June 8, 2023

Online Fitness Coach Starting From Scratch ...EXACTLY what I Did...

Published May 24, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

I'm not going to bore you with my entire life story, but suffice it to say that I was not always the picture of health. In fact, just a few years ago I was 50 pounds overweight, out of shape, and generally unhappy with my physical appearance. Thankfully, I found the motivation to change my lifestyle and get in shape. And, even more importantly, I found the knowledge and resources necessary to start my own fitness business from scratch.

If you're reading this, then chances are you're interested in starting your own fitness business. Whether you're a certified personal trainer or just someone with a passion for health and fitness, there's no reason why you can't be successful in this industry. In fact, with the right approach, starting your own fitness business can be surprisingly easy.

Here's exactly what I did to launch my own fitness business, starting from scratch:

1. I identified my niche.

The first step to starting any business is identifying your target market. Who are you going to sell your products or services to? When it comes to fitness, there are endless possibilities. You could focus on helping people lose weight, gain muscle, or simply improve their overall health. Personally, I decided to focus on helping people lose weight because it was an area that I was familiar with and passionate about.

2. I created a website.

In today's digital world, it's absolutely essential to have a strong online presence. That's why one of the first things I did was create a professional website for my fitness business. Your website will be your virtual storefront, so make sure it's designed in a way that is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

3. I built up my social media following.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach a large number of potential customers with minimal effort. I started by creating accounts on the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and then I began posting engaging content on a regular basis. I also made sure to interact with other users and respond to any comments or questions they had.

4. I created valuable content.

In addition to posting on social media, I also made sure to create valuable content that would help my target market. I started a blog and began writing articles that offered tips, advice, and information on losing weight and getting in shape. I also created helpful resources like workout plans and nutrition guides.

5. I connected with other fitness professionals.

One of the best ways to grow your fitness business is to connect with other professionals in the industry. I made sure to attend industry events, join relevant online communities, and network with other trainers and coaches. These connections have not only helped me grow my business, but they've also allowed me to learn from some of the top experts in the field.

Starting a fitness business from scratch may seem like a daunting task, but it's actually much easier than you might think. By following the steps outlined above, you'll be well on your way to success.

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if I had to start from zero with only a

