May 30, 2023

Tutorials That Went WRONG

Published May 25, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

When it comes to tutorials, there's nothing quite like a good ol' fashioned fail.

We've all been there. You're watching a tutorial on how to do something, and everything is going great...until it isn't. The person doing the tutorial makes a mistake, and suddenly you're left wondering what the heck you're supposed to do.

If you're looking for a good laugh (and some helpful tips), then check out these tutorials that went wrong.

1. How to Make a Baby

This tutorial starts out innocently enough. The woman in the video is trying to show viewers how to make a baby using a doll. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when she starts talking about how to "insert the penis."

We're not sure what's more cringe-worthy: the fact that she says "penis" or the way she demonstrates the act with the doll. Either way, this is one tutorial that you'll want to skip.

2. How to Make a Cake

This cake-making tutorial starts out promising, but it quickly goes downhill when the woman baking the cake starts putting random ingredients into the mix. At one point, she even puts a raw egg into the batter!

We're not sure what she was thinking, but this is definitely not the way to make a cake.

3. How to Use a Loom

This tutorial on how to use a loom goes from bad to worse when the woman demonstrating the tool gets her hair caught in it. We're not sure how she managed to do this, but it's definitely a fail.

4. How to Do a Handstand

This tutorial on how to do a handstand is pretty hilarious, thanks to the fact that the woman doing the demonstration can't actually do a handstand herself. She ends up falling over multiple times, much to the amusement of her kids (and everyone else watching).

5. How to Make Sushi

This sushi-making tutorial is a bit of a disaster, thanks to the fact that the woman making the sushi doesn't seem to know what she's doing. She uses random ingredients, and at one point even puts mayonnaise on the sushi!

We're not sure what she was thinking, but this is definitely not the way to make sushi.

These are just a few examples of tutorials gone wrong. If you're looking for a good laugh, then be sure to check out these videos. And if you're looking for actual helpful tips, then you might want to skip them.

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- [Narrator] If I don't know how to do something,

I, like most people, will immediately turn

to one of the many free tutorial videos on the internet.

From changing a lightbulb

to putting a baby onesie on a cat, there's no topic

these step-by-step instructional videos don't cover.

But sometimes, these simple how tos go hilariously wrong,

and the outcomes are pretty spectacular.

So, get ready to laugh, cry and cringe,

as we take a look at some of the funniest

tutorial attempts that didn't go to plan.

(upbeat music)

There are millions of DIY beauty tutorials out there

that claim to cure every skin affliction

you can think of with simple combinations

of household items.

But just because they're easy,

doesn't mean they're easy to use,

as lifestyle vlogger Lu Paganelli demonstrated back in 2015.

She showed the world her gelatine face mask recipe,

made from just a tablespoon of powdered gelatine

and a tablespoon of water

briefly heated up in the microwave.

Claiming she'd used it many times before

to remove pesky blackheads and dead skin,

she instructed the audience to apply the mixture

all over the face and let it dry.

But as she demonstrated how to remove it,

the mixture was so well adhered to her skin

that it could only be ripped off in small,

crispy, painful sounding segments.


Ouch, and she hasn't even gotten to the super sensitive skin

under her eyes yet.

To add insult to injury,

the mask barely removed anything from her skin.

By the end of the tutorial,

the pain was just too much for Lu to bare,

and she washed the rest of the mask off.

Now, homemade gelatine mask recipes

usually call for some oil, milk,

or other lubricant to be added to the mix

so that it's easier to peel off

and doesn't hurt as much, a step Lu clearly missed out.

On the bright side for Lu though,

blackheads and dead skin on her face

won't be a problem in the future

if she doesn't have a face left.

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But before that, lets dive back

into more tutorials gone rogue.

Now, gelatine masks aren't the only

painful skin peels on the market.

Charcoal or black masks

are supposed to be skin-clarifying mixtures that,

when dry, adhere to the skin,

promising to remove blackheads, dead skin,

and small hairs when peeled off.

With that being said,

it's best to avoid putting them anywhere near your eyebrows,

as first-time face peel documenter Cindy Morell discovered.


Ow, that sounds like she's ripping off duct tape.

But that wasn't the worst part.


