May 22, 2024

27 Life Hacks for Hypixel SkyBlock

Published May 26, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Courtney

1. Use a chest to store extra items

If you're like me and tend to hoard items in your inventory, a chest can be a lifesaver. By storing extra items in a chest, you can easily access them when you need them and keep your inventory organized.

2. Invest in a pet

Pets are not only adorable, but they can also be extremely helpful in Skyblock. From gathering resources to fighting mobs, pets can make your life a lot easier. If you're looking for a helpful pet, I highly recommend the Wolf.

3. Use a furnace stacker

Furnace stackers are a great way to increase your efficiency when smelting ores. By placing multiple ores in a single slot, you can save time and increase your output.

4. Use a hopper to collect items

Hoppers are a great way to collect items that are dropped by mobs or players. By placing a hopper beneath a chest, you can easily collect items without having to pick them up yourself.

5. Use a water bucket to create a infinite water source

If you're in need of a infinite water source, simply place a water bucket in a cauldron and fill the cauldron with water. The water will continuously fill the bucket, providing you with an infinite supply.

6. Use a sign to teleport players

If you need to teleport players to another location, you can use signs. Simply place a sign at the destination and write the coordinates of the location on the sign. When the player clicks on the sign, they will be teleported to the specified coordinates.

7. Use a ender chest to store items

Ender chests are a great way to store items in Skyblock. Not only do they provide access to your inventory from anywhere in the world, but they also prevent other players from accessing your items.

8. Use a creeper spawn egg to create a creeper farm

If you're looking for an easy way to create a creeper farm, simply place a creeper spawn egg in a dispenser and set the dispenser to spawn creatures. The dispenser will continuously spawn creepers, which you can then kill for their drops.

9. Use a iron Golem spawn egg to create an iron Golem farm

Iron golems are a great source of iron and experience in Skyblock. If you're looking for an easy way to create an iron golem farm, simply place an iron golem spawn egg in a dispenser and set the dispenser to spawn creatures. The dispenser will continuously spawn iron golems, which you can then kill for their drops.

10. Use a villager spawn egg to create a villager farm

Villagers are a great source of emeralds and experience in Skyblock. If you're looking for an easy way to create a villager farm, simply place a villager spawn egg in a dispenser and set the dispenser to spawn creatures. The dispenser will continuously spawn villagers, which you can then trade with for emeralds.

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hey guys i'm back for another video and