personal training certification

along with all the knowledge I have

today how would I get started with

becoming a successful online fitness

coach in the beginning you all I

struggled a lot and what I went through

I don't wish that on anybody all right

some of the stuff I wish for you all

because you gotta you know you gotta

learn a little bit but the Deep failures

that I went through and the Deep

struggles I don't miss out on you at all

so the purpose of this video is to teach

you exactly what I would do right now to

shortcut your learning curve so that you

can get better results and so that you

can save money and not go through all

the struggling and the pain that I went

through I graduated with a degree in

exercise science from Valdosta State

University I already spent seventy

thousand dollars on my education but

after I graduated I actually spent an

additional seventy thousand dollars on

Fitness and business coaches so that I I

could learn how to become successful my

only goal after graduating was to become

successful I wanted to make a lot of

money I wanted to work for myself and I

was willing to do whatever it took I

went down that road that seventy

thousand dollars wasn't on just one

business coach it was actually between

seven to eight different coaches and the

reason why I spent so much is because

after I went through one coaching

program I learned something but I didn't

learn everything that I needed to know

from that one person every single coach

was missing something there was no

One-Stop shop after going through these

seven to eight different Fitness and

business coaches I finally cracked the

code I finally learned how to scale my

business and grow my page and do all the

things right so I came to a Crossroads I

could continue to scale my business

which I did I scaled it to around 28 25

000 a month and I was very happy at that

number and I could continue to scale it

to around fifty thousand dollars a month

and I'll probably be capped there or I

can make a lateral move and start

teaching other Fitness coaches how to do

exactly what I just did to scale to 20

to 25 000 a month without spending

seventy thousand dollars or years trying

to acquire the knowledge to figure

everything out and that's exactly what I

chose to do so why does all of that

matter and why should you pay attention

to that it's because with all the

knowledge and training that I have built

up to this point I want to teach you

exactly what I would do if I had to

start all over today right so that's why

I'm excited for this video and it's

gonna be pretty cool the first thing I

want to go over is defining what a

successful online fitness coach actually

looks like so there's a ton of different

ways to define success but in terms of

today's video we're going to define

success as money

and freedom

all right so you being an online fitness

coach this is what we're looking for

we're looking for money and freedom so

I've had to start all over again the

very first thing that I would do is look

the part all right why is that so

important well looking the part is all

about marketing yourself and if you're a

coach and you're teaching other people

how to get in shape you should probably

be in shape right

right that doesn't mean that you need to

be four percent body fat you just need

to be a great representation of whatever

you're marketing okay does that make

sense I hope it does I want to give you

another example say if you're a woman

and you're teaching other women how to

build a nice booty well you should have

a nice booty you can't be having a

pancake booty teaching other women how

to build a nice booty because you're not

a great representation of what you're

marketing so whatever you're marketing

you just need to know that you need to

be a great representation and you need

to look the part all right you are

literally a walking billboard your body

and your physique sells itself you

really don't have to do that much

talking when you look the part right and

people will judge you on how you look

first before you open your mouth and

develop a relationship with them if you

have person a and you you have person B

right but person a looks the part

and person B is book smart right so they

know how to get in shape but they don't

look in shape if you went to the gym and

you saw person a stand right next to

person B and you're looking to lose some

weight and get into great shape one

looks apart and one is book smart who

are you gonna go to First without even

talking to them you're gonna go to

person a first why because humans are

superficial and we all judge books based

off of its cover all right so this is

why number one you need to lick the part

so if I had to start all over today I

would get in really great shape and I

would be a great representation for what

I'm marketing and remember that you

don't need to have a crazy gigantic

booty if you're teaching other girls how

to get booties right you don't need to

be four percent body fat if you're

teaching people how to get lean but you

need to be a great representation of

whatever you're marketing that's the big

takeaway so that's step one look the

part step two the second thing that I

would do once I looked apart I would

then go to a boutique gym and get a job

at a boutique gym alright I would not

suggest to go to an LA Fitness or a

Lifetime Fitness or Equinox or anything

like that go to a boutique smaller gym

and work there so why would you want to

work at a boutique gym well number one

you're working with the owners right so

if you're working with the owners that

means that you're working directly with

people who have experience in sales

marketing and managing a actual business

and you're not learning through some

corporate ladder right so you get to

learn sales experience from someone

who's gotten their hands dirty and these

are the people that you actually want to

learn from not to mention this is also

going to be your first round


of mentorship

which is really cool because once again

you're working with the owner right and

you're not working with some salesperson

who learns sales from the previous guy

from the previous guy and they learn

from some guy all the way in corporate

and they never really did it themselves

right so you get to learn directly from

the owner and once again this is going

to be your first round of mentorship

which is extremely important not to

mention the pay difference is crazy

compared to a boutique gym versus a gem

like Equinox and you also want to pick a

boutique gym that has members already

okay this will be a Telltale sign that

the gym is already doing well if you go

to this gym and there's no one in it

that's a Telltale sign that they don't

know about Marketing sales and

management right now the gym that

already has members in it that gym

should feed you clients because once

again they are already have a big

workload so they're looking to drop that

workload off on other trainers and plus

they're also looking to grow their

business now some of these Boutique gyms

may ask you to pay rent at the gym and

if you don't have any money which if

you're starting from zero you don't have

any money

you don't have any money to pay rent so

how do you still get the job at the gym

well you let them know that you want to

work for free you have your

certification you're diligent you always

show up on time you're a hard worker and

you're willing to do whatever it takes

to get started because Fitness is your

passion and you want to learn from

somebody that is successful right any

gym owner if you told them that they're

gonna be like yes okay cool start

tomorrow 7 A.M

Shadow me right or they're gonna pair

you with somebody else that's already

working right now in the gym and have