All too late, she suddenly realized

she'd accidentally taken off half her eyebrow.

That must have been pretty embarrassing to explain.

You might be wondering why ripping out

most of an eyebrow wasn't painful enough

for her to know when to stop, right?

Well, depending on the mixtures,

the adhesion of these peels can be impossibly painful,

no matter what part of the face they're peeling.

So, she might not have been able to tell

whether she was ripping out an eyebrow

or tearing off her skin if the pain was that bad.

And Cindy's not the only one to suffer

from this beauty blunder.

In 2020, this kid tried to film a tutorial

on how to use charcoal face masks,

but instead made one on how to lose an eyebrow.

Now that is the face of a kid

who knows they're in trouble.

What she should have done is avoided

her eyebrows entirely, or put a little Vaseline on them

so the mixture would slide off.

Well, like Cindy, she learned her lesson

the hard, and painful way.


Few Youtubers have left their mark on the platform

quite like make-up queen Naomi Jon,

although there's one video

that left its mark on her, literally.

Addressing her near two million subscribers

back in 2018, Naomi tried her hand

at the fake freckle trend going round on social media.

The process was simple, using a tube of henna,

which is a kind of semi-permanent skin dye,

she dotted the freckles all over her face.

But she admitted a pretty crucial mistake early on.

She hadn't tested the dye beforehand.

Not only that, but she decided to go big with the henna,

dotting most of her face.

Suffice to say, the result wasn't exactly

the natural look she expected.

- I wanna die.


- [Narrator] To her credit,

she laughed the situation off like a boss

and tried to cover it with concealer and foundation.

But not even the strongest formula

in her bag was enough to mask the major mistake.

So, what exactly went wrong?

Well, it's pretty clear that she put far too much henna on,

and her pale complexion made each dark dot

stand out even more.

Fortunately, henna doesn't last forever,

and one-week later Naomi posted a video

showing a freckle free face, phew.

Well, between those super painful face peels

and that terrible, semi-permanent face tattoo,

which one do you think was worse?

For the face peels, hit that like button,

and for the freckles, hit that subscribe button.

Reckon they were as hilariously bad as each other?

Then hit both, all right, where were we?

With most hairdressers being shut over the last year

thanks to the pandemic,

many people have tried their own hands at hairdressing,

like YouTuber Jaskarn Bandhen here.

She wanted to trim back her lovely long locks

to about chin length, and figured the best way

to get an even look was to cut measured sections

of her hair off in bands.

In theory, this is pretty smart, but in practice,

Jaskarn accidentally cut above the first band,

and didn't realize till it was too late.

- I forgot, oh my God.

- [Narrator] Considering she just cut off half her hair,

she remained remarkably cool.

But instead of putting the scissors down

and going to the hairdressers to salvage what was left,

she decided to go one step further.

Yep, she shaved the section off.

Unfortunately, her scissor happy first attempt

left her with some slightly longer sections at the back,

so she was sporting three separate hair lengths.

In her own words.

- I mean like, it doesn't look really bad, but it looks bad.

- [Narrator] After a few days, she braved the shave

and decided to give herself a full buzzcut.

You may be thinking this was a huge mistake,

but one year on, her hair is looking incredibly healthy,

though she still cuts her own hair,

and still doesn't cut under the band.

Anyone else think it'll only be a matter of time

before we see her sporting buzzcut number two?

During lockdown, Tiktok beauty Sharon Lua

filmed herself trying to cut in a cute little fringe.

And unlike Yang, she was going about it

with a set of sensibly sized scissors, not garden shears.

But right at the crucial moment,

she got a little too eager.

I'm not sure if she meant to cut above her fingers,

but she managed to cut off a huge chunk of hair,

leaving her with some serious Lord Farquaad energy.

Not everyone can afford the average $200 it costs

to have a professional hairdresser bleach their hair.

But does that stop most people?

Judging by results like this, obviously not.

Bleach works by breaking up the chemical bonds

of chromophores, which are atoms

responsible for the color of a compound.

This is why bleach can remove color from almost anything,

from fabric to hair.

However, it needs to be left to develop.

At the hairdressers, individual foils are used

to keep in all the heat and moisture,

speeding up the process without damaging the hair too much.