welcome to high pixel sky block and

today i'm back for another tutorial

today we're going to talk about 27 life

hacks for high pixel sky block

progression and this could be from

anywhere from the crimson isles to the

dwarven mines to your your private


hello oh and real quick before we get

started if you are going to buy anything

in the high pixel store including

cookies you should use code 30 virus and

the supported creator box it helps me

out a lot doesn't cost anything to you

well anyways let's get on with the

tutorial the crimson isles introduced a

new talisman into the game called the

blaze talisman which is crafted with

eight millennia old blaze ashes as well

as eight enchanted blaze rods so you get

millennia old blaze ashes from killing

these blazes with 30 million health they

are quite annoying to kill not just

because of how strong they are as an

enemy but also because of just how many

freaking blazes are in this room so if

you want to make grinding for the

talisman easier what you can actually do

is just

drag all the blazes that are not

millennia old

just out of the way so

if i take every single place drag it

down here

out of the way away from their normal

spawning spot without killing them

they'll not respawn you'll just have

this room all to yourself and the

millennia old blazes as they respawn you

could do the same thing with the ones

that spawn down below there are a lot of

blazes down there though but yeah and

there you go now the room has nothing

but the millennia oh blaze so i could

kill this

and then wait for him to respawn and i

don't have to deal with any of the other

blazes shooting at me so this should

make the grind a little bit faster

and of course like i said you could do

it with the ones that are down below

i'm actually running out of mana here

that actually brings me to my next

suggestion if you're struggling to regen

mana what you could do is just take off

your armor and i have the uh sighted

power on my talismans right now so i

have a ton of mana even without armor


boom there i can place my power orb down

put my armor back on

and that will make waiting for the regen

a lot faster and basically just cut the

time in half to get my mana back because

the power orb the plasma flux at least

gives you 125 base mana regen which is

really nice so there you go yeah just

take off your armor put down the orb

it'll give you a lot more a lot more

mana long term still regenerating quite

fast and it should speed up the process

of grinding for the millennial blaze


this trick also works if you want to

mine opal so what you could do then take

all the blazes and this would take quite

a while because there's a ton of blazes

down here but you could theoretically

clear out this entire area just push

them all into the next place and then

you can mine opal in peace without

getting shot at constantly i'm not gonna

demonstrate it again because the concept

is fairly simple this one's pretty

interesting so if you're killing mobs

and suddenly you get a vanquisher spawn

don't kill it right away actually


that you've gotten a vanquisher in the

chat and tell people the coordinates

because what you can do then

is of course

you could just damage it a little bit

get a million damage whatever and then

let it sit other players in the lobby

will kill it for you which if you're a

weak player it could help a lot but even

if you're a strong player and can handle

it yourself you're giving the other

players an opportunity to loot share

netherstars it doesn't cost you anything

they get extra netherstars out of it and

in turn the more people that do this the

more chances you have of loot sharing

someone else's vanquisher which means

that you get free another star so not

only should you announce in chat when

you get a vanquisher but look out for

those messages in chat i personally

before even finding out about this being

a thing have had people announce

vanquisher locations and i've loot

shared a few another stars it is very

useful so yeah make sure to just work

together be the opposite of toxic

just be cool and help each other out in

skylock speaking of helping each other

out if you want jarvis drops uh which by

the way jabbas if you don't know is a

sea creature boss that you get

from fishing in the nether lava fishing

if someone happens to get a jawbust what

you could do is loot chair get a million

damage on the boss and then what you

could do is actually switch to your

hunter armor chest plate if you're into

trophy fishing any tier including bronze

has the peace treaty full set bonus

which makes it so you are immune to sea

creature damage so you can just be

sitting right next to jaubas as everyone

else is fighting him and takes zero

damage so if you're pretty weak and you

know you can't handle the fight and

don't want to die

there you go just

get the million damage throw on your

hunter armor crimson isles introduced a

system called faction's reputation and

it's fairly well known that you can just

you can get faction reputation every day

by doing the daily quests fishing rescue

it's also bugged at the moment showing

multiple different the same thing even

though if you actually read it it is


it's weird but anyways there are some

lesser-known ways to get more factions

reputation and some of them could be

done every day so for example i'm a

barbarian person this guy over here you

can talk to him a total of seven times

and fight him he'll get progressively


well not that strong i guess

this is the third day of my quest 25

barbarian reputation you can do this

quest seven times if you're a mage

there's another guy uh i believe his

name is archmage alk mage

i'm not sure what his quest is on the