you Shadow them now a couple of things

can come from this right you being

around the gym and you being around

people that are more successful than you

you get to learn a couple of things you

get your first Real World Experience on

training clients in person you want to

start in person so you can get an idea

of how training really is and see if you

actually really do like it or not now if

I did this for the next two to three

months I would gain sales experience and

also I will work with a wide range of

different clientele and I would now know

what kind of clientele I actually enjoy

working with I got to be around once

again people who are more successful

than me in different areas now now my

skill set didn't only grow in the gym

but it also grew in different Avenues as

well I learned a little bit more about

real estate I learned a little bit more

about investing I learned a little bit

more about Physicians and and being

surrounded by nurses all day and the

process that they go through so I became

more well-rounded as a person and as a

coach and that was awesome so starting

at zero going into a boutique gym by

month three you should at least be at 3K

per month right and then at 3K per month

you should have a little bit of your own

clientele and you should have a

combination of the gym fitting you

clients and also you gaining your own

clients from referrals and that's how

I'll get my first three thousand dollars

three to five I would say three to five

thousand dollars

one last thing I want to point out for

your first zero to three months this is

your proving yourself period okay

and what I mean by that is this is the

time where you go all in you become the

absolute best trainer at the gym you

want to Shadow the best trainers and you

want to be the best trainer by month

three you should be at the point where

you're well versed in regards to knowing

how to train your clients knowing how to

talk with your clients and also once

again learning how to enroll and sell

clients for your in-person coaching

Services because you have direct

mentorship from the owner of that

establishment now once you have a few

clients under your belt the next thing

you need to do is pack out your schedule

and why do we want to pack out our

schedule well because we want to make

more money if for the first zero to

three months you're now at 3K well from

month three to month five your goal

should be to at least double your income

to get to 6 K or on the high end get to

around 8K right so now it's time to

Market your business and get more

clients in the door right so how do we

go about doing that well when I first

got started I remember vividly going to

the parking lots and passing out flyers

all day I printed off 500 flyers I

passed them all out in one day I went to

a wealthy area and I went to the wealthy

areas Kroger no one called me back no

text messages nothing not it later that

night I was scrolling on social media I

actually went to my page I saw what My

Views got like a thousand views and I

was like

hmm a light bulb went off I was like why

did I just spin all day outside in the

parking lot passing out flyers when I

made one post on social media and a

thousand people saw it without me having

to do any work

so that's when the idea if maybe I

should use Instagram to advertise my

business locally and have people come in

locally so what I would do and what I

would do right now if I had to start all

over today is any client I'm training in

person with their permission I will

record them right and I'll tell them hey

do you mind if I take a video so we can

see and analyze your form and they were

like no yeah I appreciate that so you

take the video you get different angles

right and then you send it to them after

their training session and then you ask

them this hey do you mind if I post this

on my social media account I won't put

your face in it that's how you're now

going to start building content on your

social media accounts anytime you're

filming any of your clients with their

permission and without their face in the

video you now take that content and just

post it online it's content right

somebody may see it and that's where you

want to start and that's how you're

going to get started with posting see

more content online from your in-person

sessions so instead of physically going

to places where wealthy people hung out

I thought to myself why don't I just

virtually go to them right virtually go

to the places that are local to me so I

would go on Instagram and go to local

fine dining restaurants I will find the

local golf courses and I would also find

local high-end retailers in the area

because that's where the wealthy people

quote unquote hung out at and that's

actually how I got started and that's

exactly what I would do today as well

because when people now see my Instagram

they see number one me looking the part

so I look good but then they also see

all of my clients I've been training in

person and they'll see that I'm local to

them so I would go to their Instagram

page like a couple of their photos and

then DM them right so a couple of things

is going to happen is they're going to

be like who's this person dming me and

then they're going to go to your page

which was my page at the time and then

they're gonna see all of my clients that

I trained that are local to them right

and in the DM I will let them know that

they could have the opportunity to get a

free training session and I didn't just

offer one I let them know that I was new

to the area and I'm looking to build up

my clientele and I'm offering three free

training sessions with me personally as

a way to build my business right not

everybody took it but some did and some

like the hustle those are the people

that came back and these are the wealthy

people that are talking about a little

bit earlier so I was only getting in

people who were about their money about

their business and had high standards

which was great because that's all I

wanted and who really loved personal

development and wanted to get better so

I started attracting in more people that

I wanted to work with and it was all

from social media and once I learned how

to do this that's when I started to

spend all day on my phone going through

different places locally to me and

getting people in for a free training

session right within I want to say weeks

my calendar was packed I had so many

clients and even the owner of the gym

was like how are you getting all these

clients in because you're not running

ads you're not doing all this stuff

right how and then I taught him my

formula and after that it was cake my

calendar was packed I went from making

three thousand dollars a month to eight

thousand dollars a month with a pat

calendar which was awesome and this was

one of the first times in my life where

I actually felt more in control over my

life because I knew how to get money

right I knew how to hustle and get money

and that felt good I knew how to get

people in the door at the gym and that

was the only thing that matters I need

to get people in the door because I knew

once they got in the door I could sell

them because I looked apart and I had

sales training from my first Mentor

right that that was the owner of the gym

from there I was able to pay some of my

bills pay some of my debt down and you

know I was just hustling every single

day I was working but I have money now

so let's talk about how we're going to

be creating more freedom with your

business because we got one part of the

equation down we got the money now we

need more freedom and now it's time to

create the perfect schedule for yourself

because what I found is that after I got

people in the door I started just

packing out my calendar and working