But people at home can achieve similar results

by placing a plastic bag over their head.

Here's the thing though,bleach doesn't differentiate

between hair and plastic, as this poor lady found out.

The chromophores making up the blue logo

of that Kroger bag were broken down

by the bleach and transferred onto her head.

It's a hilariously common mistake

many home hairdressers make.

So, if you're thinking of bleaching your hair yourself,

remember to use a clear plastic like cling film,

unless you want to look like a walking advertisement

for your local store.

Now, Britain isn't known for being the land

of great cuisine, after providing the world

with dishes such as bangers and mash,

beans on toast and even pie sandwiches.

But it somehow gets worse when you take a look

at Kay's Cooking.

This YouTube Tutorial Channel started up five years ago

documenting wannabe chef Kay's attempts at making meals.

But they look so unappealing

that they'd leave even Gordon Ramsay speechless.

And the worst of them all has to be her attempt

at making special fried rice.

It starts off promisingly, with Kay heating oil

in a wok and cutting up what I can only describe

as an insane amount of garlic.

After throwing that in the wok and burning it

beyond recognition, she does the unthinkable.

- [Woman] Now add the rice.

- [Narrator] That's uncooked rice.

Clearly, Kay woke up that morning and chose chaos.

After stirring the rice around,

she then adds in egg, ham and peas

before presenting the hate crime on a plate

to her son for a taste test.

- Rice a bit crunchy.

- That's probably 'cause it's got a bit burnt but yeah.

- [Narrator] Oh, so nothing to do with the fact

she didn't actually cook the rice?


Well, I think we can safely say

that this special fried rice tutorial

is definitely special.

During the pandemic, a lot of people turned

to DIY beauty trends to try and alleviate their boredom.

One of these was waxing, specifically, facial waxing.

A glob of melted wax is placed inside the nostrils

and ears, and when it sets it's pulled out,

ripping any hair away with it.

That guy in the salon made it look pretty painless,

but what if you're doing it at home?

Well, YouTuber Mike Woods and his assistant here

are about to give a tutorial

on how not to do it, starting with the left ear.


Maybe the right will be less painful?

Gonna take that as a no, well, how about them nostrils?

- [Woman 2] Ready.


Oh, that is a lot of hair.

But they've saved the worst for last,

having used a bit too much wax and a really slippery stick,

Mike's assistant just couldn't get a grip.

Not once.


Not twice, but three times.

She finally put him out of his misery on the 4th try.

This is why you should use a stick with grain,

like wood, for grip,

as opposed to smooth and slippery plastic.

I mean, they say that beauty is pain, and if that's true,

then Mike must be the ultimate beauty queen.


While some how to videos are planned meticulously,

others can be made in the heat of the moment,

like Alexis' exploration into the world of tutorial making.

In a fit of boredom, she started applying

hot wax to her face, before deciding to commit

to smearing the hot substance all over

and filming the result.

Now, facial waxing is usually done one section

at a time in thin layers

to prevent dealing excessive damage to the skin.

So, creating a thick, rock-hard mask of the stuff

wasn't the safest choice!

As she started peeling it off,

it didn't seem like she was suffering too much.

- It's honestly not that bad.

- [Narrator] But then she reached

the more sensitive sections of her face.

- I'm gonna wait to do that last, that kinda hurts.

- [Narrator] Now, most tutorial pros

would have found a way to make this disaster work,

but the more Alexis peeled off,

the more nightmare inducing her how-to became.

Imagine waking up to that staring at you

from the end of your bed.

She managed to remove it all eventually,

but her skin was red raw underneath.


While she definitely saw the funny side of it,

if you enjoy having skin on your face,

maybe don't follow this tutorial.

But even well thought out tutorials

don't always go to plan,

if YouTuber Mothballjim's plumbing tutorial

is anything to go by.

Quite confidently, Jim claims he's going to show everyone

how to quickly unblock a bathroom sink.

- [Man] I've no plumbing experience whatsoever.

I just literally Googled how to unblock a sink.

- [Narrator] So, he's never done this before,

and has just quickly googled how to fix it.

Sounds like the perfect person

to make a tutorial about this, right?