mage side but it's an equivalent to this

one you can do it seven days yeah and

also another thing too is you can um i

don't know if you knew this but you can

fight many bosses you can fight kudra

and it will give you a bit of faction's


and uh that's pretty neat there's also

two npcs that you can interact with if i

could find them

it's the karen and her child hello my

kid has been crying for hours we just

came back from our anyways this is sus

and turd you can give sus a toy once

every 48 hours this quest you'll have to

kill a specific mob for example in this

case it's magma cube riders so let's go

do that real quick these are fairly easy

to kill especially if i switch to my

mage set whatever 10 chance to drop a


there we go and i got a toy so i can go

here you found his toy there you go

hey cow my little turd has such a lovely

and i earned 40 barbarian reputation you

can do this once every 48 hours okay i

can't find them at the moment but

there's also an npc called siri that you

can give a sulfur once every 48 hours i

can't find them for the life of me i

should also point out that all of this

is on the hypixel skyblock wiki so i

would suggest looking there if you're

really desperate to get this stuff um i

i spent like five minutes looking for it

and fezzy just cut all of it probably so

sorry so that's another quest you could

do that being said uh with the mages you

can also give a guy named pablo a flower

that he requests once every four to

eight hours you could give avorius a cup

of blood once every 72 hours splash

mallium with a titanic xp bottle which

is only one time and you get 10 reps i

wouldn't even recommend it honestly and

defeating chicken zilla which is like a

whole quest line if you're a mage i

don't know any of that stuff so again

for more info i'd suggest looking at the

wiki here's another interesting fact

that you should probably keep in mind if

you craft any red sand or mycelium

minions then you switch factions you

actually will lose the ability to use

the minions they will yell tradar at you

and they won't work anymore so if you're

planning on running those minions for

whatever reason make sure you're in the

right fashion don't waste your time and

money uh i'll put a screenshot up right

now it's kind of funny actually just

showing all your minions yelling traitor

but yeah one of the bosses that you can

fight for um for example for reputation

and also for drops is called barbarian

duke 10 now you can choose this fight

relatively easily by just doing what i'm

doing right now i'm using my mage set

i'm right click maging from underneath

the platform doing damage to him and he

died so there you go you can cheese the

fight by just

right-click maging from underneath the

platform and i just got a

leather cloth from that which is quite

neat oh he's bugged look at that but

yeah it also works sometimes he'll drop

off the platform and stand like right

here so in that case you can also again

just be underneath the thing stand here

right click mage through the wall don't

bother fighting him directly just stay

underneath and also the uh the power orb

trick works quite well in this scenario

if you just need to right click on the

same mob a million times so yeah he also

responds pretty often so you can farm

these drops

and it's pretty good actually i might

recommend honestly you get uh magma

urchins i believe not bad not men oh and

this goes without saying but obviously

have your talisman powers set to i don't

know sighted or bizarre so you get more

mana obviously if you're struggling to

do blazelair and it's just really slow

meticulous you die a lot i have the

strategy for you so i'm in the castle

right now towards the top and there's

this little room here where you can kill

blazes with right click mage i'm using

my mage set three-fourth storm with

wither goggles hyperion well actually

it's zilla

so the fastest way that i've seen to

spawn the slayer is to do right click


kill all these

you have fire demons those are worth

using a grapple shot on

there you go

so just while recording

that little like two sentence thing i'm

already like more than halfway done

and once i killed this fire demon

very close already

uncut probably can spawn this boss

really really fast there you go 62 out

of uh 76

65 out of 76 68



all right so that's how you quickly

spawn a blaze slayer and here's how you

kill one so i'm gonna drag this last

fire demon down to the bottom of the

castle here be careful not to die as

well these guys do a decent amount of


so i'm going to bring them down to this

spot right here and then i'm going to

switch from my mage set to warden helmet

mithril coat and necron armor if you

have a good set of blaze uh what is it

called crimson armor then you can use

that stand on this exact spot

and then you will get an extremely easy



the uh the inferno demon lord i'm using

i'm doing a tier three right now uh

whenever you get low on health you could

do that and of course ragnarok acts this

is actually the next suggestion you

could start a a channel

and if you do that you can actually skip

the second phase of the demons

in the blaze slayer fight so as you can

see i just basically one tapped that's

uh what was it the skeleton

and the thing is the mithril coat is

nice because you don't have to worry

about fire pillars you don't have to use

with a cloak sword as you can see i've

made it to the second demon phase

already not getting damaged anymore

three two one

i can kill this relatively easily

oh it didn't kill him for some reason


but he was very close to death oh there

we go that one i one tap for i don't

know how that happened

so there we go didn't mean to win a



