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Weather | Educational Video For Kids | Periwinkle

Published May 25, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

periwinkle is a small, delicate flower that is native to North America. The name periwinkle comes from the Latin word for violet, which is also the color of the flower. The periwinkle is a member of the Violaceae family, which includes violets, pansies, and Johnny-jump-ups.

The periwinkle is a low-growing plant that typically only reaches about 6 inches in height. The leaves are dark green and leathery, and the flowers are small and violet in color. Periwinkles bloom from early spring to late summer, and the flowers are often used in bouquets and floral arrangements.

The periwinkle is a very popular plant for gardens, as it is very easy to care for and maintain. The plant is drought-tolerant and does not require a lot of water or fertilizer. Periwinkles can be planted in full sun or partial shade, and they will thrive in most types of soil.

If you are looking for a plant that is both beautiful and easy to care for, the periwinkle is a great choice. These flowers add a touch of elegance to any garden, and they are sure to please everyone who sees them.

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weather changes from day to day and also

from time to time

it is cool in the morning

hot at noon

and again cool in the evening

sunny days ahead

the sun is not covered by clouds

the sky is clear and the sun shines



wet clothes dry faster


we feel warm and we like to wear loose

cotton clothes

we like to drink and eat cold things

we use fans and air conditioners to keep

us cool

the air conditioner is a machine used to

cool the air in a place

air conditioners are used during summer

in homes

cars stores and other places to make our

life comfortable


goggles or sunglasses are eyeglasses

they have colored lenses to protect the

eyes from the glare of the sun


in summer there are fresh leaves and



flowers move in the soft warm breeze

sometimes we do not get enough water in

our homes


the rains are here

the rainy season brings rain and strong



down comes the rain and up goes the


there are puddles and pools of water


it is time to wear our raincoats and



there is green grass everywhere


it is time for the trees and leaves to

have their bath


birds and animals try to take shelter

when it is raining

is it because they have no raincoats

different types of insects come out

during the rainy season

farmers are happy when it rains

they sow seeds for growing crops

too much rain however is bad for crops

it also affects road transportation


it is so cold

let us wear woolen clothes

they will keep us warm

clothes dry slowly in winter

the sun plays hide and seek behind the


the trees lose all their leaves

fog is often seen in the morning


farmers sow wheat and gram





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