Well, as you probably guessed,

he runs into trouble less than one minute in.


- [Man] Gonna be harder than I thought.

- [Narrator] After realizing his sink ceramic stand

has been sealed to the floor,

he then spends most of the video struggling to remove it.

Failing to do that, he settles for shifting it

to the side slightly so he can have a go at the pipes,

but that doesn't go down well either.

He tries for several more futile minutes

to get the guard off, but it's no use.

After seven minutes of video, he finally admits defeat,

filming himself laying down on the floor

with a still blocked sink.

Looks like that's sink one, wannabe plumber zero.

Back in 2016, a little-known LA-based YouTuber

called Ali J started posting a series

of basic beauty tutorials online.

From how to make your foundation look flawless,

to doing your hair for any occasion,

there was nothing Ali couldn't teach you through the camera.

Despite her preppy, perky attitude though,

she didn't have many followers or views on her videos,

but that all changed on July 5th, 2019.

She was showing the world how to create

a simple yet flawless red lip,

when a literal disaster struck.



Poor Ali J had chosen to film her five-minute tutorial

right as a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck LA.

It was just one of a series of earthquakes

that destroyed homes, sparked fires,

and caused a total of $100 million in damages.

Thankfully, Ali was okay, but her red lip video

turned into a Joker make up tutorial.

Maybe it was mother nature trying to tell her

that she doesn't suit that shade?

Customizing things like T-shirts and tote bags

is pretty simple if you have access to transfer paper.

This specialist paper is coated in a thin layer

of wax and pigment.

By printing a pattern on it from a standard inkjet printer,

the ink is held in place.

But applying heat on the underside melts the wax

and adheres the ink pattern onto another surface.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, the people over at the Products,

Reviews, and Challenges YouTube channel

made a tutorial that makes it look very hard to get right.

Their host goes through the motions of printing out

their design onto transfer paper,

placing it underside up on a shirt,

before using a hilariously small, handheld iron

for a few seconds.

The results are as successful as you'd expect.

Realizing their mistake, they bring back the tiny iron

for round two, but it's just not hot enough.

- [Woman 3] How do we do, I don't know.


- [Narrator] Refusing to learn from their mistakes,

they try using the tiny iron one more time.

Third time's the charm, will they finally succeed?

- [Woman 3] Watch, it's not gonna work.

- [Narrator] Well, it's not a complete failure,

but it's still far from a perfect print.

If you wanna avoid this sort of patchy finish yourself,

make sure your iron can reach more than 160°F,

as that's the highest melting point of most waxes.

Or don't, if you prefer less professionalism in your prints.

Kids are cute, but kids trying to do tutorials

are downright adorable.

While most make for very embarrassing videos

come their teenage years, others end in a big mess

that even their parents struggle to clean up,

as Andria Harris found out.

Her 11-year-old daughter was making the Kool Aid

for dinner and decided to film a quick how to,

but as she was pouring in the sugar,

it all went a little bit wrong.

I guess that Kool aid is now diabetes flavored.

Luckily, this kid was smart enough

to film this over the sink so there wasn't much to clean up.

Though with all that sugar down the drain,

I don't think this family had any Kool Aid at dinner.

When it comes to fishing, few men measure up to Bill Dance.

Host of Bill Dance Outdoors, a fishing program

that's run on the American airwaves since 1968,

Bill has hosted more than 900 episodes

educating wannabe anglers

on how to be better fishermen.

But with all that airtime,

there's been more than a few fishing fails caught on camera.

Like here, when his cameraman was trying to get

a close up shot of his catch onboard his boat.


Not a master of spatial awareness, I guess.

I dread to think how much that camera cost.

Even though he's a certified pro,

he's also had his fair share of equipment related failures

while trying to dispense advice, like this gem.


Even pro's need to double check where their equipment is

before slamming things shut for effect.

Although this has to be the finest of them all.

(upbeat music)

I think the lesson here is that all anglers

need to remember to test their footing

around the water's edge,

unless they wanna follow in Bill's very wet footsteps.

Which of these tutorial fails

did you think was the funniest?

And have you ever tried to follow one

that ended up in disaster?

Let me know down in the comments below,

and thanks for watching.


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