another fire pillar is on the way make

sure oh

oh that's weird i don't know what's

happening there we go

and there you go

that was a relatively easy blaze layer

now i've never seen what just happened

right there it placed a block on top of

me but it was phased into me so it

didn't damage me it was very weird but

anyways yeah so that's how you easily do

a blaze slayer of any tier except for

the mythical coat is probably not gonna

be enough against the tier four i've had

guilds suggest swapping out the necrons

pants for maybe a sorrow pants i haven't

tried that but that's the most

no-brained easy way to handle a blaze

slayer can't guarantee you'll work on

blaze layer tier four you're probably

just gonna have to sweat it with a solid

chest plate like i have like everyone


but that's how you do it my way the 30

virus way oh here's the bonus suggestion

i didn't put in the video for whatever

reason but shark scale armor is actually

obsolete so nowadays it turns out taurus

helmet flaming chest plate mugma

leggings and slug boots gives you the

same sea creature chance if not a bit

more as you can see it's not even

reforged and i get three percent sea

creature chance per piece and it's way

cheaper and

yeah i don't know it's just freaking

cool but that's that wasn't even in my

script i just kind of had it the next

suggestion is for people that are

struggling to get

obfuscated fish when trophy fishing so

trophy fishing again is a system that

was introduced with the crimson isles

and obfuscated fish

actually count as three different types

of fish you get obfuscated one two and

three and in order to fish up two you

need to use one as bait in order to fish

up three you need to use two as bait

that means you're gonna need a lot of

obfuscated tier one fish now that could

take a long freaking time and a lot of

grinding just

lava fishing the normal way so it turns

out there's a strategy for that so i'm

in the hub right now if i teleport over

to the barn we are going to do a classic

and that is barn fishing now there's a

very special way to do it again using

this armor that i just picked up as well

as an ammo night pet we want to max out


sea creature chance obviously you are

going to need you're going to want to

maximize sea creature chance as much as


let me see maybe this is better because

of the reforge it's about the same but

anyways so what you want to do for this

strategy is grab yourself a totem of

corruption as well as a rod of the sea

i'd suggest fishing about this spot

you sit here

and then you fish i have a teeny little

box on my screen that shows how long

i've been fishing but anyways you want

to sit here for about five minutes and

then well you just keep doing this you

keep right clicking fish bait obviously

is the best for this so your goal is to

get the most sea creatures in the least

amount of time well in the five minutes

exactly five minutes needs to pass

and when you fish up a sea creature

that's not a squid it will fly behind

you i'm getting a lot of squids this

game is making this annoying there we go

sea creature flew right behind me so you

want to fish for five minutes and then

you will be collecting a ton of mobs

behind there we go now we're getting

into it so i'm going to return it five

minutes once we've collected the max sea

creatures might be better to use whale

bait in this scenario actually

for a higher sea creature chance


now obviously if you want to optimize

this process you can go for all of your

talisman enrichments on sea creature

chance you can use the beacon to get

some creature chance i'm just doing this

for demonstration purposes so

that teeny little box there it just

notified me that it's been five minutes

i had a pretty rough first minute of the

process of fishing so i'm gonna go a

little bit longer maybe another 10-20


but yeah so as you can see a bunch of

sea creatures have been collecting down

there and my sea creature chance is just

awful right now doing this during the

marina helps anyways let's call it a day

there we go let's take out the totem of


place it down

everybody gets corrupted


i got a hydra too

and there you have it that is barn

fishing in a nutshell you should get a

lot more sea creatures if you actually

had 100 chance but as you can see i got

obfuscated fish from killing the

corrupted sea creatures and a corruption

book but yeah i was doing this on stream

and i got about double this per five

minutes i just my sea creature chance is

pretty awful right now


yeah that's not great even with this

81 percent it should be like close to

100 but anyways yeah that's how you get

these really quickly which should

hopefully progress you in the odd guard

quest this suggestion's quite new i only

discovered this like two days ago but

there's a minion sit-up that exists

right now that allows you to get 12.5

million coins a day if you have 31

million slots and that is slime minions

with corrupt soil yeah this is

absolutely freaking ridiculous my setup

is plasma bucket enchanted hopper

corrupt soil and flycatcher as you can

see each minion has like 633 000 coins

that meth comes out to about i think

it's 19 mil i could be wrong but anyways

yeah this setup makes so much freaking

money i only set this up like to like

not last night but the night before it's

been just barely like i don't know 30

something hours and i already have

almost 20 million coins from this minion


i guess the the hack the life hack is

just the corrupt soil and an enchanted

hopper you can do this with any minion

uh me and fizzy actually have this setup

going with tarantula tier 12 minions on

the lemon profile which i predict would

make even more coins

and i believe some people are finding

