June 20, 2024

Roseanne Barr on Why She Created the Hit TV Show "Roseanne," with Megyn Kelly

Published May 25, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

roseanne Barr is one of the most successful and controversial women in entertainment. She's also one of the most outspoken advocates for working mothers and families. In a recent interview with megyn Kelly, Barr discussed why she created the hit TV show roseanne, her views on politics, and the current state of the entertainment industry.

Barr began her career as a stand-up comedian, but it was her role as the titular character on roseanne that made her a household name. The show was groundbreaking for its portrayal of a working-class family, and Barr used her platform to speak out on issues like equal pay and reproductive rights.

When asked why she decided to create the show, Barr said "I wanted to do a show about a working-class family that was funny, but also dealt with real issues. I wanted to show that families like mine were just like everyone else, we just didn't have as much money."

Barr has always been open about her political beliefs, and she was one of the first celebrities to endorse Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Presidential Election. When asked about her views on politics, Barr said "I believe in social and economic justice. I believe in a living wage, I believe in free college education, I believe in single-payer healthcare."

Barr is also a strong advocate for gun control, and she was one of the first celebrities to speak out against the NRA after the Sandy Hook shooting.

The entertainment industry has changed a lot since roseanne first aired, and Barr has been vocal about the need for more diverse representation on television. She recently executive produced a reboot of the show, which features a more diverse cast and tackles issues like racism and sexism.

When asked about the state of the entertainment industry, Barr said "It's time for Hollywood to wake up and realize that the world has changed. We need to see more diversity on television, and we need to tell stories that reflect the reality of our lives."

roseanne Barr is a trailblazer in the entertainment industry, and she continues to use her platform to speak out on important issues.

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