May 30, 2023

Work in Australia in 2023: How to Write a GOOD Resume/CV (Complete Guide)

Published May 24, 2023, 9:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Are you looking for work in Australia? Do you need help writing a resume?

If you're like most people, the answer is probably yes. A resume is one of the most important tools you have when job hunting. It's a way to sell yourself to potential employers and to set yourself apart from the competition.

Unfortunately, many people don't know how to write a good resume. As a result, their resumes end up being full of common mistakes that can cost them the job.

Here are some tips on how to write a good resume:

1. Use keywords

When employers are looking for candidates, they will often use keywords to search for resumes. Therefore, it's important to include relevant keywords in your resume.

Some examples of keywords include: customer service, leadership, marketing, sales, etc.

2. Highlight your skills and experience

Your resume should highlight your skills and experience that are relevant to the job you're applying for. Don't just list your duties from previous jobs; instead, focus on highlighting your accomplishments.

For example, if you increased sales by 20% at your previous job, be sure to mention that.

3. Tailor your resume

Tailoring your resume means customizing it for each job you apply for. Don't just send out the same resume for every job; instead, take the time to tailor it to each position.

This can be a time-consuming process, but it's worth it. Employers can tell when you've taken the time to tailor your resume and it will make you look more professional.

4. Use action words

When describing your skills and experience, be sure to use action words. Some examples of action words include: managed, created, oversaw, increased, etc.

5. Keep it concise

Your resume should be concise and to the point. Don't include unnecessary information or ramble on. Stick to the facts and be sure to highlight your most relevant skills and experience.

6. Check for grammar and spelling errors

Before you submit your resume, be sure to proofread it for any grammar or spelling errors. Employers will often discard resumes that contain errors, so it's important to make sure yours is error-free.

7. Have someone else review it

Once you've proofread your resume, have someone else take a look at it. A second set of eyes can often catch errors that you missed.

8. Save it as a PDF

When you're ready to submit your resume, be sure to save it as a PDF. This will ensure that the formatting doesn't get messed up when the employer opens it.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your resume will stand out from the competition.

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hi welcome back to the channel i'm tini