oh some people are finding ways to afk

this for even more coins per day but i

haven't figured it out yet so that might

be worth looking into i think i've said

this one before but that was like over a

year and a half ago so i'm going to

reiterate real quick if you have minions

placed with the intention to get skill

xp you know farming xp with melon

minions fishing minions for fish xp

whatever you should wait until derpy's

elected in order to collect massive

amounts so

things like you know melon minions is

the best example of farming xp you can

have those going for months and months

and months because the supercompactor is

just going to make enchanted melon

blocks and you can basically let them

sit for like a year before they fill up

probably even longer but anyways yeah

just be patient don't collect your

minions until derpy's elected if your

goal is to get skill xp if you're just

getting like stuff from the minions uh

it really depends when the next time

he's going to be elected is but you can

find that on um

i believe there's calendars that exist

out there i believe derpy is coming not

this cycle but next cycle i believe i'm

not here to get skill xp i'm just here

for money but it's good to know speaking

of skill xp as well there's also another

trick you can use which i'm pretty sure

we all know of for example if i had fish

minions down it would be in my best

interest to hold a rod of the sea

in my hand with expertise on it because

then i get slightly higher fishing xp


which is you know it's better than

nothing you could do the same thing with

cultivating on a farming tool you can do

that with compact with a pickaxe toil

on an axe for forging xp for whatever

reason you have 4g minions down which

why but yeah that's something you could

do is hold that tool in your hand while

picking up the drops from a minion

according to everybody i've asked it

does help it does make a difference do

it it's worth it and obviously have the

pet out like you know squid if you're

going to be doing fishing


it makes sense to optimize oh and you

know cookie buff and xp boost potions

and all that good stuff here's another

fairly obvious one you should be

optimizing your skills in every way

possible that means keeping up to date

with your century cakes i already

consumed mine about a few hours ago if

you don't have century cakes on your

island you can actually visit prtl

or portal hub or cake underscore hub see

this one has too many visits so visit

cake underscore hub and there you go so

you can consume the cakes here it

doesn't have to be your island and

you'll get some minor but well actually

the amount of stats you get from these

is quite good oh oh look at that they

have new ones i didn't even know that

they have new ones

for mining fortune farming fortune

forging fortune i did not know that

existed literally just found that out

while recording make sure to visit

freaking kcub bro that's good i will

keep that in mind i have to get those

cakes for my island okay this one's kind

of hard to demonstrate without another

person but there's a quote

new slime hat glitch so


have a feeling i'm not going to get in

trouble for talking about this because

it's literally been around for ever

since they patched the first slime hat

glitch and caused the pickle dupe so

we're gonna put it out there so the new

slime pack glitch is basically a way for

people to get anti-kb


it's basically a way to get a free dwarf

turtle shellmet effect

people in the end game like to do this

so that they can free up that pet slot

for something like antique remedies or i

think in golden dragon's case it would


well is it antique remedies i think it's

antique remedies otherwise um

why am i blanking on the name minus

relic for some other pets but yeah so if

you want to have anti-kp so apparently

the way it works is you have to start

out in the lobby that you want to do the

bug in you wear the slime hat

you swap lobbies

put on the helmet you want

while taking off the slime hat and then

you have to have a friend that's still

in the lobby you just came from to warp

you back or you can get really lucky and

reappear in the same lobby you were just


i don't know

we're about to find out if this is the

same lobby i was just in i also have

golden dragon so i should probably

switch to a pet that doesn't have there

we go so that didn't work okay you know

i give up but that's that's how you do

it okay so

you have to have a friend warp you in i

don't have a friend to warp me in right

now but yeah you got to get warped back

to the lobby that you came from

and then the slime hat glitch will work

apparently i don't know haven't tried i

can't demonstrate speaking of the deep

caverns actually there is a bug that

exists right now that is kind of

convenient if you're in like the

earliest of early game so let's say you

want to get to dwarven mines right you

got to talk to reese he requires 10 of e

of three different types of enchanted

ore now

obviously if you're on an ironman or

you're so early game that you can't use

bizarre whatever lapis is the way to go

enchanted lap is extremely easy to get

10 of that now there exists right now a

system where if you get 30 enchanted

lapis instead of 10 enchanted to three

different wars you can give reese 10



and then change lobbies

teleport back and then give reese

another 10 enchanted lapis teleport

change lobbies again and they give him

the third set of ten enchanted lapis so

all lapis you can give him and he will

open up the doorman mines for you so

there you go i don't remember when this

qol change came out but speaking of the

dwarven minds when you're here you can

actually toggle the different heart of

the mountain perks with the right click

