. The app even lets you share your lists with others, so you can make sure everyone is on the same page.

TripIt: TripIt is a must-have for anyone who travels frequently. This app keeps all of your travel information in one place, so you can easily access your flight details, hotel reservations, and rental car information.

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, these apps will help you stay productive on the go. So don't let your next trip turn into a productivity nightmare - download these apps and make the most of your travel time.

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today I'm going to be talking about the

most used apps on my phone from the last

year and hopefully I can tell you how I

use them how I utilize them to its

maximum potential so that you can use

them this year as well to make your life


hey guys it's your lean and this is the

channel where we pursue our best selves


if you are new here welcome if you're an

old subscriber welcome back so in my

YouTube channel I talk about

self-development and today is not any

different because we're talking about

the apps that have made my life so much

easier so without further Ado Shall We

Begin if you guys like videos like this

don't forget to check out my YouTube

playlist of productivity videos or you

can also check out our podcast called

Camp confidence where we talk about all

things self-development let's begin so

the first app that I want to talk about

is something that tracks my sleep it's

called pillow and I use it with my Apple

watch and it's been very useful

especially since I like looking at my

sleep schedule but not only that I also

like looking at the quality of my sleep

so if you open up to the pillow app you

will be able to see how much sleep you

were able to have it so for me last

night I slept for 8 hours and 23 minutes

and then they also score your sleep so I

got 94 and as a great conscious girly I

I love it if you scroll down you'll also

be able to see the different parts of

your sleep so like you'll see the points

of time where you were awake where you

are having your light sleep deep sleep

REM all of those things so if you're

somebody who enjoys data I think you'll

enjoy a pillow the next one that I want

to talk about is something that I've

been using for years and years now and

that is headspace among all of the

meditation apps that I've had in the

last few years I believe headspace still

Takes the Cake and I love it because of

the Simplicity of the interface it's so

easy to use it's so simple and it's so

visually appealing as well so if you

open up your headspace to the home page

well at least for me it has this today

area where you can see how you can start

your day so you can start with breath

work or like just five calming breaths

and then after that it has a little

lesson for the day so there's something

that you can meditate on or something

that you can learn from for the day so

today the wake up was all about raining

in a runaway mind and it's really a good

way to reflect before your day starts

and then you have today's meditation

which can go from 5 minutes 10 minutes

up to I believe 20 minutes so depending

on the kind of person you are honestly

you can even go as short as three

minutes and for me somebody who was

easily intimidated by meditation three

minutes is such a friendly way to get

into it so yes uh headspace has that and

I love it if you are a fan of guided

meditation I believe headspace would be

a very good option for you although I

have to say it is a paid subscription so

you'll have to Shell out a little bit

bit but it's worth it now let's go to

entertainment I have been loving audible

so unfortunately this is not sponsored

but I would love to be sponsored by

audible because I'm such a big fan I've

been seeing my favorite vloggers use

Audible and I I tried it last year it

has changed the way that I read Because

with a lot of my work revolving around

writing and editing I wanted to lessen

my screen time I wanted to lessen my my

visual stuff visual work so I've been

reading a lot by listening and Audible

has been so so great because every month

you get one credit which you can use to

purchase a book which you'll normally

get at a bookstore mainstream books most

of them are available on Audible but for

other selections so for example there

are audible Originals you can get them

for free with your subscription so again

it it is a little pricey if you're on a

student budget but if you're willing to

invest on reading more getting to

support authors and get into I don't

know maybe get your reading count up if

you want to do that this year audible is

a really good way to go for me I've been

able to discover a lot of new titles and

authors this last year because of

audible another thing that I have been

recommended by Madame Riza literally

during our podcast recording three hours

ago she told me to download blinkist

which is like a summary of non-fiction

books so if you are into personal

development that kind of stuff self-help

but you don't have the time to read all

of it blinkist offers 15 minute

summaries so it's really good if you are

a busy person but you want to consume

more content and learn more those are my

two recommendations for entertainment

and education next for productivity I

like to recommend Forrest Forrest app is

such a simple way to go about the

Pomodoro Technique so the Pomodoro

Technique is dividing up your working

time into 25 minute chunks meaning you

will work for 25 minutes straight no

distractions you'll have five minutes of

rest so you can do your scrolling

whatever your messages and then after

that you go back to 25 minutes and then

after a couple of those mini chunks of

25 minute intervals you get to have like

a 25 minute rest and so on and so forth

and this is such a good way to

incentivize your productivity because

you get to plant trees it's so cute you

have your forest for the day and then as

you plant more time and use the forest

app to track your work you get to build

a forest for the day and I believe that

you are also able to actually plant real

trees there is an option here that says

real forest and then you can plant a

real tree using the coins that you earn

by using the forest app

so cool next for my mind one thing that

I am always worried about is getting

dead brained or like losing the

sharpness of my mind I'm so scared of

getting so distracted by social media

Etc that I will lose the sharpness of my

mind because I've been seeing that

lately especially when I would go on

stretches of days without

using my brain oh my gosh just look at

that how how I had to process that

sentence but anyway I've been using

Wordle to kind of entertain myself but

at the same time really get my mind

working because yeah I do work and I do

think at work but sometimes these things

are just so habitual that I don't get to

exercise my brain or challenge my brain

as much as I used to in school so I use