and today we're going to talk about how

to write a good resume to get the job

that you want here in australia i'll be

covering everything that you need to

know in detail and i will give you tips

that not many people are talking about

so if you're interested keep watching

okay before you start writing your

resume and your cover letter i recommend

writing a list of full your transferable

skills what are transferable skills

these are the skills that you gained in

your previous jobs or any other

volunteering work or during your studies

and these are the skills that you can

transfer to another job for example if

you worked at a restaurant or at a cafe

serving tables you probably had to take

customer orders make them feel welcome

in other words this job allowed you to

develop good customer service skills and

these are skills that you can transfer

to any other job for example a sales job

or a job as a receptionist or any client

client-facing job okay but how do you

identify your transferable skills you

just need to use your memory

try to remember all your previous jobs

and try to write down all the different

tasks that you were responsible for try

to remember if you had any challenges or

problems that you had to deal with while

you were at that job and think if you

gained any skills that could be

transferred to another doll such as

customer service skills teamwork skills

leadership skills communication skills

you name it okay after trying to

brainstorm all your transferable skills

you feel that you still don't have much

work experience or any of these skills i

recommend trying to find a way to get

those skills and how do you do that the

best ways are volunteering doing

internships or finding any job that can

give you work experience on the other

hand if you feel that you don't have the

skills to use a specific software for

example excel or you feel that you still

need to improve your english i recommend

enrolling in a course or watching

youtube videos youtube tutorials they're

free and they have it all so use the

power of internet

okay now that you have all your skills

ready it's time to get started with

writing your resume

first some rules your resume should be

two pages long maximum it has to be easy

to read and it has to look professional

and that is no crazy colors or spelling

mistakes or grammar mistakes and my

recommendation is to use microsoft word

templates because they're really good

and they give you a really nice

structure to get started let's jump on

the computer i'll show you okay as you

can see in the first section you need to

write your contact details such as your

name and surname your address your

mobile number your email address make

sure that this is professional and it's

not a crazy email your linkedin url and

your work rights that is your visa type

what visa do you have here in australia

again the next session is your career

profile or objective and this should be

three to four sentences no more the

purpose of this statement is to briefly

introduce yourself mention how many

years of experience you have and the

skills you can bring to the role focus

on soft skills that is your

communication your customer service let

me give you an example you can introduce

yourself by saying i'm a recent

marketing graduate with two years of

experience in the hospitality industry

in client-facing roles which allowed me

to develop a high-level customer service

and interpersonal skills if you're a

graduate this could be a really good

example if you are applying for higher

level jobs maybe you can write i'm a

professional with four years of

experience in the real estate industry

which has required excellent

interpersonal customer service and

analytical skills you know what i mean

so it's about briefly stating what

skills can you bring to the role

sometimes in this section you can also

add the type of company that you're

looking for for example if you want to

do a career change you can briefly

explain in this section why do you want

to change careers you can clearly

explain what's your purpose and what you

want to do always remember you need to

sell your skills you need to show that

you can add value to that company so tap

into your strengths

and don't say i don't have enough

experience i'm not good enough you have

to say i can transfer these skills and

add value to your company but warning

please don't use cliches or vast words

what are these for example i'm a very

detail-oriented person with a creative

mind i'm very open-minded with a strong

work ethic aren't we all


these are cliches that don't really say

anything and if you really want to

include a statement like this you need

to make sure that you are able to prove

that you are all those things so my

recommendation is not to include them

and only include the key skills that are

relevant to that specific job and this

comes down to my main point you need to

tailor your resume to the specific role

and company you're applying to what does

this mean it means that you need to use

keywords that match the job description

why is that because many employers scan

job applications using automated systems

based on keywords let me give you an

example look at this job app they want a

candidate who knows ms office so when

you're on the skills section of your

resume instead of writing microsoft

office or ms world you should write ms

office exactly the same as in the job ad

another example they want someone who

has an interest in the solar industry so

if you have experience or knowledge

about the solar industry you need to

make sure that the word solar is on your

resume and in the skills section you

need to make sure that you highlight and

you emphasize the hard skills or

technical skills that are relevant to

this specific job that you are applying

to what's the difference between hard

skills and soft skills soft skills are

personal qualities such as good

communication and customer service

skills whereas hard skills are technical

knowledge and capabilities that you have

for example your computer skills or your

ability to use a specific software so in

the skills section for example you list

your heart and technical skills you can

indicate the type of skills that you

have and the level okay this leads me to

the work experience section and this is

one of the most important sections of

your resume in this section you should

include all your work experience

including any volunteering or internship

opportunities you have done list your

work experience in chronological order

from person to pass that is the most

recent first you should include dates

from unto in month and year you also

need to include the name of your role or

position title the company name the city

or country and you need to list all the

experience you have from your country of

origin as well if that's relevant to the

job also use dot points to list your

tasks and start your tasks with a verb

and in past tense especially if you are

no longer working there and mention any

achievements that you have accomplished

for example if you worked at a fast food

restaurant and you were chosen employee

of the month

you need to include that check my

example here crewmember fast food

restaurant you would add the name of the

company here you have the list of your

tasks and then your achievements was

selected employee of the month for my

ability to process orders in a quick

manner without compromising quality and

ensuring customers remained happy you

see what i'm doing there you're

basically highlighting your achievements

and you need to think about that if you

were recognized by your manager if you

got a promotion even if it was a small

recognition you need to show the

employer that you have those skills and

that you were valued in your previous

jobs and if you have metrics that is

achievements or results that can be

measured that's so much better usually

this is not necessary if you're just

studying but if you're applying for

higher level jobs it's highly

recommended that you do include metrics

let me give you an example sales

assistant achievements exceeded sales

targets by 30 percent in my first month

in the role and was selected by my

manager to represent the company in

industry events again focusing on

measurable results gives clear evidence

of your capabilities and your

achievements but again don't stress if

you don't have that just stick to the

examples that i just mentioned before

also for your work experience section

there is something that i want to

mention that i feel that many people

overlook when writing the rest of me and

that is gaps gaps in your resume me for

example look at this resume there is a

gap here between 2018 and 20 20.

foundation with this is that employers

want to know what were you doing during

those years and why weren't you working

and the reasons for this is that

sometimes people take gap years that is

time of work people may take a gap year

to travel overseas volunteer work on a

personal project or study something else

so if you do have a gap in your resume i

recommend including that year on your

work experience and briefly explaining

what you did during that year and if you

can come up with examples of any

transferable skills that you gained that

is going to really add value to your cv

okay and the next section is your

education or qualifications here you

need to list all the degrees or

certificates you have completed from

most recent to oldest and include the

name of the qualification and the name

of your institute and university the

country where you undertook that degree

and your start and completion dates you

can also include your gba or final

average or the name of your final thesis

okay and then we move on to other

sections where you can include rewards

and recognitions for example if you

received a scholarship or an award for a

university project or if you published a

paper in a well-known journal article

you should include all those

achievements here as well because it

makes you stand out from other

applicants and of course you can include

any extracurricular activities or

interests that you have but be careful

you should only include this if you

think that it's relevant to the job that

you are applying to and if you think

that it can help you stand out for

example if you're a recent graduate and

you were the leader at your local sports

club or a university club this shows

leadership skills that could be relevant

to a graduate job or for example if

you're applying to work at a company

that manufactures bicycles and outdoor

equipment you might want to mention that

you cycle for three months around europe

and that you love hiking if your

passions and hobbies align with the

company's values and the company's

services it could mean that you're a

good fit and that's a positive sign and

employers want to see that another

example is that if you love going to

conferences and industry events for

networking or keeping up to date with

the latest about your industry this also

shows passion for your job so yeah

definitely include that but again make

sure that it looks professional and make

sure that it's relevant to the job that

you are applying to otherwise don't do


okay and the last section is references

i recommend creating a title and writing

references available upon request why is

this because employers usually ask for

references after the interview once they

are prepared and ready to give you a job

offer and not before that so i wouldn't

recommend putting your references

contact details on your resume because

this is a waste of space and it doesn't

really add any value also if you're

putting someone as a reference make sure

that you have their permission and that

you give them a heads up and let them

know that you're applying for this

specific job and that you want them to

be your referees and your references

should be a manager or supervisor or for

example a teacher and it doesn't matter

whether it is a supervisor from

volunteering work or from your paid work

as long as they are not a family member

or one of your friends

okay and my last point what things you

shouldn't include on your resume any

personal information such as your photo

your age your gender your marriage

status and whether you have children or

not these are things that don't add any

value to your application and it's not

common practice here in australia why is

that because if you put a photo of

yourself this can lead to someone to

judge you based on your appearance or

any other personal factors instead of

your skills i know that this is very

common practice in some countries but

not in australia so please don't bonus

tip have someone to prove read your

resume and tell them to give you

feedback is it clear is it professional

enough are there any spelling mistakes i

highly recommend using this tool called

grammarly this is not sponsored by

grammarly but i highly recommend it

because it's a really good free tool

that allows you to automatically correct

your spelling mistakes and

grammar use it okay this is all for now

on how to write a resume i have another

video on how to write a cover letter

check that out i really hope these tips

are helpful to you if you want to show

your support for the channel please

subscribe and like the video this really

helps me make more content for you and

also you'll get a notification when i

publish new videos um that's it for now




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