so there you go that's kind of cool but

the reason why i'm talking about this is

daily powder i currently don't have

daily powder active but let's say you

get to daily powder 100. if you don't

play the game a lot this is actually

quite good it gives you a

level one 400 powder from the first or

you mine every day i believe it goes to

like 8 000 i'm just pulling that number

from the top of my head so it could be

inaccurate but

daily powder is not bad but what you can

do is disable the perk wait until the 2x

powder event is happening which is

actually active right now

double powder is great it doubles your

powder not just for mining ores but also

from redeeming quests and from daily

powder so make sure this thing's pretty

much always disabled and when you find

yourself in a double powder lobby then

you can disable or re-enable the perk

mine an ore get double powder on your

daily powder and then disable it again

also it probably goes without saying but

you should do fetcher during double

powder as well i talked about this in a

previous suggestions video i actually

have a whole thing here a whole backpack

page for all of the different things

that fetcher could request including a

compass so there you go plus 1 000

mithra powder but it actually gave me 2

000 because double powder

and then of course there's the puzzler

which is way over here

you should wait until you find double

powder lobby to do the puzzler quest

there you go that also gave me 2 000

metal powder and also again do your

dailies during double powder if you can

especially if you've already gotten the

maximum heart of the mountain xp from

them you get a ton of powder here's a

quick one

this is definitely getting patched at

some point but at the moment the oddgers

tooth talisman stack so as you can see i

have two different tiers of the talisman

recon they both give magical power isn't

that neat it also apparently works for

the speed line of talismans and it works

for both

editions of crab hat this one might be

intended but definitely not the speed

talisman and odd gurs here's a

suggestion that applies mostly to

stranded profiles but it could be useful

if you're trying to get bestiary with

private island mobs but you can slash

set spawn on your private island to your

advantage so let's say i wanted to get a

ton of kills on mobs

and i was sick of having to run back and

forth i could set spawn right here

and then fight some mobs

it's like oh no he splashed your


oh i fell in the void ah you respawned

right back where you were fighting

you know ghouls whatever i don't

know let's say he just kills me

it's like oh i can't handle it oh oh but

you get the point you can fight mobs and

if they kill you like if i set


he can kill me


and i'm right here

so that could make fighting a bit easier

on the island and again if you're

getting bestiary with the private island

mobs that's also a good way to

do that oh another bonus suggestion if

you want to get bats really quickly just

set a huge part of your island to swamp

uh that's a good one here's a neat

little suggestion during the arachne

fight speaking of iraq news right there

uh the meta at the moment if you want to

fight this boss i'm just visiting here i

don't even have what i'm suggesting on

me right now but if you want to get the

fight done and over with fairly quickly

then the best thing you could do is get

a cow hat which will get rid of any

poison effects that you may have the

best way to damage it right now is with

i believe it's a phantom rod so it's a

fishing rod weapon that you can cast it

at a boss and then left click and it

will damage it

even through the webs arachne is

freaking annoying with the web so but

yeah the cow hat is going to help with

the poison as well so there you go this

is a cool suggestion for the romero and

juliet quest if you want to get a free

talisman upgrade you can actually

at the as soon as the

at the last tier of the quest you need

to grab a suit and attend the wedding

obviously that is quite expensive if

you're well you did just buy a flower

minion so it's probably not that

expensive but if you want to save a

little bit of money you can actually

just go into the auction house and look

up cheap tux and you could buy the cheap

tuxedo like the pants 250k

the boots the oxfords 250k and then the

chest plate for 850k you can purchase

all of this on the auction house attend

the wedding with the uh tuxedo on and

then immediately sell it again on the

auction house so essentially it's a free

upgrade you're only borrowing the suit

you're renting it basically but you sell


for around the same price you bought it

for maybe even more if you're a savvy


but yeah so that's a way to get the i

believe that's the legendary ring of

love the last upgrade for free so there

you go okay bingo is not active right

now so i can't really demonstrate this

one but bingo is a system that basically

it makes it so that you can start a new


uh once per month i guess the first week

of every real life month you get the

opportunity to play on a bingo profile

that said if you want to get a whole

bunch of bingo points without much

effort what you could do is start up the

bingo profile

maybe play for one to three hours get

the easy ones done and most importantly

do the community goals

there's a diagonal

one that is basically a community goal

if you contribute at least something

even if it's one collection if it's a

collection if it's a

uh killing a crypt in a dungeon just

break one crypt literally just

have anything but zero for the community

goals and you will be awarded with

whatever the community ends up getting

so if the community maxes out the goal