Wordle to make it entertaining so Wordle

is a game where you figure out a

five-letter word through a bunch of

letters uh it's just the word game I

love it it used to be a once a day thing

but now I found an app that's literally

called Wordle and you can battle your

friends as well okay anyway that being

said let's go to my next category which

is writing so if you guys are new here

I'd like to give you guys an update or

just a little fun fact about myself I am

working on a novel one of the ways that

I've learned how to systematize that was

to use an app called scrivener it's

available on my desktop and it's also

available on my phone so this app

scrivener basically allows you to Simply

write and when you export it it will

automatically be in the manuscript

format that if you are an aspiring

author or if you're trying to get

published it needs to be in that format

it has really simplified writing itself

but at the same time it has tools so

that you can use for example for

character notes for venue Place notes

Etc these things that you don't really

realize when you're starting that you

need they have it all and it's so nice

it's it's a really nice way to to write

it's definitely more writer friendly

than Google Docs although I love Google

docs for all my other stuff but

specifically for my manuscript I've been

using scrivener another thing that I've

been using a lot utilizing a lot is just

my my iPhone Notes app because I tend to

write down notes on the go but at the

same time I want them to be available on

my desktop and my laptop so that's why I

just use the notes app it's very simple

I think it's highly underrated and it's

just easy to access data and information

wherever you are so I love it now for my

travel apps I am absolutely loving fluke

and so let's go with cloak

first Luke is an app that I've been

utilizing for years because it's just so

easy to book activities through click

and another thing that I've used cloak

for is why is it such a difficult name

to pronounce gloop I've been using Luke

to get portable Wi-Fi especially for

traveling in Asian countries last year

2022 I had to travel around Asia for

work a lot so I've been using clue to

book my portable Wi-Fi I've also used

glook to book activities in Boracay so

for example the sunset sailing thing it

was a pretty good deal plus I didn't

have to go through haggling and

scheduling difficulties in person so it

was really nice because as a planner

it's just nice to streamline all of your

travel bookings in one place so I like

that another thing that I've been using

for my accommodations aside from Airbnb

of course when I was in Spain last year

I used Airbnb for two months but for my

hotel bookings I've been using and they've been really

helpful because I had a pretty bad

experience with Agoda I've been on Agoda

baby for a long time but then I was

really disappointed when I encountered

some problems with our San Sebastian

accommodate station it was this hostile

aparthel kind of accommodation and oh we

were scammed it was so bad we had to go

to the police and everything we called

the police and Agoda was just not

responding I have to tell you that story

and another time let me know if you want

that Vlog up because I haven't edited it

yet but yeah let me know in the comments

I've switched to and they've

been amazing very responsive and it's

quite easy to compare prizes so I've

already booked trips for 2023 through so yeah there you go next uh

video editing so if you guys are

wondering for my YouTube videos I have

an editor but for most of my video

editing for tick tock I use cap cut so

cap cut is the official Tick Tock editor

and if you guys are wondering again like

how does she do this and that it's all

cap cut I used to edit through the

tiktok app but the thing is it's quite

hard to reshoot things so that's why I

would film on my phone or I would film

through my camera but then I would

always import into capcot and then do

everything there the music is also there

they have sound effects Etc now if I

wanted to do something a little more in

depth or a little more complex I would

still use Final Cut Pro and yes I did

pay the full price for that which is

really nice that I get to do this now

because before I was a crap

I'm able to do that but yeah so cap cut

is free and Final Cut Pro is what I use

for like more professional videos okay

oh another thing skincare I've been

using an app for my skincare it's the

foreo app I think I've made videos here

on my YouTube channel but also on my

Instagram and Tick Tock about foreo and

I have three foreo devices now

absolutely love them I have the Oreo

bear which is like for toning and then I

have another the UFO mask device which

is such a great serum device it's like

going to a spa and then I also have the

cleanser the Luna cleanser and it's just

so so cool I use the foreo app on my

phone to connect it to the device and it

guides me on how I can give myself at

home treatments if you are somebody who

enjoys skin care facials and you want to

be able to do that at home or while

you're traveling yeah get a foreo device

and use the app it's so good and fine

finally let's talk about photos I use oh

my gosh I'm still a visco girl I don't

know what changed I've always been a

visco girl but I also want to add that I

love Google photos and the photos app on

the iPhone because for Google photos I

get to number one sync all of my footage

and be able to go back to them so for

example if I'm looking for a video or a

photo of my workout progress I would

just type mirror or like workout and it

would automatically identify the photos

that are me working out so it's not hard

for me to scroll back and look at my old

stuff because Google photos just sorts

it for you and you can just download it

again and you'll have access to all of

the photos from your memories because

I'm such a lazy digital declutterer and

I cannot for the life of me organize my

photos and videos on my phone so just

having the Google app is so helpful

because because I can just search a

keyword and it'll pop up so that is it

for all of the useful apps on my phone

let me know if you want a separate video

for finance apps because all of my

finance and Banking and e-wallet apps

are so so essential for my growth for

2022 it's something that really helped

me figure out what to do with my money

how to budget Etc if you want a video on

that let me know in the comments and I'd

happily film that for you because it's

something that's truly helped me and

changed my life especially my financial

life so that being said if you guys

enjoyed this video I hope you can give

me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel

click that Bell button and connect with

me on social media so we can have this

chat and you can also drop some

questions for the hashtag ask at the

aiin videos anyway thank you guys so

much for watching and I hope you stay

confident bye


thank you



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