every single day right and so I was like

man you know what

I'm in demand now so let me change my

calendar a little bit from here I

organize my work days and only worked

Monday through Friday and I took the

weekends off so at the beginning I was

on other people's calendar right because

I was just happy to just get a client in

and now it's going to show up whenever

they had available but when I became

more in demand right that's when the

tables turn and now other people had to

meet my calendar because I was in high

demand right I became a top of the line

trainer I became very well known and now

peop more and more and more people

wanted to work with me not only because

of my Instagram strategy that I did

before but also because of referrals

word starts to spread and the really

cool thing about this is that not all of

my clients didn't want their face in the

video some of my clients told me yes

post it and tag me right and when you

tag your clients they also repost it on

their page that means you get into a new

network of people and those people see

that you're working with their friend

and now you just became even more

credible and more trusted than just

dming them code right so now you're

inside of a new network and now you get

in front of their those people and those

people are going to start hitting you up

right oh I saw you worked with so and so

I heard you're a great trainer I want to

get more information about your services

X Y and Z that's how that works so I

organized my calendar where I only work

from Monday through Friday and I was

still making 8K per month right I didn't

have to work on Saturday and Sunday so

Saturday and Sunday was free time for me

to spend working on the business or just

hanging out and enjoying life so I was

enjoying life

I was working on the business not in the


and also I was dating so I I was going

on dates and I was hanging out and being

a guy and having fun right so I was

doing that whole thing right so I then

came to the point where even though I

was in demand and people had to now fit

my calendar

I still in a sense was on their calendar

because I was still working for them

right I still have to wake up early on

Monday morning at 4 30 so I can be at

the gym at five o'clock to train my

first client that meant that I didn't

have the freedom that I ultimately

wanted now at this point my calendar is

packed I wanted to make more money

because I was making decent 8K already

but I didn't want to give up my weekends

because I started really enjoying my

weekends so the question and the

challenge then became how do I make more

money without giving up my weekends and

still keeping my same schedule boom like

a bag of bricks to hit me I just need to

become a hybrid coach right so I needed

to find a way where I can still train

clients in person

and have clients online right and that

was the thing I was like well I don't

want to use up more of my time in the

gym because I was already limited on my

time I needed to make a lateral move and

get some more clients in and get another

stream of Revenue in the door without

spending more time in the gym right so

hybrid was the only way being a hybrid

coach means that I have clients in

person and I also have clients online so

I started doing some research just like

a lot of you all are doing right now how

do I start an online Fitness business

right and I came across this app called

trainerize in trainerize I dove deep

into it I branded the app as my own and

then I learned how to utilize the app

and then I started putting my in-person

clients on the app so I can get more

familiar with it once I got familiar

with it and saw how easy it was I then

started marketing that same coaching

program to my clients online who

couldn't train with me in person because

they either live too far or because I

was already at capacity and if you

haven't watched my video on how to build

and sell a coaching program using

trainerize it's right over here I highly

recommend you watch that video after

this video so your goal once again if

you're starting from zero is start in

person get really good at in person

first learn some skills for free by

shadowing other successful people once

you learn those skills then you want to

become a hybrid coach meaning that now

you have clients in person and also

clients online and what this is going to

do is going to bridge the gap between

where you're at right now in person

still trading time for money and being

online which is ultimately where you

want to be at where you don't have to

trade time for money and all of your

clients are online so at this point

you're making a little bit more money

which is awesome but you still haven't

reached success yet in terms of how we

defined it at the beginning remember

it's money and freedom right so

right now I have the money but I don't

have the freedom yet because I'm still

in person trading time for money this is

when you want to take some of that money

and invest back into yourself and so the

number one thing I did was I hired a

Fitness business mentor and I got my

second round of legitimate mentorship

and that's the same as that thing that I

would do today if I had to start all

over again the reason why is because

number one you now have experience right

with working with people in person you

know how to Market your business a

little bit which is awesome and you also

know what your Niche is you know who you

want to serve and you know how to serve

them in person and so in order to take

my business online there is much more

than just hey do this do this do this

there is a lot of limiting beliefs right

that I had to overcome when it came to

taking my business online and it was

limiting belief of can I actually do it

uh will this even work out there's a lot

of people who scam people on the

Internet is this legitimate right so I

had a lot of blocks that was limiting

myself to taking my business completely

online because I was already making 10K

a month but I was burnt out and so if I

had to do this all over again I would

immediately take that ten thousand

dollars and invest immediately into a

Fitness business mentor and notice it

says Fitness business Mentor right not

just a business Mentor it says Fitness

business Mentor so these are the exact

steps that I would take if I was

starting all over from zero and I wanted

to become a successful online fitness

coach so if you already have experience

as a personal trainer or you have

experience with coaching people already

then you don't need to get more

experience of going into the gym just

get mentorship learn how the game works

online online is where it's at just go

directly to the freedom and money right

so you don't have to spend your time

learning how to do everything in person

Etc just go directly to the person

that's already done it get the

mentorship learn how to play the game

and then get your dream life okay it's

as simple as that if you want to skip

these steps and go directly to the

freedom and money linked beneath this

video is a free training of me teaching

you exactly what you need to do to take

your business online and if you want my

help personally I'll also leave a link

so that you can book a free strategy

call with myself and our team on this

call we'll talk about where you're at

right now we'll talk about the current

challenges that you're facing and we'll

talk about your goals and we'll create a

road map to strategically get you there

from step by step by step I hope you

enjoyed today's video it definitely took

me a long time to get through this video

and write all this out and edit it so

all of the likes and the comments are

greatly appreciated see you all next

week peace


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