for that bingo cycle you get five bingo

points for basically doing nothing so

i'd recommend even if you don't like

bingo even if it doesn't make sense to

you even if it's like why the hell do i

bother do it the the end game late game

version of you well thank you because i

can imagine you're playing this game for

a year so you get 12 different

opportunities to play bingo each one you

do the easy things you get maybe i don't

know all let's say every single time the

community goals are crushed you get 25

so five times five 25 bingo points and

then let's say you get i don't know 12

additional points by just doing the

easiest bare minimum things it's like a

one to three hour commitment per month

and you'll end the year with like

500 bingo points probably if you

maybe not 500 like 300 bingo points

which is quite good you'd be able to get

the talisman which is worth like

at least 30 mil right now so

i don't know it's i would say it's worth


it i would say it's very well worth it

and later on if you want to get bingo

artifact or whatever then obviously

that's going to help you with your goal

you don't have to complete bingo just

put the bare minimum effort in just so

you get something every month oh here's

a cool one if you want to buy


for your talismans

there's a lot of them if you sort by low

spin obviously have the swappers but as

soon as we get to here

as you can see this the cheapest

enrichment is defense if you're not

buying them with bits you're gonna have

to buy them from the auction house now

let's say you want to go all in with

strength well this one is 2.2 mil

whereas i'd be spending 200 more 200 000

more coins if i want strength there a

hundred thousand more coins if i want

this strength and if i wanted to get

another strength i'd have to go several

pages over and pay 2.5 million obviously

that gets expensive fast but what you

could do

is just buy

it doesn't matter what the enrichment is

just buy whichever ones are cheapest

let's say you need to enrich 10

talismans buy the first 10 that you see

it could be intelligence defense

critical damage strength whatever and


once you've bought them and applied them

to your talismans just get an enrichment

swapper they're cheap and effective then

you can swap them all to whichever thing

you wanted you'll save a ton of coins

here's a somewhat niche suggestion but

it is a money-making method it has been

for a long time to carrot fish use

carrot bait

in the pond

to potentially get a carrot king but

there is a new item introduced into the

game by jake so if you go to he's the

golden ball guy if you didn't know if

you bring him an animal whatever he'll

open the shop here and one of the items

he sells is the uh

i believe it's called the rabbit axe and

it has a chance to 2x or 3x i believe

the item description says 3x

the drops

of whatever you kill if it's a rabbit

including the carrot king so let's say

you get a lucky clover drop from a

carrot king you're using the rabbit axe

you have a chance to get

three lucky clover cores which could be

worth 18 million coins right now so that

is quite a big payout

so yeah if you're gonna do the carrot

fishing thing definitely have a rabbit

axe to get the final shot on on the boss

that would be fairly important i would

think also you can profit off of rabbit

hats i believe i don't remember why


it's useful for something here's one

that's fairly well known but if you are

going to do for example enderman slayer

and you need to use summons using uh for

example if i could find it a summoning


enderman slayer is great with summoning

summoning ring because you basically can

destroy the hit space

but sometimes it's quite expensive to

spawn your summons but if i were to

enter the island for example dragon's

nest with my mage set you'll see that i

have 3 000 mana i could spawn my summons

no problem and then what i could do is

switch to this set which only has 920

mana which is not nearly enough to spawn

the both of these and i can use them so

basically the suggestion is to swap out

your armor before summoning your summons

and then swap back to whatever armor

you're gonna use for

i guess melee if that's what you're

doing but yeah so don't worry about the

mana requirement for your summons unless

it's so high that even your best mana

set can't handle spawning them but yeah

this is by far the easiest way to get

your summons for enderman slayer or for

other parts of the game i guess but this

is the the easiest place to do it or the

most useful place that you summons i

should say all right this one i don't

have any footage for so i'm just gonna

have to describe it the final suggestion

of the video 56 minutes of recording

later if you have the man of vampire

enchantment on your armor you can spawn

high level summon mobs like these or i

hear uh if you were to spawn simon the


uh soul

then you will instantly heal because man

of vampire includes mana used by

yourself not just other people nearby

and at the moment as recording this

there is a bug that if you attempt to

spawn a summon that's too expensive and

it won't spawn it you still heal without

using the mana that's 100 gonna get

patched but yeah at least at the moment

that's kind of a huge exploit it's kind

of crazy

but yeah so that was it for 27 life

hacks for hypixel skyblock

man that was a long freaking recording

session it's going to get cut down a lot

though because i

i did a lot of dumb and a lot's gonna

have to get cut out but anyways uh i

hope you guys enjoyed use code 30 virus

if you're gonna get any gems or whatever

that'd be cool anyways for now that's it

so i hope you guys enjoyed

and i'll see you guys later





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