April 15, 2024

Bring Your Drawings To Life! DIY Cardboard Animation Machine

Published May 25, 2023, 5:20 a.m. by Courtney

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to bring your drawings to life? If so, then you should check out the cartoon diy cardboard animation machine by SLICK SLIME SAM! This amazing machine allows you to create your own animated cartoons using nothing more than some cardboard, scissors, and your imagination.

The cartoon diy cardboard animation machine is extremely easy to use. Simply cut out your desired characters and props from cardboard, and then attach them to the machine with the included adhesive strips. Once everything is in place, you just need to press the "start" button and watch as your creation comes to life before your very eyes!

Not only is the cartoon diy cardboard animation machine great for bringing your own drawings to life, but it's also perfect for making science experiments more fun and engaging. For example, you can use the machine to create a simple stop-motion animation of a chemical reaction taking place. Or, you could use it to make a short film about the life cycle of a plant or animal. The possibilities are truly endless!

If you're looking for a fun and educational way to spend some time with your kids, then be sure to check out the cartoon diy cardboard animation machine by SLICK SLIME SAM. It's sure to provide hours of fun and laughter, and it might even inspire your kids to pursue a career in animation when they grow up!

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take one let's go

and jump huh okay now things I should

look shocked not fluttered

now I'm acting like a real Builder

where's my hammer Bam Bam Bam are you

filming I am I am every step you take

yeah what's next


you really believe I squish like that

you wish why do we need so many shots

anyway Sammy the first three were great

we'll draw a cartoon out of them

well we could build an animation machine

that would make it faster wait what that

is a real thing and you didn't say

I'm saying now let's go

first we need the cardboard circles to

get the mechanism rolling to start the

cartoon here we go

Sammy and what exactly are you gonna do

with those stilts I don't know maybe

draw circles too


hey I don't need the ball take it back

Sammy oh that's a great goalie sandwich


no one's arguing with that what about

crafting though could you help me a bit

buddy we need to cut out our circles

this Compass is great

oh easy peasy wait a sec one two three

and it's done thanks fellows now we're

really getting on with the animation

mechanism hmm maybe I should finish it

myself slimes are not in the

instructions anyway

no way nothing's possible here without

me whoa whoa whoa I was just kidding

wait a minute first we need glue for

this step


just give me a second I'll put the screw

in and you're good to go

okay okay I'm gonna do it

I'm sorry thank you Sammy you've been

very helpful what would I do about you

now we can try this out go ahead spin it

hmm gotcha this Merry-Go-Round isn't

done yet let's try this Aha and it has a

twin piece now what do you think

not bad yeah but I've got something

better oh it's just what I need thanks

and I'll take all three pieces away

that's okay I still have to make some

other very important pieces we need

cardboard squares to attach the


and now I'm gonna make holes in them

with this spear

oh great come on I'll hold them and you


not that bad I'll keep this trick in

mind for later we need some bearings to

make our mechanism spin smoothly


I'm all for it but let me help you this

way it will go faster

okay now we need to put it on a

cardboard Foundation

here and a couple more pieces to go

got it boss I'm gonna show you a real

crafting come on surprise me if you can

is it better than a retro animation

mechanism well what's this

whoa Bullseye which means I'm on my

lunch break stay tuned friends


check this out

Sammy are you trying out all the movie

makers jobs

no I already know that I'm good at

everything by the way now we need a

handle to rotate it and start the

animation can you make it Sammy foreign

let's see if it works fine by me

first let's attach the handle like this

all right let's give it a spin

let's go spin it Roger spin it fast

uh maybe I overdid it it's not my best

triangle my TV double in the meantime

I'll hide the mechanism making cartoons

is a big secret you know

what was that oh my God you scared me

what are you talking about I didn't

snort into quite a sleeper in the whole

world while you were dreaming I finished

the base of our machine now we need to

pick colors for different animation

layers help me which one do you like the


your choice oh green green I picked one

now I can build it first

bravo bravo oh Sami to magnificent I'm

that good I need a proper pedestal

and it's here so Raj tell me is it

pillow or not hmm what if we put your

pedestal here to make a second cartoon




honey don't get upset I've got more

pieces to grow it and watch free

cartoons at once

here you go now you can check your

pedestal tada

let's attach a handle and spin it so

we'll be able to watch any cartoon we


this is actually how old animation


the animation machine is done stay tuned

to draw some cartoons people

without further Ado let's start drawing

our first cartoon frame

to make characters move smoothly I'll

draw many many of these little frames

with monsters


you need an acting model look at me here

we go Abode and pose and pose Sammy look

I did everything like you showed me and

now here comes the chick this cartoon

will go to the bottom screen not bad but

we need more so Raj let's talking more


so we need a whole bunch of monsters



you got it boss Mr Sam

now let's see what we've got


well I'm tired but it was totally worth


get some rest this toy will recast you

what but he doesn't

like our new movie is about to start

oh that was a blast do you agree

in our animation craft is even better do

you like it then give us a thumbs up and

subscribe bye-bye



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